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Panty Raid


After a long day at work I enjoy relaxing with my wife wile we watch TV or a movie then retire for the night and make love. I have often joked that I needed to buy stock in a condom company with the number of them we use. If you saw my wife you would understand, standing about 5 foot 7 with her measurements 36D-24-34 are just descriptions of her frame and do not come close to describing her full beauty. Bright green eyes and fiery red hair framing an angelic face that looks more innocent than she really is.

One Sunday evening after dinner my wife Laura and myself snuggled down in front of the TV when someone knocked on the door. Opening the door I discovered a buddy of mine, David. He is a bit sleazy and crude but a lot of fun. He is also a budding film maker. I always felt that he only got into making films to get pretty girls naked and into bed with himself, he only smiled when told him that.

With a twelve pack of a local micro brew beer under his arm I couldn't just shut the door in his face but it would have been better if he had called ahead. Handing me a beer he headed into the living room and gave my wife a peck on the cheek and ran his hand down her side and down to cup her very nice ass. She just giggled and licked her lips. They were always flirting with each other, it doesn't bother me especially when after he leaves I get to reap the benefits.

Working through that twelve pack we bullshitted about nothing wile I watched David and my wife flirting with each other. Tonight was a lot hotter between them than usual. She was wearing a short pleated skirt that came down halfway down between her knees and crotch, she wasn't bothering to keep it down and both of us got plenty of views of her white cotton panties. At one point after a few beers she got up and came back wearing a white t-shirt without a bra. As she walked pasted David, he grabbed her and pulled her down onto his lap and kissed her. With his left arm he wrapped it around her holding her to himself with his hand on her left breast, his right hand slid up her leg and under her skirt to caress her panty covered ass.

This wasn't the first time they had kissed, but I am pretty sure it was the first time they ever did with tongue. I was starting to get hard, I have had a yearning for some time now to see my wife get fucked by another man. Laura usually just laughs at me when I would mention it. Being laughed at was better than when the first time I told her about my fantasy, she made me sleep on the couch for an entire month before she would let me back into our bed. It was another month before we had sex. So being laughed at was better than no sex for two months.

I was starting to think I was going to get my wish when I saw his hand slide from her ass to her panty covered pussy under her skirt. She started to squirm as her hand snaked down to rub his cock through his jeans. Working his hand under her panties he got a finger into her pussy and began to finger fuck her. She started to moan and then came very quickly, much quicker than I have ever gotten her off with my fingers. Her orgasm must have brought her back to reality because she pulled herself away from him "This isn't the place." Then in a whisper, "Maybe latter."

Getting off his lap she turned and let herself fall into a sitting position on the couch letting her skirt to fly up exposing the crotch of her panties. Staring at her panties I saw just how turned on she was, her panties was soaked. As my eyes roamed up her lushes body I also noticed that her nipples were fully erect and looked like they were about to tear through her shirt which did hardly anything to conceal her breasts. Her head was slightly bent down as she looked at me with a dirty smile then she mouthed the words, "I love you."

On the TV a commercial for the cable show Pantry Raid came on. David spoke up, "That show always makes me think of panty raids."

"Wha?" I said in surprise, my wife just giggled.

"The show Pantry Raid, it is some cooking show on cable, the name sounds too much like panty raid." After a pause he continued, "I have thought of doing my own 'reality' film called Panty Raid."

Chuckling I tried to quip, "What ya going to do? Go to some collage and film some guys braking into a sorority and steeling the girls panties?"

"Na. Nothing so grandiose and much more personal. I will film three guys as they brake into the bedroom of a beautiful woman and they will rummage through her panty drawer till they find their favorite panties that she has. Then they will take Polaroids pictures of each other holding her panties and leave them for her. Then I film her wearing those same panties as she gets seduced by each guy and he takes her panties from her."

"What happens after they take her panties?" my wife asked.

"Well," David smiled, "that is when the real fun begins."

"You have any participants for this yet?"

"I have three very well endowed guys but a girl is proving a bit harder."

Pulling up her skirt to above her waist and slightly spreading her legs my wife then asked, "You think they would like any of my panties?"

"Oh my yes. You would be perfect."

"Even though I am a married woman?"

"That would make it better, the whole cheating wife angle would be perfect."

What was my wife doing? She thought the idea of having sex with someone other than me was laughable, or maybe the idea of doing it in front of me is what she thought funny. But in front of a camera?

"I think you found your victim." I heard myself say.

With a giggle I heard my wife say that she would do it.

"Good, I was hoping that you would be interested. But I you would need to do a screen test."

"Oh? When do you want me to do that?"

"I have my cameras in the car. I can set them up in your bedroom and we can do it right now if you want."

"OK." She said with a smile.

Jumping up David ran out the door and was back with a bag in less than a minute. The two of them then headed to our bedroom. I started to follow them but David turned to me and told me that Laura would probably be more comfortable without me watching. That I should stay here till they are done and not to barge in regardless of what she screams, "After all I am not going to force her to do anything she doesn't want to do."

I just stood there as they walked off to the bedroom. After a few minutes I couldn't stand it any longer and I had to see what was going on so I snuck to the bedroom and peered into the room and saw David setting up video camera on a tripod that faced the bed, swiveling it around to face my wife he turned it on and told her to sway seductively then to twirl around so her skirt would flair out revealing what she had on under it.

He reached out to her and pulled down the zipper on the side of her skirt and she wiggled her hips from side to side till her skirt fell to floor. Stepping out of her skirt she kicked it out of the way and continued to dance for lover to be. Picking up another camera he began snapping pictures of her. The t-shirt she had on ended about a quarter of an inch above her panties leaving them fully exposed. All I wondered was how he was going to get them off and get himself in between her legs like I know he has wanted to do every since they met. For a long time I have been convinced that was the main reason he would show up all the time and tonight he was most likely going to get reworded for all the times he spent flirting and seducing my wife, his future lover.

"Let me see in your panty drawer, need to see what you have."

Turning she walked to her dresser and pulled open the top drawer revealing a lot of rumpled lace of all colors. Reaching in she pulled out a pair of shear lacy string bikini panties, "You want me to put these on instead of these conservative ones I have on?"

He just watched her as she lowered them till she held them in front of the panties she had on. Slightly shaking his head he told her, "Na, you're not going to have any panties on for much longer." He took her chin in his hand as he pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips for the second time tonight.

When they broke their sensual kiss she said, "OK."

"I do want to see what else you have in there though." For the next fifteen minutes he took many pictures of her panties, some times as she held them in front of her as if she was wearing them. During this entire time he kept her level of sexual excitement up by the constant casual caressing and kisses he gave her every chance he could between viewing another batch of her sexiest panties.

At some point I couldn't take it anymore and had pulled my cock out of my pants and had been slowly jerking off, I didn't want to blow my load too quickly. David may not have noticed that I was there but Laura had. She kept looking at me with a smile and either blowing me a kiss or mouthing how much she loved me when ever David wasn't looking. It was after he got done photographing her panties and started to make out with her in earnest as he got her panties half down one hip and her t-shirt over one of her breasts that he shifted down and started to suckle on her exposed breast that I moved to get a better view that David caught me watching. He shooed me out of my own bedroom and shut the door and locking it. My wife just gave me a pout and said, "Sorry."

Leaning against the door I tried to listen and picture in my head what was going on. Just after the door was shut I heard him remove his cloths and they got on the bed. I could hear them kissing and stripping her cloths the rest of the way off. Shortly after that I heard them whispering something that was too quiet for me to hear through the door. A short pause then the bed began a rhythmic squeak followed by my wife moaning.

It was now obvious that my wife was no longer faithful, she had another man's cock in her tight pussy. David's cock was only the second cock to ever prowl into her most private of privets. I just hoped she made him sheathed up like she dose with me since she doesn't take the pill. But what if she didn't make him put a condom on? He would be doing something that I have never had the pleasure of doing, taking her bare. If he was in her bare would she let him cum in her or make him pull out? The thought of that danger I found very arousing and came over myself and the bedroom door.

My wife was moaning louder than I have ever heard her when we made love. "Fuck me, Fuck me." she would scream. Her screaming reached a crescendo as I heard him to grunt as he began to cum. "Oh YES! YES! Cum in me." my unfaithful wife screamed.

Silence, followed their screams of passion. I am not small and I have given her lot of orgasms but nothing quite like that. The only thing that I wanted was to have seen my wife become unfaithful and been fucked so well. A part of me hoped that he did do her bare and left his seed in her fertile womb. Was this the right time of the month for his seed to take root and bring forth the nine month reward. Another part of me was very jealous and wanted to be the one to father her children, besides I didn't think tonight was her most fertile time.

The bed began it's rhythmic dance of love and lust for the second time tonight. They were at it again. My wife's second adulterous fuck. The same thoughts over took me again as I continued to masturbate, is he still bare, or only this time or did she make him put on the dreaded condom. Yes dreaded, I never liked them but only wore them because she wanted me to. From somewhere deep in my mind a conversation I once had with David came to mind. He was telling me how much he hated wearing condoms and how both his and her pleasure is so much better without that annoying barrier.

Over and over I can hear her scream in pleasure and begging him to continue to fuck her, to fuck her cheating unfaithful cunt. All three of us came at the same time, David and my wife together intertwined in a lovers grasp and me all over myself and the bedroom door.

After a moment I heard them rummaging around the bedroom and it sounded like David was getting dressed and picking up his gear. The video camera! Hopefully he taped them fucking and that he would let me watch it. I would watch it over and over till I ware it out. But would he if he knew I had been listing at the door? Pulling my pants closed I rushed back to the living room to make it look like I was the patient and indifferent husband while her lover satisfied her better than he could. I was neither patient or indifferent, I was racked with emotions of lust, betrayal, jealously, love, and even anger.

I do love my wife with all my heart and she still invokes lust in me with her body. A man's buddy should not betray him to fuck his wife. He did fuck her and fucked her so well that I was jealous of his skill with my wife. And I was angry that I didn't get to watch my wife pleasured so spectacularly.

Watching them as they emerged from my bedroom he was fully dressed and carrying his camera bag, my wife was only dressed in one of my work shirts that she only had buttoned using one button half way down the shirt. She had that freshly fucked glow about her and I fell in love with her again.

She followed him to the door and they kissed one last time before me. Braking the kiss David turned to me and told me that she got the part if she wants it. He then asked her if he wanted it. "Call me in an hour and I will give you my answer." They kissed again briefly before she walked him out to his car.

Ten minutes latter my unfaithful wife came back into the house but the shirt was no longer buttoned exposing both of her breasts and her pussy. Her red and puffy pussy that was leaking David's seed down her legs. Then I noticed a dribble of cum down her chin that wasn't there before she went out to his car. "You gave him a blowjob in his car?"

"Not exactly."

"What do you mean 'not exactly'?"

"He sat in his car as I knelt on the ground and leaned into his car into his lap and sucked him dry."

Getting up I walked to her and grabbed her pulling her toward me and kissed her. The taste of David's cum was a strong reminder of her adultery which drove my lust through the ceiling. Picking her up I carried her to our bed and tossed her on it. Ripping off my shirt I dove face first into her pussy and began to eat her out, sucking out as much of David's cum in the hope that he didn't plant his child in her this wonderful night.

She was caught by surprise by both my actions and the orgasm that overcame her. Ripping the rest of my cloths off as I continued to eat her juicy pussy I then climbed up on her to claim my prize. I wanted to fuck her bare as David did. What I got was my wife handing me a condom that she had already unwrapped. "Please." she pleaded. How could I resist the woman I loved. My cock was the second one to enter her that night but unlike David's mine was sheathed. Despite the barrier we both came together in one of the best orgasms of our lives.

"Don't you have a business trip coming up soon?" She asked me.

"Ya I do. It is this coming Thursday. I will be home late Friday though." I kissed her.

"Could you extend it so that you come back Sunday night or even Monday or Tuesday?"


"I want to do the film for David this coming weekend."

"I would like to be there when you do the film."

"I don't. I know you want to watch me fuck another man and it almost happened tonight and would have if David had let you but it would feel just too weird to fuck a stranger on film with you there. You can watch the finished copy."

Kissing her again I thought about it. "Yes. I will stay away the entire weekend. If I can't extend my return on the other end I will check into a motel after I get back and stay there till you call me."

"Thank you. I will make it up to you some how." She kissed me.

"Are you going to make them wear condoms? Or will it just be external cum shots?"

"He wants to do it all internal cum shots and bare, no condom."

"When do I get to have you bare?"

"Not yet."

"So I have to wait till at least three other men have you bare till I get the pleasure?"

She nodded her head.

"At least I am the one that took your virginity." I boasted, more for myself than anything.

"I only let you think that you did."

"What? When did you loose it?"

"Sorry. It was.. about three months before we made love the first time. And David wasn't the first to enter me bare and cum in me. The guy who took my virginity did. I fucked him several times a day for four months without any protection."

"Every day? Several times? How was that possible? We were seeing a lot of each other then?"

"My fist lover lived in the same apartment as I did?"

"You don't mean Jarred do you?"

She nodded her head.

"He is married to your sister. Dose she know that you fucked her husband?"

"Yes she knew. It was her idea I think. For that entire three months we shared the same bed. He would fuck me before I would go out with you and then when I got home he would fuck me as soon as you were gone. Usually by hiking up my skirt and pulling off my panties he would deposit his seed into me as I was bent over a chair or on the floor in front of the door or even as I sat on the kitchen counter. Then my sister would join us and we would end up in bed and fuck several more times. Then he would wake us up with a morning fuck. Not to mention the several he would give us through the day.

"Just think, when you were thinking that you were taking my virginity you were actually shoving another man's seed deeper into my fertile garden."

"At least you never got pregnant from him."

"I did. That is why I stopped fucking him and moved in with you. I was hoping that you would think the kid was yours but I was such a nerves wreak I lost the baby. Sorry honey."

She began to cry. I pulled her into my arms and told her that it was all right, I still loved her and would never leave her even if she did carry another man's child to term. "Thank you." She said as she wiped away her tears.

"Did you ever sleep with Jarred since?"

"Yes. He tries to get me into bed with him every time I see him but he has only fucked me once in the few years we have been marred. That was last Christmas at my parents house. He talked me into modeling that teddy my sister gave me. He fucked me under the Christmas tree while I wore that revealing thing. My sister stood watch outside our bedroom door. Then every opportunity I had after that I had spread my legs for him. After you had gone to sleep I would slip out and into their bed and then be back in bed with you with a fresh deposit in my pussy when you woke up."

"Dose anyone else know? And have you done it with him or anyone else since?"

"My mom knows. That was his baby she was caring at Christmas." I remember she was about three months pregnant at the time. "And no. I haven't fucked anyone else but you since till tonight. And David was only the third man I ever fucked and the second one bare."

"Sounds like Jarred wants to knock up every woman in your family."

"He dose. And I am the only one that hasn't carried to term. Maybe I will give him that treat some time after I make this film for David." She kissed me. "Do you still love me?"

"More then ever."

Then the phone rang. Laura answered it, "Hi David. ... yes we have been discussing it ... yes I am going to be your panty raid victim ... no, I am not going to make anyone use a condom but I don't want to catch any STD ... that isn't an STD ... yes, my husband is OK with this ... I want to do it this weekend ... that sounds great, I will be available all week for rehearsals ... I don't want it to be just the three guys you already picked out, I want you to ... yes I do and I will not do it unless you are one of the panty raiders ... OK I will see you tomorrow, by lover."

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