tagFetishPanty Boy Ch. 02

Panty Boy Ch. 02


Sorry, I can't really précis Chapter 1 in a reasonable amount of space, so you'll need to read it, to get the full effect of this chapter. If you actually chose this story to read, rather than being "zapped" here, I guarantee you will enjoy Chapter 1.


I went home and dutifully washed both pairs of Kasey's soaking wet panties. I then went to my bath tub and soaked in total satisfaction after the midday sojourn I had with her. I half stepped out of the bath to reach for my shaving equipment. I was told to shave and shave I did. I shaved from the top of my pubic triangle to my arsehole and beyond until there was not a hair in sight.

I dried myself and realised I had a half erection. I dressed in only loose shorts and t shirt and poured myself a drink. I contemplated what had happened. I was surprised at Kasey's reaction. Don't get me wrong, I was pleased with what had happened, but I wasn't sure if I should be overjoyed or worried.

I turned up at the appointed time and found the door was unlocked, so I let myself in, as ordered. Kasey's house is spacious, spotless and sparsely furnished. I walked in and looked for the note I was told to read, which contained my work instructions for the day. On the coffee table in the open plan lounge room, I found a folded note, sitting atop a pair of women's panties.

The note said, "First I want you to take off your clothes and put them in the laundry. Then I want you to pick up these panties and smell them, take in the wonderful aroma. You may stroke your cock as you sniff them, but always remember Rule 1."

I did as the note told me. After disposing with my clothes, I picked up the panties. They seemed to be quite a bit larger than Kasey's, but designed in the scanty, high cut manner of hers. I looked at the gusset and there wasn't one. The light blue panties were made of the sheerest silky material. I could clearly see that crotch of the panties were soaking wet, from almost the top at the front to the formation of the string of the material, that had snugly fit between a woman's butt cheeks.

I picked them up in awe at the amount wetness there was. I moved it to my nostrils and inhaled deeply. My bare, shaved cock started to rise of its own volition, it started pointing to the ceiling. The smell of pheromones, pussy, pussy juice, a small hint of pee, pussy, sex hit my nose and my senses like a sledgehammer.

I then looked back at the note, which continued, "Now that your penis is erect, put the panties on."

I laughed to myself. The funny thing is I wasn't laughing at the idea itself, just that there was no way I could get them on, I thought. "Go on", said the note, "they stretch. You should just about be able to fit your cock and balls inside the material, but maybe not both a the same time."

I put my feet through the holes and pulled them up. I'm not a small man, I managed to pull them up. I took it very slowly from the time the elastic first touched my super smooth balls, as I relished the feel of the sheer material gliding over my nuts and up my red hot shaft. Almost straight away, I could also feel the wetness I had been sniffing moments earlier.

I dragged the elastic over the head of my cock, stimulating my fraenum. As I dragged the soft silky panties over the head of my cock, I leaked pre cum in a short stream. I was so fucking horny, I didn't think I could comply with Rule 1.

The note was right, I could fit my cock into the material, but not my balls. I could cover my balls with the panties, but then the head of my cock would pop out. I loved the feeling of the material and wetness on my shaved balls and pubic area. I picked up the note again and read, "Now put on the apron on the lounge and start polishing the wine glasses."

I found the apron. It was your standard apron, that you tie up at the back, but it only came down to my mid thigh and didn't go anywhere near meeting at the back. When I tied it up, I could feel the cool air on the majority of my butt. I then noticed three wine glasses in the drying rack and a tea towel. Having worked in hospitality, I knew what to do. I used the tea towel to polish the wine glasses, holding each one to the light to detect any marks.

As I held the third glass to the light, I heard high heels advancing towards me on the polished floorboards. I then felt a hard smack to my left butt cheek, followed by the hand doing the smacking grabbing my cheek and squeezing, then rubbing it gently.

Before I could turn around, I heard, "I take it this is him? I love a man with a meaty butt."

That meaty butt stiffened in a combination of fear, apprehension and ecstasy. My cock also jerked involuntarily. The voice I heard was not Kasey's. I couldn't bear to turn and face this woman. She held onto my cheek, massaging it, while moving her body around to my left side. She held my head in her left hand and pulled me towards her. She rubbed her breasts against my arm and kissed me on the cheek. She whispered, "Helllo sweetie", as she rubbed her crotch against my thigh. "I'm Shelly, pleased to meet you."

I was in much the same state as I was the day before, speechless. Kasey approached from the right and her left hand grabbed my right cheek and her right arm reached across the front of me and pulled Shelly into her, with me in between. They kissed, right in front of my face.

Despite my horniness at this situation, I was overwhelmed by the thought of the consequences and said, maybe a little too loudly. "What the fuck is going on? We had an agreement that no one else would know".

Kasey moved her right hand down and stroked my upright prick, ever so gently through the material of the apron and the knickers. "Don't get your knickers in a knot", she laughed at her own pun, "Bring those glasses and that wine to the lounge."

She and Shelly extricated themselves from me and went and sat next to each other on one lounge. I carried the wine to the table, furious about this betrayal of trust, but still doing what I was told. I leant down from the side of the coffee tables to put the wine glasses down, but Shelly said, "Come over here and do that", as he pushed the table further away from them with her foot, "Serve us from this side."

It wasn't until I looked up at her saying that, that I realised what they were wearing and in fact, what Shelly looked like. They were dressed almost identically and almost like Kasey wears to work every day, almost.

The both had white blouses on, but they were made of a very thin cotton and were completely see through. Underneath Shelly had a lacy black, quarter cup bra, which held the weight of her c up breasts and proudly displayed her dark, puckered, stiff nipples. Kasey looked exactly the same, except her bra was purple, but her nipples were equally as hard.

The big difference was their appearance. Kasey is a reasonably tall woman, with strawberry blonde hair, big breasts, long legs and the butt and stomach of a mother of two, in other words, magnificent. Shelly was slightly shorter, medium sized breasts, shorter fuller legs and a slightly bigger butt and tummy, with all the curves in the right places. Again, magnificent.

The both wore black, pleated skirts, but the were micro mini. They didn't even pretend to try to hide their black and purple matching stockings and garter straps. I could clearly see that Kasey was wearing purple knickers to match the rest and Shelly wasn't wearing any at all. In fact, now that I came to think of it, the panties that I was wearing would have matched the rest of her outfit.

Still filled with anger and oblivious to how ridiculous I must have looked, I stood between the women and bent over to put the wine glasses down. As soon as I did, Shelly said, "Stay in that position while you do the wine thing"

As usual, I did as I was told and then felt different feminine hands, including manicured nails, fondling each cheek of my butt. It felt great and assuaged my anger for a short time. Shelly said, very matter of factly, considering sexually charged I was and I assumed they were, "Just spread your legs a bit, Panty Boy." I bristled at the fact she knew that much that she was aware of the name Kasey called me yesterday.

At the same time, I'm sure I groaned as my butt was being fondled and I obediently move my feet wide apart, probably a lot wider than I needed to, like a slut. I felt Shelly remove her hand and then I felt the fingers of one of her hands grab hold of the elastic of each leg of my/her panties and the other cup my balls. I felt Shelly manoeuvre the string between my plums, dividing them within their sac.

"There, that looks much neater", Shelly said, sounding pleased as one of her hands snaked its way from my scrotum and along my shaft, outside my panties, "that way, your nice little peenie can stay warm." She said it in a playful, not humiliating way. "You look very nice in my undies", she said and then in a lower, huskier voice, "very nice indeed."

My cock leapt in her hand and leaked more pre cum. Shelly turned to Kasey and enquired, "You did tell him about Rule 1, didn't you?" A hundred things were going on in my head at once, 'Fuck that feels good; What the fuck is going on?; I feel so violated by Kasey's betrayal; Don't cum; What's going to happen next?"

I didn't have to wait long. Kasey slapped my butt hard and said, "Grab yourself a glass of wine and go and sit on the other lounge."

Of course, I did as I was told, but when I sat down, I changed the tone of the conversation. I verbalised my thoughts, looking at Kasey straight in the eye, I said, "What the fuck is going on here? I thought we had an agreement. No one else was supposed to find out about yesterday, yet your friend here called me Panty fucking Boy." It was also swimming around my head 'What the fuck are you doing, Sean? You've got two hot horny women here, playing with your arse while you're wearing one of their juice laden panties, while they're dressed like high class sluts and you want to know what the fuck is going on!?"

"Calm down, Pan .... Sean", Kasey said, "let us explain. As you know, I work for the bank and I get sent to branches that aren't doing well, to sort them out." I nodded.

"And I come in after she's sorted after six months them out and make sure it continues", Shelly added, "and we overlap for about six months. I stay for six months, while Kasey is fixing the next branch."

"Then", Kasey continued, "We do it all over again."

"You see, Panty Boy", Shelly didn't hesitate to call me that, "We're both divorced, done the family thing and we don't want another permanent relationship, so we usually have to rely on one night stands."

"And that's not easy", Kasey said, seemingly knowing the next thing to say, "when most of the places are small communities like this", She continued herself this time, "and a one night stand usually means a quick fuck and suck and that's it. You can't divulge your ..... interests to people in that situation, in case somebody else finds out."

Shelly took up the mantle, "You might not have noticed", Shelly giggled a bit and also opened her legs wide to flash me her bare, shaved pussy, "but we're pretty out there girls and like a bit more than that."

I was intrigued, not only by their story, but by the way each of them could take up the narrative from the other without seamlessly. I was also charmed by their honesty and turned on by the whole situation.

"We like a ... variety of interests", Kasey explained, seeming a bit tentative about going into too much detail, , "and as I said you can't indulge in all of your interests with one night stands, so when you came along, we thought....."

"You thought what?", I said trying to sound outraged, but probably coming across like a nervous teenager, "and what do you mean 'when I came along'?"

"Well, you did flirt with me a lot", replied Kasey, "but I didn't know for sure, until you started taking my dirty knickers", she smiled. "So I decided to come back from work early and Bingo! I busted you sniffing my knickers and playing with yourself."

"What Kasey's trying to say", Shelly said, sounding a little exasperated, "is were a couple of kinky sluts with dirty tastes, but we can't afford for the general public and therefore the bank know about them. You, my friend seem to be much the same, so from now on, you are going to be at our beck and call .... sexually that is."

"And what makes you think I'm going to do as you ask?", I fired back, again thinking "Sean, what the hell are you saying?"

Shelly grinned a sarcastic grin and exclaimed, "If you need to be convinced to satisfy the bizarre needs of two hot, horny women, maybe you're not out guy!"

Before I could agree with her, Kasey this time interjected, "If you really need to be convinced, when I suspected you were stealing ... yes stealing my panties, I just turned my back yard security camera to face the laundry. Yesterday, I had the camera image fed into my computer and I was watching you from my car. That's how I managed to walk in at just the right time. That video is saved on my computer."

My head spun. There were so many questions I wanted answered, but I knew if I protested any more I might lose the opportunity of a lifetime. "Shelly's right", I conceded, "I feel honoured to you've chosen me. Your wish is my command."

Kasey laughed, "It's OK, you don't have to do any more work around the house, unless it involves satisfying mine and Shelly's every sexual desire and I'll still pay you your wages", Kasey turned to Shelly and said, "Make that a tax write off for building maintenance for me, darling."

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