tagFetishPanty Games Ch. 02

Panty Games Ch. 02


Well after my "encounter" with Bob and his fantasy about looking at girls in their panties I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed. Sure I had a fun night and it was certainly a thrill to let him play out a part of his fantasy but things had been cut short by the untimely arrival of his wife and I wanted the game to last a bit longer. It was the first time I've ever done something like that. I couldn't believe I actually gave the husband of one of my co-workers a pair of my white cotton panties and encouraged him to go home and masturbate with them.

Fortunately for me. Bob also wanted more.

It didn't take more than three days really. I had spent those days enjoying teasing Nikki at work about her husband. Nikki was always one to brag about her extra marital affairs and I found it a bit of nice pay back that I knew her husband was up to no good when she didn't.

Now don't get me wrong. I think it's perfectly healthy for two consenting married adults to have other interests as long as both parties are in agreement to the fact. My husband knows I tend to stray from time to time and he likes that. I too know he will occasionally wander from the path of what some would call virtue. As long as it's just for fun and nothing serious then by all means. The problem with Nikki is she does it behind Bob's back.

I teased her on Monday asking her if she would allow Bob to have his own affairs while she was off having hers. She honestly found it amusing that she was getting away with it while he waited at home for her. So any guilt I may have had for playing games with Bob went away real fast. I even vowed I was going to make sure I hooked up with Bob again. The poor man needed a bit more sexual fun in his life and I hoped to give it too him.

As I said though. It only took 3 days. Seems Bob remembered my phone number and wasn't afraid to call me when certain urges came about.

The first time was on the Wednesday after our first meeting. I was watching TV when the phone rang.

"Hello." I said.

"Hey Lynn, It's Bob." He said, sounding a bit nervous. I suppose he was afraid he wasn't suppose to call. Truthfully I was ecstatic. And lucky my husband had gone into work early that night too so I was simply sitting home all alone. I was watching Star Trek but then Enterprise was always a lesser substitute to the Next Gen anyway so talking sex on the phone simply appealed to me more.

"Hey! Bob, how are you?" I said in a very cheerful voice.

"Nervous" he answered, very honestly too I must add.

"Why is that?" I ask.

"Didn't know if I should call or not. " he told me. So I decided to make a small rule for our little "affair"

"I tell you what Bob, I'll make a deal with you." I told him. "You can call me any time about anything as long as you agree to not be upset or mad if I tell you I can't talk at that time. OK?"

"Anything?" he said. He sounded nervous. I knew what he was thinking.

"Yes Bob anything. But only if you don't get mad if I can't talk." I explained. Seemed like a good deal. I figured I better give him my cell phone number too. That way he wouldn't get all freaked out if my husband answered the phone.

He agreed to my rules and I gave him the new number.

"So tell me honestly. Why did you call tonight?" I asked him after that.

"I was thinking about Sunday." he told me.

"And?" I said with a playful sound in my voice.

"I felt bad for hanging up on you, I wanted to say I am sorry." he said. His voice did shake a bit. I think he was worried that reminding me would make me hang up or not.

"Oh silly boy." I said with humor. "You were done anyway."

"I still felt bad." He said.

"Well. Your not the first guy to cum and run with me Bob." I said followed by my best flirty giggle. To this Bob only had silence.

"You still there?" I said after a few seconds.

"Yea" was all he said. Had me a bit worried there for a minute. He actually sounded a bit upset.

"What's wrong Bob?" I asked. sounding honestly concerned.

"It's just I've been thinking about Sunday a lot the last couple of days." He said

"Thinking about it? or fondly remembering it?" I said. Making sure my smile sounded in my voice.

He actually laughed. "Fondly remembering it would be one way to say it"

I got the hint. He'd been remembering it all right. I have to say knowing that really gave me a rush.

"Do you still have the gift I gave you?" I asked him. Though I knew the answer already and wasn't surprised when he told me he did.

"Have you been using them?" I asked. I figured it was time to just get to the game.

"yes, a few times anyway." He told me honestly.

"Just a few?" I asked trying to sound falsely disappointed.

"It's only been three days Lynn" he said, actually sounding amused.

"So at least three times then right?" I said.

To that he laughed. "Honestly?" he ask.

"Yes. Please be honest about everything we say Bob. It just isn't going to be as fun if your not. I don't care what you may say." I told him. It was important to lay that ground rule down as well.

"Ok." He said. "I've used them twice since Sunday."

"Only Twice?" I said trying to sound hurt even though I wasn't. "I'd have thought you'd of cummed thinking about Sunday at least six times by now." I didn't really believe that but I was trying to make the game interesting.

"You asked me how many times I used them, not how many times I came since then." he corrected me. I must admit this correction peaked my interest greatly.

"So you came without using them?" I asked. I tried to sound Jealous but my interest was too peaked and I sounded more eager to know I am sure.

"Yes." was his simple reply.

"How many?" I asked. With a slight quiver in my voice.

"Four times." He admitted. The followed quickly by "I hope that's ok."

"Of course it is." I told him. "I think that's hot. How did you the other two times?"

"Do you really want to know?" he asked.

"Yes I do. Very much." I said. "But only if you want to tell me." I added.

"Sure." He said. "I'll tell you."

"Awesome!" I said. "Tell me about all four since Sunday."

Bob agreed and went on to tell me about the 4 times he'd cummed in those three days. The first time was on Monday. Nikki had come home the night before so Bob had just stashed the white cotton panties I had given him and they went to bed.

On Monday Bob told me how he got home from work and was really turned on after thinking about me all day long. He told me how excited he was to see Nikki had already left for work and he had the house all to himself. He said he didn't waist much time. He went to the bed room and got my Panties from under the bed where he had stashed them. He then took them and laid them on his bed. Then he pulled his cock out of his pants and stroked himself thinking about how they looked when they were still on me. He told me he wanted to wrap them on his cock to use like that but they were still damp and crusty from his cum the night before. So he settled for just looking at them while he remembered. He said it didn't take him long though before he was Cumming. He even told me how he tried to cum on my panties but some shot a bit too far and got on the bed spread. I certainly wasn't going to complain about that.

At that point I was really turned on and had slid my hand inside my Jean shorts and was lightly touching myself. I thought about telling Bob I was doing that but I was content to hear his stories from the last couple of days. I didn't want to get him on the present just yet.

The second time was later that same night. And he seemed nervous to tell me. It took some prodding on my part but I did get him to agree to tell me. Boy was I glad I did too because what he told me made me really hot.

Seems Nikki came home from work a bit worried about something. Someone, she didn't tell Bob who, had somehow got her worried that Bob may cheat on her. According to Bob she was really worried about this too. He sort of hinted that he suspected me but I didn't admit to anything and he didn't push it. Anyway, Nikki felt she needed to do something about that. And Lucky for Bob she had made up her mind on the way home she was going to do it that night.

Bob was a bit worried I'd be Jealous by his admitting this but in all honestly I found that very arousing.

Sure I didn't really care for Nikki much. I worked with her a few days a week and she was always a bitch but she wasn't hurting in the looks department. Like me she was on the better side of average anyway. Taller and a bit thinner than me, maybe about 5'-10" but I am just guessing. She, like me, was round in the back side but I am certain my butt is a bit bigger than hers..

I remember on Monday checking her out with Bob in mind thinking that he must really like the view of her in her panties when he manages to sneak a peak. She was also larger in the chest too but most of my checking of her on Monday was with Bob's panty fetish in mind so I didn't pay much mind to that, well at least at that time. I did however spend a lot of time watching her and looking at her ass. Sometimes in the mirror as she cut someone's hair, sometimes when she was walking across the room, or sometimes when she bent over to pick something up.

I am not into girls but I could admit she could be sexy and had a very nice ass. I was even a bit Jealous when I first was checking it out but then I remembered how hot Bob got seeing my ass in my panties and that went away real quick.

I really wanted to hear what happened. First Bob simply said. "we had sex" but as anyone who's been reading this story will know that simply wasn't going to be enough information for me. I want details. As many as Bob was willing to tell me. Just the thought that I got Bob Laid by my prodding of Nikki at work gave me a thrill I can't explain and I wanted to know all about it.

So with a bit more prodding by me, Bob went on to tell me a few more details. He told me how she came home acting more loving than she had in a very long time. She started by Kissing him when she saw him. Something she hardly ever did but Bob didn't stop her. From there it moved to the bed room. More kissing and Bob found her hands moving all over his body. He told me how he took her shirt off slowly to find a white satin bra under it and how he couldn't help but think of when I showed him my bra in the Bathroom at the Bar.

Then he then took off her pants and found her wearing soft Pink satin Panties. Bikini cut from what he told me. He then guided her on the bed. She was letting him take charge for once and he was using it for his advantage. He turned her on her tummy with the idea that he was going to give her a sensual massage. Something most girls will not turn down. I know I rarely do.

So he massaged her back for awhile but he admitted to me the whole time he did that he was looking at her butt. He didn't often get to see her like this and he wanted to soak it all in. She had taken her Bra off while he was massaging her back. So by the time his hands reached her butt she was only in her Panties and a pair of socks from what Bob told me. She moved to take her panties off when he started to rub her butt but he stopped her. At first he thought that she might object but she just shrugged and laid back down to enjoy her Massage.

As he rubbed her butt through her satin panties he was getting very hard so he began to take off his clothing between sessions of grabbing. After a few minutes he managed to get naked. He told me how he kneeled next her to on the bed so that his cock would rest on her butt cheek and he could feel her satin panties while he continued the massage.

At this point in the story I had given up teasing myself. At some point, I didn't know when, I had slid my jean shorts to my knees and I was on the couch with my hand inside my own panties and my middle finger rubbing inside my pussy. I made sure to note I was wearing Cotton panties again. These ones were high cut and Black. I also made sure to remind myself to tell Bob that before the end of the phone call, but I didn't want to interrupt the story so I just kept it to myself for the time being. I think in a normal situation I would have taken my Panties off but some how I felt keeping them on was more fitting to what we were sharing.

Bob went on with his story. Nikki let him touch her for some time but at some point she got tired of laying there while Bob squeezed her butt and so she sat up. She took Bob's cock in her hand and began to stroke it while they sat on the bed. He took advantage of her being topless and spend some time touching and sucking on her tits. Naked Tits were something he hadn't seen in a while and he admitted enjoying his time playing with hers.

When I saw Nikki on Monday I couldn't help myself from checking out her butt thinking of Bob's Panty fetish. Hearing about this Wednesday night I actually found myself looking forward to seeing Nikki on Thursday just so I could check out her tits. I even found myself hoping she'd wear something revealing to work that day too so I could get a good look. I honestly found myself a bit shocked with that realization but also aroused so I didn't fight it.

Bob then told me how Nikki pushed him back onto the bed, then took his cock into her mouth. Bob's voice was getting deeper as he told me about it and I knew he was touching himself.

Nikki sucked him for sometime and Bob enjoyed every minute of it. So much that he didn't notice that she had somehow slipped her panties off during the blow job. He also admitted to me at that time he was glad he'd jerked off earlier in the night since he was certain he wouldn't have lasted as long as he did.

Bob found out Nikki took her panties off when she climbed on him and slid his hard cock into her. She then rode him hard. Bob spend the whole time she was bouncing on him playing with her tits. Sucking them, pinching them, making the nipples hard. He was very specific about them. I told him to describe them to me. They were big and round, D cup, with larger dark spots and big nipples that really stood out when they were hard. This last part was something I found myself actually knowing since I remembered Nikki had a habit of showing off the temperature in the salon when things got a bit on the cool side.

I found Bob's descriptions of her tits very exciting. I couldn't believe I was actually touching myself thinking of another girls tits. I didn't even like her but the though of checking out her tits the next day was giving me Goosebumps. What a game this was turning out to be.

I also couldn't help but notice Bob was actually trying to pull one over on me. On Sunday he admitted how much he liked to check out panties on girls and I more than willingly showed him my panties. I couldn't help but think his description here was an attempt to get me to show him my tits the next time we saw each other.

"What a sly guy" I thought to myself.

I made a note to myself at that point NOT to show him my tits if we saw each other again. Not to be mean but simply to make the game more interesting. Not that I didn't want to. I'd show him in a hart beat. Heck, I felt like inviting him over at that very moment for a full on naked fuck fest but I was having fun drawing this out a bit so I just sat back with my hands in my panties, Jilling off, while he told me about how Nikki fucked him Monday night.

She rode him while he spend some needed time with her tits. After awhile she had an orgasm but Bob wasn't sure if she faked it or not. I really didn't think he cared.

After she came/faked it he pushed her off of him and was bent on taking charge again. She didn't stop him as he got her on her hands and knees and entered her from behind. He told me how he fucked her from behind looking at her ass the whole time but picturing mine. Sure part of me thought he may just be saying that since he was on the phone with me but I didn't care. My finger was working fast at that point. Too fast to worry about those details. He told me how he banged into her hard and fast while his cock swelled up. The he told me he was picturing my ass in my panties, bent over in front of him, when he fucked her like that. He told me how his cock throbbed and swelled and how he pulled out his cock and shot cum all over Nikki's ass.

That was enough for me. My orgasm gushed out of me like a water fall. Even though I myself had had sex with my husband a couple of times since Sunday I felt like I had just released three days worth of built up pressure and I couldn't help but squeal a bit on the phone as I gushed.

I panted, Bob Laughed.

"You liked that?" he asked.

"Yes I did." I told him. "I'll never look at Nikki the same way again." I admitted. He simply laughed again at that.

"You came didn't you?" he asked. He knew, but he asked anyway.

"Yes I did." I admitted. "you?" I asked.

"No but I am rock hard and touching it." He told me.

"Good." I said. "are you using anything?" I asked. thinking about the Panties I gave him.

I was a bit disappointed when he said. "No. Nothing rate now."

"Do you want me to go get them?" He asked. "I washed them last night."

"Did you use them last night again? I asked. I knew he was home alone because Nikki had mentioned going out with her boyfriend again that night at work. No doubt to fuck the guy enough to get her night with Bob out of her system. She almost seemed like she was marking her territory. I couldn't wait for the next time I got to trespass in her territory.

"Yes, to be honest." he replied to my question about using my panties. "I just couldn't help myself" he continued.

"And you washed them?" I asked.

"Yes." he said.

"Alone?" I asked.

"Well no.. I put them in with another load." He admitted.

"What else?" I asked. Suspecting the answer.

"Other undergarments." He admitted.

"You washed mine with hers?" I asked. "weren't you afraid they would get mixed up and you'd leave mine with hers?"

"No I made sure to take them out rate away."

I found this amusing. Part of me couldn't help but wonder if Bob had only used mine and only mine on Tuesday but I felt it best to just continue on with the hear and now. I had a very hard guy on the phone and I certainly wasn't going to let him off the phone until I fixed that problem.

"What about the 4th time?" I asked. Needing to know.

"That was just me alone in the shower this morning." He said. "I guess I must have had sweat dreams the night before."

I just took a moment to picture that. Bob, alone in the shower Jerking off. No doubt while Nikki slept in the next room. I found myself enjoying the image.

"Do you want me to go get them?" He asked again, breaking me from my brief day dream.

I was feeling naughty. So I came up with a different plan. "No, I want you to get something else."

He sounded nervous when he asked "what?"

"I want you to find the Pink panties Nikki wore on Monday when you fucked her."

"Really?" He asked. I guess he couldn't believe it. "Alright, hang on."

I heard him set the phone down. I guess he didn't have a cordless. I waited a bit, hearing some noises on the line. Sounded like he was opening a drawer. I never asked him but I figured out he was in the bed room and was now going through her panty drawer. I found this hot.

"Ok I got them." He said.

"You sure they are the same ones?" I asked.

"Yep." he replied. "Only ones like this she has."

"I want you to use those for me." I told him. "But picture me wearing them." I went on.

"Do you have ones like this?" he asked.

"I'll tell you later Bob." I explained. "Rate now I want you to picture me wearing Nikki's panties."

"Ok" he said.

"Wrap them around your cock" I said.

Turns out he already did.

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