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He lived a couple of apartments down from me. I used to try to run into him in the hallways and one night, I ran into him in the laundry room.

I was washing my work outfits, which basically meant loads of lingerie. I had dumped my bag out on the folding table and was sorting them out by color when he came in with a load of his own clothes. 'Jackpot,' I thought, as I started to slowly paw through my underthings, holding up first a green lace thong, then a red mesh one.

'Oh, hi, how are you?' I gushed when I saw him looking at my panties. 'You live in 189, right?' He nodded, and mumbled a hello, then began to sort his own clothing into the machines. I kept an eye on him out of the corner of my eye, and was pleased to notice he was still staring at my panties.

'So, M_,' I said, catching him in a full blown stare. 'Which ones do YOU think look better?' I finished, holding up the red and green pairs of panties. He sort of stammered a minute, looking down. When he looked up, I saw the grin on his face. 'I don't rightly know,' he drawled, 'why don't you try them on and let me judge then?'

I stood there a second, rather surprised by this turn of events. However, never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I smiled and lifted my skirt. The pair I currently had on were jewel blue silk panties, and I let him stare at them for a moment before I slowly slid them off my hips, down my thighs, and finally to the floor. I looked at him, still holding my skirt up, flashing him a nice clear look at my shaven muff. His grin got bigger, and (I noticed with satisfaction) so did his dick.

I turned around and grabbed the red pair of panties. This time I pointed my ass at him as I lifted my skirt, slooowly bent over, and stepped daintily into the fragile mesh panties. I pulled them up my calves, over my knees and made a show of situating the thong back properly. Then I turned around and posed, showing off the peekaboo-pussy effect of the stretchy material. 'Panties number one!' I announced.

'Very nice, very nice,' he said, and pretended to golf clap. I slid the red panties down over my hips, but this time I sat down on the bench next to the table to remove them completely, being sure to flash a little pink his way as I stepped out of them. Then I slid the green pair up my legs and sat back with my skirt around my waist and the panties around my thighs.

I thrust my hips in the air and slid them quickly up my backside, knowing he was getting a hell of a show. Then I stood and turned slowly around so he could see the gorgeous green lace against my pale skin.

'Okay, cowboy,' I purred at him. 'Which ones?'

He pretended to think, and that's when I noticed he had his cock in his hand and was gently jacking it while watching my show. I watched, feeling myself wetting the new panties.

'I like the green lace ones,' he said, sounding a little hoarse... then his cock started to leak precum. Keeping my skirt high over my hips, I walked over to him and kissed him. I felt his mouth open under mine, and his tongue enter me, and I sucked him further into my mouth. I pressed myself against him, kissing him deeply and hungrily, and felt his hand rhythmically massaging himself between us, against my belly.

I stood up on my tiptoes as high as I could and felt his hand moving now against my lace-clad pussy. I gently moved myself against his hand and his penis, feeling his heat through the panties, kissing him deeply still, his other hand buried in my hair as he kissed me back equally as hard. I lifted my leg and rested my thigh on his hip, humping him while he jacked off, and finally I felt him moan into my mouth and the wetness of his cum leaking through the panties he'd chosen for me, wetting me.

I slid off him, and slid the panties we'd both wet off my body. I kissed him again, this time gently, as I wiped him clean with them, and then dropped them into his basket.

Then I gathered my things up and walked out of the laundry room, knowing he knew I wasn't wearing anything under my skirt and hoping to hear from him again... very soon.

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