tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPanty Thief At The Gym Ch. 02

Panty Thief At The Gym Ch. 02


Sandra was in another world as she wandered around the gym doing things she had to do. All the while she was so aware of Robin's thong that she was wearing. It felt different to her everyday knickers. As she walked the air-conditioned air made goose bumps on the exposed flesh the thong revealed. Her loose nylon gym shorts brushed her bare flesh in a most arousing way. She could feel the thin strip of material riding up between her buttocks and the sodden gusset squelching against her neatly trimmed pussy.

One by one the gym members drifted away and Paul and Sandra tidied up to close the gym for the night.

"Still got her thong on, have you?",asked Paul

"Mmmm, hmmm", hummed Sandra and cheekily gave him a flash down the waistband of her shorts.

"Feels bloody lovely, I can tell you".

"I'm actually horny again" said Paul.

"I think I'll have to see if Lorna wants an early night when I get home!"

"Really?". "Do you remember what we spoke about the other day? Well I dare you to do it. Give us your phone and I'll set it up"

Paul handed Sandra his mobile and she set to work adjusting the settings. "OK, my number is on speed dial, one key call... and the screen won't show anything. Now promise you'll do it?"

"If I can, I will" Paul replied.

Sandra slapped his bum and picked up her bag.

"See you tomorrow – but I'll call you later!"

All the way home, Sandra thought of Robin working out in the gym, her fit body all toned and supple. She dreamt of kissing her warm lips and running her hands over Robin's naked body...or would she prefer some nice underwear?

By the time the bus got to her stop, Sandra was a dripping mess of desire. Between her legs felt like hot jelly – all wet, slippery and aching to be touched. As she got out of her seat, she felt Robin's thong moving against her, touching her most intimate parts as she stepped onto the pavement.

Sandra couldn't get the key into the door quick enough and she raced up the stairs of her flat. She headed straight for the bedroom where she peeled off her top and unclipped her bra. Her breasts were pert and the nipples stood out in anticipation. She took off her shorts and stood in front of the mirror wearing only the thong that had been next to Robin's pussy, had Paul's cum in it was now against her sopping wet pussy. She ran her hands over her body, feeling her hips, the curve of her bum cheeks and up her sides to cup her boobs.

Bending down, she reached into her bedside cabinet and at the back found a large pink penis shaped vibrator at least 7 inches long and quite thick.

Picking her phone out of her pocket she lay down on the bed and saw her reflection in the wardrobe mirror opposite. Propping herself up on pillows, she ran a finger over the outline of her labia in the damp material. She circled her clit a few times and then moved the small patch of material to one side.

The tip of the vibrator nudged its way between her inner lips more easily that it had ever done. She was more than ready for this. It's thick head stretched her entrance and the vibrator slid deep into Sandra's sex. She sighed and let out a deep breath as it filled her. Her pussy was running with juices and the rubber shaft slid in and out of her easily.

She thought of Robin and what her pussy might feel like. She remembered wanking Paul off earlier that evening – he must be about the same size as this toy. For a moment she fantasised about him filling her up and then remembered the mobile by her side.

As she slid the toy in and out of herself she found Paul's number and rang it.

"You at home, Paul?"

"Yeah, just got in" he said.

"Are you on your own?"

"Yes, Lorna's upstairs having a bath. Why?"

"Do you think she'd mind if she knew I was calling you, lying on my bed, almost naked with just a black thong on. A very wet black thong with your spunk on it, Paul?"

"Really, is that so?" Paul replied, trying to sound innocent.

"I'm so very horny, Paul, I just had to come home and sort myself out", Sandra whispered.

Paul's cock stirred in his pants as he imagined her almost naked. His work colleague was fit and he often imagined what he'd like to do with her if he wasn't engaged to Lorna.

"You will do what we talked about later, won't you?", Sandra demanded.

"Yes", agreed Paul.

"Good. Well in the meantime you'll just have to listen to me".

Sandra put the phone down on the bed and continued to slide the vibrator in and out of her pussy. Her wet labia clung to the toy on each outstroke and she rubbed her clitoris as it slid back in.

In his house, Paul found himself listening to the buzzing of the vibrator, it's note changing rhythmically as it slid in and out of Sandra's pussy. He could hear her panting and moaning in the background, her breaths quickening as her orgasm approached. His cock was rock hard as he was made to listen in on her most intimate moment - a young woman pleasuring herself and getting off on wearing Robin's stolen thong and making him, an engaged man, listen.

As he stood in his lounge Paul heard Sandra's cries and shouts as she climaxed. Sandra buried the toy deep in her and felt it's buzzing tip touch the deepest parts of her. Her eyes rolled back in her head and then she collapsed back onto the bed.

A noise at the top of the stairs distracted Paul from the phone. He hung up and looked to where Lorna was wrapped in a towel, her long dark hair wet from the bath.

"Hi gorgeous. Would you like me to come up and dry you off?" she asked.

Lorna smiled and nodded and slipping the mobile into his pocket, Paul turned the lounge light off and headed up the stairs.

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