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Panty Horror


Rain sheeted into the alley, driven by tremendous force from an off-shore storm system. Sea tang permeated the air caught between the four tall, brick buildings. Dark shadows lurked between pale shafts of orange light stabbing downward from far up on the old office towers. Steel fire escapes raced up the building walls, dripping in the downpour.

Walking stooped, a deep hood thrown over his face for protection, an old man shuffled patiently forward, his goal the other end of the alley. An ankle-length leather coat flew forward like a set of impotent wings, when the wind hit him from behind.

"Hey, Melissa," came a young woman's voice -- probably a college co-ed -- from out of one of the deeper shadows. "Check out this old guy."

There was a thump high above, as though someone had jumped down onto a fire escape landing, from even higher up. "Suppose he'll do," Melissa ordered in a hoarse whisper full of disappointment. "Not much else. Grab him, Jessica."

"With pleasure," Jessica said delightedly. "Finally." She walked out of the blackness and approached the old man, who stopped uncertainly. Despite the torrent of water falling from the sky, she was dressed as though she was going dancing at a club: black leather mini-skirt and short leather jacket; knee high black leather boots on her feet. Wisps of uneven black hair flew about her pale face. Her dark eyes smoldered expectantly.

When she came within arm's length of the old man, she shoved him into the closest brick wall, and held him there. He grunted in pain and alarm. "What ... what do you want?" His voice betrayed terror.

A sudden thump from his right made the old man glance over. The other woman was ten feet from him, closing the distance quickly. She looked about the same age as the other one, but was dressed in a flowing, frilly white dress. A white tiara sat upon her red hair; fake wings on her back.

"What --?" the old man wondered, despite his fear. "What the fuck?"

Melissa stared at him with cold, rust-colored eyes. "I'm a Guardian Angel! I know, I know ... I fucking hate Halloween parties." With a couple of swift motions she tore off her wings, tossed her tiara into the rain.

They had him up against the brick wall, Jessica on his left, Melissa on the right. As Melissa licked his cheek with her hot, moist tongue, she admitted sweetly, "Actually, I'm no angel."

"Me neither," added Jessica, some dark lust kindling behind her eyes. As she grinned at him, he thought he could see her canines extending past her lower lip.

Suddenly the old man began struggling. "Hey, get away from me! Help!!"

Melissa grabbed him by the throat and shoved his head against the wall. He quieted, but still struggled. Jessica knelt and tore down his pants. "Oh God, I wanna suck the blood out of his cock right now!"

Melissa sent her reeling from a powerful whack across the chops. "You did that last time, you little skank. This time we're gonna suck him off first, and then bleed him dry!"

As they closed in on his cock licking their lips, Jessica said sullenly, "He'll never get hard, being that afraid. We may as well feed on him right now."

The old man's cock suddenly jerked, beginning to stand up. "What the fuck?"

"He didn't smell too afraid, either," Melissa added. Both of them looked up, suddenly suspicious.

He was looking at them with disappointment written large on his weathered face. "College girls," he said dismissively. "Imbeciles. Even if you are vampires."

The old man threw his hands out to his sides; despite their supernatural speed, they were held by his dark power, unable to move. He slammed them up against the slick brickwork, twenty feet from the alley floor. They trembled in fear, unable to move or resist.

He began crawling up the wall toward them, like a spider, as though gravity meant nothing to this man. "Please," Melissa pleaded. "Forgive us, Master, we mistook you!"

Jessica was unable to speak.

As the old man crawled next to Jessica, he gazed at her with kind eyes. "I forgive you," he said. Hope kindled in her eyes. He pointed a crooked finger at her mini-skirt; it tore off, disappearing into the downpour. Her pink panties with little white dots on them stood out against her pale skin, and the much darker bricks. Jessica struggled mightily, pleading with him desperately.

He smiled sadly. "Pink always makes me think of the roses of Antioch, in late summer." His finger pointed at her black top; it tore off into the night. Jessica sobbed as her small, pale breasts stood out perkily against the cold rain. Her pale nipples firmed under the wet onslaught. Her navel gathered rain as her flat belly began to sheet with it.

"You must have been what, twenty-two, twenty-three when you were turned," the old man mused. "Probably still eating cereal off your mummy's table." Despite the laws of gravity, the old man changed his position on the wall. He now pointed straight down. His thick leather coat, impossibly, pointed up the building's wall.

He moved on top of Jessica, his growing cock now in her mouth. She struggled, but he shoved it in regardless. Her arms pounded the rock wall in terror, as he began fucking her hot, moist jaw. With his hands he slowly pulled her terrified legs apart, and repositioned his head until her pink panties were inches from his tongue.

"Umm," he moaned appreciatively. "Your panties smell like you've been wearing them for a week ... I love it!" He shoved his head into her groin and started eating her pussy. As he did, his cock began slamming into her head harder and harder. A stain was forming on the wall behind her. "Please ...!" she pleaded. "Please, don't kill -- "

He tore her pink panties off and shoved a couple of fingers inside her. "You taste awesome, you little bitch. I can smell the last guy you fed on; you're sweating him out through your pores." He shoved his face back between her legs. "I didn't think I was going to cum so soon, but eating your sweet, young puss really got me in the mood. I bet you're tight, too!"

Suddenly he tensed, as his cock began pumping cum into Jessica's mouth. Again and again he came, as the young vampire's arms flailed out sideways desperately. Eventually her arms drooped lifelessly. As the old man pulled his cock out of her dead mouth, steaming hot cum oozed out between her lips.

As the rain hit it, Jessica's dead body quickly disintegrated, became nothing more than a wet stain upon the wall.

He crawled over to Melissa, licking the fingers he'd had in Jessica's pussy. "That kid just couldn't catch a break," he purred cruelly. "What is to be your fate, I wonder?"

The old man tore off Melissa's soaked, white dress. Melissa pleaded with him desperately, while wind and rain whipped her red hair intensely. "The little bitch deserved it," she cried pathetically. "But I'm an acolyte of the True Darkness, like yourself, Master. I can help you!"

He took in her thick, but trimmed, red bush, her toned belly and muscled legs. Large, heavy breasts swung sideways off her chest; large, red nipples began to harden in the downpour.

"I need to fuck you, redhead," the old man said, positioning himself on top of her. "Open your legs."

"Yes, Master," Melissa said, opening her legs as wide as they would go. She grunted as he shoved himself into her. Her heavy breasts jiggled.

"Who did you last fuck?" the old man wanted to know, as he began slamming himself into her with increasing intensity. "I can smell man-cum on you."

"Two guys," she admitted readily, between grunts. "At the party I was just at. One came in my ass, the other in my puss. I slit their throats after."

She screamed in pain as he grabbed her tits. "Beg for it, you common little vamp!" the old man screeched in her ear. "Beg me to cum in you!"

The terrified Melissa complied. "Oh God," she cried desperately, "Cum in me, cum inside me, please cum in me ...! I wanna feel your hot load splash up inside me, come on now!"

With a last, mighty thrust he jerked up inside her and remained relatively still. Suddenly his scrotum began emptying cum into her, by the liter it seemed. She screamed in anguish as his liquid bubbled up inside her, hot as lava. As she felt her insides begin to boil from the heat of his massive ejaculation, he laid a hand upon her naked, heaving chest. She calmed as the pain receded.

"Finally," he grinned. "Someone evil enough to take home."

Slowly they crawled down the wall, disappearing into the shadows at the bottom of the alley.

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