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Panty Bandit


His wife worked second shift at the supermarket, the kids were in bed, and there was nothing on television. Jason sat at the computer surfing the web for pornography.

Tired of the same old stuff, up skirts and down blouses, albeit, his favorites, he wanted something different, a video, perhaps, instead of photos but he had watched every up skirt and down blouse video, already.

In error, he typed in down panties videos instead of down blouse videos and up popped a site, a Japanese site. He scrolled down dozens of videos and stopped at a link to one that interested him. He opened the link, pushed play, and a Japanese man, a modern Ninja type man dressed in a hooded sweatshirt ran down the street behind unsuspecting women wearing short skirts.

The video aroused more than Jason's interest, it aroused his excitement. Immediately, his cock stirred and, involuntarily, he reached down and touched himself through his jeans.

Although the entire sequence of events on the video lasted only a few minutes, in those few minutes, he saw a dozen women's panties, ass cracks, and when they turned, and they always involuntarily turned from their assailant, he saw their black bushes. The forbidden in the premise that men not violate a woman in public stretched Jason's moral boundaries.

Unable to remove his eyes from the screen, he watched the video in amazement. A videographer followed the attacker videotaping the assaults. Over and again, as if he were watching it for the first time, the attacks sparked the same level of arousal in Jason. He played the video again and again watching it with excited interest stopping at the critical points, each time, for a clearer view of the pornographic display of exposed body parts.

Excitedly, he searched the web for similar types of videos, but there were none. Unable to find another, he typed in Japanese pulling down top videos and, sure enough, what he searched for popped up.

There, the same attacker appearing as the panty bandit appeared as the blouse snatcher, too. Over and again, he watched this same Japanese assailant run up to unsuspecting women wearing tube type tops without bras beneath, reach out his hand as he passed by them, and pulled down their tops exposing their tits. Again and again, he replayed the video, stopping and starting it, each time, staring at Japanese women's tits. When he tired of watching that video, he returned to the panty bandit video and watched his assailant lift the Japanese women's skirts as far as their shoulder and pull down their panties.

He unzipped himself, pulled out his cock, and stroked it to the image of the videos. Masturbation temporarily sated his lustful desire but, within a short while, he looked for more. Unfortunately, there was no more to see. He saved the videos to his personal favorites and played them over and again later that night before retiring to bed.

Later, in bed, unable to sleep, he replayed the videos in his mind thinking of that man running up behind unsuspecting women and either lifting up their skirts to expose their panties and pulling them down or running up from the front of them, reaching out his hand, and pulling down their tops and exposing their tits. He thought, only in Japan could something like that happen and could someone like that get away with it. If I did that in this country, I'd be arrested for attempted rape, lose my house in a civil lawsuit, my wife would divorce me, my children would hate me, and all my relatives, friends, and neighbors would think me a pervert. I'd be on the sex offender's list, along with rapists and child molesters and would spend the next twenty years bunking with some fat man who thought me cute (yuck!).

Then, he thought about his moral friends knowing full well that it was every guy's fantasy to witness a woman exposed against her will. He imagined a woman held by her arms while another man removed her clothes. A guy would be lying if he said that seeing a video like that would not make him horny. I dare you ladies. Ask your man if that type of video is of interest to him. Sure, he will deny it but pay close attention to his eyebrows and his eyes. If, when he answers you, his eyebrows involuntarily go up and his eyes blink, then he is lying and he is a dirty dog like the rest of we guys.

Still, irregardless of the penalties, shame, disgrace, and what he would lose if he were caught, his penis took complete control of his brain. Okay, I heard that resounding yell of triumphant encouragement coming from all the male readers of this story, as well as painful sense of distain and disgust coming from all the women reading this story. Hey, it's just a story, fiction. Get a life. This is a porn board, after all (lol). Okay, now, let's heat up this story.

The next day, Jason called his best friend Brain and, together, they watched the panty bandit video and the blouse snatcher video. Over and again, the two friends watched the videos stopping and starting them. Jason could tell from his friend's silent reaction that he wished he was alone and could jerk off right now. He laughed at the vacant stare that Brian had on his flushed face while watching the videos play over and over.

After filling up an hour and a half with two three-minute videos, the men looked at one another and, at that point, there was no turning back. Their penises had erased all sense of reality from their moral fabric. The decision was made. Jason would play the role of attacker while Brian videotaped the sexual assaults. Both men ran track in high school some years back and still jogged regularly, so they knew that they could easily outrun anyone chasing after them.

Only, unlike watching a video, the danger of doing it yourself was real and not imagined, as it was on video. Not only could they be arrested, but they could face an angry mob of outraged men chasing after them and be party to a vengeful boyfriend, father, uncle, brother, and/or husband. Still, their penises quickly removed that nightmarish scenario from their brain replacing it with visions of cotton covering round, white asses, silk caressing bushy, trimmed, or shaved pussies, and satin hiding away the forbidden bits and pieces from their lustful eyes. Then, there were the tits, small tits, big tits, round tits, tubular tits, sagging tits, and, of course, there were the nipples, brown nipples, pink nipples, puffy nipples, hidden nipples at rest, and erect nipples ready for action. Ah, life is good when you are a horny guy with lots testosterone.

They had to pick their spots carefully and preplan an escape route, along with an alternative escape route should something go wrong. Hit and run was their strategy. Without hesitation, they had to do the dirty deed, videotape it, and run away with nary a look back. The videotape would capture the moment. There was no need for them to stop and witness the action. This, of course, was not Japan where they could turn down a side street and disappear in a mob of similar appearing Japanese men who possess the same hair color and similar height and body composition. Can you imagine a police line up in Japan? "What did he look like? He was 5'6" with black hair, about 130 pounds, and yellow skin." Brian had red hair for God's sake and Jason was 6'2, a head taller than the average 5'9" American man.

They decided that the downtown business district after rush hour was the best place to try it. Like hungry lions watching and waiting for a straggling antelope to lag behind the herd, they waited for a woman alone who had worked late at the office and who was wearing a short skirt. The next day, they headed downtown with their horniness, brazenness, and camcorder.

They scoped out the best place to wait, a dark doorway with a portico overhead blocking the view of them from the office windows above. They did not have to wait long for the downtown business district to rid itself of suits and skirts. The coast was clear, as clear as it was if this was a holiday or a Sunday. They heard the click, clickitty, click, click of high heals on cement before they spotted her. A mature woman in her 50's but certainly a MILF candidate, she walked alone across the street. The gentle breeze that blew lifted her short, pleated skirt above her thigh disclosing that she was not wearing pantyhose, just panties. Perfect. The hunt of the hunter and the hunted was on in the city's concrete jungle.

She carried a briefcase in one hand and a large pocketbook in the other. They waited unnoticed until she passed. Brian focused the zoom lens of his camcorder on the woman's round derrière, as Jason ran out. He wore his Reeboks, the ones with the thickly padded soles that hardly made any noise when he ran. Had he worn his Nike's with the thin, hard soles, she would have heard him approaching.

As soon as he neared almost within reaching distance, she turned, but it was too late. He had her skirt up and her panties down to her ankles before she could even react to him running by her. Still, in a wild haymaker swing, she grazed him with her swinging handbag knocking his hat off his head. Notwithstanding, it was a textbook panty pull down. Later, the video showed that after she swung her handbag, she squatted, put her handbag and briefcase down on the sidewalk before standing, then, bending at the waist, she pulled up her bright white, silk panties. Clearly, the video showed a great view of her ass and the top of her dark brown, bushy pubic hair when she turned at the waist to confront her attacker, and when her thighs parted enough for her to bend and retrieve her undergarment, the close-up video revealed a another view of a bushy clump of dark pubic hair between her legs.

When Jason met up with Brian at the car, they hugged one another with glee.

"Wow! That was fucking awesome!"

"But, Dude, she got your hat."

"Yeah, I know, and that was my Boston College Eagles hat."

"No, Dude, you don't understand, now she has your DNA."

"You watch too many CSI shows. The police aren't going to expend their money and on this lowly type of crime."

"Yeah, I guess, you are right."

Little did they know that the woman's son was a newly appointed Assistant District Attorney and that he would make it his personal vendetta to put these guys behind bars.

Jason and Brian were beside themselves with excitement. Over and again, they relived the event laughing like school boys over the excitement of it all. They could not wait to do it, again. Jason could not wait to jerk off over today's event. Once at home, he relived the panty pull down. He stroked his cock to the thoughts of running up behind her, lifting her short, pleated skirt up against her back exposing her bright, white cotton panty, then reaching his fingertips in the elastic of her waistband and, in one quick swipe, putting them down to her ankles. He saw her ass crack close up and when she turned at the waist to confront him as he sprinted by, he was awarded with a great glimpse of her bushy, brown bush.

They planned another outing for tomorrow. They would do more than one panty pull down and look for women wearing tube type tops and without wearing bras. Then, once they filled the tape with dozens of panty pull downs and tube top pull downs, they would sell it to a porn site for thousands of dollars, or so they thought.

Not wanting to go to the same doorway on the same street, in case the woman reported the incident to the police, they had to find another location and found one outside the mall where customers cut through a hole in the fence to walk home. Generally, the women who used the cut through were locals who walked instead of drove to the mall. They waited in their car watching from a distance the fence where the woman cut through. It was not long before their patience was rewarded with a woman wearing a very short flared skirt.

Brian lowered the car window, focused the zoom on the woman's ass, and began rolling while Jason ran into action. Just before the woman could reach the opening in the fence, Jason reached her, lifted up her skirt nearly up to the back of her neck exposing ivory laced panties, and pulled them down. Only, he stopped surprised to see, not a round, firm ass but a wrinkled, old ass. That was when the woman turned and smiled at him. Damn, from the back she looked like a hottie but as soon as she turned around, he saw his mistake. She was old, really old.

"Wanna fuck?" she said smiling a toothless smile

"She was older than my grandmother," he said to Brian later in the car. Brian did not answer, he was too busy laughing.

While making their get away, they spotted another girl wearing a short skirt. They pulled up a couple blocks in front of her and Jason got out and waited in the doorway ahead for her to pass. When she did, he ran up behind her and lifted her skirt and pulled down her panty.

"Yuck! Oh, my God! I'm so sorry, lady."

He ran around the corner to the car and Brian followed behind him.

"Dude, what happened?"

"That lady was injured or sick or something 'cause when I pulled her panty down, she had a big bandage full of blood."

Brian laughed.

"Moron, she had her period is all."

"Gross. Now, my hands smell like fish."

On the way home, before they reached the highway, a tall, slender girl was walking alone wearing pants and a tube top. They stopped the car behind her, Brian focused the camcorder, and Jason sprinted out toward her. Just as he came up behind her, she turned and he reached out both hands pulling down her tube top.

"What the fuck is that?" He stopped and looked down on the ground startled while she took a step forward and gave him a long legged kick in the balls.

"Pervert!" She picked up her silicon falsies, inserted them back in her top, and walked away.

Jason ran back to the car hunched over and holding himself. In the car, he clutched himself in pain while Brian laughed.

They drove further into the city where the young crowd hung out at the bars and outdoor cafés. There are lots of women who duck in the alley to relieve themselves because they are either too drunk to hold it or are unable to wait in line for the privacy of the ladies restroom.

He spotted her. Not only was she wearing an extremely short skirt, nearly the width of a wide belt and when she walked wiggling her, oh, so round ass, clearly, you could see the bottom of her red panties, but also she was wearing a tube top. There is a God and he is on their side tonight to supply me with a double whammy. Again, Brian stayed in the car with the engine running shooting out the driver's side window while Jason sprinted toward her.

She never knew what hit her. Jason pulled down her top from behind and when she turned to confront him, she had these perfectly formed C cup tits, definitely a silicon boob job, but, still, they were exquisitely spectacular tits. In a flash he lifted her skirt from the front and pulled it down to her knees. Instead of squatting down as the other women have done on the video, she just stood there holding up the hem of her skirt in her hands and smiling.

"Well, Honey, you want some of this?"

Jason looked down to see a cock bigger than his. Suddenly, Aerosmith's song, the Dude was a Lady railed through his head and Jason beat a hasty retreat launching himself in the rear passenger door of Brian's screeching car with Brian in the front seat hysterically laughing.

Their brief sexual assault experimentation failed miserable and when the police were at Jason's front door three weeks later with enough DNA evidence to arrest him, he received a permanent place on the sex offender's list and a year's probation.

The judge, district attorney, the jury, and even the woman who Jason pulled her panties down, the one who knocked off his hat, took pity on him when they viewed the video tape and played it in court. There was nothing sexual about it. It was a riot.

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