tagFetishPanty Power Ch. 03

Panty Power Ch. 03

byblack saphire©

In chapter One, I narrated how I seduced my professor with my panties. Chapter Two detailed how I got into a relationship with Steve, from the office, also through the use of my panties.

My relationship with Steve continued to go well. We kept our relationship a secret from the office as we felt there would be too many complications. I don't know if you could really call it a relationship actually. I think we both knew that we were more into each other for the sex. We were 'Fuck Buddies' more than lovers or anything else. Whatever it was, the sex was great!

Steve adored my panties and there was hardly any time that we had sex where my panties didn't play a part. He loved sniffing on them and he would get so worked up by the smell. Sometimes, he would sniff and chew on my panties as I sucked him off. It turned me on that he loved my panties so much.

I often wondered what it was exactly about filthy panties that turned men on. I had read somewhere that some women loved the smell of used stained panties too. This intrigued me and I often considered smelling my own panties. I would bring them close to me and then get grossed out and never complete the task.

One evening, I dropped off Steve at the airport. He had to go out of state for a few days. I drove him to the airport and as a farewell present; I blew him in the car, with my panties on his face, of course. I then gave him the pair of panties and drove home naked under my skirt.

At that time in my life, I lived with Nancy, a 34 year old redhead. She worked in this big legal office uptown and worked fairly long hours too so we didn't see each other all that much. I got home to a dark, empty house – something I was unaccustomed too as I was normally home early or with Steve. I went around switching on the lights in the house, ending up with Nancy's room.

As I switched on her light, I realised she had soft lighting in her room, giving it a real cosy feel. There was a lovely smell in her room, like lavender. Nancy was big into aromatherapy and the smell and soft lights made me feel very sensual. To this day, I don't know what made me do it but I started fishing around in her laundry hamper. Being a Friday, the hamper was full and full of her panties too.

It appeared that Nancy only wore black knickers because that's all I found. I picked up a pair of cotton hi-cut panties and stared at the white streaks on the gusset. I felt a pang of lust burst like a bubble in the pit of my stomach. I quickly looked at all the panties to find that they each had similar white streaks on the gusset. I couldn't help myself anymore and picked one up and jammed it against my nostrils. The smell was overpowering and made me dizzy. I was smelling pussy!

I had smelt the faint smells of myself on my fingers; in the air after sex; on men's faces after they licked me; but that was nothing compared to this. This was the thick, pungent scent of a woman. I almost went weak at my knees as I clutched the panties and inhaled deeply, relishing in the intoxicating smell. I felt my pussy start to secrete my own juices. I couldn't believe I was sniffing another woman's panties but I was. And it was incredible!

Almost as if in a spell, I picked up another pair. This pair was so sexy. It was a sheer black lace panty but the gusset was cotton. With trembling hands, I raised it to my nose. This pair had obviously been on a night out. It had the sweet floral scent of perfume all over it. I sniffed closer to the prime area – the gusset – and was overwhelmed by the mixed smell of pussy and piss. I have to admit I was initially a little reviled by the smell of the piss. The heavy, acidic smell was almost stinging but yet it sent jolts to my pussy. The feeling is best described as eating wasabi with sushi – but only in reverse. You get the incredible taste sensation and then you feel the incredible sting in your nasal passages.

I stared at the black lace panties and imagined Nancy in them. I had never had bisexual thoughts but the smell and feel of Nancy's panties were pushing me to areas I had never dreamed of before. I picked another pair up. These were stiff cotton with an extremely high waist. I figured they were support panties – the kind you sometimes wear to tuck in the tummy and give your butt some extra lift. I certainly didn't think Nancy needed any extra support.

I studied these panties. The gusset didn't seem to have quite as many white streaks on them. I lifted them to my nose and sniffed. I got the stale, dank almost putrid smell of sweat. But deep inside that was still the smell of pussy. I gulped hard, as my seeking nose found the pussy scent hidden, almost buried, in the sweat. I turned the panties in my hands, sniffing everywhere. The whole panty had the smell of sweat on it. I wondered if these were her exercise panties.

I found that my heart was beating fast and I had a lump in my throat. I searched deeper in her hamper, drawing out more panties. My pussy was soaking and I couldn't get enough of Nancy's panties. Was this the same feeling that Steve had? That the professor had when he sniffed at my filthy, used panties?

I selected another pair, a black thong. It was very sexy with transparent plastic straps, at the side, acting as garters. The crotch was heavily streaked with white stains and there were even small, tiny globules of pussy juice on them. The smell was strong and inundated my senses. These panties smelled very strongly of pussy, but it was different somehow. It was still fruity and musky but somehow it was a heightened smell – like concentrated pussy juice. That's when I realised that Nancy was probably fertile when she wore this thong. That would explain the globules. They were mucous secretions from her wet, sopping, fertile pussy.

I groaned involuntarily as I handled the most private, most sensual garment of my house mate. I moaned as I imagined where she had been, what she had done and realised that I could even decipher her body cycle by studying and smelling her panties. My pussy throbbed with lust as I sniffed each panty in turn, working myself up with lusty thoughts that accompanied the aroma's on her panties.

I placed all her panties back in the hamper and wandered into Nancy's attached bathroom. I needed to pee badly. I sat on the toilet and sighed as I felt my pee spray out of me. I could smell my pussy juices wafting up as I peed, that was how turned on I was. I wiped myself and pulled my panties back on when my eyes rested on the basin counter.

There, sitting pretty, was the sexiest pair of panties I had ever seen. It was white lace with an extremely lacy black border running around the leg holes. And it was skimpy, oh so skimpy! I reached over to pick it up and shuddered as I realised they were damp. I moaned softly as I felt the dampness and inspected them, paying close attention to the gusset. The gusset was particularly damp, almost wet and had thick mucousy strands on it. I raised it to my nose and inhaled deeply. The pussy scent was strong but there was another, familiar scent to it. Musky, dampy and salty. I recognised the smell almost immediately. It was semen; male cum; sperm!

I pressed the panties hard against my face, my fingers reaching down to cup my own mound as I ground my crotch into my fingers. Nancy had dripped someone's cum onto her panties right after she had been fucked. It was so erotic, smelling Nancy's pussy scented panties and also finding man-cum on it! I stuck out my tongue, licking the gusset, getting the unmistakable taste of semen on it. My pussy shuddered a tiny climax as I found my fingers had pushed aside my panties and were busy diddling my clitoris and slipping into my vulva.

I lay on her bed and raised my legs, slipping my own sopping panties off. I rubbed my pussy wildly, slipping two fingers into my gaping wet slit. I inhaled deeply on Nancy's wet panties. The time had come, I had to bring myself off. My hips bucked on my fingers as I raised the wet panties to my nose.

"Yeaanngghhh" I moaned out loudly as I sniffed hard on the wet panties and my body bucked with a muck needed orgasm. My body trembled and my thighs quivered as my fingers stayed buried in my cunt.

"Oh my! What a perverted slut!"

My eyes flew open at the sudden intrusion. Standing just inside the doorway was Nancy, with a lecherous grin on her pretty face.

"I –I.... This isn't ..I mean." I spluttered, trying to think of a way out of this. "How long have you been standing there?" I finally managed, realising that there really as no way to talk myself out of this.

"Long enough dear," Nancy purred, walking very sexily toward me. "So you like my panties huh?"

I realised that I was still holding her panties in my hand, mashed against my face while my fingers were still buried inside me. I must have looked like such a wanton bitch. My face went red with embarrassment.

"You do this often?" Nancy enquired, standing beside the bed now.

"N-No....really," I tried to explain. "This is a first for me."

"Perhaps you'd like a fresh pair?" Nancy taunted.

I wasn't sure what I should say. Nancy's hands were on her hips. She looked beautiful standing there in a white blouse and a black skirt. I could see her breasts heaving underneath the delicate lace bra that she wore.

"Answer me slut." Nancy said softly. "Do you want a fresh pair?"

I still couldn't work out if she was angry, sarcastic or if she really meant what she said. I nodded silently.

"What was that?" Nancy goaded. "I didn't hear you. Answer Me!"

"Yes, Yes!" I cried out. "I want it."

"And what will you do with it slut?" Nancy continued, sliding one leg up on to the bed. I looked up her skirt at a pair of black cotton panties with a hint of lace on the garters and covering the crotch.

My body trembled at the sight of her long legs tapering upward to her sexy panties - the last remaining barrier to her pussy. I longed to see what her pussy looked like and dreamt of smelling it, maybe even tasting it.

"Oooaahh" I moaned, "Let me smell them, please!"

Nancy giggled as she slid her hands under her skirt and slowly rolled her panties down her legs, as if teasing me. I saw her thick bushy pussy as the panties left her bare. A glob of juice trickled down my cuntal lips as I stared at he hairy pussy. She stepped out of her panties seductively and then unfurled the rolled up panties with a flick of her hand. Gently she leaned over me before dropping them on my face.

Greedily I reached for it. They were wet around the gusset and I shivered as I realised how fresh they were. I inhaled deeply but was a little disappointed to find that they didn't smell as strongly of her as I hoped they would. There was a faint smell of pee and sweat mixed with a little of her feminine odour. Nothing too overpowering though. Still, it was lovely having a fresh, warm pair to fell and smell.

"You like that slut?" Nancy teased again as she placed one leg over my head, beginning to straddle me. "I personally think, wet pussy is better than wet panties."

I stared at the hairy cunt lowering itself on to my face. I had never sucked a pussy before and relished the first one that I was going to eat. Her muff landed on my nose and I stuck my tongue out, lashing it across her wet slit.

"Ooohhh! Yessss!" Nancy cried out. "Suck me Vi, taste the real thing."

Nancy started to buck her hips, fucking herself along my teasing tongue. I reached out my hand to grasp her thighs, and stuck my tongue deeper into her. I licked and tasted every crevice of her pussy and was rewarded with slick, thick, juicy gushes of liquid cum.

I chewed and licked every inch of her, teasing her, wantonly driving her to reach orgasm. I felt her thighs clenching around my head and her back arch outward.

"Yess...that's it. That's it Vi. There. There. There! Don't stop. Right there!" Nancy moaned out. I kept my tongue working at licking that very spot that seemed to be driving her wild.

"Aaaahh....Aarrhhh... Aaaahhh....yesss....Aarrchhgg" She cried out as her body tensed and then she collapsed on to me, her mouth lying teasingly close to my pussy. I could feel her hot breath on my vulva as she panted.

Nancy slowly raised herself off me and gave me a weak smile. She picked up her panties and wiped my face with it, soaking up my saliva and her pussy drippings. She then lay next to me and kissed me, hard and deep. I kissed her back, grinding my crotch into hers. Her breasts mashed against mine and my nipples responded by sticking out hard.

We spent the rest of the night in bed together. Kissing, cuddling and licking each other to orgasm – many times in a 69 position. Our friendship had reached a new level and there were many times from then on that we would use Panty Power as a prelude to fantastic sex. But more of that another time.

More importantly I finally learnt how the look, feel and smell of used panties could be such a turn on. It was so erotic and kinky to be so close to a woman's most personal and private item of clothing – especially a used pair, filled with her drippings and scent. I finally understood why men, like my professor and like Steve, loved used panties so much. I truly grasped the true meaning of Panty Power and how someone could so easily fall under the spell of used panties and be trapped by it. After all, hadn't I?

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