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Panty Party


Several months after my last story Joanne was home for Christmas, Jayne decided to have a house party as she often did. It was the normal sort of thing all the lads in the living room drinking beer and the girls in the kitchen with a few bottles of wine.

Jayne was looking stunning on that night, as the host she was dressed up in a kind of Santa outfit which was made up of black knee high boots, a very short red skirt with Santa style white fluffy trim, a red top and a Santa hat. Joanne was also looking great in tight white trouser and a tight light blue top.

Another friend, Nicola was in the kitchen with Jayne and Joanne when I went in to get another can of beer out of the fridge. They were in the middle of a conversation about ex boyfriends when I walked in. I walked past Nicola who was leaning on the wall next to the kitchen door and crossed the room towards the fridge. Jayne was leaning against the fridge while on the other side Joanne sat on the oven. Nicola was telling the other two girls about a night she had with her boy friend whilst on holiday.

Suddenly she broke her story and said to me "Chris, we were just talking about fetishes, do you have any weird fetishes?" – instantly red! I knew that Jayne and Joanne knew my secret, after all Jayne had caught me stealing her panties in the past and Joanne had teased me with a pair of her dirty panties. Nicola however didn't know my secret. I came out with an obvious lie, I reached in to the fridge to break any eye contact and said "No, not really."

"Yes he has!" Joanne said "he likes pants!".

Jayne's jumped round to Joanne, "oh my God, do you know about that?".

Joanne then realised she had probably said too much but they had already grabbed Nicola's attention by then, "do you really Chris?" She asked.

Jayne then came out with the ultimate in embarrassing line, "yes he does, I caught him in my bedroom sniffing my dirty panties and jerking off!".

A look of shock sprung across Nicola's face as she gasped "Oh my god!! Really?".

I had tried to escape back in to the living room during this interrogation but had just managed to find my self stood in the middle of the kitchen with the girl's surrounding me.

"No, I don't Nicola" I said knowing it wouldn't convince anyone now. Jayne then had an idea "Look! I can prove it!" she said as she lifted her skirt. Her red Santa skirt slid up her legs revealing a gorgeous pair of see through red panties with a little metal heart hanging from the middle of waste band, obviously I couldn't take my eyes off of Jayne's panty covered mound.

Nicola's never been a shy girl but she did shock me when she reach round me from behind and grabbed my stiffening cock through my jeans, "he is getting turned on!" she shouted excitedly.

Joanne then undid his jeans and started to pull them down, she turned around and continued to pull her jeans down to expose her yellow panties, she bent over and wiggled her perfect ass in my direction, between her legs I could see the bulge of her pussy and the line where her panties and crept up in to her crack.

A mischievous look then came over Jayne's face, "let's go up to my room!" the girls agreed in a giggle as I tried once more to escape but they grabbed hold of me and escorted me through the living room to the stairs, past the many confused looking guys in the living room.

When inside the room the door was locked behind me and the key put on a high shelf. Jayne then said to the girls "let's see what suites him then…" and opened up her familiar panty drawer.

As the girls rummaged through Jayne's panties, Joanne turned round and instructed me to take off me jeans, I laughed nervously and said "no" quite sternly but this wasn't an acceptable answer.

"You look for something nice, me and Jayne will get him ready".

Joanne ran at me with such a force that I was knocked flat on to the bed, she landed on my lap and pushed my shoulders down on to the bed, Jayne then climbed on to the bed next to my head and facing Joanne, and she straddled my head. Her Santa skirt fell around my head blocking my view of the room but there was just enough light still to get one last glimpse of the mound of pussy tightly wrapped in the sea-thru red panties as they moved towards my mouth and nose.

I struggled and wriggled around, not really wanting to escape but more to nuzzle in closer to Jayne's pussy. I pretend to be struggling breathing so that I could take deep breaths through my nose, soaking in all of Jayne's scent. I could feel her wetness pressing down on my upper lip.

I then remember my situation as I felt Joanne's hand undoing my belt, I then felt my cock spring up out of my pants and she pulled my jeans down my legs and off. "Oooh, he looks happy!" I heard Nicola say through the other girl's giggles as her voice got nearer.

I then felt what must have been Nicola's hands on my feet and some panties being slid up over my ankles. I tried to struggle again but Jayne just pushed her pussy down harder on my face and rocked back and forth.

Still unable to see what was going on as my view was blocked by Jayne's skirt, I felt the panties continue up my legs until they were cupping my balls, the g-string was pulled up in to the crack of my ass and I then felt a hand manoeuvred my hard cock in the panties.

After a few minutes of laughing and fingers poking and rearranging my cock it all went silent. I felt the panties being stretch down so that the waste line was pulled under my balls so that my cock and balls were exposed. I then felt something damp on my cock. It wasn't until it was wrapped around my cock that I realised it was another pair of panties and that they had just been taken off someone. I worked out that they must have been Nicola's because Joanne had trousers on and she hadn't moved off of the bed next to me so she couldn't have taken her trousers off and Jayne's panties were still on my face, Nicola was wearing a skirt so she would have easily been able to remove them.

As the soft, probably silk panties started to move up and down my cock in someone's hand, I felt someone else grab my balls and start to play and gently squeeze them. The panty wank started to speed up, I began to lift my self off of the bed, forcing my self harder in to the panties.

"Are you OK down there?" Jayne asked.

I tried to mumble "not too bad" but nothing anyone could understand came out.

Suddenly my view under Jayne's panties changed as her hand lifted the skirt momentarily, she reached towards her pussy and pulled her panties aside, lifting her self slightly, she then lower her naked, wet and hot pussy down on to my lips. My tongue leaped towards her dripping crack as I tried to get a good taste of her hot pussy.

The softness of Nicola's panties on my cock and Jayne's juices being rubbed all over my face pushed me to the edge, I shot my load up in to the air to a cheer from the girls, I felt some land on my stomach, I must have got some on Nicola's panties too.

My cock was then quickly forced back in to my panties as my erection faded. I continued to lick the pussy that was sat on my face as Jayne seemed to be getting excited. The taste of her pussy brought my cock back to life pretty quickly to the girl's amusement.

They started to rub me through the panties and then I felt my cock enter someone's mouth through the thin fabric.

Jayne's breathing was getting fasters and she was pushing down harder on to my face, the fact I could hardly breathe didn't bother me.

The other two girls were having a good go at making me cum again, taking it in turns to rub and suck my cock through the panties I was wearing.

Moments later Jayne's thighs tightened around my head and her pussy exploded on to my face as she let out a scream, this led to my second shot of cum all over the inside of the panties I was wearing.

Jayne climbed off of me and said "thanks Chris, very entertaining", Nicola was working on putting my jeans back on with Joanne's help, they pulled them up over my soiled panties and stood me up.

The three girls then walked me over to the bedroom door.

Nicola put her panties in my mouth, the ones she had used for the hand job and Jayne handed me my shoes, the door was opened and I was pushed out in to a busy landing and the door slammed behind me.

My hands were full with my trainers so I wasn't able to take the panties out of my mouth in time and my cock was still blatantly making a tent in my jeans, everyone on the landing went quiet and just looked at me, the only sound was that of the girls laughing in the bedroom behind me.

What a mess… how was I going to describe this to everyone?

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