tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPanty Man Ch. 04

Panty Man Ch. 04


The next day was a warm spring day and Cynthia parked herself on a park bench in the Tremont Street side of the Boston Commons across from Norman's window. She sat with her knees spread enough apart to give whoever walked by her a nice view of her sheer bikini panties, so sheer that if one looked close enough they could discern her bush. Cynthia took care in choosing which panties to wear. She picked the one that showed her camel-toe. It was obvious that she had played this game many times before.

With the knowledge that Norman was filming all that went on in front of her, she never had to look up to see who was watching her. She knew that she could watch the video on Norman's Plasma television later to receive all the sexual stimulation she needed. She never had to blow her cover and spoil her fun to see who was looking. Everyone who passed by her and noticed her panties thought surely that it was an accidental flashing on her part and good fortunate on their part to happen by at this exact time to capture this exhibitionistic view.

She pretended that she was too focused on text messaging to notice the inappropriate way she was sitting with one foot tucked beneath her buttocks and her other dangling free from the bench. To further highlight her experience, she parted her hair down the middle, put her hair in braids, and wore her skirt that looked much like a high school uniform. She tucked what appeared like a school book bag next to her and that further made her look the part. Surely, at 27-years-old, Cynthia could still pass for someone who was 18-years-old, especially with her hair in braids, her head down text messaging, and wearing her plaid look-a-like school skirt. Besides, not many were looking very closely at her face. They were more concerned with her panties.

To spice it up even further, she wore a white button blouse that looked much like a school blouse. She left the top few buttons unbuttoned and as she leaned forward concentrating on her text messaging, she gave those standing near her or walking by her a great downblouse view of her sheer bra and cleavage. From where Norman was setup to videotape her, he not only had a view of her panties but also a great down blouse view of a good section of her B cup tits.

She had men who slowed their pace, men who stopped and stared, and men who pretended to tie their shoes while looking up from their squatted positions for a better look of her sheer panties. She had men who stopped in front of her pretending they were looking at their watch or getting their bearings on which direction to take. She had men who hung out across from her leaning against a pole, sitting on the bench or pretending they had to stop to discard a bit of trash or to light their cigarette. She was creating quite a stir and more than she ordinarily would have had she looked up from her text messaging to notice the men hanging around her.

Human nature was amazing. This little stunt could have been research for a psychological study. There was even a guy pretending to read the newspaper while constantly and continuing looking up and over the paper to steal an erotic view.

Even women slowed their step to get a better look of Cynthia's panties. In the hour that she sat on the bench, she had attracted much attention from both sexes. It was a perfect plan.

Cynthia wasn't a bad looking woman just a little plain is all. With the right clothes, a better hair due, and a bit more makeup, she'd even be pretty. Nonetheless, her appearance plain or otherwise never stopped men and women from taking a look at her exposed panties.

Using his telephoto lens attached to his video camera positioned out the patio door of the studio apartment, Norman had a clear view of Cynthia sitting on the park bench wearing her short skirt that hiked up to her mid thigh exposing her sheer panties when she sat. He hooked up the feed to the television and, as it recorded, it played the sordid activities real time. He put the camera on a tripod, set it up double checking the view a few times, and left it there to record whatever transpired.

Indeed, Norman and Cynthia were the sexual panty tag team. Norman turned to look at the television. There was his Cynthia, her panties, and men loitering in the area for a better and prolonged look of her panties. That was when he thought that they could post this to the Internet and make some money with it, perhaps. He had to think how to market it, but the idea appealed to him. Of course, he'd have to run it by Cynthia.

Within an hour, he captured 167 men and 74 women looking over at Cynthia's panties. This section of the Boston Common at the Tremont Street end is very busy with people going to and from work or catching the subway at Park or Boylston Streets. One by one by one, nearly every man young or old turned to look as he past by her.

To be continued...

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