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I am not sure when I first thought about girl's underwear. At one time in my life I had a next door neighbor that after staying over their house one night while goofing around as friends I was talked into wearing her hose with my tidy whiteys over them to play Superman. I found my cock getting hard underneath. I never knew whether she noticed but at the age of 19 I figured later on that she had too. As I grew up I found my love to find out what was under girl's jeans, their skirts and dresses became more and more exciting. Of course as I grew into dating age I was finally able to get my looks. Back in the 70's it was mostly regular bikini panties unless you found the regular briefs and even some of them were sexy. It was a lot of nylon in those days. Of course cotton was there but so much nylon was the best. Rubbing all that nylon against my cock could make me so horny that I couldn't believe it.

The first time I lucked up at a girls house and seen a pair of lacy bikini panties I thought I would climax before I even got them against my skin. It was some time around there that I tried a pair on. I thought back to my next door neighbor and what she was thinking of when she asked me to put on her hose. They were stockings I think, a dark blue pair but the thought of her actually liking the sight of me in them, it some what gave me the permission I needed to think it was OK to actually wear a pair of their panties. The first pair was a pair that had an all lace front and nylon back. The lace was so soft and of course you could see my cock through it. She was a friend that I got the chance to take out one night but never got in the sack but as I stood in her bathroom wearing her sexy pair of bikini panties and thinking of her body in them it was a very exciting feeling. I had one of her bras and another pair of cotton bikinis in my hand smelling them both. Her panties had her sweet sent in them and her bra had her sweet perfume on it. I cummed so fast I don't think she figured anything out.

Then came one of my friend's mom. I know, a lot older woman but she had a great figure. She always wore nice clothes. She always wore tight tops and she had some very nicely shaped tits. In fact, her ass was not bad at all either. I could almost always make out her panty lines in her jeans and some of her tighter slacks. It was still popular to wear the pleated slacks for women. Some of you know what I am talking about, they fit nice and tight around the ass, loose most every where else but some of the women got them tight enough to fit really nice and tight in the pussy area and sometimes showed that nice camel toe. Most of her's did. She had several silk or satin blouses that of course were tight enough to pull at the buttons and at times when she bent over, not sure if she really thought her son's friends would take peeks, but you would get this gorgeous view of mostly lacy, very pretty colored bras that were those soft cup styles and she would show enough of her tits out the side of her bra that showed a great shape and size. I always felt my cock start to get hard when I got the views.

There was one day I was over that after we were there for several minutes I found out she was in their back yard sunning and in her bikini. Now most of the time I had ever went to the beach with them she wore a one piece but I guess at home, in the private of her backyard she wanted the sun tan so the bikini went on. I went in one of their bathrooms and it viewed out the backyard and there she was. Laid out on a towel on her stomach. That gorgeous ass in that tight, shinny bottom. A beautiful black with some colorful flowers bikini.

Maybe she heard us inside the house but she started to get up. I noticed before she moved that she had no straps fastened on her back and when she got up she was facing the house. She had the top straps connected but one of her cups slipped her hands and there it was. A beautiful, still shapely tit exposed. Her other stayed inside it's cup but the one was enough. I am not sure if she knew someone was watching or she thought no one could be but she took her time as she fixed her straps on her body letting one of her breast stay out in the open. An aureola that was about the size of a half dollar and a gorgeous, beautiful shaped nipple. My face was at the window and I thought she seen me when she slipped her hand in front of her breast. Looking straight at the window, or at least it looked like it. Then she slowly removed it, smiled slightly and took the cup and slowly opened it and covered her breast and started hooking and tying it back. I knew she had changed in the bathroom I was in since I seen her jeans on the floor and when I picked them up there were this beautiful rose colored pair of satin bikinis and a matching soft cup bra. A nice t-shirt under it all.

I grabbed the panties of course and went back to the window. She was standing up looking back again at the window, at least I thought. I had my pants down and her bikini on me in seconds. I pulled my cock out the side and took those soft cups of her bra and wrapped them around my cock. I looked back out the window as I felt the soft cups rubbed against my extremely hard cock as she turned around and slipped her fingers inside the side of her bottom of her bikini and straightened it out to smooth it over her ass. My other hand slipped around the panties I had on and I slowly rubbed the silky material over my butt and dreamed my hands were rubbing that tight ass of hers in them. She slowly straightened out the each cup over her breast turning back around so I could see her do it. She started walking back in towards the house and I figured I needed to get everything back where I found it and that is when I noticed the big spot on the front of her panties.

Wasn't much I could do now so I started getting everything back in place. I was trying to dry the spot with a towel when the door opened to the bathroom. I dropped her panties like they were a hot coal. It was her and I had forgotten to lock the door.

I know, I know, how could I do that. I am not sure but I did and she looked down on the floor first then at me. She stepped in the bathroom and closed the door.

"Umm, Chuck, What are you doing in here?"

I was probably red as a beet. My face felt as hot as if I had been in the sun all day. I had the towel in my hand and I tried hard to figure out what to say. "I, Was...Just...I had spilled some water and was trying to,,,". I looked up and she was shaking her head, NO! Her hands on those beautifully shaped hips in the pretty bikini. The colors made her beautiful skin shin or maybe it was the lotion she had on but she did look hot.

"I don't think so Chuck", she looked me. She walked to her panties picking them up and holding them up. Her eyes seemed to zero in on that wet spot that was still there.

"Now Chuck, I can look at these and see that some one has held them and this spot is to perfect to be someone that had spilled water on them." "Right on the front panel here, just about at the top", she stopped. Looked down at me and then back at them.

"Now Chuck, I am going to ask this one time and I want the truth, from what I see, it looks like this spot is right about where it might be if a guy had these on." "Have you been looking out the window as I was outside", she said as she walked to the window and looked out. "Yep, just about right, it was you that was standing here looking wasn't it?"

I couldn't say a word. I just stood there. I was so afraid to say anything.

"It's OK Chuck. It's only natural for a young man to be curious about women's under garments. Their delicate things", she said as she turned around with a smile I wasn't for sure what it was about it. It wasn't a mad look, it was more of a sneaky look.

"Do you find them, exciting?", she asked. "Were you looking as I got up? I had a little trouble with my top there for a second and I swore I seen someone at the window."

I always thought you couldn't see anything through a window, especially when the light was on the opposite side you were on. "I didn't see anything, I swear," I could hear my voice tremble as it came out.

She leaned over to my ear and with a voice I had never heard come from a female, that sultry voice, "What were you doing with these?"

Holding the panties up I felt them rub across my cheek and then I felt what I realized was her other hand reaching and firmly but without any pain, she gripped my cock through my shorts. The feel of a woman standing there in only her bikini, rubbing her sexy, satin panties against my face and holding my now hardening cock in her hands through my pants was almost too much. I thought I was going to cum right there.

"It's OK Chuck if you had them on, I think it is very flattering in fact and I bet that cock of yours looked so hot in them," She whispered in my ear.

"Will you put them on for me, P..l..e..a..s..e.!" A soft whisper came out her lips.

She bent over and unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down and then pulled down my underwear. I couldn't have stopped her if I wanted to. She held them out for me to step in them and I put one foot then another. She slowly pulled them up and as her hands brushed across my hips she pulled them up and snugged them up and against my balls.

"I was right," she looked up at me.

I felt her hands slip around my hips and then the legs on the back of my butt and straightened them out on my butt then I felt her fingers rub across the silky material feeling if they were fitting properly.

"I need my bathing suit off and I would love it if you would do it," she smiled at me as she stood up. She turned around and exposed the back of her top for me to unhook it.

I could feel my fingers shaking as I fumbled with the strings and the clasps. I slowly let my fingers slip under the straps on her shoulders and I could feel her silky skin as I slipped them over her shoulders and off and she let them fall and the top went to the floor. I almost gasped as she turned and those tits were just a foot or so from me.

"Why don't you kneel down and remove my bottoms now," she said in a low voice.

I went down on my knees and reached inside the bottoms and slowly slipped it over her hips and started down her legs. I thought I was in heaven as I seen that beautifully trimmed bush come into sight. I had never been so close to a woman's pussy.

I felt her fingers slip into my hair and she pulled my face into her bush. I could smell the sweetest smelling pussy ever as if I had smelled a lot. I had however smelled a lot of panties and usually a strong smell from most. With a handful of hair she pulled my face into her loveliness.

I reached around and she seemed to be hoping I would grab that ass as my fingers slipped around that beautiful ass and as I grabbed it I pulled her into me. I tried to lick her pussy but never knew if I did.

She pulled me up and looked in my eyes," We really don't have a lot of time and I want something before I let you go," and as I stood up she went down and started rubbing my cock through her panties I had on then she pulled my cock out the side and started licking the head of my cock.

She kissed it then she licked it again then she let it slip inside her lips which closed around it.

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