tagFetishPanty Love Ch. 02

Panty Love Ch. 02


Sometime during the night we crawled under the covers but we never separated from our embrace. We must have been very tired because it was almost 11 AM before either of us woke up on Sunday morning. As we lay in bed we playfully fondled each other as we slowly came around to face a new day.

“Let’s have a shower and then I will fix us some breakfast.”

Jenny held me by my cock and led me into the bathroom. I started to adjust the shower and Jenny sat down on the toilet and began to pee. I stopped what I was doing and looked at her wide-eyed. She sensed my surprise but didn’t say anything. When she finished we climbed into the shower and scrubbed ourselves clean paying particular attention to each other’s sensitive areas. After the shower we dried each other off and then Jenny picked a new pair of panties for me to wear. This time they were bikinis with a full sheer back and front. My cock was rock hard again and it stuck out the top of the panty. Jenny adjusted the material as best she could but there was no way it would fit.

“Oh well, that will have to do for now. Do you want me to stay naked or wear a pair of panties?”

I looked at her and said “Both”. Jenny looked at me questioningly. “I want you to wear a pair of panties but only pull them up to just below your pussy and ass. I love to look at your hairless pussy and you have the nicest ass I have ever seen. I want to kiss it all day long.

“The choice is yours my lord,” she said. “I will do as you bid.”

“What?” I said somewhat confused.

“Last night you were my slave and did everything that I demanded of you, so today I will be your wench to do your bidding and submit to your darkest desires.” Jenny did not wait for a reply but jumped right into her new role as my medieval plaything. “How may I serve you my lord?”

“First you will need a house maids uniform.” I picked up a pair of simple white bikini panties and told her to put them on but not to cover her pussy and ass. Then I told her to show me some of her short silk undershirts. I had noticed that she had worn one at work one day and I really liked how it looked. I picked one that covered her breasts but stopped at her belly. “There I think that that is an ideal uniform for my new house maid. The first thing I want you to do is prepare some food and coffee. I have other plans for you today so don’t waste time preparing something fancy. Make sure the coffee is perfect I do enjoy my coffee.”

“Yes my lord.” Jenny turned and went into the kitchen. I moved to the living room and sat down thinking about the sexual adventures that were going to follow. Suddenly I heard a crash in the kitchen and I rushed in to see what happened. “Are you all right” I asked genuinely concerned.

“Yes my lord but I have made a terrible mess please don’t be angry with me.”

I sensed something in the way she said this that made me think for a minute. “You are the most clumsy creature that I have ever had the misfortune of knowing. Get this mess cleaned up and hurry with my coffee or you will be punished.”

“Yes my lord, but please don’t hit my bare bottom. I will not err again.”

“None of your noise now. Hurry with my coffee or your bottom will feel the sting of my hand” I returned to the living room and without realizing it began to rub my cock through the panties I was wearing. There was no doubt that Jenny wanted me to give her a spanking. I would not disappoint her but I would be careful to determine how far she wanted to go.

A few minutes later Jenny came in carrying a tray of coffee. She handed me a cup and I took a sip and immediately spit it out. “What is this?” I said. “You put sugar in my coffee. How dare you ruin coffee with sugar you know that I drink my coffee black. That does it. That is the last mistake I will take from you today. Come over here and lay across my lap.”

“Oh no my lord, do not punish me. I will try to do better, please do not spank me.”

“You will do better but you must under stand that I will not put up with your mistakes any longer. Now lay across my lap or it will be worse than you can imagine.”

Jenny stretched out across my lap and my rock hard cock pressed against her flat stomach. I adjusted my position to have easy access to her sweet bottom. I tested the waters and gave her a few quick smacks on each cheek. Jenny let out a little whimper but said nothing. I spread her globes and examined the little brown hole in between. I wet my index finger in Jenny’s cunt and probed her asshole. Jenny began to squirm and moan out loud. “Stop your moving about” I demanded, “or I will turn your bottom a bright shade of red.” Jenny lay still and I continued to explore her butt hole with my finger. I could feel wetness between her thighs as her cunt became more and more excited. “You must be taught a lesson my dear. You are a lovely creature but you need to be disciplined.” With that said I smacked her ass with ten mild blows to warm her cheeks. Jenny pleaded for me to stop but I ignored her cries.

“Have you been a bad girl?”

“Yes my lord”

“What happens to bad girls?”

“Bad girls need to be punished.”

“How are bad girls punished?”

“They must be spanked.”

I increased the force and gave her five strong open handed smacks on her wonderful bottom. The cheeks were quite crimson by now and very warm to the touch. I didn’t want to go beyond what Jenny could take and I asked, “have you learned your lesson?”

“No my lord I have been a very bad girl, I must be taught a proper lesson.”

I gave her another ten smacks and I could hear her cries of pain. I knew that that was enough but I was sure that Jenny wanted something else. I opened her cheeks and probed her hole again. “You have a lovely asshole”, I said. “Do you enjoy having a man touching you there?”

“Oh no my lord. I’m a good girl. I don’t let a man touch me at all.”

I continued to explore her hole with my fingers and I felt her muscles relax and the opening widen under my touch. “Stand up” I ordered. “Take out my cock and wet me with your mouth.” Jenny knelt in front of me and pulled my panties down to expose my cock and balls. She kissed the tip of my cock and ran her tongue around the swollen head. She then took me in her mouth and coated my cock with her saliva. The sensation of her sucking almost made me forget about the reason for it in the first place. “That’s enough”, I said, “lay down and lift your legs so I can find your sweet little pucker hole.” Jenny did as she was told and I spread her cheeks once more and placed the tip of my cock against her asshole. Gently I inserted it into her back door and watched her carefully to make sure that she was not in pain or too uncomfortable. Jenny had closed her eyes but the expression on her face was one of pure pleasure. I inched my way into her bum and began to pump my dick slowly in and out. I reached down and inserted a finger into her very wet snatch and began to rub her clit with my thumb. Jenny was moaning out of control now and I could feel her cunt muscles begin to contract as she started cumming. The force of her orgasm rocked her body and her juices soaked my hand. Meanwhile my cock was moving smoothly in and out of her ass and I increased the tempo of my thrusts as my own orgasm began to build.

Jenny had opened her eyes and we stared at one another as if we were transfixed. I exploded in her ass, shooting my cum deep into her bowels. I fell on top of Jenny and she wrapped her arms around me to hold me tight. My cock had slipped out of her behind and I could feel the cum as it dribbled out of her ass and onto the sheets. I had never experienced anal sex before and Jenny made my first time pure ecstasy. I rested on my arms and looked at Jenny, “Thank you for doing this for me, I hope that I can make you as happy as you have made me.”

Jenny smiled and pulled me close until our faces were almost touching. “I would do anything for you”, she said, and then we kissed for a very long time.

After breakfast we decided to go for a walk to get some fresh December air. It was just two weeks before Christmas and neither of us had made any plans for the Holidays. As we walked I asked Jenny what she wanted to do about Christmas.

“What do you mean?” she asked. “I just assumed that we would spend it together and have a quiet time at my place or yours. Was there anything else that you wanted to do?”

“I thought that perhaps we could take a few extra days and go skiing or, if you like, someplace warm with a beach. Its late to organise something but we could do one of those last minute travel things and go somewhere on no notice. What do you think?”

“I would like to hit a beach if it was in the cards. Lets make a few calls tomorrow and see how much this idea is going to cost before we decide to run off and spend Christmas in the sun.” We stopped at a small coffee shop and went in for a break from the cold. As we sipped our coffee Jenny looked at me and said “There’s something that I need to tell you before we get any more involved.”

I wasn’t expecting her to say something like this and I became a little concerned about what she was going to tell me. My apprehension must have showed because Jenny quickly added that it wasn’t something bad or worrisome. As a matter of fact she thought that I would find it very exciting. “You’re the first man that I’ve been with for almost a year and you know that I want you badly, not just for sex but as a part of my life. When my break-up occurred I was very depressed and did not want to do anything but hole up in my apartment and avoid the world. I almost quit my job and thought about moving to escape my miserable existence. My best friend, Sue, realized that I needed help so she came over to talk some sense into me one night. She had recently split up with her boy friend and was on recovery herself. Well we spent some time bashing men and drinking wine. If a man had been there that night he would have been tossed out of the window. Well as a joke my girl friend said that she was swearing off men and was going to become a lesbian. We were laughing and drinking and I replied that if she did it so would I. We seemed to sober up after that but the thought wouldn’t go away. We avoided the subject for a while but then Alice asked me if I would really become a lesbian or if that was just a joke. I thought about it for a while and said to her that I had thought about sex with another woman but I didn’t think that I could have a relationship the way I could with a man. Alice moved closer to me and put her arm around my waist and kissed me gently on the lips. I was surprised but I didn’t stop her. She then asked me if I wanted to find out if I could handle sex with another woman. I nodded and she led me to the bedroom and we did it. There that’s my big secret.”

I thought for a minute about what she just told me and asked “ Was it just once or did you two continue to have sex?”

Jenny replied, “We kept it up for about six months but then she found a new boyfriend and we stopped.”

I sensed that there was something more and I pressed her for details. “Well” Jenny said, “She didn’t have much luck with this one either and she hinted that she might like to pick up where we left off.”

“Jenny, I’m not going to tell you what you can and cannot do, but it would be very hard for me to share you with anyone.”

Jenny stopped me and said “I would never do anything behind you back or if it made you uncomfortable, but that’s not why I mentioned it. Sue and I talked about my plan to go after you and she said that if it worked out she would be very happy for me. Why I mentioned it was that I think she is a little jealous and I want you to be extra nice to her when you meet her.”

I said that I would and assured her that I would do anything she wanted to ensure that I did not come between her and Sue. That seemed to make her happy and we walked arm in arm back to her place.

It was still early and Jenny went into her bedroom and shut the door. I asked her if everything was all right but all she said was ‘don’t peek’. After a few minutes she came back out wearing a white lab coat. Although it was buttoned up, I could make out a pair of silky panties underneath. “Hello Mr Smith I’m doctor Jones and I understand that you’re here for a physical check up”. I jumped right into the scene and replied “Yes doctor Jones. I’ve been having some problems that need to be looked at.”

Jenny said “No problem Mr Smith. Please take off your shirt so I can listen to your heart and lungs.” I removed my shirt and Jenny took her stethoscope and placed it on my chest.

“Everything is good here, so what seems to be the problem?”

I looked down at the floor and spoke softly “I’m having some personal problems.”

“What kind of personal problems?”

I looked at Jenny and said, “I can’t achieve orgasm.”

Jenny grinned and said “Well Mr Smith I will have to ask you to remove the rest of your clothing so I can do a detailed examination.” I took off my socks and unzipped my pants but I didn’t remove them right away. I was wearing a pair of Jenny’s panties and wondered what she had planned once I dropped my pants. “What’s wrong Mr Smith? I have seen naked men before so don’t be embarrassed. Just take off your pants and I can continue.”

I stepped out of my trousers and was left wearing only the little panties that Jenny had given me before we went out to supper. I was about to take them off when Jenny said, “Leave them on for now Mr Smith, I think that they may make this a little easier. By the way I think that they are lovely and look good on you. Now Mr Smith I need to ask you a few questions. First, when was the last time that you were able to have an orgasm?”

“I believe that it was close to a year ago.” I replied.

“Are you involved in a regular sexual relationship?”

“No, my girlfriend left me about six months ago?”

“Why was that Mr Smith?”

“She said that I was too preoccupied with my orgasm problem and that she had had enough,”

“Do you masturbate?”

“I try but nothing seems to work. I can get an erection but I can’t cum”

Jenny undid the two bottom buttons on her lab coat and I could see her panties through the opening. “I need to examine your genitals Mr Smith.” Jenny then reached down and began to remove my panties. She slowly knelt down so that I could step out of them and her face brushed my semi-hard cock. Jenny stood up and walked to a chair and sat down. “Please stand in front of me Mr Smith.” I move in front of her and my cock was directly in front of her face. Jenny began her examination by gently holding my balls in the palm of her hand. She lifted my cock with her other hand and leaned forward to have a close look at my balls. She then began to move her fingers and roll my balls around in her hand. I was rock hard by then and my leg shook from the excitement. “Mr Smith, your testicles seem fine and you can obviously get an erection. I will need to do a bit more here though.”

Jenny then undid the rest of the buttons on her lab coat and it fell open to reveal her beautiful breasts and panty covered pussy. She then began to explore my cock. Jenny pulled the skin back as far as it would go and took her finger and rubbed the head of my dick. “Does that hurt Mr Smith?” I told her it didn’t and she then took my cock and pushed it toward the floor. “How about this?” she asked. “A little,” I replied. Jenny then let go and said “Please masturbate so I can see if there may be something wrong that I cannot feel.”

I took my cock and started to jerk off. “Don’t try it too fast at first Mr Smith. Just move your hand up and down the shaft.” I did as she asked and I could tell that Jenny was getting very excited. She reached inside her lab coat and pinched her nipples and massaged both breasts. She then slipped her hand inside her panties and played with her cunt. “Try holding your balls while you masturbate,” she said. I took my balls in my other hand and pulled on them while stroking myself. Jenny closed her eyes and moaned as her fingers rubbed her swollen clit. If she doesn’t stop this soon I thought, I’m going to explode. Jenny must have anticipated my pending orgasm. “You can stop now Mr Smith, this doesn’t seem to be revealing the root cause of your problem. However, I do notice that your penis is very red and engorged, let me examine it again.” Jenny took a firm hold on my throbbing cock and started to pump my meat. “Fondle your balls while I stroke you. This may excite you to orgasm.” I grabbed my sack and played with my balls while Jenny continued to use her hand. I was close to cumming and said, “I don’t think I can stop.” Jenny got down on her knees directly in front of my cock and started to speak to my dick, “I want to see you cum. I want you to spit your cum into my mouth.” I couldn’t hold back any longer and jets of hot sticky cum shot into Jenny’s open mouth. She reached around to hold my ass and pulled my dick into her mouth. I must have had four or five strong eruptions before my orgasm ended. Jenny held my now limp dick firmly in her mouth and would not let go. Finally she stood up and said, “I think we solved your problem Mr Smith.” I took her in my arms and held her close. She was an amazing woman.

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