tagFetishPanty Boy Ch. 01

Panty Boy Ch. 01


I had been living in the coastal town of Warhurst for about 2 years when Kasey moved in next door about 12 months ago. Warhurst is a community of about 30,000, so if you wanted to keep to yourself you didn't need to get to know many people, but if you went out there, most people at least knew who you were.

I'm 52 and claim to be 'semi retired'. While I did come here to eventually retire, the truth is I'm comfortable enough thanks to some shrewd investments and savings, but apparently I'm too old to employ. I have become quite active in the local community and have taken up positions on various community boards and committees, partly to relieve the boredom and partly because some do pay a small tenure salary. That being the case, I'm well known and well respected by most of the population.

Kasey, being the local bank manager, is also well known and respected, if not a little disliked, simply because of her job. She is a lot more liked than most bank managers because of her friendly, easy going nature and her sexy figure.

We chatted quite a lot, without inviting each other over for barbecues and I think she picked up on my real situation. I was comfortable enough, but I had to be careful with my money. She told she had a few 'man jobs' to be done around her house and she would pay me to do them. I accepted immediately, glad to have some extra pocket money.

We agreed that she would let me in at 9am, when she left for work and I'd do 2 hours work and lock the door behind me. The house very much "open living" and I had spent the week preparing Kasey's wooden floors, so I could re-estapol them the following week.

On the Friday of the first week, I had finished working at 11am and it was about 11.15am that a loud noise made my head turn so quickly I almost injured myself. There standing in the middle of the expansive floor was Kasey. The sound had been her heavy attaché case hitting the floor when she dropped it.

I took in her professional sensuality. Her rusty blonde hair tied back tight, she had mostly subtle make up on. Just a hint of foundation, very lightly shadowed eyes and mascara. Her lips however, were covered in bright red, moist lipstick. She wore a crisp white blouse, through which I could just glimpse the outline of a white half cup bra, but only when she inhaled and her chest expanded, pushing her buxom bosom out proudly.

She wore a very short pleated black skirt. Kasey always seemed to flirt with the fine line between professional and slutty. Her long slim legs were covered in sheer black stockings with a faint print of butterflies and she wore bright red stilettos, matching exactly with her lipstick.

The look in her eyes was fury, like you might expect from a school teacher who had been outraged. In her stern bank manager voice she almost growled, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

The sight of her had almost made me forget the position I was in. There I stood, my shorts around my ankles, my very erect cock in my hand and I was sniffing a pair of Kasey's used panties. My mouth opened and closed repeatedly, but no sound came out. I was mortified at being caught like this. I went to start pulling my shorts up, when she said in a calm, even voice, "No you don't. Step out of your shorts and move over to the lounge."

I thought she must have wanted me like this for when the police, who she would surely call, arrived. I had to walk past her to the lounge, my erection rapidly waning at the horror of the consequences of my actions. Once the people in the town found out the well respected Sean was a panty sniffer, there was no way I could stay. As I walked past her, she smacked my left butt cheek hard and held it and squeezed it. "I like a man with a firm meaty butt", she commented. I didn't really take in the significance of the comment because I was so embarrassed and my heart pounded.

"Take a seat Sean", she offered as she sat opposite me. Despite myself, I couldn't help but look at her cleavage as she leant down to sit and I just stared at the expanse of thigh that poked out from her stocking tops as she leant back slightly. "What are we going to do with you?" she asked rhetorically. "What would the good people of Warhurst think if they knew you sniffed unsuspecting women's panties, Sean?" Exactly what I had been thinking.

"What am I going to do with you Sean?", she mused as I continued to look between her legs. "I should ring the police and have them arrest you", she said almost mockingly, "I let you into my house alone and you betrayed my trust by smelling my dirty knickers, tut tut." I was now looking at the floor like a berated schoolboy.

"But I'm a fair person Sean", she continued, "and I think we can come to some sort of arrangement." I wondered what she meant by that. "If you do exactly as I ask from now on, this will be our little secret. If you don't, I won't hesitate to tell my story to the local newspapers."

I was petrified and still looking at the ground, I just said "Yes."

"Good", she smiled. I couldn't see her smile, but I could hear it in her voice. "Now go and fetch those wet panties of mine and bring them back here." I didn't bat an eyelid and did as I was told. "I say wet panties, because they were soaking with my juice when I took them off this morning. I had some very nice dreams last night." Hearing her talk like this made some of the blood rush back to my penis and it started to thicken a little as I returned to the lounge.

"Now, I want you to show me what you were doing, just before I interrupted you", she ordered.

I was again flabbergasted and I mumbled something like, "Oh, I couldn't possibly do that."

"But I'm sure you can Sean. Remember the deal we just made? I want to see what perverted shit you've been getting up to in my house."

Reluctantly, I wrapped my right hand around my shaft and slowly started to stroke, pushing my foreskin up over the head of my cock and then pulling it back again. My left hand was at my side, holding her wet underpants. I had actually thought they were wet because they were in with her other clothes waiting to be was. The thought that it was her pussy juices that made them wet, brought me to full erection again very quickly.

"That's not how you were doing it Sean", she chided. I thought to myself she meant I had been jerking more quickly, when she added, "You were sniffing my knickers while you were pulling you pud." I hesitated and then remembered our deal. "I want to see exactly what you were doing when I caught you."

Still very embarrassed, I raised the gusset of her panties to my nose and couldn't help taking a long, deep sniff. My cock jerked in my hand as I did and it didn't go unnoticed. "Looks like you really get off on smelling my tainted undies", she said with a sort of laboured breathing, which made me raise my eyes without lifting my head. I could see that she was staring intently at me masturbating. I could also she that her left hand had crept under her short skirt and she was stroking her pussy through her white cotton panties.

She just watched for 30 seconds or so and then, still staring at me masturbating, said "Is that how you do it when you take my underpants home with you?"

I stopped, again speechless. How much did this woman know? I only just managed to blurt out another "Yes."

In a suspicious tone, she asked, "Then why did you take two pairs home with you yesterday?"

I stop stroking my cock and replied, "Have you been spying on me?"

She responded with "Sean, men might be careless with their clothes, but a woman keeps track of what she wears. When I came home to do my washing last night, I was missing two pairs of knickers. After what I've seen today, it only makes sense that it was you who took them."

"Yes", I said meekly, "But I cleaned them for you and brought them back today." It was the only thing I could think to say to try to redeem myself.

"So", she continued, "what did you do with two pairs?"

Despite my total mortification, this was taking on the properties of an everyday conversation and Kasey was now openly rubbing her pussy through her panties as we spoke. "Well", I started, "I smelt one pair and while I wrapped the other pair around my penis, and stroked myself with them."

"I want you to do that now", she countered with enthusiasm, "but I guess all my other panties are clean." She looked down between her legs and then said, "Silly me, I've got a very dirty, very wet pair right here, don't I? But I've got an even better idea. You could sniff them while my pussy is still in them."

I had stopped masturbating earlier in the conversation and my erection had flagged a little, but now it seemed to become erect and jerk in pre orgasmic spasm all in the one go. In fact a small drop of pre cum flicked off the end and landed on Kasey's cheek. She wiped it off with the index finger of her left hand and then put that finger in her mouth. She looked me in the eye and said in a husky voice, "I love the taste of pre cum in the morning." I almost laughed at her reference to a famous line from the movie Apocalypse Now, but thought better of it. She continued, "Looks like you like that idea."

Kasey looked around and spied her bench press. She pulled the bench away from the weights. When she bent over to do it, I was afforded a wonderful view up her short skirt. I could see the material of her panties disappear between the beautifully formed shape of her arse cheeks. She ordered me, "Lie down on the bench, with your head at the very end." As I moved to do as I was told, she pulled the other panties from my hand.

Here I was, wearing only a t-shirt and a very hard erection, lying on my back on a bench press bench, while a fully clothed woman ordered me around. I was beginning to worry less about having been caught in such a compromising position, but the fear of that information getting out still nagged in the back of my mind.

I lay down on the bench, much like somebody using it for its intended purpose, my head near the end, my body along its length and my legs either side of it with my feet on the floor. Kasey stood over me, facing towards my head and placed her stilletoed feet on the floor, her knees either side of my shoulders. I looked up as she ever so slowly lowered her panty clad cunt towards my face.

I drank in the view of her stocking tops, garter belt and garter straps framing her panties. I centred on those panties and could see that while they were brief, they completely covered her pussy, not even a hint of pussy lip to be seen. The sheer cotton material was high cut, so that it was obvious that she shaved at least her bikini line. The material hugged her mound and lips. She lifted the front of her skirt, as she continued to lower herself, inch by inch and this allowed me a better view. I could now see the wet patch, about 1 inch wide and 3 inches long where her slit was. Knowing that this was caused by her leaking pussy juices, I almost came right then.

I couldn't tear my eyes away from that gorgeous wetness and as her pussy neared my nose, I became cross-eyed. I refocussed in time to see her descent stop, as the material of her panties and its extremely erotic wet patch halted millimetres from my nose. I inhaled deeply and took in her scent. After about 30 seconds she pushed her crotch into my nose and then started rubbing her still covered clit against my nose.

"Do you like the smell of my cunt, Panty Boy?" I disregarded the slight she made, because I was inrapture at the position I found myself. I didn't get the chance to answer, because Kasey tilted her hips slightly and pushed her pussy against my mouth. "See if you like the taste of it too, Panty Boy. Lick my cunt through my knickers, but you dare try get your tongue under them.", she commanded.

I started licking her slit through her panties and she tasted wonderful. She was very turned on, because the more I liked her juice from the wet cotton, the more it was replaced. "Do you like the taste of my dirty panties?", she teased, but not in a demeaning or humiliating way. I moved my head up and down like a nod as I continued to lick and now suck the wetness from her panties and pussy.

To my disappointment, Kasey raised herself a little, let the front of her skirt drop and shuffled back away from my face. She stopped when she felt my erect cock against the crevice of her arse crack. "Your cock is telling me you liked that, Panty Boy", she teased again, "by the way Rule 1 is you never cum, before I do, you got that?"

I simply replied "Yes."

She raised herself enough to clear my erection and shuffled back a little more, before settling her arse on my thighs. In the process, she slid her still covered slit down the length of my cock. "Mmm, that feels good", she groaned, "Now where were we? Ah yes, you sniff my dirty, smelly panties while you rub another pair on your cock. I think we can do that."

She leaned forward and draped the panties I had been sniffing when she caught me, over my face, making sure the gusset was over my nostrils. My eyes widened, because I had been looking so intently at her panties, I had failed to realise that at some point, she had taken off her blouse and bra. I was now treated to the sight of her full, heavy breasts, topped with comparatively small pink nipples. Her nipples were as hard as Chinese arithmetic.

While I was busy staring at her tits, Kasey has somehow wedged the head and part of the shaft of my cock inside her panties, so the front side of the head was being rubbed by the cotton of her panties and the underside of my helmet was sliding across her clit, lubricated by her gushing juices. I don't know, to this day, how I managed not to cum, but I did heed her warning about Rule 1.

Kasey moved her hips ever so slightly, back and forth, so that her clit continued to slide over the contours of my fraenum. After 5 or six strokes like this her movements seemed to become more frantic and uncontrolled. "Cum in my dirty fucking panties, Panty Boy. Spill your load in them .... oh fuck yes ..... I'm cumming hard ..... cum with me Panty Boy", she groaned and moaned.

I couldn't have stopped from cumming, even at the threat of death. Feeling her wet clit and panties sliding across either side of my cock head made my cock jerk explosively and with each jerk, came the release of jets of hot white spunk. I'm certain I've never cum so much in my life.

Kasey leaned forward on me and collapsed in orgasmic afterglow. Her pillow like breasts heaving on my chest as my cock slipped out of her panties. I couldn't believe that I had had such a stunning orgasm and hadn't even glimpsed Kasey's bare pussy.

After a short while, Kasey put her hands on my chest and heaved herself up. She somehow managed to take her panties off, again without me seeing her exposed cunt, and threw them onto my face to join the other pair.

Without looking me in the eye, Kasey said, quite businesslike, "I know it's Saturday tomorrow, but because of your outrageous behaviour today, I will require you to work tomorrow."

She continued, "You can wash those things tonight and deliver them tomorrow. You will also shave all of your pubic hair. When you arrive, you can let yourself in and you will find instructions on the coffee table."

Now get out of my house you dirty little Panty Boy." she ordered with a cheeky grin.

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