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Panty Lovers


Michael and I were both members of the school running team which is where we met. Michael joined the school about six months ago. I fancied him immediately. Michael didn't know many people so I took the opportunity to get to know him straight away. He knew I was gay as I had just split up with my previous boyfriend, Peter, around the time Michael joined the college.

I wondered if Michael was gay as he seemed quite keen to get to know me. Soon Michael joined the running squad and we started training together. I loved the opportunity to run behind Michael while he wore a pair of skin tight lycra shorts. The sight of his lovely tight bum and big cock outlined through his shorts used to drive me wild. We used to shower together after training which gave me plenty of opportunity to watch him soap himself down and fantasise about what I would like to do to him. I would always rush home and spend ages stroking my cock while lying on my bed and masturbating thinking about Michael.

We occasionally went swimming to the local pool together. This gave me more opportunity to spend time watching Michael naked in the shower or wearing a lovely pair of skimpy trunks. One day after swimming I was feeling particularly horny. I spent most of the time in the pool with an erection, desperately hoping no one would notice. When we showered together, the sight of Michael soaping himself up was too much. I couldn't stop staring at him. I stood shamelessly erect watching him, wanting him so much. He turned round and saw me. I was terrified what he might do, but he just smiled at me and carried on. I finished showering and we dried off outside the shower. I was too embarrassed to look at him or say anything.

We went back to our cubicle and I turned away from Michael to put my towel down. When I turned round Michael was only standing a few inches away from me. His cock was erect, rock hard and standing out. He just stared at me and I stood transfixed a few inches away, my mind racing, a combination of tantalisation and terror.

After what seemed like an age he moved towards me slowly. We began to kiss, nervously at first but then more passionately. As his hot tongue parted my trembling lips I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I put my hands on his hips and gently pulled him towards me. Our long lean bodies pressed gently together and our cocks rubbed against each other. We kissed for what seemed like ages totally absorbed in each other. I had never felt so horny, all I wanted to do was abandon myself to him. We broke off when we heard a noise in another part of the changing rooms.

The next few days were agony. We spent as much time together as possible but we were never able to be totally alone in Michael's house. We managed some very heavy kissing but weren't able to go any further. I was so desperate to make love to Michael, to show him how much I wanted him, to live out my fantasies. During the days following the kiss in the swimming pool the sexual tension built up more and more between us.

Our chance came about a week later. Michael's parents had decided to go away for the weekend to visit his sister at university. We arranged for me to come round after they had gone and for us to spend the weekend together, alone, at last.

During the Friday afternoon I couldn't get Michael out of my mind, the thought that we could be together at last drove me wild. About six o'clock Michael telephoned to say his parents had gone. He told me that he would leave the front door open and for me to come straight to his bedroom as he had a surprise for me. I cycled round as quickly as I could. I was just wearing a pair of skin tight lycra running shorts (no pants), a teeshirt and my Puffa jacket.

When I got round to Michael's I peeled off my jacket and ran up to his bedroom. There was Michael lying on his bed wearing just a pair of black, high cut cotton panties with a lace trim round the top and a tight camisole top. He looked stunning, his eight inch cock and huge balls were outlined under the material of the panties and the cami top hugged the contours of his chest perfectly. I just gasped when I saw him.

He got up off the bed, walked towards me and put his hands on my bum. Drawing him towards me he kissed me deeply and passionately.

"I've got a little present for you, baby" he said handing me a plastic bag.

Inside were a pair of skimpy ladies white cotton panties and a silky nylon camisole with lace trimming around the top. He explained that when his sister had left for university a few weeks before she had left some of her old underwear.

"I thought you would look nice in these darling" he said. "I've spent alot of time choosing the outfits for our first fuck. Put them on".

I whipped off my clothes, desperate to pull on the undies. Michael just stood and coolly watched me. I pulled the panties on over my erect cock and snapped them into place. It felt wonderful, the cool cotton hugging me and the gentle pressure on my aroused cock. Michael walked towards me and dropped the cami over my outstretched arms. It feel into place and the cold of the nylon on my nipples aroused me even more.

I was faint with desire, my mind racing, I wanted to throw myself at Michael and let all of my desire come flooding out, to show him I really loved him. We stood inches apart, the electricity crackling between us. Two aching cocks, begging for release.

We kissed slowly and gently, our mouths barely touching, our bodies a few inches apart. I could feel the electricity and tension building up between us more and more.

Michael lay down on the bed and I lay over him and he drew me down on top of him. I could feel his chest through the material of our camis. His breathing excited me more and more and he ran his hands over my body inside my camisole and pulled it up so that my chest was exposed and rubbing against his cami. We were still kissing as he slowly and sensuously pulled my cami off, my nipples aroused and swollen a few inches above his. He gently pulled me down and we hardly touched, still kissing slowly, my nipples brushing the hair on his chest, the hardness in my panties aching.

He pulled me down further and we came together at last. I felt my chest crushed against his as his kissing became harder and more insistent. As I straddle him and our crotches touch I couldn't help moaning with desire and pleasure. We moved together like that, both wearing tight knickers, simulating making love, and I felt, even through the material, the hardness of his cock which made me even hotter and hornier, my knickers bulging over my aching cock.

We stopped for a moment as the tension became almost unbearable and I moved down besides him so that we're lying facing each other on our sides. We lay gently touching each other for a few moments, him tracing the outline of my chest and nipples with his fingers and me rubbing his chest and shoulders and running my fingers through the hair on the back of his neck. He moved his hand down and pushed me over onto my back and gently kissed and licked my chest, taking the hardened nipples one by one in his mouth and running his fingers lightly over my taut stomach. I ran my fingers through his hair and groaned at the warm wet touch of his mouth. Slowly, slowly he moved his mouth down over my stomach, kissing and licking and gently biting. He stopped and I reached down and stroked his knickers, my hand brushing against his erection, my mouth longing to do the same. I gently peeled his cami of and we lay facing each other again, only in our panties and we still hadn't touched each others cock, both putting of the moment for as long as possible, relishing the torture of desire. My knickers felt strained as my cock was dying for the gentle touch of his fingers, but still we waited, looking at each other and slowly caressing each other everywhere except where we really wanted to.

We started to kiss again and the warm soft touch of our mouths was too much to resist, so I slowly ran my fingers down over his stomach to his groin, where his erection was trying to push out of his skimpy knicks, and I gently ran my fingers up and down the length of his cock, not touching him directly, but through the material.

He sighed with desire and our kisses again became harder and more urgent while his hands moved down to my knickers running over my tight bum. I managed to pull myself together enough to be aware of the hardness under my hand and I sat up and pulled of his panties, now stained with precum and I finally saw what I had been dying to see all night, his cock hard and erect with desire for me.

I took his cock in my hand and felt its hardness, sliding my fingers slowly and gently around it. I wanted his cock wet so I could really drive him crazy so I moved round so that my head was near his cock and I gently kissed his stomach and thighs, moving closer to his cock which looked so hard and horny. All I wanted to do was take it in my mouth, but instead I took him in my hand and moved my mouth down and slowly licked and sucked his balls, while gently rubbing him with my hand. His groans were driving me wild. I moved my tongue slowly up the shaft of his cock until I reached the head.

Gently holding him in my hand I flicked my tongue round the head of his cock, running it gently under the ridge of the head and up onto the wet eye. I took him slowly for the first time into the warmth of my mouth and gently, hungrily ran my hot tongue over his head, drawing him deeper and deeper into the heat of my mouth. He started to move very slowly in my mouth while my hand squeezed and caressed his balls. I could feel his rigid cock in my mouth as I started to lose control. He moved faster and faster in my mouth and I felt coming up from inside him like a wave, an orgasm which shook his whole body as he moaned my name. My mouth is filled with his hot cum as his body writhed in ecstasy. I hungrily drank, swallowed and licked his come, not wanted to miss a drop of my lovers orgasm. I was so hot I didn't know what to do but Michael hadn't finished.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and goes round behind me forcing me on my stomach. He pulled my panty-clad ass towards him. I knell, my ass in the air as he pulled down the back of my panties and moves his still hard cock, slick from my mouth and his cum, to my ass. Slowly and gently, inch by inch he started to enter me. My ass griped him and I felt him rock hard coming inside me bit by bit.

About half way in he stopped, I'm desperate to feel all of him inside me, for him to fill me up with his cock. He slowly started to rock me, his hands squeezing my hips, his hands hooked inside the side straps of my knickers. He was moving half of his hardness in and out of me, not giving me all, leaving me gasping and unsatisfied each time. He moved out and each time I was desperate and horny for him to move back.

He reached round and slides both hands into the front of my panties and grabbed my rock hard, aching, begging cock. As his moved in and out of my ass he gently ran his hand up and down my cock, hardly touching me, driving me crazy. I was gasping from desire, wanting him as he moved more of the length of his cock into me and out, more and more each time until at last I could feel the hardness of his eight inches inside me. Now he's really making love to me, all of him, hard and gentle inside me.

He moved harder and faster and I could hear his breathing and his cock thrust into me and I know he is getting close to coming as his hand pumped my cock harder and faster.

I could feel myself beginning to melt around him and then he finally began to moan and spurt into my ass. I came too gripping his spurting cock as my cum shot out in front of me. I screamed and gasped from desire, not caring if anyone hears me.

My ass bucked as he pumps the last drops of orgasm inside me. My cock bounced up and down spraying my cum over his bed, so hitting me in the face. We collapsed together panting at the height of pleasure.

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