tagFetishPanty Games Ch. 06

Panty Games Ch. 06


It took a few weeks but I was finally able to set things up for Bob to live out his secretary Fantasy.

It wasn't that we didn't see each other in those weeks.

He would often come over while my husband was at work. One thing I learned was Bob sure did like to masturbate and he did it almost every day. A couple of times I didn't even do anything for myself. I just let him relieve some tension he had when he called me.

He would just came over and I would just strip down to my panties and bra. He would jerkoff and cum on me. He did it while I was just watching TV, reading a magazine, or watching me do the dishes He shot cum on my panties, my bra, my socks, and once on a picture of Angelina Jolie in my people magazine that I was reading while he masturbated.

What made that last one funny was I even brought the Magazine to work a few days later to finish reading it in front of Bobs wife with his dry cum sticking some of the pages together. At least I found it amusing but that could just be one of those blonde things.

Bob actually found it erotic for me to do other normal things while he masturbated so I didn't mind. I even made things more normal looking by making sure to wear plain white cotton Panties, full back and high cut each time with a white bra, either cotton or lace. I owned more fancy lingerie but Bob liked that down home normal look so that's what I went for.

He no longer had any misgivings about showing me his cock but I had yet to actually play with it myself. I grabbed it through his jeans and felt him rub it on much of my body but I had not had the chance to do some of stroking of my own. Which really was too bad since I sort of have a thing for giving out hand jobs.

I just love the feel of a hard cock throbbing in my hand while I massage and stroke it. The way it throbs and pulses when a guy cums too is just an incredible feeling.

Another thing that makes Handjobs so much fun is they are a safer way of having fun with just about anyone you want. If I am out having a great time and I meet a guy I like, I know I can give him a good night treat without worrying about all the other baggage that comes from having sex with a stranger. Now I know I have been known to have sex with strangers from time to time but it hasn't happened as often as I have let strangers make messes in my hand.

Not that all that really mattered with Bob. I was willing to go all the way with him but the game was just too much fun to go all the way yet. Still I had watched Bobs cock explode more than a few times by the time I set up his fantasy in an office that I figured it was a good enough time to at least get some time with my hands on his cock.

Another thing I discovered during a few conversations with Bob was how much I turned him on the night I flashed those two guys in front of him. He kept bringing it up and wondering if I'd do something like that again. At first I thought he was trying to sneak around the rules and was thinking that was a good way to get a free peak at my privates. After a few times though I came to realize he really was just turned on by my flashing other guys. It hadn't worked out in the weeks leading up to his night in an office but I did file it away in my head as something to try and make happen for him again.

Setting up the night in an office was simple once I thought of it. I couldn't do it at Bob's Cube farm since he didn't have 24 hour access. I worked in a hair salon which didn't really have a proper office. Just a back storage room with a desk to do paper work. Maybe some night I could do something with Bob in the salon (he wouldn't be the first) but it wasn't going to work for his fantasy.

So I finally thought of my Boss. The Husband and wife who own the Salon I work in own a chain of businesses and a few other investment type things. They have an office and I had a key since I had to occasionally drop paper work and other things off there from time to time.

I also knew them to be a very sexually open couple who actually traveled around in swinger circles in the area. How I know that is for another story but for my little game with Bob it was a simple matter to call up my boss and ask him if I could use the office on a weekend night. I wished I had thought of it sooner.

He was going to have to call the alarm company for me to let him know someone would be "working" on the weekend so I had to ask permission. I didn't tell him the whole story but I did mention enough that he readily agreed to let me use his office.

The next thing I needed to do was to dress the part.

For undergarments I choose some color. This was going to be something different so I didn't want to fall back on my normal white cotton. I went out and got a purple lace bra and a matching pair of purple satin panties. I also found a nice black garter belt and a set of black thigh high stockings that had the nice sexy seam up the back of the leg. Thigh highs are not normally something I wear since I have shorter legs but I though they worked well for the situation.

To top this off I wore a white satin blouse that showed the purple bra under it slightly and I covered myself with a dark Grey suit Jacket and a matching knee length skirt. I also purchased a pair of dark purple pumps.

I did my hair to make it tight and "professional" looking and I found a pair of glasses.

I called Bob and gave him directions and we settled on a time.

I made sure to get there earlier. Cleaned off the desk moving all the pencils and Note pads so I could sit on it at some point and I also made a pot of coffee while I waited. I made sure all the blinds were closed as well. Then for my last preparation I moved one of the Visitor chairs to the middle of the front of the desk. Far enough back so that a person sitting in the desk would have a full view of whoever was sitting there.

Bob arrived and I got into my part.

"Welcome Mr. Johnson should I get you some coffee?" I asked as I guided him into the office we'd be using by the arm.

"Um sure." Bob was a bit unsure of his part but played along anyway.

I guided him to the desk and helped him sit down. I then walked across the office making sure to sway my hips more than normal. It was a fantasy. No sense trying to pretend it was too normal.

So I got the coffee for Bob and came back to the desk. I handed it to him over the desk making sure to lean forward as far as I could. I left the top button of my blouse open just so I could show more cleavage. Bob didn't hide the fact he was looking down my shirt.

I then walked over to the chair and sat down. Bob was looking at me. I leaned back and smiled at him before making a very big show of crossing my legs showing off the upper edge of my thigh highs. Bob Licked his lips and sat forward in the chair.

I let him look for a bit then I uncrossed my legs and leaned forward again to take a pencil and note pad I had left on the desk. I then leaned back in the chair and made sure to hike my skirt up a bit. Then I sat back with my legs open hoping to show off the shiny purple fabric between my legs. Bob's eyes locked on to my crotch so I am sure he had a good look.

I pretended to write something on the pad for a bit then I looked up catching Bob looking up my skirt.

"Mr. Johnson are you looking up my skirt?" I said with a playful voice.

"Uhhhhh. sorry?" He sounded unsure what to say.

I then put my skirt back in place and sat back in the chair.

"Is it warm in here?" I said undoing a few more buttons on my blouse with one hand while licking the pencil in my other.

"You know I've been thinking about what you said Mr. Johnson. About showing more skin?" I smiled up at him. "Is this enough?" I said as I pulled my shirt open revealing my bra.

I this point I could see Bob's one arm moving a bit under the desk. I knew he was at least massaging a hard on for me.

I stood up and took off the coat. I began to slowly raise my skirt. "How about the skirt? Should it be shorter?"

He nodded.

"How short?" I raised it higher. He said nothing. I raised it a little more and his lips smacked again. I raised it far enough that purple was showing and he still didn't say anything.

I stood up and walk up to the desk. I sat down on the front of the desk and put one leg up on the desk top. Not an easy task for a shorter gal like me. This lifted and spread my skirt, giving Bob a really good view of my purple panties.

"How's this?"

Bob only gulped. He was pushed forward in the desk so I couldn't see where his hand went but by the way he was moving his arm I was certain his cock was out and he was stroking it under the desk.

I then went over to the desk and laid down on it. My head rested near the computer while my chest was in the center right in Bob's line of sight. "Or how about this?" I said opening my shirt wider while laying on the desk near him.

I began to rub my chest and pinch my nipples through the lace. My Legs were up on the desk and spread. After Making my nipples nice and hard I moved my hands down and began to pull up my skirt. Bob wasted no time and his other hand replaced mine on my chest and soon he was massaging and pinching me through my bra.

I turned my head and I could see Bob had his cock out and was stroking it slowly. My heart began to pound. We've been doing stuff for some time now but I've never actually reached out and took a hold of his manhood. I found myself getting nervous at the thought. Bob and I were masturbation buddies nothing more. We gave each other a bit of a show to help make ourselves happy.

Sure he has rubbed his cock against me and I've pressed myself into him but we have never did anything to each other to bring about orgasm.

Now was the time.

I kicked off my shoes and sat up. I swung my legs around to Face Bob while still sitting on the desk. Each one of my feet I placed on his thighs and gently pushed him and the chair back a bit.

Bob did not stop stroking and his eyes dropped between my legs. I spread my knees wide giving him a great view of my purple panties.

I let him look for a bit while I watched him stroke his hard cock. I wanted to reach out and grab it but it was too far away and I didn't want to make it too obvious. I wanted to play it like it was a reflex reaction or something in case Bob reacted badly.

I slowly moved one foot and touched the head of his cock with my nylon covered toes.

He looked down at my foot and began to slap his cock on my foot. I then took my big toe and traced the head of his cock and then down the shaft to his balls. I heard him exhale hard and his body gave a shutter.

I moved my other foot and brought them together. Bob didn't stop me. He moved his hand off his cock and took each foot into a hand and pressed them together on his cock. I could feel his cock throbbing in the arch of my feet. I moved my feet up and down on the shaft of his cock with his hands guiding them. His hips thrusted forward with my foot movement. His eyes rolled back into his head as he felt the nylon against his cock.

I hadn't given many foot jobs in my day but this one seemed to be going well. Bob was loving it and I found the feel of his cock on my nylon covered feet to be very erotic. I almost just kept doing that to make him cum. Something maybe I should have but I wanted to stroke him so bad I had to stop with the foot job before he exploded.

I let it go just a bit longer and then I pulled my feet away. Bob's eyes opened and he looked at me again. I Stood off the desk and turned my back to him lifting my skirt to expose my purple satin covered ass. I then bent over the desk slightly resting my hands on it.

Bob stood up and pressed up against me. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my ass through the satin.

I ground my butt back into him a bit, then I made my move. I stood up and let Bob's face nestle into my shoulder and neck. I then reached back with one hand and grabbed his cock. A chill ran through my body and I had to fight to keep from making the shiver visible. Bob gasped as I squeezed but didn't pull away.

It felt so hard and it was throbbing.

I just held it for a few seconds feeling the throbbing before moving it up and down on my satin covered ass cheek. Then I moved my hand up the shaft to the head. Bob gasped and I could feel his lower body move away slightly giving me room to work.

I took my thumb and traced the base of his cock head lightly. I could feel it twitching and throbbing with the sensation.

Keeping a hold on his cock I turned and faced him. I bit my lip and my hands were shaking as I looked him in the eye. Had he lifted me up on the desk and fucked me rate there I wouldn't have stopped him. Part of me almost pulled him on me for just that but I resisted. We gazed into each others eyes and I slowly began to stroke his shaft.

Slipping back into character I said. "Mr. Johnson, Would you like me to take some dictation?" I placed an emphases the Dick part of the word even though I knew it was a lame joke. Bob only nodded.

I pushed Bob back into the desk chair. I stood before him and pulled off my blouse so I was dressed in my skirt, panties, bra, and garters/hose. I then kneeled on the floor and helped bob pull his pants and underwear off all the way. I tossed them aside.

I couldn't help but notice Bob's hands didn't go back to his cock. He was waiting for me to do something to it.

I moved up between his legs and reached out. My small hand wrapped around his hard cock and I felt it throb again. I slowly began to stroke it. My eyes were locked on to the head of his cock and could head Bob breathing deep.

Slowly I stroked, pausing on each upward motion to rub my thumb over the swollen head.

I leaned in and pushed my bra towards the head of his cock as I stroked it. Glancing up at bob I could see him looking down at my chest. I remembered then that he had yet to see my bare chest and I almost showed him then but I didn't. I wanted to save that for another time. Still I could give him a treat.

"Close your eyes" I said continuing to stroke him slowly.

"Why?" he seemed unsure.

"Trust me. Just close them and promise not to open them." I said.

He leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes.

"If you peak I stop." I warned him.

He nodded and said "I promise not to peak."

Once I was sure he wasn't looking I used my other hand to pull the lace down on my left boob and my hard nipple popped out. I took the head of his cock and began to trace the darker spot on my boob and tickle my nipple. Bob tightened his grip on the chair and I saw him bite his lip.

"Do you feel that?" I asked.


"My nipples hard." I replied with a sly voice.

"I know." He said in a whisper.

I took his cock and laid it against my breast rubbing my nipple on the shaft. I then pressed into Bob, so his cock was covering my nipple and said. "Look Bob."

Bob's eyes shot open and he looked down. One boob was still covered by my purple lace bra and the other was hanging out of my bra but the nipple was hidden by the hard shaft of his cock.

I gave Bob an evil grin.

He smiled back and said "Oh that's not nice."

"You want to see it?" I asked him simply.

"I'd love to." He answered simply.

"You sure you want to go that far?"

"Why not? You showed those guys at the bar that one night." Again he brings that up. I knew that really turned him on.

I reached over and slid my bra back over my boob covering the nipple before returning to my slow stroking. Bob made a fake pouty face but said no more.

"You liked that though. Didn't you? Me showing them and not you." I said, sounding dirty as I gave his cock a little squeeze.

"Yes." He admitted.

"You want me to do it again don't you? Show my tits to some strangers with you there."

"I want to see them too." Bob said, almost begging.

"But you want me to show them to others too don't you." I asked again.


"Don't you think it's fair?" I asked. "They get to see my tits and you get to cum on me. Those poor boys had to go home and cum all by themselves." I said sounding sad.

"And here I got them all hard and left them there throbbing." I put out my lip and made a pouty face.

"Well maybe that's not fair." He agreed.

"So why should I do it again?" I asked.

"Maybe you should have let them cum on you too." Bob said with a shrug.

I paused a bit surprised.

I was getting the idea bob was a dirty minded man but his flat out comment was a surprise to me. I thought maybe he was just play acting so I thought I'd see how far I could push it.

"You want me let them cum on me too?" I asked still stroking slow.

"Yea, It'd be fun to watch that." Bob gave me a smile.

"You've been fantasizing about that haven't you?" I said figuring him out. "That night turned you on and you've been expanding it in your mind."

Bob only shrugged.

"What did I do in your fantasy?" I asked.

"Well, you know, made them cum." he said, sounding a bit embarrassed now.

"How?" I was genuinely interested.

"With your hand and mouth."

"Oh. You mean you fantasized about me giving those guys blow jobs."


"Both at once or one at a time?" I asked fishing for information.

"Both." he said simply.

"Where did you dream they came?" I asked.

"Your tits." He said. "bare tits." he quickly added.

I switched to my slutty voice. "You want to see my tits but coved in someone else's cum?" as I said this I placed his cock in my cleavage and squeezed my tits together.

"Yes." he answered.

"And then what?" I asked simply.

"Then you make me cum." he answered honesty.

"On my tits?" I said as I began to quicken the pace of my stroking.

"Yea." he said in a whisper.

"With the other guys cum?" I could feel him begin to throb again

He only nodded. He breath was getting heavy and his cock was swelling even more. I decided to do something a bit more for him.

I stopped stroking and stood up. He looked at me hurt and pleading but I knew he'd like my plan.

"I think you've eared a peek at one part of my body you haven't seen bare yet." I could see his cock twitch when I said it.

"Now I can't show you my tits since they are not covered in someone else's cum." I said. His head drooped. I think he'd hopped I wouldn't hold him to that. Well I was, at least for this night.

"My pussy? Should I show you that?" I said. Hit bit his lips and nodded an enthusiastic yes.

"No, too much." I said as I watched his face drop again. "We need to save that for last."

I then turned around and faced away from him. I pulled my skirt up to my waist. I then hooked my thumbs into the waist band of my satin panties, pulling them down slightly so the top of my ass crack was showing.

"How about my ass Bob. Would you like to see my ass?

"God yes!" was his heavy breath reply.

Slowly I pulled my panties down exposing only an inch of my round ass about every second.

Bobs breath was heavy. I stopped with my panties just below the bottom curve of my cheeks. I Couldn't bend over for fear of showing too much so I stood up straight, keeping my legs together.

I let him look for a bit before saying. "Stand up."

He didn't argue.

I reached back and grabbed his cock with my right hand and pulled him closer. It was really swollen and I could take his pulse if I wanted to since the throbbing was now a pounding. I guided his cock forward and pressed the head lightly into the now bare crack between my cheeks. I stroked back and then forward as I began to rub the head of his cock up and down along the crack of my ass.

Bob was really throbbing now. I could feel it pulsing in my hand and I was loving it. Bob reached around me with one hand and squeezed on of my nipples through my bra. He then rested his chin on my neck and began breathing very heavy in my ear.

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