tagIncest/TabooPanties, White Floral Niece's

Panties, White Floral Niece's

byTom Soup©

Maya was always my special niece. We lived far apart for most of the years she was growing up, but her parents recently relocated much closer to us. I was amazed at what a lovely young creature she had become. She had the kind of sweet body perfect for the tiny tops and short dresses she chose to wear. Unlike me, her parents were very strict and conservative. So when it came to talking about anything minutely connected to sex in pop culture, it was her Uncle Steve she opened up to. It was in those casual conversations, I got a sense she really was curious about sex and had a hidden sexual lust building slowly inside.

I guess also I had made enough comments about my wife's lack of interest in sex that we were both in the little frustration boat stroking our own oars. After Maya graduated from high school she started working in the mall at an upscale clothes store for young adults. I even visited her there one time looking for a gift and was surprised to discover she worked in the lingerie section. Of course I think almost all women's lingerie items are sexy, but in the upscale store she worked in, panties began at $50 a pair for the least expensive. Although I never saw them, Maya later told me they had panties for as much as $350 a pair. As I told her at the time, "That may seem like a lot of money for a pair of panties, but don't forget a pussy is priceless." I remember her face flushing red and her big laugh when she heard me say that. I also remember the little bite of her lip and fleeting glance at my crotch she made as I laughed myself.

One weekend, a flu bug swept through our little extended family. Both her parents, younger sister, and my wife and kids came down with a nasty attack of symptoms and body aches. Only Maya and I were lucky enough to escape the cruel flu grip. I later theorized our immunity might have been a result of masturbating but never discussed it with Maya. The flu attack started on Friday and on Saturday night, I called Maya on the phone. I invited her to come over and watch a DVD movie I had rented. The kids and wife had gone to bed much earlier. She happily agreed, glad to get out of her house and was at my door within ten minutes.

I welcomed her inside with a little innocent hug. I noticed she had on a silky light blue robe and offsetting pink rose petal pattern silk pajamas underneath. We'd spent some late evenings together watching videos before. That's the way she usually dressed at night, and it always made me feel warm seeing her dressed for bed. We nestled into the couch with just a soft table lamp light and the movie to illuminate the downstairs family room. We couldn't hear any sounds coming from the second floor bedrooms above the stairway and behind the couch.

The movie was a new release and essentially concerned a romance between a beautiful woman and handsome dashing man of the world. It was probably only ten minutes into the movie before the first scene of the young female star really caught both of our attentions. The movie scene surrounded a wedding reception and at some point showed the young woman spreading her legs and teasingly revealing her panties across the wedding reception room. I couldn't help myself from the pulsing knowledge in my jeans of seeing something so very erotic. Anything really about a woman and her sexy undies deliberately being exposed gets me really aroused quickly. In no time at all, I could feel my erection growing and tried to reposition my hand over my lap to hide it from Maya's view.

In the movie, the scene progressed to an outside balcony. The man in the movie slid his hand under her dress hem. I could see the aim of his fingers as they rippled up her dress until obviously at least touching her panties. As she tilted her head back, the camera closed in and her eyes closed and she gasped leaving me to surely surmise his fingers had slid inside her panties. He was obviously making her very excited. A frosted glass French door separated them from the party crowd behind them. He kept up his stroking and must have had his finger sliding deeply inside her, probably two or more fingers. Their excitement and my own fantasy of public exhibitionism got me more and more aroused. I was almost afraid to turn and look at Maya, but I did. And her eyes weren't looking at the movie. They were looking at the bulge in my lap.

"My, my, Uncle Steve, you sure look uncomfy there." She said with a little giggle in her voice and glint in her eyes.

"Yes I am a little" I replied, as I nonchalantly, tried to rearrange myself. My pants were so tight, it didn't really ease the pressure. Then for some reason, I said something that would change the course of our evening.

"Would you like to help Maya?"

She gave a little smile, and said, "Of course, I'll help." She paused for a moment, chewing her lower lip and looking around - worrying for a moment that someone might be awake upstairs. But there was no sound except the beating of a little lust drum drill team in my chest.

Her fingertips slid up my thigh, to the hardness protruding from my jeans. I could hear her holding her breath for a moment. A shiver of excitement coursed through her as her dainty hand cupped over the crotch of my jeans. She could feel my cock inside. It was long and swollen stiff from my arousal. Almost timidly, she played her fingers over the material of my crotch. Maya stroked my lengthy shaft through my jeans. Her fingertips lightly danced as I swung my arm from the couch towards her. My hand went to the back of her soft neck. The movie kept playing, but we weren't watching it and certainly weren't missing anything important.

She again looked back toward the rest of the house for a moment and then moved off the couch. She knelt between my legs and fumbled with the button and zipper of my jeans. Finally, she managed to get the zipper down over my bulging hidden cock, and started to pull the jeans and my underwear down a bit. For some reason she paused, maybe thinking of the others in the house, afraid to pull them all the way down. I slid my foot in its soft sock up along the inside of her pajama bottoms until my toes gently teased her between her legs. I was searching to caress her forbidden hot cunt. This seemed to make Maya forget about any reluctance as she took my jeans and underwear in either hand. With her face straight in front of my cock no more than a hand distance away, she pulled both my pants and underwear down my thighs until they stopped just above my knees, and paused to get a long lingering close up view of my erect cock.

Maya took her time tilting her view and I let my fingers caress through her soft curly hair. Leaning in, her lips nuzzled and trailed soft kisses over my thighs. The pink tip of her tongue flicked gently at my balls. Then she leaned in and gently sucked at them, each in turn. My pubic hair tickled her nose as she licked from my balls up to the head of my cock. Her tongue swirled around the head, flicking at the ridge along the edge. It was stiff and coated in my leaking precum against her soft lips and mouth. I could feel her hips scoot a little forward and give to the pressure of my toe wiggling against her wet pussy and aroused clitoris. She licked her lips and then placed them lightly against the tip of my cock. She certainly seemed to be much too good at this for it to be her first time.

But it was the first time she had ever seen and touched my erect hard cock. Her arousal and the discarded pretense of innocence made her nipples begin to throb. The hard peaks brushed against her silky soft pajama shirt. For a moment, Maya's face turned a red color as she pretended to be embarrassed and afraid that I would look down and see the stiff peaks. My hand pulled on the back of her head. My strong fingers slid through her brown curls urging her on. I knew she was feeling new warmth from my toes wiggling and stroking between her legs.

I watched her closely, my lust pulsing as her lips parted and slowly slid downward over my cock. It felt wonderful being engulfed by her. Her mouth suckled up and down over the head at first, then she stretched her jaw and slid quickly down the thick shaft taking as much of it inside as she could until she felt the cock head touch against the back of her throat. I took a deep breath and groaned as much from the feel of her mouth as watching her. I knew her panties must be very wet and the thought excited me more.

Her tongue lapped at my cock as it is buried inside her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it as she moved her mouth up and down. Her hands joined. Her fingertips slid around the base of my cock and moved in time with her mouth. Her breasts, with their aroused nipples, brushed against my legs each time she slid up and down with her warm sucking mouth. The feeling she created on my sensitive cock was pure pleasure. She paused, slid her mouth off my shaft, and licked it all over. She quickly flicked the tip with her tongue tasting my thick precum.

"mmmmm. I love your cum taste Uncle Stevie." She licked again and again hungrily teasing every drop of precum that rose out of the hole of my cock onto her lips. She really enjoyed the taste. She turned her head and slid her mouth along the sides of the hot wet shaft up and down. Her curls tickled my balls. Then her little hand gripped tightly and pumped my cock up and down as her tongue lapped at my balls. It was like my cock was the most incredible wonderful taste she had never had and she lost herself in the pleasure of her mouth, tongue, and hand touching and tasting it. She trailed soft, sucking kisses over my inner thighs, then my balls and gradually up to the tip of my cock again.

As her tongue swirled lightly over the head and her tight hand pumped up and down, she gazed up at me with her baby blue eyes and asked, "Are you feeling better yet, Uncle Stevie?"

"Oh yes, baby girl. That feels wonderful. I could cum any second, but I don't want to cum alone honey."

Her lips, pressed against the tip of my cock, curved into a smile as I told her I don't like cumming alone. She knew what I meant. I wanted her to cum too. She pulled back slightly, chewing her lower lip as she considered what to do next. Glancing back toward the rest of the house, she considered the possibilities. Everyone had been in bed for awhile. It seemed safe. She lowered her face and kissed the tip of my cock again. Then she leaned back and took my pants and underwear the rest of the way over my knees and down my calves sliding them off my feet. She discarded them to the side as she stood and moved squarely between my spread knees. She liked being watched as she let her robe fall to the floor. I followed her thumbs as one on each side of her hips disappeared inside the waistband of her pajama bottoms and she slipped them down her legs. She had lovely curving legs with a tiny freckle or two. The top of her pajamas barely covered down to the crotch of her little white floral panties. She looked at me and bit her lower lip again like a naughty little girl. Her eyes drifted from mine to my still hard and projecting cock. After a momentary teasing pause, she slid her panties down.

I wanted to reach out and touch her right then. I could see in the panties as she slid them down a tiny wet trail they left on the inside of her leg. She proceeded to unbutton her top and when the front sprung open, she shook it off her shoulders. Standing before me, between my knees naked, she was a vision of beauty and devotion to lust. Her nipples were dark but pinkish in the erect tips that highlighted her soft sloping breasts. She wasn't a big chested girl, but she had very beautiful nipples that screamed to be sucked. She stepped back from my knees and pushed my legs together. Then she climbed onto my lap, straddling my thighs. She moved up to me until my cock was just inches from touching her cunt. My cock was incredibly dripping hard, and I could tell how excited she was by her random breathing. She arched forward slightly, intent to feel that hardness against the soft, pink lips between her legs. As she arched forward, my hands moved to her chest.

My fingers found her erect mouthwatering pink nipples and rubbed gently around them in circles. I gazed at her nipples as I twisted them slightly. She closed her eyes as I pulled at her nipples.

"Oh Uncle Stevie, that feels so good. Twist my nippies. Mmmm. Uncle Stevie that feels so nice. You have magic fingers Uncle Stevie. Please...Please don't stop."

Her breath grew quicker and my fingers twisted, rubbed, rolled, and pulled her nipples more deliberately harder. I slid one hand on her back and pulled the top half of her body forward to me. My mouth moved to her left nipple, sucking hungrily at it. I could hear her fight hard to control the urge to cry out, instead making quiet noises and whimpering with pleasure. Her hands slid over my head, fingers exploring my curly hair. I rotated the attention of my lips and tongue across her chest to her other nipple. Again, my mouth enclosed around it and I sucked. At first I just sucked gently, then more firmly and finally, I mimicked her mouth on my cock earlier by deep sucking and tongue stroking her nipple.

She trembled against me, as I briefly considered the possibility of someone waking up. Her moaning was wonderfully erotic and I didn't want her to stop or hold back. I could feel her pussy now pressed tight against my cock. It was a soft tiny hair wet warmth feeling. She had scooted forward on my lap and my shaft felt her wet pussy lips halfway around it. The head of my cock lodged between our bodies and I saw a little river of precum draining to her pussy. I could have lifted her right then. I know I wanted to. I wanted to drive my cock deep inside her tight wet pussy and both of us would have exploded in an orgasm within seconds, but before I had a chance, she pulled back from me and stood up.

We were at one end of the couch. As she stood, she smiled at me and moved to lay on the other end of the couch. A small pillow under her head, she spread her legs so one leg was on the floor and one was suspended over the back of the couch. This gave me an incredible full open view of her spread pussy. I could tell she got a special extra lusty charge from showing me her pussy like this. She liked the naughtiness of being fully innocently exposed and offering herself to me, an older man, her uncle. It was almost like she pretended that she didn't know what affect it had on me. Like she didn't know (but she did) how erotic and excited she made me feel. She knew though. She could see it in the way my cock stood out and it twitched from the muscle spasms of the aching Maya caused in me.

Teasingly, her hands moved to her chest. The very nipples I had been sucking just a few seconds ago, she rubbed. She rubbed both of her nipples at the same time. Looking at them as she rubbed. She knew I was watching. She pressed against them with her fingertips, then squeezed them. Her eyes kept moving furtively from her nipples to my eyes, making sure I took it all in. And I did. One of her hands slid down between her legs. My own hand slid to my cock head and pressed it tight to my abdomen. Her fingers formed a 'V' as they slid down and parted her tight young pussy lips. Her pussy was so wet as she spread her lips it glistened in the soft light from the long forgotten television screen. Her other hand left her nipple and followed down to join her dipping pussy fingers. Her pussy was a warm aroused red color and slippery to her touch. She rubbed up and down against her little erect clitoris button. She looked at my hard cock as I extended my fingers down my cock shaft and let my cock head find that happy spot in my palm. It felt incredibly sensitive and good to stroke my cock for Maya.

One of her fingers slid down deeper into her pussy channel opening and explored inside to feel the wetness and perhaps find her G-Spot. Her eyes were on my hand stroking and pressing my cock as mine were on her fingers disappearing and filling her pussy. She slid another finger inside her beside the long middle one and began sliding them both in and out of her wet snatch.

She kept up moaning, almost whimpering from the passion and the exquisite feeling her fingers made as she watched me stroking myself. The room was filled with the sounds of my wet hand rubbing my wet cock, her wet fingers pummeling in and out of her juicy pussy and our moaning gaping breathing. Her eyes began closing tighter.

She moaned to me, "I'm going to cum Uncle Stevie. Cum with me Uncle. Cum with me."

That's all I needed to push over the edge as I tilted my hips towards Maya and felt my whole body tension and tighten into one pounding heartbeat as cum spurted from my cock with such force it flew three or four feet between us to splash her breasts. She rubbed took a hand from her pussy and rubbed my cum over her nipple. At the same time, her body rocked from her orgasm and she let out a stream of uncontrollable moans and shouted, "Oh GOD OH GOD. I'm CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGG!!!!!!!"

MMMMMM CUMMMMMMMMMMINNNNNNNGGGGG! UNCLE STEVIE..." She moaned as she had an incredible second wave of orgasm wash her body.

It was then that we both heard a noise somewhere above us and turned to look at the stairway.

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