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Panty Piss

byslave naia©

Master left this morning for work. I am normally up and making breakfast, but I was dead asleep in bed when he left. When I woke up a package and a card sat on the table. I was as excited as a little girl and took a minute to reflect on him.

I was his little girl, always had been. He was my Daddy, took care of me in everyway needed. I quickly ripped off the beautiful ribbon and tore the wrapping paper off just as quickly. In the box, were a single pair of white panties. Cotton, full bottomed, god awful panties. A sarcastic smiles comes across my face, and I wonder what the world he has bought these for. I careful tear the pink envelope open and the face on the card has a picture of a lovely bouquet of daffodils. The middle simply said--

"baby girl, put these panties on at exactly 6:00pm. Wear nothing but these. We will be having company."

I stare at it for a little while, with a million thoughts running through my head. We never had company over. For dinner parties of course, but never with me in god awful granny panties. That is the first thing that runs through my head. How can I look good with these panties on. They are nothing like what Master normally has me wear. Lacey thongs or nothing is what my norm is. My heart beats faster and my palms become sweaty as I think of what daddy has in store for me.

I watch the clock for hours, cleaning the house in nothing at all. I am not to wear clothes around the house. Daddy only allows them when we are out and about. Cleaning anything I possibly can to simply pass the time. I shower and lotion my body so it is appealing to Master. Making sure I pay extra attention to my breasts and pussy. Adorning them with the sweetest scents. Making sure that every inch of my pussy is shaved clean and free of any hair. Daddy always checks that closely. I lightly run my fingers outside the lips and down to my ass. Careful not to touch inside my pink or my clit. I am soaking wet and horny from the apprehension of daddy and company coming. I could cum at any second but know damn well I better not. Daddy has such a good scent for things like that. He has caught me many times playing with myself. Coming in and smelling my fingers to make sure that I have not touched. Tasting them on a regular basis. I am proud that I am bare and smooth. I get up and wash my hands so daddy can not smell me. I seductively slide on my panties. In a strange way those panties made me feel sexy, and I look at myself in the mirror. I turn my head and glance at the clock. 5:45. I quickly light some candles around the house and kneel with my head on the floor, waiting by the door as I do every night as daddy enters his domain.

I hear the car pull up in the driveway and the car door shut. I listen closely for daddy to turn the key, but he does not come in right away. I hear yet another car pull in the driveway and that door slam. I hear two men?s voices coming toward the door and I make sure to spread my legs open a little further. The door creaks open and daddy walks right over me.

"Wow, now that is one good little cunt" I hear the deep dark voice, unfamiliar to me.

"Thank you Sam, she does work at it." Master laughs as he thanks the man back.

I want to glance up and see what this Sam guy looks like, but I keep my body to the floor.

"Okay little girl you may get up and get Sir Sam and I a cup of coffee."

I try as gracefully as possible to get off of the floor. I am never very good at that transition but manage not to fall on my face. I quickly serve Master and Sir Sam cups of coffee. Master takes his and smiles at me. Sir Sam pushes it away. Masters smile turns as fast as it came.

"Did you ask Sir Sam how He takes his coffee little one?"

"No Master, girl did not."I swallow hard

He smack my ass hard and nods to me.

"Sir Sam, what may girl add to your coffee to satisfy your taste Sir?"

"Just sugar girl, two scoops." He snaps back unhappily.

I scurry into the kitchen, adding 2 measured scoops to his coffee. Serving it gracefully I keep my hands up level, until he sips it. He nods with satisfaction and I quickly kneel at Daddy?s feet awaiting the next command.

"Good baby girl, now get up on the table and let Sir Sam and I see your panties"

I stand high of the table and pull my panties up a little. The are a tad big, but I know that Master wants them that way. The room is quiet and both men simply look at me. Their eyes raping every inch of my body. I simply look straight forward as not to catch them in a glance.

"Now little one, bend over with your pussy and ass in Sir Sam's face. I want your cunt in line with his nose so you may adjust yourself accordingly."

I turn my feet and body to Sir Sam's face, rolling back on the heels of my feet to get as close to him as I can without touching him. I feel his breath on my pussy and close my eyes. I hear him breath in a few times, and comment.

"That is one sweet little cunt. I can smell it is wet already. You have found yourself one good whore."

I await his touch, but it never comes. He simply breathes hot breaths as close to my panties and pussy as he can.

"Baby girl, I am sure you are wondering why you have these god awful white panties on aren't you?"

"Yes Master , girl has wondered all day." I quietly say.

"Sir Sam loves a woman's piss. He loves to see a girl pee in her panties and lick them clean. You are going to get a bowl, squat over it and piss all over those white cotton panties. When you are finished pissing in them, He will lick the outside of your panties and I will be fucking your ass with my fingers. You will be allowed to cum. When you do, Sam will slide his fingers along your pussy and inside scooping up the cum and eating it. You see little one, Sam loves cunt, and I have told him what a horny one you have." Master lifts my chin and nods to me.

I get up and search for a bowl, my palms are sweating and I am nervous. I find one and head back to the table. Placing it in the middle of the table, I climb back on. Glance over at Master and wait for a nod. He simply nods only once and I squat over the bowl. I see Sam staring at me the entire time, licking his lips waiting for the urine that will escape my body. I am nervous and it takes awhile for the warm urine to fill my white panties. Staining them with yellow liquid, it suddenly gives me chills against my cool body.

Soft moans are heard from both daddy and Sam, and Sam sucks on his fingers as the urine fills my panties. Only a little urine hit?s the bowl, most has soaked into my panties. I await for Daddy?s command as what to do next. Master pets my head and speaks loving, and softly in my ear.

"What a good little pet, look over at Sir Sam."

I glance over at him. His eyes are wide as saucers and he is hungrily sucking his fingers.

"So Sam, what is you that you wish of sweet naia now?" Master stretches up and looks at the gentleman.

"I want that piss soaked pussy, to bury my face in those soaked panties."

He has not spoken directly to me the whole time he has been there. I understand my place and what he wants, so I simply ignore that he is speaking over me.

"I want to taste that horny cunt on my fingers and gobble it all up. I am ready, are you?" He looks over to Master

"Yep, I am ready. Bend over the table girl. Sam will be sitting on the floor tasting your pussy and panties. He will also be jacking his cock off and Cumming on your feet. I will be fucking your ass hard with my fingers. I have given you permission to cum, as I am sure you are horny. You may cum whenever you like." Master smiles at me and I smile back.

I climb off of the table my panties are now cool from the air. I bend over the table and my breasts hit the table hard. It is cold underneath of me, but I soon feel Sam?s breath close to my pussy. He starts to hungrily lap up the soaked panties focusing on my clit and opening. He softly runs his tongue on the inside of my thighs to lap up any urine that hit there. I subconsciously grind my pussy harder in his face and Master smacks my ass hard. I immediately stop and relax myself. Quickly Master invades my ass with his fingers as promised and I gasp for air. Sam focuses hard on the top of the crotch of my panties and my clit swells underneath of him. My body is throw around as they take turns making me squirm from front to back. I bit my lip to put off Cumming as much as I can. Daddy notices and bend down to whisper in my ear. The slight movement just from him leaning push his fingers harder into my ass. My cunt comes hard as Sam buries himself deeper into me. My feet suddenly become warm as he shoots hot sticky cum on my feet. Master soon replaces his fingers with his cock and fucks me hard. Pounding deeper in my cunt, Sam sticks his fingers inside my pink hot pussy. I suddenly come again, and feel Master immediate follow. Loading my ass full with cum. We stand there a minute in silence, and Sam removes his fingers.

"So Sam, pretty tasty cunt isn't it?" Master asks as he rests his head on my back.

"Oh yes, that is one tasty little whore, both cunt and piss." He violently bites my inner thigh and I jump a little. Master removes his now soft and empty cock and I clean it up without even thinking. He pets my head as Sam sits in the chair.

"Okay lil girl, kiss Sam and thank him for making you cum. Then go ahead and start making dinner. You are to wear those piss soaked panties all night long."

I quietly walk over and kneel at Sam's feet. He bends down and kisses me deeply. I can taste my cum in his mouth and he lifts my chin and smiles.

"Thank You Sir Sam for making girl cum."

He nods and I get up to make dinner. With only the sound of the two men talking about what a good time they had.

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