tagMind ControlPanties In Time Ch. 02

Panties In Time Ch. 02


I walked across the length of the classroom towards Ms. Turney's desk. I hadn't bothered tucking my cock back into my pants after I had thrusted it into that sexy slut Lindsey's mouth. Why should I? Everyone was still frozen. My time-freeze phone app had worked! I had no shame.

I finally got to the front of the class and stood before my incredible sexy (and incredibly frozen) teacher, Ms. Turney. She looked a lot like that porn star, Tessa Lane. Her eyes were looking straight ahead at her class. Her mouth was half open, having been frozen in the middle of her lecture. Her cheeks were still red from the lack of air conditioning in the classroom and the mile walk she had to make to school that morning. She was covered in sweat. Her dark black hair was a mess and clung to her forehead and cheeks.

I followed the trail of sweat down her neck and into her ample, double D breasts. God, they looked amazing. Her thin, button down shirt was almost translucent because of all her sweat. Normally, she only has the top two buttons undone. However, because she had to rush to school on account of her car breaking down, she didn't have the time to make sure she looked as presentable as normal. Lucky me!

I could clearly see her white lacy bra peeking out from her blouse. I don't necessarily think that her bra was too small, but her breasts were just so big that it created an incredible amount of cleavage. Her tits were almost bursting from their lacy enclosure. I bet if she had jumped up in down a few time, her large pink nipples would have fallen out the top of the bra.

Then, my eyes went down to her beautiful legs. Her knees were apart, almost a foot. She normally would cross her legs so quickly, that I wouldn't be able to see any of the beauty that lay between. But not today. Her skin was pale and smooth. I noticed a small amount of cellulite near the bottom of her thick thighs where they were squishing down against her desk. Sitting on her desk had caused her tight grey business skirt to hike up, and was now several inches above her knees. I was going to enjoy this.

I crouched down right between Ms. Turney's open legs. I had a perfect view of the triangle of her sexy, white, lacy panties. I got as close to her panties as I could without actually putting my head under her skirt. The panties looked damp, from all the sweat. I could also see a yellow stain at the front of her panties, where she must have accidently let a little pee go into her panties. Then I took a big whiff.

The smell was intoxication. I could smell her stinky, sweaty pussy just inches from my face. I could even smell a little bit of pee mixed in. Again, Ms. Turney was a fit woman with a tight tummy. But she had a huge ass and very thick thighs. That must put a lot of strain on the tiny little panties she kept wedged between her pussy and ass. The smell of pussy, sweat, and pee was getting to be too much for me. I needed more of those panties.

Carefully, I put my arm behind Ms. Turney's back and grabbed her arm to bring her to a standing position. As I learned with that slut Lindsey, I could still move people when time was frozen, and their normal bodily functions continued normally (breathing, sweating, peeing, etc.). One she was standing up, I turned her around, and then pushed her back so that she was leaning over her desk with her ass sticking out obscenely. God she was so fucking sexy.

My cock was so hard. I had to take a moment to just step back and look at my beautiful, sweaty teacher bent over her desk, just offering that delicious ass to me. Her ass looked so big in her tight grey skirt and I could clearly see the globes of each ass cheek. Bending over in that way, her skirt rode up even more, and was just barely covering the bottom of her cheeks. I then grabbed the bottom of her skirt and lifted it up over her large ass and up to her waste. Now, Ms. Turney was crouched over her desk completely exposed from the waste down, except for that dirty, stinky little thong.

Yes, it turns out Ms. Turney was wearing a thong under her business skirt. How slutty of her. I could see the thin lacy strings of the thong on the side of her hips, but the material disappeared as it went down in between her ass. Again, I crouched down on the floor, and then I put one hand on each of her thick ass cheeks. Her skin felt sweaty and clammy to the touch. Then, I spread her ass cheeks, and looked what was inside.

The tiny white string of her thong was the only thing covering up her brown, puckered asshole. In fact, I could even see the edges of her asshole sneaking out from the sides of the string. Sweat was glistening all up and down her ass crack. I could see that the thong string directly covering her asshole had been stained brown. I guess someone hadn't wiped as thoroughly as they should have in their rush to get to school this morning. Naughty teacher.

Then, I plunged my nose directly into her asshole, which was still covered by the thong. I immediately felt my nose, and chin and cheeks get wet with all the sweat. And the smell was unbelievable. It was a mixture of sweat, shit, and womanly juices. I inhaled as much as I could. Then I stuck out my tongue and began licking and sucking the tiny thong string up and down my teacher's ass crack. I was licking up all the sweat and her ass juices, paying a particularly long amount of time to her stinky brown asshole. Her thong was now wet with sweat, shit, and saliva.

I was in heaven. But I needed to bust my nut. My cock was so hard it hurt, and was leaking precum everywhere. So next, I stood up, and grabbed her thong strings and pulled them down her thick thighs and down to the floor. With some maneuvering, I managed to pull them off her feet. My teacher was no completely naked from the waste down. Next, I stood her up, turned her so she was facing me, and then gently pushed her back so that she was lying on her desk on her back. I scooted her up so that her ass was just at the edge of the desk.

Next, I grabbed hold of her legs and spread them, so that her pussy was completely exposed to me. And what a beautiful pussy she had. Her bright pink lips contrasted sharply with her pale skin. Clearly, she normally shaved her pussy bald, but it looks like she may have slacked off a little bit recently. Short black pubic hairs were sprouting up around her public area.

I lined up my steel hard cock with her open pussy. Because of all the heat, her pussy looked wet and sweaty. With all the precum oozing out of the tip of my cock, I knew my dick would slide in without any problem. I brought the helmet of my penis to the entrance of her pussy lips, and just savored the moment. Her hot wet lips felt amazing on the tip of my cock. Then, ever so slowly, I pushed the length of my cock into her hot pussy. It felt unbelievable. It was so wet and tight.

Once I was in, I began to slowly thrust back and forth into Ms. Turnkeys Pussy. The sweat and pussy juice began to make a sloshing sound. I can't believe I was fucking my teacher! In front of a whole class of frozen students looking right at me. I still had her filthy little panties bunched up in my right hand. I let one of her legs go down to the desk, but kept the other one high in the air with my cock still inside her slit. With my now free hand, I took her crumpled up panties and brought them in front of my face and let them unravel.

They looked completely soaked with all the pussy juice, sweat, and pee. The yellow piss stain shone brightly from the white lacy material. Turing the panties in my hand, I could see the brown shit stain on the thin white string. I brought the panties to my nose and inhaled deeply, as I continued to slam my cock into my teacher's pussy. The feeling of my cock inside Ms. Turney and the smell of her pussy, piss, and shit in my nose was too much. I knew I was gonna cum.

I pulled my cock out of Ms. Turney, and then slowly slid her off her desk and onto the floor, so that her back was leaning against the front of her desk, and her legs were sticking out straight in front of her. I stood up in front of her, with one of my legs on either side of her. I started stroking my hard cock right next to her pretty, sweaty face. From this angle, I looked down and could see her heaving breasts encased in that sexy lacy bra.

With one hand still on my dick, I reached down and unbuttoned two more buttons on her shirt. I then reached into her bra, and pulled out both of her huge, milky white DD tits. She had large pink nipples that stood out hard at attention. I then put the thong panties over my head so that the ass string was right in my nose. With my left hand I started mauling Ms. Turnkeys tits and pinching her nipples. With my right hand, I continued to pump my cock just inches from Ms. Turney's face.

Smelling her piss and shit stained thong, feeling her tits, I felt my orgasm approaching. I knew it would be intense. Finally, it hit me. The greatest feeling I had ever felt. I immediately shot out a long, thick rope of cum onto Ms. Turney's face. It landed on her forehead and the hair on top of her head. My next shot hit her left cheek and ear and the hair behind her ear. My next load went right in the middle of her face, covering her nose and lips. Not wanting to waste it all on her pretty face, I aimed my cock down at her oversized white tits. I shot three more loads all over those DD boobs. The cum covered her breasts leaked down to her white lacy bra. Her bra was now soaked with my hot cum.

My orgasm was so intense, that I had to sit down on the floor to recover. It was the best cum Id ever had. I looked over at my filthy, messy teacher. Her legs were spread ludely, exposing her well-fucked pussy to me. Her blouse was nearly all the way unbuttoned and her tits were hanging sluttily out of her white, cum covered bra. Her face was a complete mess. She was entirely covered in cum. There were thick white strands of it in her hair and all over her face. It was dripping down her face and collecting on her chin, where a long, thick stream of stick cum was beginning to form, just dangling over her massive breast. God she looked so unbelievable.

I decided it was about time to get things fixed up and get reality moving again. I walked up to Ms. Turney, and began to smear my cum all over her face. I didn't want it to be so obvious that someone had just come all over her. But I definitely wanted to leave my cum on my sexy little teacher. I smeared in all the cum, so it still looked like her face was wet, but not necessarily with cum.

When I unfroze time the class would probably just think Ms. Turney was sweating a lot. But she would surely know the stinky, sticky substance on her face was something more than sweat. I didn't bother to smear in the cum on her tits. I just shoved her cum-covered boobs into her cum-soaked bra. I then proceeded to button back up her thin blouse. As soon as the material of the blouse touched her bra, the cum on her bra soaked through. It looked so sexy. That was fine by me. Again, people would probably just think it was sweat.

The only thing left was to put Ms. Turney's panties on. I looked at the filthy little thong in my hands, covered in piss and shit stains. I gave it one more sniff. Then I proceeded to wipe all the cum that had got on my dick off into those tiny little panties. But I wasn't done yet. I stood up, and pointed my cock directly into the crotch of the thong. I then let loose a little bit of my own hot yellow piss. It immediately turned a large part of the cotton material yellow, that wasn't already yellow before. I held the thong up to my face to admire my wok. The thong was heavy with so many fluids. IT was now filled with her sweat, her shit stain, her piss stain, her pussy juices, my sticky cum, and now my own hot smelly urine. Perfect.

I then went over to Ms. Turney and carefully brought her back into a standing position. I lifted up each foot one by one, until I finally got he feet in the panty holes. I then lifted up the filthy disgusting thong up her legs, up her thick thighs, and then over her huge round ass. I looked at the stained yellow thong now covering my teacher's pussy. The thought of my cum and piss directly touching her pussy for the rest of the day was gonna give me a permanent erection. I then pull down her skirt that had been bunched up at her waste back down over her thighs. Then, I propped her back on her desk in the position I had found her. She still looked like a hot sweaty mess, but at least a little less obvious.

I then went back to my desk in between Ricky and Lindsey. There was still a yellow puddle of miss underneath her desk and her the bottom half of her dress was soaked with her smelly urine. Once seated, I took out my phone and opened the Time-Freeze app and hit the unfreeze button. It was like the world had turned back on again. I heard people breathing and rustling in their seats and pencils scratching against paper.

Ms. Turney had not started speaking again though. She had a very confused look on her face. I saw her touch her hand to her face and then look back at the sticky substance on it. I saw her look down at her breast and I saw her touch the wet, sticky fabric of her blouse. Then I saw her look down at her crotch. She moved her hand to the opening of her skirt, as if she was about to feel her now surprisingly wet and sticky panties. But then, as if she realized she was in a class full of her students, she decided against it. Her investigation would have to wait till later. With that, she began to continue on with her lecture. I don't think any of the other students noticed the slight pause, or if they did, didn't think anything of it. However, the lecture was interrupted moments later.

"Oh gross! Lindsey pissed herself! That's disgusting!" a girl sitting behind Lindsey yelled.

Everyone in the class stopped and turned to look at Lindsey. Her face turned bright red. She immediately began to cry and lept out of her seat. The pee had caused her cotton dress to stick to her back, and much of her wet panties and ass were exposed.

"Oh my god! She peed her panties! Ewww!" said another student.

Lindsey immediately ran towards the door and ran out of the classroom. Droplets of pee were falling off her dress, and ass, and thighs as she ran. As I watched her beautiful tanned ass in her little pink, piss-soaked panties, run out the door, I thought to myself, "College is gonna be fucking awesome."

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