tagFetishPanty Games Ch. 04

Panty Games Ch. 04


I could not believe how well things had gone with Nikki that night. Not only did I manage to see everything that Bob had described to me on the phone but I also found myself having Sex with her, Boy Friend, and his friend. To make things even better I managed to leave the place with the Silk red Panties Nikki wore out that night.

They were covered in John's dry cum but I still snatched them up. Once home that afternoon I sat down with my husband, wrapped them around his cock and used them to jerk him off while I told him of my adventure then night before. It wasn't long after I finished the tale when my husbands shot his load into Nikki's panties soaking them once more.

It was a fantastic and exciting night for me and I had a blast telling my husband about it. I still found myself disliking Nikki for the way she was treating Bob and Jason. Her and her boy toy John just seemed to use them both on some kind of power play. I hoped my interference in their plans on Friday night helped settle the score they owed to Jason. Getting John to sit and watch his buddy Jason fuck Nikki and I while he only masturbated was a great start anyway. Still John managed to get a bit of action with both of us on round two so it wasn't completely even. Plus I still had Bob to consider.

While I was willing and ready to go all out on Bob I didn't want to rush to that. From Talking to Bob I could tell he has a lot of well planned out fantasies involving teasing, Panties, Flashing and foreplay that he used to get him through all the times he was forced to masturbate alone while Nikki was off fucking John or some other guy.

I could just give him a night or two of all out fun but I figured I may as well let the build up go with him and see how many of those little fantasies I could get him to live out with me. Sunday was going to be one for sure but I was certain he had more fantasies than just simply masturbating on my panties.

I slept well Saturday night and woke up on Sunday very excited. I knew Bob was coming over that night and I couldn't wait to move things to another level.

I cleaned the house, did some laundry (including Nikki's red panties), showered, and shaved my legs all in anticipation of Bob's visit.

I had promised to meet Bob at the door ready for action so getting dressed wasn't really a problem.

I was looking through my underwear drawer for some time trying to come up with the right thing. When I snatched Nikki's panties from Jason's place the other day I had thought then I would try and wear those for Bob on this night but the more I thought about it the more I wanted to have this time be all about me. I wanted to show bob my panties on my butt.

So I came across a simple pair of cotton High cut panties. Similar in style to the ones I gave Bob to take home with him and deep down I knew they were the right choice. Nothing fancy or frilly but those would be the panties he'd be picturing in his mind all week and I figured it would work best for him if I let him see the real thing for our night together.

I also set aside the black panties I promised to trade to him from our conversation earlier in the week. He was suppose to bring me a set of Nikki's panties but I wasn't sure if he would do that or not. Either way I planned to give him those black ones to take home with him.

For my top half I chose a lace bra that fit me a bit tight and helped enhance my size a bit. I usually wear a C but my chest size is somewhere in-between a C and a B so I can wear either one. I wear C for comfort and B for helping to make the cleavage show a bit more. Tonight I needed Cleavage.

I dressed with those chosen undergarments and then put on a robe to wait for Bob.

He called me about 6:30pm. He sounded nervous and I could tell he was worried I'd back out of our plans.

"Can I still come over"

"Absolutely, I am waiting" To this reply I heard him gulp


"Yes, Bob, I am waiting and ready. When you get here just come in. Don't bother to knock."

"Umm, Ok, Sure." He really sounded nervous.

"Good. See you shortly. Bye Bob." I was going out of my way to say his name so he knew this was about him tonight.

When I hung up the phone my hart began to beat faster and I could feel myself getting horney. At that point I really couldn't be sure I could go on with the game. I was worried I'd was going to just end up fucking Bob rate then and there.

I heard his car pull into the drive way so I took off my robe. I sat on the couch facing the entry way to the house, crossed my legs, and spread my arms. There would be no doubt in Bobs mind when he came up the stairs that I was there in only my Bra and Panties.

He knocked anyway as he entered.

"Come in" I cried from across the room. Bob came up the entry way steps and his jaw just hit the floor.

I could see his eyes flow over my body. The thrill of seeing him take me in visually like that was something I'll never forget. I just sat there still letting him look enjoying it for what seemed like a very long time.

When I realized Bob was frozen in place I decided to spur him on a bit more.

"Hi Bob." This snapped his eyes to mine.

"You going to come in?" He only nodded. I so I padded the spot on the couch next to me.

He set his keys on a table and walked over to me. As he crossed the floor his eyes went back to flowing all over my body so I laid my head back, closed my eyes, and arched my back so my chest would stick out a bit more towards him. I only opened them again when I felt him sit down on the couch.

I was sitting on the middle cushion and Bob sat about as far to my right as he possibly could. I found this amusing. I turned my upper body to look at him and I could see his eyes were on my thighs and hips.

"Well?" I asked him after giving him plenty of time to look.


"Do you like?"

"Yes very much Lynn."

I scooted over to him pressing myself against him. I placed one leg over his and leaned my body into him and kissed him on the cheek. His voice was a tremor when he asked, "So what do you want to do?"

"Oh I don't know. What do you want to do?"

He gulped. "I donno."

"Do you want to look at me?"

He nodded and said "Yes." His voice was shaking even more and I could see his breathing was becoming rapid.

I got off the couch and stood in front of him, hands on my hips. His eyes went from my face, to my chest, to my crotch.

I turned away from him and bent myself over just a bit, sticking my butt towards him.

I took my hands and rubbed my hips and butt. "Do you like the panties I choose Bob?"

"Yes" his voice was in a whisper

"Do they look good on my ass?"

"Yes, Very much." He managed to get out between deep breaths.

I began to sway my hips in a mock dance even though there was no music.

"My ass is bigger than Nikki's isn't Bob?" I knew it was but I wanted to hear it from him. I knew he was comparing the two in his mind all week during his masturbation sessions.

"Yea a little bit." He almost sounded nervous trying not to offend me.

"I know Bob. I work with her remember? I've been checking out her ass all week."

"Really?" He sounded shocked and excited all at once.

I figured I'd admit to that much but I didn't think it was the right time to tell him I had actual had sex with her just two nights before. I am sure Bob would have loved to hear about how I fingered her to an orgasm but because I was with her Boyfriend and another guy that night along with her. I thought it best I left those details out until I was able to even up Bob's score on the matter.

Nikki had been depriving Bob for so long and I intended to make sure he was given as much as I could but I wasn't going to pass up a chance like that for my own memories. Things like that just don't happen all that often. Besides sex with others was just a game for me. Something to have fun with. I loved my husband and he was my man of choice. Others were just a bit of fun play. I liked Bob a lot and I hoped to be a good friend with him and I really did want to please him but it wasn't going to go beyond just some harmless on the side fun.

"Yes. Really. I wanted to see what it was you've been dreaming of."

"Oh." He sounded unsure what to say.

I turned back towards him and stood over one of his legs to continue my dance.

"Did you cum in my panties today?" He only gulped and shook his head no.

"Oh why not?" I was trying to sound seductive. As best I could anyway but it seemed to work well enough.

"I ahh, Was waiting for tonight."

"Tonight? Why? So you could cum in them tonight?" As I said this I put one foot on the couch between Bobs legs. I stared at him but his eyes were busy going between my bra and my panties.

I climbed onto him and sat on his lap. My legs straddled him and I could feel his hardness press into my crotch through his jeans and my cotton panties. His hands on instinct alone went to my hips and he began tracing the upper band of my panties with his fingers.

I leaned in more and kissed him on the cheek. then I whispered into his ear. "Do you want to cum on my panties tonight Bob? Just like in your fantasies?"


"Are you ok with just that Bob?" I wanted to make sure playing the game was ok.

"Sure. I've been wanting to do that all week."

"So we play by my rules then Bob?" I had been planning the game now and I wanted to make sure it went as I planned. Guys always want to get to the good stuff too soon and I admit I was a bit surprised when he nodded.

I got serious sounding for a minute, but only partially so. I didn't want to sound like a hooker making a deal but I did want to have some rules so the game would go well.

"So just that tonight, Nothing else. I wont take off any more clothing tonight, OK?"

He nodded.

"You can look and touch all you want but only outside my bra or panties."

He nodded again as his hands moved off my hips to my butt where he began to squeeze my cheeks through my cotton panties.

"You can do what ever you want to make yourself cum OK?" I sat up a bit and leaned forward. Bobs face pressed into my Cleavage and any reply was lost rate then and there. I put one hand on his head to hold it there. I worked my hips in his groin some more and I could feel him raising his hips to meet my hip movements with his own.

Bob was now biting my nipples through my lace and I was getting very turned on. His hands had left my butt and were now squeezing my boob together and which ever nipple wasn't being bit was pinched by his opposite hand. Part of me worried he would chew his way rate through my bra.

I pushed off of him and crawled onto the couch next to him. I stayed on my hands and knees with my butt towards Bob. He didn't wait for any more encouraging from me.

His hands went to my ass and he began to trace the outline of my panties. By being bent over in a position usually used for doggies style fucking I knew the cotton of my panties would be stretched tight against my ass.

Bobs hands continued to explore my round ass. First he massaged my cheeks, my hips, and my outer thighs. Then I felt him lean forward and give me a soft kiss on the bare portion of my hips, just next to the elastic of my panties. Then he Kissed my butt cheek through the cotton. More soft kisses followed. Left than right. Some on my panties and some on the naked portions of my hips and thighs.

I said nothing and did nothing. Bob had told me how he fantasized about Looking and touching his wife while she wore her panties and I was willing to let him just do what he wanted back there.

Bob was kissing my butt harder now and I wasn't long before I felt his hands on my hips pulling me backwards slightly. As he pulled back he pushed his face forward. I felt his nose press into my ass between my cheeks. His lips kissed the cotton covering my pussy and I found myself pressing back into him some more.

Bob pulled away and I rested my head on the arm rest of the couch. I could feel him start to trace my panties with his finger. First around the top waistband, then around the bare portions of my hips. His finger then went to the center of my butt and traced down, pressing the cotton between my cheeks. His fingers went lower and then I felt him tracking the crack between my pussy lips through he cotton of my panties and I couldn't help but let a slight moan escape my lips.

He did that for some time, making me very hot and wet. Bob certainly knew what he was doing despite his sometimes shy innocent outside appearance.

I then felt him pull away but I didn't move. Bob came up to my side and kissed my on the cheek. "My pants are really tight." His voice was only a whisper.

"I said you could do what ever you wanted Bob. Take them off if you want."

"Close your eyes and don't look OK?" He sounded nervous again. I wasn't really sure why he asked me that. Maybe he wanted to tease me a bit or maybe he was just nervous since it really was his first time cheating on Nikki. I didn't want to ruin anything for him so I simply nodded a reply to him and closed my eyes tight.

"Lay down." The words were a command but his tone was a request. I did what he asked but not rate away. It was time to move.

"Not here." I stood up and walked into the hallway. I didn't look back but I knew Bob was following. I went into our spare bedroom and climbed on the bed, making sure to keep my back towards Bob the whole time. I laid flat on my front and rested my head on a pillow and closed my eyes again.

I heard Bob moving around behind me a bit then I felt him climb onto the bed. He kneeled next to my right hip and I felt one of his hands start to massage my cheeks.

I was just beginning to wonder what his other hand was doing when I felt the head of his cock slap against my hip. A few more soft taps followed on my cheeks, rate on the edge of my panties. I could head Bobs breath quicken as his hand began to work his cock.

I laid there enjoying the feel. Bob was working his cock both fast and slow judging from the sound and the feeling of the bed movement. He would work it fast for a bit then stop and slow down. While stroking slowly he would rub the head of his cock on my bare hip or on the cotton covering my right butt cheek. Sometimes he would even trace the line of my panties with the head of his cock before going back to fast motion. The whole time his one hand worked on this cock his other massaged my ass and thighs.

He would occasionally brush up against my pussy but never for too long. Still I enjoyed the rush.

Bob was working it slowly and I felt him move. He pushed my legs together and sat over my thighs. I then felt the head of his cock rubbing between my ass cheeks. The cotton of my panties was being pressed into a weggi but I didn't mind.

Bob then scooted forward a bit so his whole cock rested along the crack of my ass. His hands went to my cheeks and he squeezed them together as I flexed my butt muscles to help grab a hold of the really hard cock I now felt pressed into my backside.

Bob began to hump me like this. fast and hard. His cock was pointed towards my head otherwise I would have worried he would push through the cotton and start doing me Anally. I was also starting to worry he would pull the panties rate off my butt but soon he moved back and I felt the head of his cock slapping on my ass.

While he stroked faster I felt him re-adjust my panties, Pulling the cotton out and straighten them on my backside with one hand.

I could hear him breathing heavier now and the bed was rocking as his stroking intensified. I could still feel his cock slap on my panties now and then but mostly Bob was busy stroking it and wasn't worried about playing anymore. I knew his orgasm was building.

I felt it before I heard anything from Bob. His body tensed and suddenly I felt a warm sticky blob splatter on my back between my shoulder blades. Then I heard Bob Gasp for air followed by several more blobs of warm liquid on the small of my back. More gasps for air followed and I could feel warm liquid soaking through the cotton of my panties onto my ass. It was fantastic and it made me so hot.

Bob sat there for some time just panting. I could feel the last of his cum dripping off his cock onto my thighs and run between my legs. I could feel the cum on my back and my butt start to cool but I still didn't move for some time. I just let Bob take in the sight of my panty covered backside covered in his cum.

Bob collapsed on the bed next to me and kissed me on the cheek. I was hot. I needed to cum myself.

"Can I have a turn?" I said opening my eyes and looking Bob in the eyes.

He only nodded.

I turned onto my back. I could feel cold dampness press into my backside and I knew I just soaked the bed coverings with the cum that was all over my back but I didn't care. I closed my eyes and rested my head back into the pillow. My hand went to my waist and I let is slide under the waistband of my panties. I don't know if Bob got a glimpse of my blonde pubic hair or not but I didn't really care. I wasn't going to show him anymore but a little peak of something couldn't hurt.

Bob was silent as I found my spot and began to rub so I had to encourage him a bit.

"Tell me another of your fantasies Bob. Something to do with your panty fetish."

"Like what?" He was nervous again.

"Tell me another time when Panties make you hard."

"Girls at work sometime make me hard."

Bob works in an office cube farm. I knew Dress clothing was the standard dress.

"I can sometimes see their panty lines through their pants or skirts and I get turned on by it." I liked this line of thought.

"What else about them turns you on?" I wanted all the info I could get.

"Sometimes I can see their bra lines through sheer blouses as well."

I could tell he wasn't just making this up as he go.

"So you like to look at the girls at work and think about them?"


"Do you ever get hard at work?" I was really curious how far my seemingly shy friend had taken this.

"Sometimes but I usually try to think of something else quickly. At least until I get home."

"Oh." I was feeling pressure building and I wanted to know what Bob thought about before it build too far.

"Do you think about them then?"


"And?" He wasn't making this easy.

"I cum."

I was panting now. "So you think about the girls at work in their sexy office clothes, dreaming about what underwear they have on?"


"That's hot Bob. Do you cum thinking about being at work? Jerking off while they move around your office?"

"Tell me about it." I was almost begging.

Bob went on to tell me about his little Secretary fantasy with a little panty twist. The whole time he told me I just laid back and tried to picture it in my mind as I fingered myself. I wanted all the details I could since I was going to do my best to make sure I could somehow make it come true for him.

Soon after he finished I could feel the pressure between my legs build to a level I could no longer hold back. I worked my finger faster and arched my back into the air. I head bob Gasp as my moaning grew louder. Then to my sudden shock I felt him tense and hot liquid hit my wrist. I was so shocked and surprised I forgot my promise not to peak and my eyes shot open and I looked down.

They opened just in time to see Bob laying on his side with his cock in his hand. Cum was spurting out of its head onto the front of my panties and my hand stuck inside of them. This was enough for me and my eyes rolled back and my own orgasm rushed out of me. I was shaking from head to toe as I hollered out. Bob was looking down at my crotch the whole time and he never saw me peak.

As the rush of the orgasms left us Bob rested his head on my chest. My hand was still in my panties and I could feel his cum soaking through. Certainly not as much as his first explosion but there was enough there to get the front side of my panties partially covered. Some got on my wrist and forearm as well.

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