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There was a woman at work who I had hit on for quite a while. Her name was Afton. She was in her 30's, with long brown hair, green eyes, and a swatch of freckles on her cheeks. The thing that attracted me the most was the fact that she always wore skirts or dresses with pantyhose. Her hose were usually in the dark shades. The sound of her thighs swishing as she walked by just about drove me out of my mind some days.

Finally she agreed to go out with me.

I took her to a nice restaurant just outside of town. We had a wonderful dinner at which we consumed almost an entire bottle of wine between the two of us.

I asked her if she wanted dessert, but she suggested we could get something back at her house. So we headed back to her place.

Once inside the door she turned, put her arms around my neck and kissed me.

"That was for the wonderful dinner," she said.

"You're certainly welcome," I replied. "I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"I have a surprise for you," she told me. "It's down the hall here but you can't peek."

"Well, I'll just close my eyes, then," I said.

"I don't know that I can trust you," she answered. "Maybe I better blindfold you, just to be sure."

She got a towel out of a kitchen drawer and tied it around my head. Then she grabbed my hand and led me down the hall. We turned into a room at the end of the hall.

"Now, you have to sit on the floor," she said when we got in the room.

She helped me sit down.

"This must be some surprise," I said.

"Oh, it is."

Then she grabbed my right hand and I felt something furry get wrapped around it. She did the same thing to my left hand. Then I heard a zipper being undone and something crumpled onto the floor. There was another rustle of fabric and something else crumpled onto the floor.

"Are you ready for the surprise?" she asked.

"Ready," I replied.

Only then did she take the blindfold off me. I discovered the furry things around my wrists were fur-covered handcuffs. She had handcuffed me to the foot of her bed. I also discovered that what dropped on the floor were her blouse and skirt. She was standing in front of me in only her bra and pantyhose.

She was quite sexy standing there. She had nice tits, thick thighs and big hips.

"I found out from someone that the reason you were after me was because I always wear pantyhose," she accused. "Is this what you wanted to see, big boy?"

"That's very nice," I answered.

"Just nice, huh? Maybe you wanted to do more than see them. Maybe you wanted to smell them. Is that what you wanted, lover?"

I made no reply. I didn't exactly like her tone.

"Yes, I'll bet you wanted to smell them, didn't you? I'll bet you even wanted to taste them. Is that what turns you on? Is that what excites you? Yeah, I'll bet it is. I'll bet you get off on dirty pantyhose."

With that she walked up to where I sat on the floor. She grabbed the back of my head and shoved it into her crotch.

"There you go, stud. Have a taste of that. Have a taste of my sweaty pussy through my dirty pantyhose."

You know, it did smell kind of sexy. There was a muskiness to it. Plus the sight of her hairy bush right in front of my face was getting me hot. I put my mouth over her pussy and began to lick and suck it through the hose.

"That's right, big boy. Lick that thing. Taste my pussy through the stockings. You like that, don't you? You like the taste of a woman's dirty pantyhose."

The crotch of her hose was really starting to get wet. Part of it was from my sucking on it but part of it was from her pussy getting wet. I could really smell her love juices.

"Here you go, baby. Have a taste of this."

With that she removed her hose. Then she put one leg up on the bed over my shoulder to open up her pussy for my tongue. Now that I didn't have to eat her through the stockings I went at her pussy like a starving man. I ran my tongue in and up and played with her clit on the way out.

"Do you like your dessert, stud?"

I just looked up at her and smiled.

I continued to eat her out with my mouth and tongue. Her head was back and she was moaning. I hooked my tongue behind her clit and sucked it into my mouth. I began to work it over, sucking on it and flicking it with my tongue.

This really had her going. She had both hands on my shoulders to steady herself and she was really starting to moan.

"Oooh, oooh, oooh, aaah, aaah, aaah, AAAH!"

Her juices squirted out of her pussy all over my chin as she orgasmed. It seemed to wash over her forever until she semi-collapsed over me.

"Oh, baby, that was great!" she moaned as she unlocked the cuffs. "Get on the bed, lover. I want some dessert now."

She quickly ripped off my clothes and I got onto the bed. I sat with my back propped up on a couple of pillows.

She took off her bra and joined me on the bed. She had her hose in her hand. She got between my legs, wrapped the pantyhose around her hand and used it to stroke my cock.

The silky feel of the pantyhose rubbing up and down my cock had me rock hard in no time.

"That feels good, doesn't it sweetheart?" she asked.

"Mm, hmm," I answered.

She continued to stroke me until a drop of pre-cum appeared on the tip of my cock.

"There's what I want," she said. "Give Miss Afton your hot dick, stud."

She straddled me and we locked in a passionate kiss. Her hand was on my cock as she guided it into her cunt. Slowly she lowered herself onto it until it was all the way in.

"Fuck me, baby. Fuck Miss Afton. Work that cock, big boy."

I grabbed her ass with both hands as she bounced up and down on my dick. Her tits were in my face and I caught one, then the other, in my mouth and began to suck, kiss and lick her nipples.

As she increased the tempo of her bouncing I began to thrust up into her with every downstroke. Her ass made slapping noises as it smacked into my thighs.

"Oh, yeah. Give it to me, baby. Come on. I want it so bad. Give it to me."

The bed was rocking as we fucked like savages. The sheets were getting wet under me from my sweat. I could see beads of sweat running down between her breasts.

"Oh, fuck me, lover. Fuck me."

With one final mighty stroke I brought my hips off the bed to drive my cock deep inside her before exploding with a hot shower of cum.

She screamed in pleasure as she felt me erupt inside her. When I was finished she collapsed in exhaustion next to me. We were both so worn out from our lovemaking that we fell asleep.

I didn't leave her house until late the next afternoon. But that was not before we had dessert in the bathroom and on the living room floor.

Now whenever she sees me at work, she will sneak me a peek at her beaver when no one else is looking.

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by Awesomehose08/29/17

Pantyhose sex

Omg this was very erotic! I love Pantyhose sex! And the girl in the office is so True I have many in my office and when I get home I put a pair on and play for hours in xtasy!!! Thank You : )-

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