tagFetishPanty Man Ch. 03

Panty Man Ch. 03


"Panty girl? I can't believe your Literotica screen name is Panty Girl? How weird is that?"

"And I can't believe that I found Panty Man," she said laughing. "What are the odds of that?"

"I'll show you my panty collection, if you show me your panty collection," said Norman with a nervous laugh.

"Why do I get the feeling that I would be amazed by your panty collect," said Cynthia with a snorting laugh.

"I hesitated about writing down my fetish on that dating service application and now I'm glad that I did."

"Me, too, I almost didn't write that down, but I figured that I'd rather have a boyfriend who knew about my sexual peccadilloes before we even started a relationship. I've been with some guys who just didn't understand. They called me a slut and a whore for wanting to expose myself." She looked at her new boyfriend playing with his penis. "I don't feel that I am a slut or a whore. I just need to flash my panties to get arouse before having sex. What's so wrong with that?"

"It would have been nice if the dating service gave me a heads up. I was sweating bullets about asking for your panties."

"Well, I'm glad you did. Now, it just goes to show you that there really is someone for everyone."

"It's obvious, of course, why I chose the name Panty Man, but why did you choose the name Panty Girl?"

"That's easy. I like showing my panties, mostly, to men. I like showing my tits, too, but showing my panties are much easier to do than showing my tits." She watched as he slowly stroked his cock. "I like to make it appear accidental. Their reactions are what gets me off."

Norman sat across from her amazed. Except for her annoying snorting laugh, finally, he had found the perfect woman. He loved seeing panties and she loved showing her panties, how perfect a union they had. The possibilities that flashed through his mind were endless.

"What if" he said afraid to continue with the question and hoping beyond hope that she was receptive to his idea, "we were to work together to satisfy our perversions? We can be a sexual panty tag team."

"Well, that's where we differ, Norman, I don't consider flashing my panties a perversion." She watched him sitting in his car stroking his cock while sniffing her panties. "I consider what I do a sexual stimulant, a precursor for what more is to come." She stared at his cock as he slowly stroking. "I need real sex, whereas, I'm getting the impression, mostly by watching you stroke yourself as you sniff my panties, that you don't need a woman, per se, just their panties."

"Okay, I can understand why you would think that," he said removing her worn panties from his nose. He backpedaled. He didn't want to piss her off or insult her. He didn't want to screw up this chance of having the woman of his dreams. "What if you stimulated me sexually by showing your panties to men? Then, after we were both sexually stimulated, we could have sex."

"Hmm, that sounds interesting," she said as she continued masturbating herself as Norman watched. "What do you have in mind?"

"Well, I live across from the Boston Common in a high rise condo. What if you were to wear a short skirt and hung around the commons exposing your panties while I filmed you from upstairs in my condo?"

"Do you have a telephoto lens?"

"I have everything, video cam, digital camera, binoculars, telescope, and a huge telephoto lens like the ones they use at Fenway Park."

"I'm not sure if I understand, Norman. How is my exposing my panties street level going to get me off?"

"Well, you said that exposing your panties is a sexual stimulant. Correct?"


"While you are outside getting all horny exposing your panties to men, I'll be across the street, up in my condo recording the action. Then, when you have had enough, we'll watch it all the big screen while we both masturbate and have sex to what transpired."

"Brilliant, Norman, that's so cool." Cynthia masturbated while watching him stroking himself while he sniffed her panties. "There's only one possible problem."

"What's that?"

"You said you live in a high rise?"


"What floor?"

"I'm on the sixteenth floor that has a great view of Tremont Street, Boylston Street, Charles Street, the Boston Commons, the Public Gardens, and even the Esplanade and Logan Airport off in the distance. I've capture a few great sights on the Esplanade."

"Yeah, well, that's the problem."


"With you so high up on the sixteenth floor, the angle is too high for you to capture an upskirt of my panties, which is what I need to get myself off."

"That's not a problem. I take care of my neighbor's plants and cat while she works the weekend shift at the hospital. She lives on the 3rd floor. The view that she has is perfectly in line, almost a direct line of view, for what I have in mind."

"Cool," Cynthia said.

To be continued...

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