tagGroup SexPantyhose Seduction Ch. 02

Pantyhose Seduction Ch. 02


I had met Rich when we both lived at an apartment complex. At the time he was a cop. He had seen me one night in the laundry room as I had unloaded a lingerie bag of pantyhose. After I party he had invited me to he ended up in my apartment where I modeled for him and dressed up in pantyhose, heels and a skirt. I ended up sucking him off that night. We ended up in a relationship that lasted for a year and a half.

He quit the police department and he moved to California. We did keep in touch for a while and he mentioned to me that he had been living with a woman he met out there and was thinking of trying marriage again. We did not communicate with each other for over one year.

Last August I was on vacation and I retrieved a message from Rich indicating that he was making a visit to North Jersey in the middle of September. He wanted to know if we could "visit" with each other and I was very agreeable to this. He said he wanted me to meet his new love.

After living in the garden apartment I had moved out and purchased a condominium about twenty minutes away. I had been dating a few women at the time not staying with one in particular. I had not been with any men since Rich had left.

Our relationship had been so much fun and was so convenient that I did not bother even looking. Anyway the fear of disease was of paramount concern. Rich and I never used a condom. We never had anal intercourse only oral and it was mutual.

We were both into pantyhose and he ended up with a larger collection than I did. I assume that he had to discard those items when the new woman had appeared. I kept some of mine as I did not live with anyone and had them locked away.

Rich called me at my office one week before we were to meet. So as not to make anyone privy to my conversation I asked him to call me on my cell phone and I took the call outside of my office.

I assumed he wanted to meet alone with me. I was wrong.

Rich wanted to know if I would consider "dressing up" for he and his girlfriend and it would be just the three of us. I told him I would have to think about it.

This was something that I might have fantasized about but the reality was intimidating.

I needed to know more. I called him back two days later and we talked. He told me that he and his girlfriend had very open with each other about their past experiences and he told her about his relationship with me. He was not totally candid with her as he failed to mention that he used to suck me off as well.

I asked him what she wanted to see. He said that the part of a guy wearing pantyhose and watching that guy suck off Rich would send her off when they discussed it.

She evidently pressed him for details and he told her about our first time. He said he would tell her while he was eating her and she would go off like a bomb.

He did not tell her that about two weeks later (and a few vodkas) he returned the favor and often would come to my apartment to suck me off before I would go to work.

I asked him what the setup would be. He said that I would dress up in heels and pantyhose with a skirt and she would watch me suck him off. She wanted to jerk him into my mouth.

That did sound hot. I just wondered what she was like and how cool she really was to want to do this.

Since I basically lived alone and I was comfortable in my own house, I offered my place as the destination.

It was last September 17th and I think it may have been a Friday. Rich and (Audrey) were to come to my place at 9:00 P.M.

I dressed in black pantyhose with no underwear but I had jeans on when they came and had socks on and a tee shirt. I had to be comfortable before anything was going to happen.

They arrive a few minutes after nine. Rich looked a little thinner but essentially appeared the same.

Audrey was a petite woman of about five feet three inches in height. She had bleached her short hair blonde and it was spiked. She had pretty blue eyes and a cute (although hidden) figure. She had on a tank top and loose jeans with flip flops.

She had a nice smile. She appeared calm. Rich appeared nervous. I got drinks for all involved and Rich had his vodka. Some things never changed. She had a vodka and cranberry juice. I had a beer.

They spent time checking out my home and it made a favorable impression on Audrey. We talked and had two drinks each before Audrey broke the ice and asked me how I came to wear pantyhose.

I gave her the condensed version and she said that she wanted to see me dressed up.

I was prepared. I had a short black skirt and black pumps ready in my bedroom. I was able to complete my dressing up in a few minutes.

I walked into the living room. Audrey actually whistled at me. She asked me to stand and then sit and cross my legs. She appeared to be getting horny and kissed Rich a few times.

She said that she introduced Rich to heavy doses of vitamin supplements and as a result of those and working out four days per week he lost ten pounds. She said he now "came in buckets" and she attributed that to the vitamins.

Rich looked a little embarrassed. Audrey walked over to me and sat next to me on the sofa. She asked if she could touch my legs and I said okay.

She asked Rich to walk over towards me. He did. While she touched my legs she zipped down his fly with one hand and pulled out a familiar friend. Rich got hard.

I did not move. She rubbed my legs and then she stood up and kissed Rich. They were making out for a few minutes and yet she still stroked my legs. She was also stroking his cock.

I was ready for my treat. Audrey took off her blouse and her jeans. She had a great body. She left her bra on and her panties as well. Her pussy looked like it was shaved.

This was getting interesting. I sat with my legs crossed high. Audrey brought his cock to me. She did not want me to touch it with my hands only with my lips and mouth. I took in his cock. She hyperventilated.

Her hand was stroking his cock at its base and I had the head and a little more to work with. I could taste pre-cum.

She pulled down his pants and his underwear and massaged his balls. She said for me to "Get Ready". She told me to suck hard on the head and she jerked him.

The first load took me by surprise as it was so powerful. I was ready for the next four spurts. She was right. It had to be the vitamins. She continued to jerk him until he was done. She placed her hands inside her panties and made herself come.

After we cooled down (I still had not come), they had to go. Before they left, Audrey gave me a heavy duty kiss that lasted about twenty seconds while Rich stood there and watched. He smiled at me before they left and told me that they were going to be in New Jersey for another two weeks.

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