tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPantiless SIsterhood

Pantiless SIsterhood


My wife, Kim, had been emailing me about her flashing exploits at work, only to have a co-worker, Tina, walk into her office and caught her while she was sitting at her desk with her panties and skirt around her ankles. After much prodding and cajoling, Kim told her the whole story about flashing some of her visiting co-workers and secretly getting herself off in the middle of a meeting in the conference room. Tina was impressed with Kim's out of character exhibitionism and responded by whipping her own panties off.

Later, I received an email from my wife Kim inviting me to join her and Tina at the mall food court. The two girls were eating lunch and thought I might be interested in watching the fun. But the catch was that I could watch from a table about twenty feet away, as long as no one got there before me.

After parking the car, I rushed to the food court. I found Kim sitting next to Tina in a fairly secluded corner. Kim was dressed in a white silk blouse and a short white skirt. Tina, a co-worker of Kim's, is blond and busty and a very wild girl. She was dressed in a green wrap around dress that was cut pretty low, exposing a good six inches of deep cleavage. Her hemline rested a few inches above her knees. If Kim's email was true, then both were bare under their skirts.

I quickly looked around and spotted the table that Kim emailed me about. My heart sank when I saw a middle aged guy sitting in my seat. Damn, too late. I thought I had missed my chance. Then I noticed the way Kim and Tina were sitting. They were facing him and he seemed to be focused on something under the girl's table. I could see that Kim's knees were about two feet apart and her skirt was laying pretty far up her thighs. I felt my penis beginning to stir. I quickly found a table just out of the girl's line of site but still with a good view. I couldn't tell what the guy could see, but I figured by Kim's actions at work, it wouldn't be long before his view got better.

Tina was sitting close to Kim and both girls were fidgeting around a lot. Then I noticed that Tina had her left hand resting on top of Kim's right thigh just below the hem of her skirt. Kim leaned over and whispered in Tina's ear and quickly looked back at their guy. I saw Tina's hand creep up, slowly dragging Kim's skirt up her thigh. After a good six inches of bare thigh came into view, Kim slapped Tina's hand away. She acted annoyed but did not pull her hem back down. Kim's legs were exposed up to about an inch or two of her bare crotch. If the guy could not see her auburn curls peeking out from under her skirt, then he was blind. A quick look confirmed that he indeed was not blind. His gaze was locked between Kim's thighs.

I glanced around the food court to see if anyone else could see my wife's little show, but she was sitting at an angle that hid her from most of the area. Unless you were paying attention, you would just think that they were two girls enjoying a lunch together. The lucky guy and myself were the only ones that noticed.

Tina, not to be rebuffed so easily, reached around Kim and pulled at her skirt, causing it to lift a little more up her thighs. It was now pulled up so far that it exposed her pubic hair completely. I saw Kim quickly look around to see if anyone else could see. I wasn't sure if she saw me, if she did she did not acknowledge me. Again she left her skirt where Tina had raised it.

The look on the guy's face was that of complete concentration. He had beads of sweat on his forehead and his breathing was very ragged. The girls, seeing this, decided to ratchet it up a notch. Kim reached behind Tina, and in a quick practiced move unsnapped her bra through her dress. Tina, taken off guard, raised her arms instinctively to cover her now unsupported breasts. I could hear their giggling, as Tina pulled the bra straps down her arms. She quickly pulled a very shear green bra out of the top of her dress and dropped it in the middle of the table. Her unfettered breasts swayed freely as she moved.

A few more shared whispers and Tina unhooked Kim's bra. Kim hesitated for a moment, obviously remembering just how shear her silk blouse was. She shrugged, and a moment later, Kim's bra dropped neatly on the table next to Tina's. I could clearly see Kim's pink erect nipples through her blouse. Mr. Lucky Guy had not moved since spotting Kim's exposed thighs. His mouth was slightly open.

Tina glanced around the area to make sure their game was still secret. Then she slid in closer to Kim and hooked her left leg over Kim's right leg. Kim's pussy was now partially obscured but Tina's thighs were now spread obscenely. Without fanfare Tina pulled her hemline up uncovering a brief strip of blond hair. Her pussy was red and swollen and I could see wetness glistening on her lips. She then grasped Kim's wrist and pulled her hand below the table. Kim's fingers touched Tina's pussy and I could see my wife jump slightly. Tina look quite surprised that Kim did not pull her hand back. On the contrary, she just sat there, staring down their admirer, all the while she was brushing her knuckles across Tina's wet labia.

Kim looked around quickly and made eye contact with me and smiled broadly. She knew I was there the whole time. She started slowly parting Tina's lips, spreading Tina's wetness with her fingers. Then she inserted one finger slowly inside her friend. Tina rested her head on Kim's shoulder and was lost in the sensation of my wife rubbing her pussy. I could believe what I was seeing. My wife was finger fucking another woman in the food court of a public mall.

Kim probed deeper into Tina's pussy. I had perfect view of it. I could even see her juices glistening off of my wife's fingers. Kim's hand became a blur as she rubbed her friend's clit and labia. Tina lasted about thirty seconds before I saw her start trembling. Her eyes were clenched shut and she was grinding her hips against Kim's hand.

I don't think the guy's face ever changed expressions throughout the entire show. His eyes were wide and him mouth was half open. The only indication that he was alive was his ragged breathing and of course the tent in the front of his pants. Tina sat, her legs still splayed and her pussy still gripping my wife's finger, for a full minute. Then she whispered in Kim's ear and both girls shot me a quick glance. They both tugged their clothes into place and stood. And, arm in arm, they walked casually out of the food court and out into the parking lot. Still sitting on the table, where they had dropped them, were the girls bras. A memento for their admirer.

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