tagFetishPanty Consequences No. 01

Panty Consequences No. 01


This series of stories are all standalone so can be read in any order. They are about my favourite fantasy -- my first time wearing, or first time caught wearing panties. Obviously then they include lingerie wearing men and the consequences may include cuckolding, creampie eating or cock sucking men. If this may offend you I suggest you stop now ... otherwise please read on and enjoy. I do appreciate your comments and constructive feedback.


At 25 I had had a reasonable number of sexual experiences, but none for over a year. Mainly because I'd realised things about myself and hadn't found a girl I felt strongly enough about to want to risk telling her.

It really began in my teens. When I was about 12 my mother was a little on the big size but not fat. By the time I was 15 she had got a lot bigger. The interesting thing though was that it definitely didn't have a negative impact on her relationship with dad. In fact things got even better! Now she changed from floral full briefs to very sexy (even if they were big sizes) bikini briefs. Her poly cotton nighties with the cute pictures were replaced with nylon nighties that were so short you couldn't help but see her panties.

I started having wet dreams about mum. Interestingly in my dreams she always still wore the full briefs but the nylon nighties. I loved Sunday's as mum never changed out of her nightie all day. I always had a wet dream on Sunday night!

When I was 18 mum did a big cleanout of her lingerie drawer which was packed full since dad was always buying her new ones. She dumped the whole lot on the lounge room floor and went through them. I sat there pretending to watch TV but really carefully watching her fold the ones she wanted to keep.

There was a big pile to go out ... it include 6 pairs of floral full briefs in a size she had no hope of fitting in anymore, along with some old bikinis. A few old nighties also were in that pile. She bagged them up and was about to take them out to the bin. "I'll do that Mum," I offered, grabbing the bag from her and heading for the door.

As I headed out the front door and towards the bin I slid my hand in and felt the panties. They felt so good! I quickly rummaged through them and grabbed out the six full briefs and a nightie. I threw the others in the bin then quickly hid the ones I'd kept under my mattress.

That night I wore panties for the first time. I came quicker and harder than ever before. I was hooked! The only problem was how to wash mum's (or rather my) cum stained panties. To minimise the problem I usually pulled the panties down before I came ... but that was never as good.

Six months later I moved to the city to go to University. Mum and Dad had a one bedroom apartment that they now let me move into. From that day I came in my panties every time. It was also about this time I started reading panty wearing men stories -- while wearing panties of course!

I also started wearing nighties; first the one of mum's then my own as I started buying my own lingerie.

So although I had a few girlfriends with whom I had "normal" sex I never really enjoyed it very much. Masturbating in my panties was more fun than that type of relationship, but I couldn't bring myself to tell any of these girls about my panty fetish ... or the fact I wanted to be their sexual slave. So at 24 I gave up dating until I found the right girl.

Then a few months ago Karen moved into the other apartment on my level. I think all of the other single men were disappointed. Lisa who moved out was about 5' 10" -- and most of it leg, and was very sexy in a conventional view. Karen was just under 5' but probably weighed twice as much as Lisa had. So she was short and plump.

Unlike Lisa though who lived in skin tight jeans, Karen always wore short dresses. With the poor design of the stairs this meant with careful planning when following her up the stairs to our level a panty sighting was guaranteed. She wore floral cotton just like me! Hers were bikinis compared to my full briefs but I suddenly had a new subject for my fantasies ... and wet dreams which again became very frequent. You see my fantasy mistress only allowed me one orgasm every three or four days -- so that was all I allowed myself when masturbating.

But going to bed in that state imagining Karen catching me and enslaving me meant numerous wet dreams. That of course reset the masturbation clock too -- at least another three days! In fact it had been just over two months since my last complete wank when the incidents I'm about to tell you about occurred.

I arrived home just in time to see Karen heading up the stairs. Rather than collecting my mail I followed. Her dress was quite long today ... but suddenly I sighted white silk under it. She was wearing a slip, something I'd never seen on her but enjoyed the sight of on other woman. On Karen though it immediately generated a huge hard-on. Suddenly I wanted to go out and buy myself a slip. I would this weekend I thought. Another major wet dream that night! This time a more detailed description went into my diary since I could vividly remember the dream and it was a slightly different one.

Karen and I had talked a few times and got on very well. But even more than with other girls I was worried about going the next step. After all she lived here too and could easily tell all the other people in the block about my fetish.

The block had a shared laundry in the basement. But my mother doesn't think it is hygienic so has me bring my laundry home once a fortnight. That just leaves my lingerie to be washed! I'm always very careful to make sure once I put my washing on I hang around so nobody can see what I'm washing. And I use a basket with a lid that covers my lingerie as I go up and down the stairs.

Then I made my mistake. I'd had a few beers when I decided to do my washing. Another tenant came down and put their washing in the second machine shortly after I started. Then Karen came down. I told her mine would be another twenty five minutes and she said she'd be back then.

A few minutes I realised I desperately needed to pee. I knew I had plenty of time before the load finished so wasn't worried about Karen opening the machine. But back in my room the phone rang and I answered it. Big mistake. It was mum wanting to tell me about the cruise dad had just booked. Then dad got on the phone and was telling me how he couldn't wait to see mum in all the new lingerie he had bought her. He certainly thought she was incredibly sexy and I had to agree. But I desperately needed to get back to my own sexy lingerie!

I'd been gone for 30 minutes though. I raced down to the laundry, arriving just as the tenant who had been using the other machine walked out with his washing. I walked in so see the machine he had been using standing open and empty. The one I had been using was running!

Then I saw Karen sitting there with a huge smile on her face. My basket was sitting next to her with the lid closed. "Can I ask you a couple of questions?" she asked me.

I went bright red but nodded.

"You do wear the lingerie don't you? You're not going to try and tell me it's somebody else's are you?"

"No. It's all mine," I told her.

"Second question. Do you really peek up my short dresses when you follow me up the stairs? Julie (who lives on the next floor up) reckons you do. But when I watched you follow her I didn't think you tried even though her dress was shorter than mine!" Karen added.

Even redder now. "Yes. I do. You wear very nice panties. I don't like black ones and that is all Julie wears so I gave up peeking up her dress! The slip you wore yesterday was awesome too!"

Karen closed her eyes for a second. Then she continued,"Possibly the final question, depending on your answer. While wearing your panties would you rather a.) be sucking a cock b.) be licking pussy or c.) play with yourself?" she asked.

I nearly came in my own panties right there! "Definitely b) licking pussy!" I told her, "Unless of course my Mistress wanted to watch me suck her boyfriend off or wank for her in which case a) or c) would also be fine!"

Karen shuddered. "You just made me cum in my panties!"

"I damn near came in my own too!" I told her.

"It seems you are kinky enough to suit my need! And since you're not gay and clearly don't have a girlfriend you can be my pussy licker until further notice. No fucking at least not yet as I only fuck men I love which will take a little while to be sure about. But you will lick my pussy whenever I ask unless you want me to tell everyone what you were washing. So go back to your apartment and get properly dressed for me. I'll be there in twenty minutes. Any objections?" she asked.

"No! Definitely not! Anything in particular you saw that you want to see me in?" I asked, leaking pre cum into my panties.

Another huge grin. "You'll see!"

I raced back to my apartment with the basket in front of me to hide my erection. As soon as I was in the door I flipped the lid. Right on top was my dream come true! It was a white slip that I'd peeked at the previous day as I followed Karen up the stairs.

I quickly stripped down to my white cotton panties with plenty of lace at the sides and waistband. I thought of changing into something even sexier, but the pre cum stains showed how much I'd enjoyed our talk so I left them on.

I picked up the slip and slid it on. It felt fantastic, especially knowing that it was Karen's. The wet patch on my panties grew.

I sat quietly and waited. I didn't dare touch myself.

Finally (although it was only another 15 minutes) there was a knock on the door. I walked over and checked through the peephole to ensure it was Karen and nobody else was nearby. Then I opened the door wide and stood aside to invite Karen in. She shuddered again. "You've already made me come more than my last couple of boyfriends!" she told me.

I quickly shut the door behind her. She walked over to the basket of laundry and selected a nightie. "I'm glad you have broad shoulders ... it means your nighties will to be my size ... and my slip fits you nicely ... even if we can't share panties!"

With that she slid her dress off. She had huge naked tits and a lovely plump belly. All the more to kiss and lick based on my fantasies! She quickly covered it with the pink nylon nightie. "I was out with my mother yesterday and she insisted on buying me that slip you're wearing. She thought I should wear it in winter ... but I think you look better in it! Mum will be so happy when I tell her I need a few more!"

My cock throbbed and released more cum.

"Now do your duty!" she ordered and headed into the bedroom, sliding her panties down as she did.

She was on the bed in a flash, and within a second I was between her plump thighs, opening her pussy lips. She was wetter than any girl I'd ever seen. And tastier! The second I plunged my tongue in I knew I had found the perfect pussy! She was coming all over my face too!

I drove my tongue in as deep as possible, sliding in and out, flicking across her clit, all over and around her pussy. She just kept coming again and again, and I was getting more and more turned on and she told me, "That's it you panty sissy, do your job well and I'll keep your secret ... do it REALLY well and I'll buy you some new panties! Do it REALLY REALLY well and I'll take you shopping with mum and I when she buys my ... I mean your next slip!"

That was it for me. I exploded into my panties, so hard that plenty leaked through. Luckily the extra layer of lingerie ... her slip ... kept the sheet dry. She pushed my head away. "Enough ... for now!" she told. "You've earned that shopping trip already! Oh my GOD! Did you cum in your panties? And you stained my slip! That's so NAUGHTY!"

"Sorry," I said, even though I was anything but sorry.

We just lay in bed for half an hour. Talking. Starting to fall in love ... at least I was. My panties were nearly dry by now. "Are you ready for more?" I asked.

"Of course!"

"A nice, hard, fast fuck followed by more pussy licking?" I asked.

"I told you, no fucking ... at least not yet!" she told me.

"That's not what I meant, especially since I've already cum in my panties today. I should have a minimum of a three day load before you would even consider fucking me even if you do fall in love," I told her.

She shuddered again. "Another one! You do want to be my panty sissy slave don't you?"

Leaking in my panties I could only agree. "So what I meant was, a good panty boy has a nice collection of ..." with that I opened my bedside drawer and pulled out the two cock shaped vibrators I recently purchased just in case my fantasy ever came true. An 8" white one and 10" black one. "A nice collection of cocks to give his mistress the hard fast fucking she needs that his cock can't cope with without spurting too soon!"

"GOOD BOY! Hard and fast with the white one first!" she demanded.

I'd never used a vibrator on a girl before. But the second I started I was hooked. It looked like a real cock sliding in and out of Karen, my Mistress ... maybe even my girlfriend. In no time at all she came for the first time, I just increased the pace. She came again. "When I tell you pull it out and lick me!" she ordered.

I kept going hard and fast until she yelled "NOW!" I immediately pulled the cum covered vibrator out of her and replaced it with my tongue. "Oh yes!" she screamed, "Lick me now! Lick my boyfriend's cum out of my pussy ... eat my creampie!" she yelled.

It's been years since I last cum twice in less than an hour but I did now!

Then she ordered, "Enough. Now let me see you clean his cock. Maybe if you're a good boy next time I'll let you blow him!"

Well if I hadn't just cum in my panties I would have then! This girl seemed to know all of my fantasies! I quickly slid up beside her and showed her my cock sucking technique that I'd never tried for real but had been practicing for a few months. But a cum soaked toy cock is much nicer than a clean one!

She looked down at me as I finished, more stains on her slip. "I'm staying the night ... maybe forever!" she told me. "So I need you to go to my apartment and grab my toothbrush ... and my two vibrators that are in my bedside drawer! There's a couple of naughty books in another drawer. Grab those. Lastly, that dress of mine I know you love, the leopard patterned one. You're taking me out to dinner. Don't bother dressing though ... just be careful!" Then she added, "Anything I can read while I'm waiting?"

I hesitated for just a second then told her, "My diary is in the top drawer on your side of the bed." Then I headed for the door.

I was getting hard just at the thought of the risk I was about to take. I looked out the spy hole. All was clear. I dashed across the corridor to her apartment and quickly unlocked the door and entered. I took my time gathering everything, giving Karen a bit of time to read my diary and discover the extent of my fetish.

I grabbed the toothbrush, then found the dress. Her vibrators were similar to the ones I had, again one white and one black. The black one was very thick even if not as long as the one I had. Again I felt my cock getting harder at the thought of seeing it in her pussy.

Then I found the books. There were five novels.

Family Vacation

Mother Knows Best

Daddy's BIG girl

These three were clearly incest stories, and Mother Knows Best looked as if mother and daughter had plenty of fun!

Fun with Kathy

This one showed a very short plump girl (Karen to a tee!) and five athletic looking guys. Clearly a gang bang ... something I'd love to see Karen doing!

Then the one that nearly made me cum.

He's Wearing My Panties!

This one I would have to read soon! But clearly the girl was the boss ... I hoped Karen's actions to date were just the start of something along these lines!

Again I checked the spy hole before crossing back to my apartment. I quickly took the things into my bedroom and hung the dress up. Karen had a huge smile.

"Do you mind if I call my mother and tell her I have a boyfriend now? She'll be so pleased!" she asked.

"No problem!" I told her.

"Good. So what I want you to do while I talk to her is sit on the end of the bed, take your cock out, and masturbate. I did see this last entry you wrote:

Another fantastic orgasm in my sleep. This time my dream was of Karen and me in identical white slips. We were fucking and then of course I went down to eat my creampie. That's when I woke, spurting in my panties again. So three more days before I can even think of wanking off. At this rate I'll never do it again if Karen keeps giving me such wonderful shows!

"But the three day wait is fine as far as fucking me goes ... but if I want you to wank off you WILL. And that's exactly what you are going to do while you listen to me and mum. I'll put it on loudspeaker so you hear everything!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing! This was too good to be true I was thinking. I exposed my throbbing cock so I could obey.

"No cumming until I give you the sign!" she added.

She dialled the number. "Hi Mum!"

"Hi baby," her mother replied.

"Guess what! I've got a boyfriend. That cute guy from across the hall I've told you all about... or at least all I KNEW about!" she exclaimed.

"That's wonderful news! I suppose you won't be coming home as often now then?" mum asked.

"I don't see why not. As long as you don't mind him coming along. For the first one though make sure it's when dad is away at golf for the weekend. He has enough trouble accepting that you prefer me licking your pussy to his wham bam thankyou mam style. The fact Neil will be watching would not be acceptable I suspect!" she added, laughing.

That was nearly enough to make me cum! I would love to watch that!

"It was the slip you bought me that finally got us together. He perved up at it yesterday as I walked up the stairs. I knew he was doing it ... and I was cumming in my panties. He doesn't peek at the thin girls ... just short fat me! So one thing led to another and we got together. For the first time ever, sex first and our first date in an hour or so!" she told mum.

"You naughty girl! Sex first! Did he satisfy you though?" she asked.

"He's perfect! It's all about me. Right now he's sitting on the end of the bed ... wearing just the slip and his panties -- which he's already cum in twice. He hasn't fucked me yet and probably won't for ages. He just loves to service ME. His fantasy from reading his diary is to only ever fuck me if he has a three day load. Well, most of the time that will be OK, but once I'm sure about him ... in about three months or so ... I'll get his cock in me when I want it! Then of course make him eat his creampie ... would you like to watch that mum?" she asked.

"You little tart! You know I'd love that! What a find. I can't wait to meet him and see him dressed nicely while watching us go at it!"

"We'll tie him up so he can't touch himself. Dressed in just his favourite panties. And if he fails to spurt in his panties while we perform for him I'll make him wait a week before he can next touch me!" Karen proposed.

I couldn't help it. I came all over Karen's slip. She hadn't given the signal yet.

"Oh! I've got to go. The naughty boy just came all over the slip! I'll need to punish him. Call me as soon as dad arranges his next golf weekend!" she added.

"Next weekend I expect. I'm sure I can arrange that! Bye darling. Have LOTS of fun!"

With that they hung up.

"That was very naughty ... but very exciting too! Your punishment is that you now need to get dressed over your sticky panties and slip and take me to dinner and then dancing!"

If that's punishment I can't wait to be naughty again!

The End

Authors note: As stated in the introduction, this is intended as a standalone story on my introduction to the world of femdom. I may return to any of the stories in this group at a later date when I finish the series I'm currently working on if your ratings and comments are positive and turn it into a series.

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