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Panty Fetish Exposed


The sky was overcast with dark grey clouds. Surprisingly it wasn't muggy, there was a cool breeze that whistled through the window I had left open all night. I live alone on the second floor of a seven story building in the heart of a metropolitan city in the north of Germany.

My cock was stiff as it usually is when I wake-up. I woke-up to my hand already stroking it. My foreskin sliding up and down my shaft, pre-cum oozing out of the hole. I was near to ejaculating, I felt it building up in my tight balls. Then it shot up, hitting my chest, and a drop even made it's way to my chin. I laid there for a few moments, catching my breathe but trying not to doze back to sleep.

Still semi-erect, I walked to the window to look at the sky. I like the idea that someone could see me covered with my cum like this. I looked around but no one was at their window at the time so I went for a shower.

When I got out and stood by my window to get dressed. The sky was clearing up and looked like it was going to be a sunny day after all. I slid a pair of sheer powder pink, bikini panties on over my clean shaved cock and balls....I cannot tell you how good it feels to have this soft material caressing me.

I turned to look at myself in the full length mirror, this made me get another erection. My head and part of the shaft stuck out from the top of my panties. My balls were hanging out from each side of the leg openings. I felt so sexy and pretty.

My name is Markus. I'm 25 years old, with blonde shoulder length hair, light blue eyes, I'm 6'2" and I weigh 83 kilos, which is about 185 pounds. I work at a software company but today I took the day off. I have been wearing women's panties now for about 10 years. My favourites are the ones that you can see through with a little lace trim.

I am not totally ashamed of this but hesitate to tell the women I have dated. No one knows this about me except for my sister, who caught me stealing her's when I was younger.

A few months ago I managed to get a credit card to order panties online, before this, I would go into stores and buy them. This makes me very nervous because I don't want to be seen by a friend or co-worker buying them but the thrill makes me excited at the same time.

I would always tell the sales woman that I was wanting some nice ones to give as a gift to my girlfriend. Once I was able to try them on at the store because there wasn't anyone around. This made me so horny to be in a dressing room, wearing nothing but yellow sheer panties. I had to rub my cock a little through the fabric. I didn't make myself cum though because I didn't want to dirty them but it was nice to play.

I usually wear panties to work too but I have to be very careful when I used the restroom because I don't want anyone to see the material when I stand at the urinals. If someone is already in there, I usually just go into a stall and sit so they think I have to poop.

One time I didn't hide it so good and my co-worker came into the restroom and saw a little bit of the red lace peeking out. He asked me what that was and I couldn't say anything. I was so embarrassed, I wanted to run but I was still pissing. Then I was shocked that my penis started to grow as he was looking at the lace. I didn't know what to do but I think he sensed this and turned away to piss. When I saw him later, he didn't bring it up. Phew!

Here in Germany we have what we call FKK, which translated it means or stands for Free body culture. It's where we can be nude in a designated park or beach. A very popular park is the English Garden in Müchen but I live very far from there. We do have a park near me though...it's not so big like the English Garden but nice to sunbathe nude.

Today being a work day there shouldn't be that many people. I hesitate to wear my panties to the park, knowing I will be taking off my clothes in public but it's my day off and I want to have some fun. I usually have a run to the park to get some exercise then relax as I tan my body.

I don't mind my cock being seen. In fact I love the idea of someone looking at it. It's not the biggest one but it's ok in size. When I'm erect I am a little over 8 inches, and when soft I'm about 5. It's not acceptable to be hard when sunbathing so I need to be careful, although I have seen men with erections at the beach. It's a natural thing so I suppose people understand this but it's usually not so common.

I decided to keep my pink panties on and I threw on a pair of white running shorts and a grey t-shirt to go to the park. By the time I left my flat, the sun was shinning brightly. When I got to the park it was nice and warm with a cool breeze. Like I thought, there wasn't so many people when I got there. A few elderly men and women and around 4 people my age and a bit older who were nude. There were many people who were clothed though.

I carefully pulled my shorts down, trying to keep my panties hidden within them but because I was sweaty from my run, the panties stuck in the creases between my balls and legs as my shorts went down. I didn't plan for this but it made me so aroused to be in public and having my panties seen, my dick started to grow soon to full length. I quickly sat down to hide my erection.

I noticed an attractive woman watching me, which didn't help one bit. Pre-cum made the tip shiny and with the bright sun out, it glistened. I looked back at the woman to see if she was still looking at me. She was and when she saw me turn to look at her she spread her legs a bit and I got to see her beautiful shaved pussy. Her tits were large and they drooped, her areloas were puffy and light pink. This was great but not so good for my erection problem.

She started to rub sunblock on her, then I realized I forgot to bring mine. She stood up and started to walk toward me...I couldn't believe this was happening. It's something I've only seen in a movie, what luck I thought.

She held her hand out and said, "My name is Heike". I said while reaching for her hand, "My name is Marcus, it's very nice to meet you Heike". Her other hand blocked the sun from her eyes. I asked her if she'd like to sit with me, she said yes...wow this was so great!!

She said, "I noticed you didn't bring any sunblock, you will burn for sure." I said, "yes, I forgot it on the kitchen table before I came out for my run." She asked if I wanted to use some of hers. I started rubbed some on me, then she grabbed the tube and began to rub some on my back. She told me to lay down and she'll get the back of my legs. To my surprise she rubbed some on my ass cheeks too. This made my cock throb and was fully erected again.

When I turned back around, I apologized. She said, "there's nothing to be sorry for, if a stranger was rubbing cream on my ass and I was a man, I'd have the same effect too...don't worry." She then squeezed some in my hand and said you better do your cock yourself, you don't want it to burn.

I hesitated for a second and then started to rub some of the cream up and down my hardon. I looked at her face and she was staring at my hand rubbing the cream on my cock. I desperately needed to stop or no doubt I would ejaculate, it was just too much to be outdoors, with a beautiful woman looking at my penis, and this smooth cream helping my hand slide freely over it.

We talked for awhile getting to know each other. She was a librarian and originally from the south of Germany. She moved up north for this job and loved it but still missed her hometown. My stupid cock stayed hard most of the time we were talking and made it difficult to concentrate. Out of no where she said, "I notice the sheer pink fabric when you removed your shorts."

I wanted to hide under a rock!! I probably turned every shade of red and it wasn't from the sun. I felt so embarrassed. I think she sensed this because she then said, "hey don't worry, I think it's really sexy to have fetishes." Her smile eased my embarrassment a little. She then shocked me by saying, "I hope I will be able to see you in them one day soon." I looked up at her face and said, "really?" that's all I could say, my throat was so dry.

I asked her if she wanted to get something to drink with me and she nodded yes. We both got up to get dressed....her things were still in the spot she was first sitting and I got to watch her walk to them which was really nice. She wasn't thin, she had nice curves, a round tummy, and full ass...with extremely soft looking skin.

We walked through the park to get to a near by cafe. She told me how she desperately needed to pee, she needed to before she came over to talk to me. Jokingly I cupped my hand to say here you can pee here. She then grabbed my hand and pulled me to these bushes which were out of sight from others. She pulled down her shorts, grabbing my hand to bring me down with her, we both squatted.

To my shock she put my hand against her pussy and began to relieve herself. The piss shot so forcefully against my cupped hand, I pressed it harder against her wet pussy, she almost lost her balance. My poor cock was at full erection again from this. When she was finished, we both stood up at the same time and embraced each other for a luscious kiss.

As we kissed she pulled my shorts down and started to rub my cock through my panties!! This was the first time a woman has actually done this with my panty fetish. It only took a couple of seconds and I started to shoot cum in my panties, making her hand wet. She stopped kissing me and said, "that was quite quick".

I was so embarrassed but I mustered up a few words, "please forgive me, I have never had a woman play with me in panties before." She just giggled. I took off my shorts and pantie, wiped my cock off with the dry part of my panties, and put my shorts back on. She grabbed my undies and shoved it in her backpack, gave me a look, and said, "now you're dangling free, this could be fun!"

We got to the cafe and sat at a table outside with our beer. That first sip tasted so good after being in the sun. After we drank a few more, I ordered some bratwurst and fries to eat. We laughed and talked, we were really getting to know each other, it was great. By now the cafe was filled with college students and others who got off work early to enjoy the sun.

Again out of no where she says, "Did you know that this whole time we've been sitting here, the tip of your penis can be seen from the leg of your shorts?" I could not believe this and looked down, sure enough it was about half inch out!! I started to explain to her that I have never been worn these shorts without underwear. She smiled and asked, "Do you always wear women's underwear?" I said yes but not looking straight at her.

She shocked me so much by what she said next. She said, "I would like to pick out a pair for you and I know just the shop to get it from....will you let me buy it for you, since I made yours dirty?" My blood rushed to my head and I smiled wide at her. I guess she took this as a yes and got up to leave.

We walked for a bit and got to this french lingerie store about two miles from where we were. I had never seen this shop before. She said it's a new shop and she recently found it while going for a walk. We went in and a French woman came and welcomed us. To hear her German with a French accent was so sweet, I thought.

She asked if she could show us something. She smelled very nice, and seemed very classy, older, but nice looking. Heike told her that right now she just wants to look around and if she needed something she'd ask. The woman smiled and left us alone.

Being around all these pretty things started to stir things up in my crotch and remembering I wasn't wearing any underwear to hold my cock down. I forced my mind to think about work and my mother...anything to get my mind off of the situation.

Heike held several pairs of panties in her hand as she walked around the shop. She went to the woman and said if she could try these on...the woman said of course and showed Heike toward the dressing room. She then said, "oh I would like for him to come in with me, is this ok?" Again the woman said, "of course", "you would like to see if he likes them" and smiled.

Once in the dressing room, she pulled down my shorts and dangled a pair of cream coloured, sheer panties with lace trim. The lace trim had gold threads in them. It was as soft as butter, so fine and pretty. The feeling of them sliding over my balls and cock, instantly made me hard. Heike stood back and said, "This one looks very nice on you" in a hushed tone. Half of my cock wasn't in them but she didn't seem to mind. My balls spilled out of the leg holes.

I glanced at myself in the full mirror and the sight of me in them made my cock throb. I have never seen such beautiful pair in all of my life. I fell in love with them instantly but Heike wanted me to try on the next one. This one was light blue lace shorts type and very soft. She slipped them on me and told me to turn. When I saw my image in the mirror, I noticed my half my ass showing from the bottom of the shorts. She seemed to be pleased with this one too.

Then she said ok one more and I will make my decision. This pair was bubblegum pink and it had ties in the front all the way down to the very bottom. In between the ties the fabric separated, she untied the bows and pulled it over my cock and tied them back up. There I was with all this pink lace surrounding my stiff dick but it was completely free. The back side of this one was like a thong, with just a string that went in my ass crack and a little triangle piece of fabric fitting right above the crack.

The pre-cum started to drip, and Heike put her mouth over my head to lick me clean. I couldn't believe this woman, she was the most amazing creature on this earth.

She stared at me for a few seconds and said, "It's very difficult to chose, all of them are uniquely pretty." Just as she was finishing up her sentence, the woman knocked on the dressing room door and cracked it open, peeking in, asking if we needed another size. Her eyes widened when she saw me nude with only the pink panties and my cock sticking straight out. I blurted out a soft, "oh shit". The woman apologized and shut the door after staring for a few seconds too long for me.

Heike said, "Are you ok?" as she was giggling. Then what she said completely surprised me. She said, "that was so amazing that she saw you like this...it really turned me on looking at her looking at you." I reached for her and kissed her. I slid my fingers under her shorts and she was so wet.

She said, "would you like to come to my flat...it's not too far from here?" I said, "yes please but you really don't need to buy me a pair of panties, I can just wash mine." She said, "no I really want to and this was the most fun day I have ever had, I want to remember it by giving you a gift." She then told me to put the cream one on and wear it.

We walked to the counter to pay and she put the other two pairs up on the counter and said she wanted to buy these and the one he's wearing, pointing at me. Which she put the tags on the counter next to the panties. The woman smiled at both of us and rang it up.

When we got out of the store, I asked why she did that, buying all three. She said we can share them and winked at me. I didn't know what to say but managed to say, "thank you" with a kiss on her cheek. I said, "let me at least pay for half the cost." but she pretended to not hear me.

She also lived on the second floor like me but her flat was much nicer and a lot bigger. I complimented her on the decor and then asked if I may used her toilet. She said I'll show you where it is and I followed. When we got to her bathroom, she told me to get in the shower, and I did as she said. She said, "ok now you may piss for me, since I pissed for you in the park. I started to take off my shorts and new panties and she said, "no just the shorts, I want to see the piss through the panties."

I have to tell you that this was so incredible to me. She was like a dream come true. I told her I had never done this before but she didn't say anything, just stood there looking down at my crotch....waiting. The pee started to shoot out through the material, soaking it almost instantly.

She reached for my cock and began to rub the tip where the piss was coming out. I pushed my cock on her fingers and that caused the piss to splash everywhere, hitting her arm and my body. This must have aroused her because she rubbed my head with more vigor. Pee was splashing even out of the shower now. When it began to subside, she tapped on my penis, almost slapping it.

She took off her clothes and got in the shower with me, closing the shower door. She turned on the water, and started to lather my body with a bar of soap. She washed every part of me. Then I took the soap from her and did the same to her. I held the bar against her pussy, using it to masturbate her. She grabbed onto my shoulders to stabilize herself as she spread her legs apart for me.

I used my other hand to wash her pussy. She slid her soapy cunt back and forth on my hand, moaning and panting. She then screamed out, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!!" Her body jerked and she cried as she came on my hand. My cock was tight and throbbing. I have never wanted to be inside of a woman more than right now with Heike. I wanted to take her on me right there and then but didn't want to press my luck and get her angry at me.

We dried off and went naked into her bedroom. She brought the blue lacy shorts with her and two beers. She tossed it at me and said, "here you can wear these" with a wide smile. I bit the tags off and slipped them on. We sipped the beer, and kissed. I wished this day would never end.

It was late afternoon by now and I asked her if I could take her out for dinner. She said that would be nice but she wasn't hungry yet after eating the bratwurst earlier. Then she said, "I really had a lot of fun today with you." I said, "I have not had so much fun in all my life, Heike. I never want this day to end, you're incredible. I would really like for us to make love but only if you want that. Is it too soon for you?, I don't want to seem ungrateful for all that has happened so far by pushing more to happen."

She said, "you would like to enter inside of me?" I answered, "yes very much so." She said, "will you let me enter you?" I didn't answer right away but then asked, "what do you have in mind?" She reached in her drawer and showed me a strap-on. It was black with a leather harness and black dildo.

At first, I must admit, I was quite taken back but then the thought aroused every part of me. I love to play with my own ass when masturbating so I said, "I'd love that." The look on her face was more than any words could describe.

She had it on her in seconds. I sat there on the bed watching her coat it with lube from the same drawer. She pushed me, and told me to bend over for her. Her aggression made my cock want her even more. She pulled my panties to one side, then I felt her lips kissing my asshole. She sucked on it and flicked her tongue firmly against the rim of my ass. This sent shock waves throughout my entire body.

My cock ached with excitement. She said, "mmmmmmm nice tight cunt you have." I moaned. I've never had someone call my ass a cunt before and the idea of it had my head spinning. I then felt a spank on my bare ass...really hard. She said, "you bad, naughty girl wanting to enter me!!" She then pressed the dildo head against my hole until it popped in. She spanked me again on the side of my ass and said, "You like when I fuck you, don't you, you slut!!"

All I could think of was how wild this woman was and how hard my cock was. She said, "take it all in!" and with that she pushed her rubber cock inside of me, inch by inch, I felt it sliding in. She held on to my hips like a man would...like I would if I was behind her, and started to fuck me good.

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