tagFetishPanty Games Ch. 03

Panty Games Ch. 03


The Ddy after my phone sex with Bob was a very interesting day. Full of firsts for me.

After listening to Bob described his night with Nikki and vividly describing her Chest to be I found myself really interested in checking her out. To see for myself what Bob Was describing to me. I had never really thought of a woman in a sexual way like that and really at the time I hadn't realized I was thinking of her that way. My mind perhaps wasn't honest with me. All I really knew is I wanted to check her out.

So I went to work that day about 2 in the afternoon and Nikki was already there. I felt my hart skip a beat when I saw her.

She wasn't dressed in anything fancy that day. A pair of kaki Capri pants and Light blue V neck T-shirt. It wasn't overly tight either but it was tight enough where I could see the curves of her chest well enough for my imagination to run with it.

I found myself sneaking peeks at her all day. Sometimes when I had a client in the chair I would glance in the mirror and look at her on the other side of the room cutting someone else's hair. I was checking her hips, boobs, Brown hair, legs, ankles, feet, and even her eyes. I spent more time checking her Boobs though since that was my plan but I found my mind wandering to just about how she looked over all. Really at first my thoughts on the matter involved the image of Bob fucking her silly.

This was a hot image but at some point during the early evening I found myself thinking of something else.

I know rate when the change happened. the Salon was empty except her, I, and a receptionist. I turned around at one point and there she was bent over getting something out of a lower drawer of her station. It wasn't a sex bent over pose but it did cause her pants to pull tight on her back side and I could easily see her panty line showing through. My hart skipped a beat but instead of Bob coming to my mind in regards to see this I found myself actually wanting to see more for myself. I mean I really wanted to go over there and grab Nikki's butt for myself.

Needless to say I blushed with that realization but it also excited me so I let it go on.

The next hour or so was really slow. It was a nice day out and no one wanted to spend a nice evening in a hair salon. I spent the whole hour talking to Nikki. I was being very nice and really trying to sound like a friend. Since I was trying to picture her naked it was easy to do. I dare say I even learned to like her more at that moment.

My mind kept wandering to her chest and Bob's description of it. I kept glancing at it wishing some how I could get her to bend over or do something where I could see more. It was a new experience for me and one I found rather erotic. So much so that I was getting very horny and it only got worse by the minute. At one point I caught myself thinking about her Tits and actually picturing myself sucking on her nipples. This was just too much. I excused myself pretending to have a bathroom emergency, which in a way I did.

I got in there and immediately locked the door and dropped my pants and panties to my ankles. I Leaned over the sink on one arm, then took the other and with the other hand I found my spot. Then I rubbed and rubbed. There was no point to try and make it a slow build or even worry about enjoying the moment.

Really I was already half way there when I went into the bathroom and it didn't take much time once my finger actually slid through the curly blonde hairs between my legs before I had a huge amount of pressure building.

I just kept rubbing and rubbing while thinking of Nikki's tits. I wanted to touch them, pinch them, and suck on them hard. Sad to say Bob never even entered my mind at this point. The only thing in my head at that point is what my husband often fondly referred to as girl on girl action.

I am not going to lie and say I've never touch a woman's breast before. I have. I've even sucked on a woman's nipples a few times in the past. You know how it is. You out drinking, at a party, Clothing comes off and us girls like to tease the guys around us. So I've done it but never for my own arousal. Only as a tease or something to arouse a man. This was honestly the first time I could remember where the thoughts of doing it with another woman turned me on and brought me to orgasm.

And what an Orgasm it was. The pressure built to a breaking point and there, in the salon bathroom, leaning against the sink, my pants and panties at my ankles, my eyes closed, and my hand between my legs, I came really really hard thinking of doing it with Nikki. A girl I really didn't like much before that day. It was quite a rush.

The rest of the night just flew. I was flustered and almost lightheaded. Thankfully I only had a couple more clients that night since I don't think I could have handled much more.

You would think after the huge orgasm my sexual needs would be fulfilled for the night but really I think it only slowed them down. Heck my last client of the night was a really cute guy and I found myself actually plotting the odds of being able to get him to take me home for a wild fuck. Sure I always flirt with guys when I am cutting their hair. They tip more when you do. But this guy could have had a lot more than a hair cut had the situation been a bit different.

Sadly though it didn't work.

Still all wasn't lost at that moment. Both Nikki and Becky (the receptionist) noticed my more than the average attempt at flirting with a client and began to tease me about it while we cleaned up for the night.

"He was cute" Nikki said.

"Yea I guess he was." I said, somewhat blushing.

Truthfully I am not sure that would have matter. He was a guy, I was horney. I can't say I really gave too much thought to how good looking he was. Certainly he was someone I found attractive but I don't thing he was a chiseled god or anything.

"He's married" Becky Said.

"So?" Replied Nikki. "That wouldn't have stopped me. And by the sound of things, it wouldn't have stopped Lynn either."

"You seemed almost desperate girl." She pointed out.

I gave a sigh and simply said. "Yea I guess I was a bit over the top there."

"Over the top?" said Becky with a laugh "Lynn you grab your hair dryer at the end of the cut and asked him if you could blow him. I thought his jaw was going to hit the floor."

We all had a good laugh at that.

After the laughter died, it was Becky who dropped the serious question.

"So would you have?" She ask.

"What?" I said trying to sound like I didn't catch on to her question.

"You know. With that guy?" She said again.

I shrugged."I don't know. Maybe."

"What about your husband?" Becky asked

"Oh I am sure he's done the same thing himself" Nikki said for me.

Truthfully I know he has but I was trying to play the innocent one here so I simply said. "Yea I suppose he has."

Nikki perked up at that. "Girl. We need to take you out and get you laid."

With that we all laughed. "What tonight?" I said trying to sound shocked.

"Naa. Tonight I have plans but Tomorrow night I am free if you want to go out to the bar." Nikki said sounding totally serious.

So I asked, "Are you serious? tomorrow?"

"Sure why not. We'll go out and have a good time. A girls night out." She said.

"Ok I am in." Said totally meaning it. I really did like the idea of going out with her to the bar. I wasn't sure what would happen but the adventure would be worth it. Becky would have to sit that one out though. She was only 20 and Bars around here are strictly 21 and above.

That was ok with me since I was more interested in spending the time with Nikki. We agreed on going after work the next day.

The next day flew with anticipation. We both came to work with going out on the mind. We had planned on going to a country bar so out choice of dress was simple Blue Jeans and t-shirts. Those are not allowed at the salon for a dress code so we both had to bring a change of clothing with us. I couldn't help but hope that I could somehow see Nikki change but I ended up missing my chance.

Becky was going to beauty school and offered to do our hair and makeup for the night we both agreed. Sadly while I was getting mine done, Nikki Changed in the back room and I missed it. She came out with low heal pumps on, tight fitting blue jeans, and a tight black T-shirt. So tight I could see the outline of her bra through it and since the bra was white the black shirt was semi transparent and I could see the lace in the bra showing through. I felt a small twinge at that realization.

Nikki took her turn in the chair having Becky do her hair and make up for her. I went into the back room and changed myself. I had a pair of sandals and Blue Jeans. underneath I choose a simple cotton bra and a pair of Satin bikini cut panties. For a shirt I picked a white V neck T-shirt.

We road in her car to a bar not too far from the salon. The place was jumping. I was wondering if she was serious about trying to hook me up that night or if we were just there to have a good time and the Getting me laid part was just a joke.

It didn't take long for my question to be answered however. She lead me across the bar to a table with two younger, very good looking men. About Mid 20's for ages I'd say. Nikki walked rate up to one guy and Sat on his lap and gave him a very deep kiss. She then introduced me to them.

The guy she kissed was John. He was hunky and had a really well built chest and arms that were straining to keep from ripping his Harley T-shirt. The other Man there was Jason, A bit thinner and less built than John but still good looking. He was in a Denim shirt and Jeans with a hat on. You just have to love a guy in a cowboy hat.

It was obvious he was my "date" for the night so I sat down next to him and began the small talk with him.

It was a great time. We did some dancing, Played pool and Darts, Drank some beers, and generally flirted all night. It was obvious to me that John was the other man Nikki had been seeing. I couldn't help but notice he too had a wedding ring on his finger. I learned through the course of the night that Jason was Johns best friend and it was his apartment that Nikki and John often spent their alone time at.

Dancing with Jason was interesting. I think he assumed from the get go he was being set up with me for more than just a night of dancing. His hands were always on my legs, arms, butt, and even my shoulders. Me being the tease that I am let them wander. At one point during a song I turned and backed into him, pressing my butt into his groin. He lifted my hands in the air and cupped my tits in his hands. Then began pinching my nipples through my shirt and bra rate there on the crowded dance floor.

I let him do it for a bit until I got a few strange looks from others on the floor then I turned back to face him. I danced a bit more with him then kissed him on the cheek and lead him off the dance floor.

"Nice dance" Nikki said when we got back to the table. She pointed at my chest and I looked down. I was certainly showing.

Even John noticed. "Must be cold in here" he said, not bothering to hide the fact he was staring at my chest.

The night soon came to an end and the bar gave the last call. None of us were ready to call it a night. Jason invited us all back to his apartment and we all readily agreed.

Jason was really the only one sober enough to drive so we all piled into his SUV. Nikki and John in the back and I sat in front with Jason. We didn't get out of the parking lot before Nikki and John were sucking face and making out in the back seat. I glanced back to see John untucking Nikki's Shirt and putting his hand up it. I found myself wishing I could do that with my hand too but that thought was interrupted by Jason's hand on my knee. I gave him my best smile to let him know it was alright.

I found out Jason lived on the other side of town so it was going take some time to get there. That was ok With John and Nikki though since they were spending the time occupied. I decided to drop the shy act and get a little dirty.

I turned in my seat to look at them both. "geesh Nikki, You two going to do it back there or wait till later?" I asked with a giggle.

I could talk the talk but Nikki can walk the walk. I hadn't realize how wild she really was until she replied. "Your right. why wait." she said and to my amazement started undoing the buckle on Johns pants.

I locked eyes with John who had a really big grin on his face. His eyes the rolled back into his head and he gasped. My eyes lowered and there was Nikki's head in his lap. Her hair was all over the place and it was dark but there was no mistaking the fact she had his cock in her mouth and was now bobbing her head up and down on his shaft. I couldn't help but blush from excitement.

Jason then tapped my thigh and I looked at him. He grinned with the look of someone with evil thoughts. We past a truck on the freeway on my side. Jason told me to wave so I did. the Trucker waved back but it was dark. I could barely see him and I am certain he could barely see me. I was just wondering if he could see John in the seat behind me with Nikki sucking his cock when Jason reached down and flipped on the dome light.

The trucker glanced over and did a double take. I knew he saw and when he blew his horn I swear Nikki hit the roof she was so startled.

We all had a great laugh at that one. We started to pass the truck but he sped up keeping with us. I couldn't believe it. Nikki crawled onto Johns lap, rolled down her window and lifted her shirt and bra. I couldn't believe it. I actually saw Nikki's tits. there she was hanging out the window rate behind me with her top lifted up and her tits in the wind.

I got a chill through my body and I was too busy watching her to notice that the trucker was waving in my direction. Nikki sat back in and lowered her shirt and slapped me on the shoulder.

"Come on Lynn, it's your turn." she said.

I glanced at the trucker who was busy looking forward to keep on the road and looking towards the SUV waiting for another peek. I glanced in back to Nikki who simply gestured out the window and to John who just winked.

I turned back to the trucker who was smiling. I smiled back and Lifted my shirt and bra, then pressed my bare chest against the window of the SUV. Nikki let out a whoop and John and Jason cheered. The trucker blared his horn and Jason hit the gas to pass him. Once past I lowered my shirt and sat down.

We all laughed really hard when Jason said. "Oh man, I couldn't see them. I had to keep us from crashing." He even gave the pouty hurt look. I then blushed when John said. "don't worry buddy. I saw them and they are defiantly worth waiting a bit for."

I looked back at John who still had Nikki on his lap. She was kissing his neck and wasn't looking when he gave me a very hint filled wink. I gave him one back. I knew he was interested in me too. Good. Make things more fun. I decided to play some more.

"oh I am sorry Jason." I said in a pouty voice. I then sat straight forward in my seat and arched my back a bit. "Here you go. Something for the Safe driver" Then I lifted my shirt and bra once again facing so that Jason just had to look to the right to see them.

"Can you see them now?" I said in a very sultry voice. He could only gulp and nod.

I then took one of his hands and placed it on my left boob. He was pinching my nipple and making it very hard. My eyes closed and I just enjoyed the feeling for a moment. Then suddenly I felt another hand on my other boob and my eyes shot open. There was John leaning over the seat with his hand on my other tit.

He didn't stop and I didn't stop him but I simply looked him in the eye and said. "Don't you have a set to play with tonight? Why don't you let Jason have these."

With that Nikki laughed out loud and John smiled. Both his and Jason's hands left my chest and John leaned forward a bit more and whispered into my ear. "Ok. maybe some other time then." Then he sat back and started making out with Nikki.

I sighed and just sat back in the seat. I was a few seconds before I realized we were not on the freeway anymore and I only noticed then because we stopped at a red light. And then the dome light came on a gain and I heard some honking from a Pickup truck next to us with two guys who were now hanging out the window hooting. It was at this point I realized my shirt and bra were still raised up and my tits were hanging out for all to see.

I recovered quickly and rolled my window down, I then sat up and leaned out the window and waved to the guys, letting my tits do most of the waving for me. Jason then hit the gas again speeding down the road.

Finally we came to our destination. An apartment building clear across town. I think we were on the road about 30 minutes or so through the City but I couldn't be certain. It seemed longer but it was only 2am when we arrived.

The four of us went into Jason's place. A nice apartment for a single guy anyway. Certainly not as messy as some single guy's places I've been in.

Jason got us all drinks and we sat around the living room with some small talk. I noticed Nikki sat next to John and was basically pasted up against him. I caught Jason giving them some, what I would call Jealous, looks so I made my way over to the chair he was sitting at and parked myself on the floor in front of him.

I got the feeling over the time spent there talking that maybe I changed my opinion of Nikki too soon. It was very clear to me that Jason was yet another man she was leading along while she played her games. They were very open about how John and her would come over and use Jason's place for sex.

Both Nikki and John are married to someone else and they needed the place. The problem was they seemed to tease poor Jason about this a lot. About how they were getting some in his bed while he was not. I had a strong feeling Jason wasn't very experienced at all. To make matters worse she would talk to him full of hints and innuendo but then go and make out with John rate in front of him. After seeing her blowing John in the car I couldn't help but wonder if Jason had watch them do other things as well. Poor guy.

I didn't understand why not though. He was good looking enough. John may have been more "ripped" than he was but he certainly wasn't someone who should be left behind most nights. I think it was almost John and Nikki's fault for the most part. I am sure it was hard to get a relationship started when your best married friend was banging a married woman in your bed all the time.

A lot of girls would see that as a sign you too would cheat.

Plus I got the feeling John too pleasure in reminding Jason he was getting some when Jason was not. He was actually a bit of a jerk about it a few times. I could see from Jason's face after a few of the Jabs. Though admittedly Jason was working on getting into my pants and may have just been worried I would take the jabs to hart and see him as less than worthy. He needed not to worry. I had pretty much made up my mind when I climbed in the SUV that I was going to put out for Jason that night.

Something else came clear to me over the next hour of drinking and flirting. Something I sort of already knew but it became obvious. John wanted me too. I would even go as far as to say John expected me. I wasn't sure if he was trying to start a full scale 4 some with all of us there or if he actually thought he could talk me into leaving Jason high and dry and joining him for a 3 some with him and Nikki. I know that because he bluntly said just that. Everyone laughed like it was a Joke but I knew it was not. John would have Jumped at that in a hart beat.

After a bit Nikki started kissing John on the couch and soon they were fully blown making out. I glanced back at Jason who was just watching them intently. I wanted to ask if he'd watched them before but thought I better not. I just waited for him to make his move. Truthfully too I have to admit I was enjoying the show a bit too. I was kind of back to hating Nikki but I still found myself strangely attracted to her so I was hoping to see a little bit anyway.

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