tagFetishPanty Patrol: First Taste

Panty Patrol: First Taste


This is the first in a series of personal experiences. I guess they are one part confession, one part gloating, and a third part titillation. Sometimes I enjoy reliving these experiences. They did happen. You will probably not doubt it because they aren't spectacular, just provocative.

One afternoon I was at a new girl friend's house. We were the only ones home when her best friend came by. She wanted my girl friend to go for a quick walk with her. She said they'd just be a few minutes.

"Do you want to stay here and watch TV?" my girl friend asked.

"Sure" I said.

As they headed toward the door, I felt the stirrings of both an idea and an erection. I had made up my mind about what I'd be doing while they were gone, and it wouldn't be watching TV.

When I heard them walk off, I got up off the couch and headed for her bedroom. Making sure that the blinds were closed, I went for the pile of dirty laundry peaking out between the slightly opened closet doors.

Heart pounding, I slid the closet opened. I knelt down and took a pare of white cotton panties from the top of the pile.

I breathed more heavily as I turned them inside out and turned the crotch of my girl friend's panties up to see what she might have left for me. Running a finger across the cloth that had hours before cradled her pussy, I felt a small spot of dried juice.

We had not been intimate yet and I longed to know her sex more fully.

Unable to wait any long, I brought the panties up to my face. I buried my nose in the soft cloth and inhaled. I breathed in the heavy sent of the sweat between her legs, and a hint of the piss she had taken during the night. As I inhaled through the crotch of her panties, I imagined her soft, light brown pubes pressing against the fabric. I imagined the mound of warm flesh, the two lips, slightly parted, moistening the white peace of material. I knelt there, I don't know how long, my face swathed in fragrant cloth. With heart hammering, head swimming, I lost track of time.

I reached down and squeezed my hard cock wishing I could liberate it here.

I sniffed different parts of her panties, getting first a stronger scent of her pea, more sweat, and then the smell of her ass. Then I smelled the edges of the underwear where they nestled in the creases that her legs and sex made. They were pungent with her odor.

Just then I remembered where I was. Reluctantly, I replaced her panties on the laundry pile and returned to the living room as they came in the door.

"I told you he'd go in your room." Her friend said.

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