tagGroup SexPantyhose Seduction Ch. 03

Pantyhose Seduction Ch. 03


After our get together I did not hear from Rich for five days. I was as horny as I have ever been. I fantasized about somehow hooking up with Audrey and Rich. Her kiss had spoken volumes to me at least in my imagination. Maybe my fantasies were sending me unclear and unrealistic expectations.

As I later found out he was visiting family and showing Audrey around. When Rich did call me he said he wanted to know if I wanted to get together with him and Audrey for a maybe a dinner. He asked me if I was dating anyone who I could bring along and I said that I was not seeing anyone on a steady basis. He mentioned that he wanted to take Audrey to New York and possibly attend a Broadway play. He said that Audrey wanted to see a Broadway play called The Producers. He said he tried the ticket outlets but that there was a six month wait. I told him that I had a source for tickets and I said I would try to get at least two tickets. It was difficult on such short notice to get tickets for a hit such as The Producers. He said to me that if I could get tickets that I should try to get three as he would like me to come to the theatre with them as well. At the time it was a nearly impossible ticket to get but my source came through and I secured three seats in the orchestra section. When I told Rich the news he expressed his gratitude. He said that he and Audrey were going to go to New York City on the day before the play as he wanted to show her the sights. He said they were going to stay at a hotel in the city. I told him that I would meet them at the hotel bar for a drink and then we could walk to the theatre.

At not time in the conversation did Rich indicate that he wanted to "play". I tried to put it out of my mind but the recollection of the hot kiss as well as how she fed me Rich's cock were on my mind.

The day of the play came and I took off from work early to go home and change. I dressed in a tie with a sports jacket and slacks. I packed an overnight bag just in case and drove into the city. I arrived at the hotel not far from the theatre district. I was surprised that Rich had chosen such a luxury hotel. I called him on my cell phone and told them that I was in the hotel bar. I was early so Rich came down alone and we had a drink. After the drink he asked me to go with him to the room as Audrey was getting dressed.

We arrived in the room and Audrey said hello from inside the bathroom. Rich asked me what was inside my overnight bag and I told him just a change of clothes and some toiletries. I told him that I had too much to drink then I could get a room and crash for the night. The room was basically a suite with a work table that had a network connection. Then there was a table that had four chairs. There was a king size bed.

Audrey came out of the bathroom. She was stunning to say the least. When I first met her I thought she was attractive bordering on cute. This night she was a knockout. She had on a black dress that was knee length. She had on a pair of red pumps. She wore a neutral shade of pantyhose. She had gorgeous shapely legs. Her hair was still spiked. There was some gold jewelry that complemented the dress. She had on more makeup than when I first met her. There was a pair of dangly gold earrings. Her breasts appeared to get ready to burst out of the top of her dress. What nipples she had! I was greeted by her with a hug and a kiss to my cheek. Whatever perfume or body wash she was wearing was subtle yet intoxicating. We left to go to the theatre. She could have given an erection to a dead man.

It had started to drizzle so rather than walk I hailed for a cab as we did not have an umbrella. We got into the cab with Audrey between us. Her tanned and shiny knees were prominent as she sat between us. My mind was traveling to crazy places. Rich had his arm around her.

We arrived at the theatre. I picked up the tickets at the box offices as that is where my source had them sent. As we got to our seats before the lights were lowered there was a buzz in the theatre that was caused by Audrey. There were a lot of attention from both men and women. There was a man in front of us who kept on turning around to look at Audrey's legs until his wife said something to him and he stopped. We were ten rows back from the orchestra pit in the center of the theatre. Audrey sat between us. When Audrey would turn to remark about something to me she would turn her body towards me and lean towards my ear. I had trouble focusing. Audrey's legs, breasts, smile, perfume and my wicked and depraved imagination were mixing a deadly cocktail. There was an absolute deliciousness about her. On the surface I attempted to stay cool. Just under the surface my mind lusted and my cock dribbled and waited.

There was a lot of positive reaction by the audience to the play. It was very funny.

During the intermission I went to the men's room and used the opportunity to free my cock that had been stuck to my underwear with its secretion. It was like an adhesive. We all had a quick drink during the intermission and then returned.

The second act of the play was as funny as the first. On occasion Audrey grabbed my hand and held it as she laughed. She then placed my hand against her right leg that had been crossed. She asked me if I though her pantyhose felt sheer enough. I nearly swallowed my tongue and nodded. I gradually moved my hand away because I was going to bust out of my pants. When she would cross and uncross her legs my eyes would wander and then quickly return to the stage.

We exited the theatre and stood off to the side of the entrance along with the multitude of people. It had stopped raining but the streets were wet. There were taxi cabs and limousines taking people to their destinations. The sidewalks were crowded with people walking on both sides of the street.

We had not eaten dinner so I suggested a place that served great Italian food. It was a ten minute walk to the restaurant. We walked together with Audrey and Rich holding hands and me walking slightly behind Audrey and to Audrey's left so as to look and lust at her legs and body without being noticed.

One of the restaurant's specialties was a pizza that was cooked in a brick oven and used coal as a heat source. The food was delicious. The company was not too shabby either. We shared hot and cold appetizers and a bottle of red wine along with a pizza and I wondered what else we might share as we ate.

As we finished our meal Rich and Audrey became a little affectionate with each other. They would kiss lightly and embrace and then Audrey would look at me and smile almost as if she was a little embarrassed. Suddenly I was lonely. I wished that I had a woman to myself that night. I felt a little left out. It was disconcerting to say the least. I was the fifth wheel. I could not read what if anything was going on with respect to including me in any playtime. I felt like I did not belong there. I was thinking like a teenager. I thought that maybe it would be a good idea if I just returned to their room to retrieve my overnight bag and then went made my way home. Audrey excused herself and went to the ladies room.

Rich asked me if I wanted to return to the room. I played stupid and asked why. He said that Audrey wanted us to just hang out together. I agreed. There was something in the way of Audrey's body language when she walked to the ladies room that told me just hanging out was not the only item on her menu. There was a sway as she walked away from the table and went towards the ladies room and she glanced in our direction to see if we were looking. All thoughts of me going home in the immediate future were sent packing. My insecurities went out with those thoughts.

We walked to the hotel and then took the elevator to the room. Rich poured us vodka from the room bar and after a few minutes Audrey went into the bathroom. Rich appeared a little edgy. He said that all Audrey had talked about since our meeting at my home was what had occurred that night. He was wondering what she had in store and that made him nervous. Since he did not know I wondered myself. How was this going to play out?

When the eye first sees it is from a message that is related via the optic nerve to the brain. My eyes were down towards the floor when I heard the sound of the bathroom door opening. The sound caused my eyes and head to look towards the sound. I saw black boots with a high heel. I saw legs above the boots. I saw the faint remnants of very sparse and very blond pussy hair as my eyes made their way up. This very blond wispy pussy hair was between Audrey's legs. She had walked out of the bathroom dressed in black. My eyes had gone from the floor up and I stopped at her pussy. She had on a black corset that did not cover her breasts or her pussy. Her nipples were prominent. Not only that but her pussy lips were prominent and a light color of pink showed. Her legs were covered with long black stockings held up with garters close to her pussy. The boots came up to her knees. She wore very bright pink lipstick. I could not take my eyes off of her pussy and my eyes returned there. I then looked up again and noticed how her breasts sat up with these beautiful protruding nipples that looked like long pink erasers. I was mesmerized by what I was seeing. I could not speak. I was in a trance. When she walked there was not a lot of jiggle to either her breasts or anything else. She was very physically fit. Her tits were the real deal. She sashayed around the room as we admired her. We applauded her. She laughed and walked and vamped around like Madonna at a concert. She stood in front of Rich and I and she walked towards Rich and placed one of her legs up on a chair that she had pulled from the table and asked him to eat her while she stood. It was like she was posing for a photo shoot. There were no preliminaries here. He got on his knees and licked up her legs above her boots to her pussy. She had spread her pussy lips for him with one of her hands. She motioned for me to walk towards her. I did so.

She stared at me while this was going on. I could see her cheeks flush with color. She then asked me to take a sample of her pussy. I looked at Rich and he smiled and waved me over. I kneeled down. He moved to the side. I pushed my tongue over her clit and then pushed inside of her. She held the back of my head and pushed back. Her pussy was wet and delectable. Honey could not have tasted sweeter. Her skin was so smooth and smelled of a very slight fragrance. I did this for a few minutes. Then Rich would take over.

She pushed us away and then walked to the king sized bed. She sat on the edge of the bed with her legs flat on the bed and her knees raised. Her butt was at the edge of the bed. We got on our knees and took turns eating her. We would have her legs wrapped around our heads. I took off my clothes. Rich did the same.

Both Rich and I became aggressive with Audrey. I climbed on the bed. I sucked on her nipples. Rich was between her legs eating her. He had his hands around her waist and backside and was pulling her pussy to his face. She pulled my face towards her and we started kissing. I could see Rich watching and his face was either becoming red because he was excited or that he was annoyed at the kissing. He was jerking off his cock. She moved her tongue in and out of my mouth. I felt Rich's hand on my cock.

Audrey looked at what he was doing and became very visibly excited. She bit her bottom lip. She told him to suck my cock. He hesitated and looked at her for a moment. He placed his mouth on my cock His mouth felt so good on me. He knew what I liked. Because of what was going on I could have come almost as quickly as he had started. The tension I had felt from the time I had first seen Audrey was coming to a head so to speak. Audrey told Rich to stop because I think she sensed that I was getting close to coming. She had great instincts. She leaned over and kissed him passionately.

Audrey then stood up and while facing away from me asked me to get closer to the edge of the bed. I sat on the bed at the edge with my feet on the floor and she essentially lowered herself on my lap except instead of my lap she slowly sat on my seven inch cock. She was facing Rich who was still on the floor facing us. She was looking for the correct angle to get me in and she did. The head of my cock made its way in. She wiggled on it trying to accommodate my width. Her pussy was like warm molasses and my cock was buried. She had to have had one of the tightest and wettest pussies I had ever been in. My hands were playing with her hard nipples. She was releasing so much in the way of juices. She moved up and down and then side to side. She then told Rich to lick my balls as she slid up and down on me. He got close and started to do that. She told him to lick the sides of my cock to clean off her juices when she was on the upswing. He complied on both counts.

I tried thinking about what I had to do the next day at work or to think about world hunger so as not to come too quickly. It was difficult to distract myself. I was getting close and I announced it. I tried with all I could conjure up to hold back. It was no use. She went up and down with persistence. She told me to come inside of her. I erupted. I did this while at the same time Rich was licking my balls. She said she could feel me spurting.

Every man in the world should experience this once in their lives. A hot pussy was milking my cock while my balls are being bathed with a warm mouth and tongue.

I thought the top of my head was going to blow off. I stayed inside of her for a while until I started to get soft. After I pulled out my drippy cock from her pussy she sat at the edge of the bed and placed her pussy close to Rich's head.

Audrey then told Rich to suck my come out of her pussy. He did. I saw as his tongue slithered its way up her slit to her clit and then down to her hole. I saw a trickle followed by a cascade of my come flow out of her pussy and directly into his mouth. There was a fair amount of come that was runny followed by a few heavy clots. He placed his fingers inside of her pussy and held it open as he sucked on her pussy lips and her clit and drank. Audrey came with a screech and she held onto his head. When she was finished coming she asked Rich to sit next to her on the bed. This was my cue.

I got on my knees and Audrey fed me his cock. She held the cock near the base and fed me the head and a little more. At the same time they kissed. He only lasted about thirty seconds. He shot one of his vitamin loads. I did not swallow but got up and leaned over and shared it with Audrey with a very open mouthed kiss who then shared it with Rich.

Audrey was one hot woman. I envied Rich and told him. I told Audrey that she was one of the sexiest and most desirable women I had ever met. She said that she was glad she had met Rich and said that she thought that he and I were true sensualists.

When two people get together and they are on the same level emotionally and physically there is much to enjoy. When three people get together under similar circumstances and there is no jealousy and no games are being played, the possibilities are limited by their respective imaginations. Two men and a woman can be a virtual hell or a virtual pleasure pen depending on the personalities, emotional makeup and egos. How and why this was all going on was a mystery. It was a mystery as to how and why it worked so well. All I know is that it seemed to work for all of us. I knew that this was very possibly a once in a lifetime deal.

We all ended up on the bed and talked. We all were on our backs. Audrey was between us and stroked both of us. I wondered what else was in store. I was about to find out. We each had a drink. We were on the bed like this for about a half hour. She would kiss Rich and then kiss me. I stroked her nylons and became very hard. I saw her get up.

Audrey got up from the bed went to the bathroom for a moment. What a beautiful body she had. Her ass moved so well with those legs and those beautiful succulent tits. She returned with a tube of KY jelly. She smiled and did not say anything. What was there to say?

She spread it on my cock. She spread it on and in her butt. She had Rich get on his back on the bed and she slowly sat on him. She was facing him and I was behind her. He slipped into her pussy. Then my job was to fuck her butt for a DP. I had never tied a DP and photographs and movies make it look easy. It was not easy to accomplish for me. My cock was hard enough. We had to coordinate. I had to get the proper angle as Audrey was bucking going up and down and Rich was trying to hold his load. Audrey's butt hole was not loose. I told her to not go up and down but to try and remain still. She leaned forward to a correct angle. The first three or so inches of Rich's cock remained inside her. I was on my knees on the bed not far from the foot of the bed. I placed the head of my cock against her little pink butt and pushed. She winced. She asked me to be careful. I pushed more. She yelped but pushed back as much as she could. I got the head in just to the ridge. Audrey exhaled but she wanted more. Meanwhile Rich held onto her hips and slowly went up and down into her pussy. She asked me to put more KY on my cock. I pulled out and squirted a bunch on my cock and on the outside of her butt hole. I slipped my index finger coated with KY into her butt hole. She pushed back on my finger and said she wanted something bigger. Why disappoint a woman in need?

I was able to get everyone closer to the edge of the bed so I could have some leverage. I pushed in again and she yelled out in pain but then said to go in harder. I got half of my cock in her butt. She was so tight that I felt like my cock would reduce in size by a third. I had a lot of KY on my cock and in and around her butt. I could feel Rich's cock through the "narrow wall." Rich and I figured out that if he would wait to push in when I pulled a little out and we had a bedroom dance going on. The feeling in my cock was hard to describe. Audrey was off on another planet. She was not moaning just yelling. Rich asked her if she was in pain and she just shook her head but did not speak. We were at it maybe for about ten minutes. Rich said he could not hold out. I could actually feel him expanding in her pussy. I was nearly completely inside of her butt when he came. As he did so she came with a yell and I could feel her come contractions through the wall. I pushed all the way in and out and on the third time back in I unloaded myself. I was hopeful that the hotel manager did not call or send the police given her loud yell.

We both stayed inside of her for maybe one minute before we untangled. She ran to the bathroom giggling and holding her backside with her hands.

Audrey stayed in the bathroom for about ten minutes. When she came out she had a terry cloth robe. She looked content. I said to both of them that it might be time for me to leave. She asked me to stay the night. Rich looked at her and then looked at me and agreed. I left a voice mail message at work letting them know that I would not be in the next day. I was glad I had brought an overnight bag with me.

I took a quick shower. Rich then washed up and then Audrey returned to the bathroom. She came out a short time later with a very sheer see through baby doll top that was off white in color. She had no bottoms on. Her nipples were very visible through the nylon. She said her backside was off limits for the night. Her pussy lips looked red. I did not know what if any rules there were to be for the night. I figured it best to let it play it out. She got into bed and Rich and I got on either side of her. It was about one o'clock in the morning when we went got under the covers. The light was turned off We each kissed her goodnight. I drifted off to sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night I felt a hand on my cock. I became hard. It was Audrey. Without any preliminaries I climbed on top of her and slipped into her and fucked her hard for about two minutes before coming. No kissing and no caressing just a quick fuck and release. I got off and then I heard Rich climb on and do the same. As I drifted off to sleep again in my head I hummed the melody of "New York, New York."

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