tagFetishPanties, Panties, Panties Ch. 02

Panties, Panties, Panties Ch. 02


Now, as I thought at my age, getting close to 20, I thought I had a good idea of women and how to make love to them. I thought I knew what made them climax and that every time I had sex with a girl she was satisfied but I learned later on in life I had no clue at all. At this time I had no idea that most of the girls I had been with new very little at making a guy not only enjoy sex but also how to keep a guy from climaxing with in a minute or two inside her pussy. That was my usual I am afraid to say. In fact, I now understand that I probably never satisfied the first several girls I had sex with.

My friend's mom on the other hand had more knowledge than any I had been with before but that had been only a couple at that age anyway. I had sex with more girls panties than with actual girls. Her's were no different. This wasn't the first time I had played with her panties. They were the first that I had seen that were so sexy though and they alone made my excitement rise even without a female touching me. She had all the same colored sets. She had bikini panties, briefs, bra and half slips that matched and had 7 or 8 sets like that. I might not have seen all her panties but I seen them and that was so sexy to me from what I had been use to seeing that girls wore. All her's were nylon too with lace on the sides. Now the thought that I was standing there before her with one of her bikini pairs on was unthinkable.

She just let the head enter her mouth for several seconds. She would let it slip in and I could feel her tongue go around the head inside her mouth. A slight sucking could be felt and then she would let it slowly slip out letting her lips close as it slipped from them. Then she would kiss it and lick it before taking it back in. I could feel her soft fingers rub across my butt over the nylon panties. Both hands around my butt when the head was inside her mouth then just one as she pulled it out so the other held my cock, all though as hard as I was it almost stood straight out with no help.

I looked down a few times to see her looking up through the top of her eyes, so sexy she looked with my cock in her lips and seeing her panties on me too. She was watching me to see how close I was getting each time she took me in.

Then, right after she took it out and licked it, she took about half of it in. I had to gasp for air as I not only watched but felt my cock slip inside her mouth.

"You all right", she asked me still with my cock in her mouth. "You're not going to fall are you, put your hand on the sink just in case", she told me.

I said,"Oh...N..o...I am all right...I p..r..o..m..i..s..e." It sounded so pitiful coming from my mouth. I was still a little embarrassed at being caught with her panties on but it was fading fast.

"We don't have very long since Rob will be back in a few minutes", she said in a low whisper. Rob was her son that had drove his car to the store down the road a ways to get some things that she had left a note on the table for. I had walked over to his house so my car was back home and I had seen his mom outside so I made the excuse of using the bathroom so he left so we could go take off to the woods where we always did something like smoking or just goofing off. "But I want to enjoy this as long as I can and I want you to enjoy it too. You are enjoying it aren't you", she asked with a smile on her lips.

"OH YES", I let it out louder than I wanted too.

"You look so hot in my panties", she said and rubbed and gave my butt a squeeze through her silky panties. "I would have never thought a man would look so hot in womens panties but you do, they fit so nice too."

With that she took my whole cock in with one easy movement. Grabbed my butt with a good strong grip and pulled me inside her mouth. I could feel her tongue lick around my whole cock. Then back out. A quick lick and then back in.

"I think we need to finish this. I wish we had more time. I would love to take a guy like you and teach you some things about a woman. One day we will have to get together and we can take more time. I'll let you look through all my panties and bras too."

I almost cummed at that thought but I held back a little longer but not too long.

She looked up and quickly asked,"You ready Chuck."

I shook my head yes and with that she started the final attack on my cock that I don't remember if I ever had any one better accomplish. First she reached under my cock and gently cupped my balls and pulled them out some so she could lick them and sucked one in her mouth. Then licked slowly up the shaft till she reach the head, ran her tongue around the hood of my cock and then in it went. So gently and expertly. She looked up as she slipped it in and then out, the rhythm started. In and out, in and out.

"MMMMmmm", I heard slip through her lips as she sucked and worked my cock in and out that wet, sexy thin lips. I have always enjoyed a thin lipped woman and as I watched her soft, thin lips form gently around my cock and it slipped in and out of them it was getting to much.

"MMMmm, mmmMMm", again and again. At this point I wasn't sure if it was her or me.

"Oh Yes", that was me, I knew that because I was getting right at the edge of my climax. I felt her fingers dig into my ass. She grabbed it tightly as she realized she had me almost there and in only about 3 minutes. At least it seemed like that. It felt like an hour but I wished it could last another hour.

My knees started to shake and I guess she could feel them. She stopped, I looked at her. "You hear something", I asked.

"No, I just don't want you to fall. I think you need to sit down. First, will you suck my nipples a little", she asked me.

"Oh Yes",I replied back and quickly started licking both nipples. Sucked them in my mouth. They got so hard so fast.

Then she took one of my hands and placed it between her legs and I could feel those soft curly hairs of her bush and she took my other hand and place it around, on her ass. "Finger me as you do it and squeeze my butt, will you sweetheart."

Sweetheart, I couldn't believe she called me that but I had no problem with doing either with her and with a nipple in my mouth I mumble out, "yes", and with that I let my finger find that slit between her legs and it was dripping with her juices. I even felt some on the hairs of her bush. My finger slipped inside completely with no problem. She lifted her one leg and placed it on the tub beside her.

I felt her body tense up as my finger entered her pussy. I wiggled it around some and sucked harder on each nipple. She took my hand and pulled it out of her pussy.

"Here, rub gently right her." She placed my fingers on her clit. I could feel it slightly protruding and started rubbing it. She started moaning faster and faster. "Suck my nipples harder Chuck, pull on them some", she moaned.

"Oh My...OH YES..." she started moaning out and then she grabbed the sink beside her and her body tensed completely. "OH MY GOD...", she almost screamed it out. "I have never had that happen. Here, sit down, we have to hurry", and she took my hands and after putting the seat down and I sat on the toilet. I never realized until another time I had made her climax since she was so horny and excited with a younger man's cock in her mouth to begin with.

She quickly started sucking my cock back in her mouth. She came up once and sucked each of my nipples which I had never had a girl do before. She was sucking it in and out faster than before and I wasn't that far from a complete erection from just a minute or two earlier.

It didn't take more than a minute I believe before I felt my cock swell. "Mmmmm", I heard her let slipped from her lips. She again told me another time that she had felt my cock swell in her mouth which she had never felt with her husband before. She reached up and took one of my nipples in her fingers and started rubbing and rolling it between them and let her other hand rub my balls. Then as I got almost there I felt one of her fingers slip farther past my balls and she started massaging my ass hole.

That was it. I didn't know what to do but I let my fingers slip in her hair which was at least shoulder length and pulled her towards my cock. I believe she knew I was climaxing and let her finger at my ass hole push in just a little and it exploded.

"MmmmmmMMm, mmmMmm,MMmm", she let it slip from her lips 4 maybe 5 times. I lost count. It was as if she enjoyed making me cum. I was lost in my day dream of having her in the bed and fucking her. I later realized she made the noise each time I shot out a hard stream of cum in her mouth.

She sucked it, moaning as she seemed to milk my cock for every drop it had. She slowly pulled it out about half way with a suction on it then let it slip back in then back out again. She sucked on it a couple more times then let it slowly slip from her lips.

She lifted up and gave me a big kiss on my lips. My cum was gone and that is when I realized she had swallowed it all. I had never had a girl go all the way. Two had got me close and finished with a hand job but never inside their mouth and never swallowed it.

Her lips were so soft and I felt her tongue slip inside my mouth. It tasted so sweet. I never thought about her just having my cum in her mouth since I was lost in another world.

She slipped her hands inside the panties I had on and slipped them off as I lifted to help her. She stood in front of me and rubbed the cotton gusset inside her pussy and handed them back to me and looked me in the eyes, holding my chin in her soft hand.

"Keep these until I ask you over again", she said as she handed them back to me.

She leaned over, picked up her bikini swim suit and walked out the bathroom and closed the door behind her. I heard her son come in within seconds of her leaving and I quickly dressed and slipped her panties inside my pocket before coming out.

As I went in the kitchen, there she stood taking the things from her son in a pair of tight, short shorts. She wore some of the sexiest things for a married woman but I couldn't hardly take my eyes off that ass and the panty lines underneath those shorts. Another pair of bikinis since I could see the top line under her shorts. I could only dream of the color and the bra that was holding those tits up.

As we left she called out." You boys be careful." We both answered yes and as I walked past her she gave me a quick slap across the butt.

"You especially Chuck", with a smile on her beautiful lips.

We seen each other 2 more times before I found a girl more my age and got a car and started hanging around other places. What an experience though. I never forgot those times.

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