tagFetishPanty: Hello Kitty!

Panty: Hello Kitty!


After reading some of this great website's stories, I was inspired to share one of mine. Also because today is Linda's birthday, so this is a great present to share on her behalf. This is a true story that happened last year while vacationing with friends in Vegas. Hank developed a panty fetish in his late teens. Being able to see and know the color, type, material the panty a girl is wearing is an extreme turn on. Even seeing her panty line is nice. Knowing her most intimate piece of clothing covering her most intimate private part would make his cock hard. Especially when he could get a quick peek when they get up or sit down and get a peek of their panty top.

While on vacation in Vegas, some of his friends decided to check out Treasure Island's new theme show. His long time friend Linda usually wears trendy clothes. Not too revealing but enough for people to check her out, especially since she looks similar to Jessica Alba. She's Asian, slim fit body, typical 34B breasts and a nice tight butt that screams GROPE ME!! While walking down the Vegas Strip, Hank was admiring the view of her tight low-rise jeans from behind while the rest of the group continued walking and talking. He just wondered what color and type panties she was wearing. He had stolen used panties from her hamper before so knows what her pussy smells and tastes like. He was even lucky enough to find some short loose pubic hair which means Linda trims her pussy. Over the years, Hank developed a lust for her. They finally get to the Treasure Island bridge but it was packed with viewers. So they tried to climb up from behind. Linda had tried but needed a push. While she was struggling to pull herself up, he was able to get a peek that she was wearing black panties. mmm. She was laughing that she needed someone to give her ass a push. Of course being a gentleman, Hank gave her ass a little squeeze and pushed her up. god, he wanted to pull her jeans down instead to get a full view of her panty and ass and give her pussy a good wet licking. After the show, they walked back to meet up with the rest of the group gambling at The Venetian. The rest of the night, they just drank and gambled while he would keep his cock hard thinking of Linda's panty and ass and checking out another friend who was pregnant with some nice bountiful breasts and revealing cleavage. He would have to sleep frustrated since he shared his hotel room with friends.

The next day, they all had brunch together and parted ways. All the girls went to the spa, while some of the guys gambled or went to check out the Vegas sights. They had planned to meet up at the casino bar at 4pm before going to our rooms to get ready for dinner and night out. Hank had come back from the boring Star Trek show and had time to kill at the blackjack table. The girls came back from the spa and were chatting up a storm at the bar along with some of the fellas. Then Hank realized, there's no one up in the rooms!!! They had an adjoining hotel room shared with friends which he could get into Linda and other friend's room using the middle door! Oh man! As long as that middle door was unlocked, her luggage to her panties was unguarded!!! So, he told them he was gonna head up for a quick nap and to shower and change before dinner. They said ok, and they'll be up in 30 minutes or so. Cool! That gave him plenty of time to go through her luggage. As he walked away from the group, his pace quickened with each step. The wait for the elevator and path to the room took what seems to be an eternity. When he finally got to the room, Hank prayed and turned the doorknob for the adjoining room. YES!! It was unlocked!! Thank you God!!! But first, he ran to bolt both hotel room doors in case of unexpected friends coming up early.

Hank found her luggage and his hands trembled with excitement and nervousness as he unzipped it. he quickly scanned the layout of her clothes to make sure everything will be back in place when he was done. As he was scanning, his eyes fell on the small mesh compartment which she had place all her panties and bras. This was too easy! As he unzipped the compartment, he immediately pulled out her red satin panty. Unfortunately, it was still unworn since it was folded nicely and smelled of detergent. Then his eyes widened . . . .the black panties from yesterday! As he pulled it out, it unfolded to a picture of Hello Kitty on the front. Oh shit! That's so innocent and hot at the same time! It was black bikini cut panties. On the back of the panty had the words "Hello Kitty" printed on it. Imagining her tight ass and pussy being covered by this panty made his cock hard instantly. he was struggling to undo the button and zipper to his shorts. He sniffed it and ohhhhh. . .it smelled exactly like the 2 pairs of used panties he stolen from her hamper before. It smelled natural. It wasn't musky and it didn't smell of perfume either. He was stoking his hard cock as he was sniffing and visualizing her body in those panties. Imagining her pussy front covered by the image of Hello Kitty's Head and her hot tight ass bending over to show off the words "Hello Kitty". It was truly an image burned into his head.

Hank saved the best for last. He opened up the panty to check out the crotch. Ooooh shit!! It had white streaks and a little bit of dried up cum crust from her pussy. He quickly picked up her clean red satin panties and wrapped it around his hard cock. The cool soft smooth material made his cock harder and straining to shoot his load out. But he had good control of his manhood. He took the Hello Kitty panty and sniffed the crusty cum crotch and it smelled of her fresh wet pussy. He kept stroking and sniffing. Then he swallowed his saliva hard because he needed to taste her fresh crusty cum panty. He didn't want to leave her panties too wet so he made sure his tongue was as dry as possible when he had a taste. Once his tongue had a lick and a good whiff of her fresh used panties, he used her red panty to stroke harder and faster. Imagining the night before how her hot wet pussy was pressed against the Hello Kitty panty. Imagining how she could show off herself wearing the panties with the image and being fucked. Furiously, Hank was stroking and moaning while sniffing and tasting her. He kept chatting. . ."hello kitty! Hello Kitty! HELLO KITTY!! HELLO PUSSY!!!! OOOOH HELLO LINDA'S PUSSY!!!! OH FUCK HELLO LINDA'S PUSSY!!!!!" that was it. He threw down her red satin panties onto the floor so he wouldn't stain it with his cum. And he began spurting long and large amount of hot cum onto her bed covers. He was still sniffing her panties while stroking and emptying out his cock.

Hank was still hard thinking about what just happened and what it would be like to taste Linda's cum from the source and how it would be like to fuck her. Would she be wet instantly? Is she a moaner or screamer? Or both?? Does she like being finger fucked or having her crotch rubbed until her panties is fully drenched in her juices? How hot and wet is her pussy when he sticks his hard cock in her? His mind was spinning with questions and images, but he had to clean up and put everything back in place. While still seeing stars after a hard orgasm, he folded her red satin panties and placed them back into the mesh compartment. He wanted to keep the Hello Kitty panty but knew it would be too obvious that it's missing. Which is also why he didn't cum stain her red satin panties. But he kept sniffing her Hello Kitty panties until he finally had to put it back. He was hard again, but he had no choice but to put it back since they were coming back to the rooms soon. He sadly stashed the panty back into the compartment and zipped up the luggage. He rubbed the streaks of his cum into her bed covers and carpet. He also remembered to unbolt the doors too.

While in the bathroom washing up his hand and face, his group of friends loudly came in. they were laughing telling Linda to repeat her story to me. She stepped into the bathroom wearing a short pleated tan skirt and tight white top. Needless to say, Hank was trying his best to keep calm and not pop another erection in front of her. She told her story of how she was trying to remove her shoes while at the spa. She had lost her footing and fell over flashing to everyone around her under her skirt her panties. Oh fuck! Hank became hard and flushed. She was laughing about the story, and hank uncomfortably laughed along trying his best not to spring out his obscene hard cock in front of her. Then she stepped out and he locked the bathroom door to shower and jerk off again thinking about her flashing everyone her Hello Kitty cum stained panties.

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