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Pantyhose Wrestling Payback


It's been a week since my most recent wrestling victory over Sam and since then I have been waiting for her to tell me who and when I'll be wrestling in the return match. Well apparently today's the day, Sam mentioned to me at work today that she has something arranged, and she will tell me more when we get home. And here we are!

"Go on then Sam, who will I be wrestling with in your match?" I ask apprehensively.

"I'm not going to tell you." Sam replies "It will remain a mystery challenge until you take to the mat. What I can tell you is, it's set for Friday of next week, at the training room where we first wrestled."

"Noooo. You can't do that, I need to mentally prepare." I respond.

"Sorry, nowhere in the rules does it say I have to tell you. Just that I get to pick." Sam counters.

As if I wasn't nervous enough already, this has made things ten times worse. The idea of the match is that I am probably going to lose, and going into a match as the underdog is never fun, as losing a wrestling match can hurt! So not even knowing who your opponent will be is somewhat daunting. I mean really, how do I get myself in to these situations? I guess being propositioned by a hot 25 year old may explain a little of it, ha-ha.

It's match day, Sam is already at the training room, getting everything ready for the match and I am just making my way there now. Jeez I'm nervous! Sam has left me with instructions to head straight to the changing room where I will find my outfit waiting for me (hopefully it's a little more conservative than the last wrestling outfit she planned for me!).

I'm here, walking into the changing room I see my outfit laid out, with a short note laid next to it which says 'Good luck Becky. Love you Sam xx'. The outfit is one I recognise, it's the camo print sports bra and brief shorts that Sam had worn in the first match I had with her and Gemma, paired with sheer black seamless pantyhose...obviously! I must say, it's a bit of a tight fit, as I am not quite as slender as Sam, not that I am in any way overweight, I just have a few more curves.

Once dressed I make my way in to the training room, at the scheduled time. I am the first in there, I stand alone waiting for my girlfriend and 'champion' to enter. Who could it be? Gemma? No I don't think so, as we all know that I would almost certainly win that comfortably. Matt, the guy who gave Sam and Gemma some wrestling training. Again, I suspect not, as I don't think Sam wants to see a mixed match. Possibly one of the ladies I'd wrestling years ago? There are a couple of ladies who Sam has videos of me losing to that are still active, so maybe!?!? The door opens, so I am about to find out.

In enters Sam, she looks great. She's wearing a tight fitting, black and white striped refs top, a black mini skirt, sheer black pantyhose and black 4 inch heels. She's also obviously spent a great deal of time on making sure her hair and make-up is perfect...just stunning! She doesn't speak to me, she just moves to the middle of the mat and slightly oddly, starts an announcement to a virtually empty room.

"Introducing the competitors. On my right, Becky! And facing Becky tonight Team Slade!"

Team? What the fuck? With that two peppy young blonde girls bounced into the room. They are both petite, around 5 feet 2 inches tall, slim with sickening pert bodies and fairly large, round 'anti-gravity' breasts. I size up my opponents, they are both REALLY pretty and appear to be VERY young (although I'm getting to the point where everyone is starting to look young to me, he-he). They are wearing matching outfits, dressed like sleazy schoolgirls in short red plaid, pleated skirts, white low cut tops and sheer grey pantyhose.

"So are those school uniforms real?" I ask ironically.

"No, it's ok, we're consenting adults. I'm Jenni and I'm 22 years old and this is my little sister Libbie and she's 21." Perky tits number one reassures me!

"The rules for tonight's match." Sam interjects, attempting to regain her flow. "It's a 30 minute time limit, submission only, handicap tag match."

"Tags under our wrestling league rules." Libbie, perky tits number two breaks in.

"Yes, sorry. The rules for tags are as follows. When tagged any hold must be broken and the exiting wrestler leaving the mat when time is called on the tag, no submissions can be gained during changeovers, to ensure no double team advantage and no tag backs within one minute." Sam explains. All sounds pretty standard and straightforward.

"We are super excited to be wrestling you Becky, we've see loads of you matches and you're a legend. It should be a really fun match." Jenni says. Ok, I'm warming to her a bit more now.

"Any questions?" Sam asks, but then with barely a seconds pause she calls "Ok, start!"

With that Sam moves right out of the way, standing against the wall and Libbie retreats to the edge of the mat, allowing me and Jenni to start proceeding. I'm still feeling really nervous. I'm faintly comforted by the fact that I have a couple inches in height and probably at least 10 pounds in weight advantage over each of my opponents. But nonetheless worried that there's two of them, and they are far younger and fitter than me; in a 30 minute match, that could be a big factor.

We start to circle, I know nothing about these girls but apparently they have seen some of my matches, so I need to be a little guarded as I work them out.

Ok, so there's no time for that, quick as a flash Jenni attacks, man she's quick. Before I know it, and before I've been able to put forward any kind of resistance, I am laid out flat on the mat and she has my left arm pulled straight up behind me, as she stands over me. It doesn't hurt but it is immobilising.

"Way to go sis!" I hear Libbie shout. "Let's just wear her down like we planned, then we can capitalise later."

Oh shit, hearing that really fills me with dread. I mean what the fuck does that mean? I suspect that the words, as much as the actions, are mind games designed to demoralise me and truthfully they are working.

Jenni kicks her leg over, scissoring my arm as she drops down to sit on my upper back. This still doesn't hurt but as I've just heard from her sister, it isn't meant to, at this point they are just try to break me, not score.

This can't be great watching, we've been in the same position for probably one and a half minutes, me unable to move and Jenni unwilling to. Sam has asked a couple of times if I want to submit, I've said no. Honestly, I do want to, as just being held here powerless whilst a tiny girl dominates me in front of my girlfriend is utterly humiliating but I don't, as I fear what might come next. Honestly I am almost in tears at this point, such is the shame.

Clearly Jenni has had enough of that hold anyway. She simply breaks the hold and steps away, not even trying to retain control, just standing over me waiting. As I try to get up Jenni re-engages, again moving like lightning, there is nothing I can do to keep her off. This time she climbs on my back, wrapping her legs around my middle in a body-scissor, whilst snaking her arm around my neck in a sleeper or choke style but not applying any pressure. Neither hold is applied with much force at all, just enough to let me know that if she wants me to submit, I will. Once more I'm defenceless and dispirited, meekly pawing at arms and legs to try to free myself whilst I can hear Libbie laughing and catcalling in the background.

"Do you want to submit Becky?" I hear Sam ask.

I say nothing as I am just too mortified to acknowledge my predicament.

"I think your girlfriend is enjoying stroking my sister's legs." Libbie taunts from the side-lines.

I hadn't really thought about what I was doing and how it may appear but I guess it could look like that, and thinking about it I suppose it isn't bad, so there's one upside. Well it was an upside, now Jenni is trying a bit harder, squeezing me tighter, still not enough to submit to but enough to be far less comfortable. Just as I'm about to submit, and as suddenly as she did with her last hold, Jenni releases and rolls away.

Giving me a few seconds to collect my senses, and to make an attempt to rise Jenni once again goes on the offensive. This time playing outside the rules, as she grabs my hair. She 'assists' me to my feet but keeping my head down she leads me around the mat.

"Hey ref!" I yell.

"Break." Sam shouts in response. And Jenni immediately does.

I have now completely lost my bearings as I was forced across the room, and at this moment I don't know where either of my opponents are. Ok, well that didn't take too long to find out, as Jenni takes hold of me again, tripping me to the mat and following up quickly she hooks my arms and forces me into a camel clutch.

"Tag." Sam calls.

What? What's the point in applying a submission hold then immediately tagging out?

"Changeover timing starts." I hear Sam follow-up.

It's at this point I feel Libbie grab my legs and hoist them up into a Boston crab and with Jenni still holding on to my arms and neck I am completely suspended and bent.

"Ref, break. Time up!!" I shout.

"One minute fifty seconds of changeover remaining." Sam retorts in a matter of fact fashion.

"Whaaat??" I scream loudly "I submit, I submit, I fucking submit."

"Sorry Becky, we're not allowed to accept any submissions remember. It's not fair to score when it's two on one." Jenni explains smugly. I can hear my opponents giggly.

"Two minute tags are the league rules." Libbie 'helps' by clarifying.

This isn't funny, I am in real fucking trouble here. My back is raw with pain already, I have no idea how I will get through two minutes of this but seemingly I have no choice in the matter. To be fair to my opponents, they are not trying to really hurt me, if they had a mind to they could do some real damage here, but this is just sane wrestling tactics. Little consolation really but at least I'll be able to move tomorrow!

"Fucking hell Sam, how long?" I cry.

"Forty seconds remaining." Sam answers.

"Nooo, please stop." I say pathetically.

"No, I don't think we will stop but how about this?" Libbie asks dropping one of my legs, so it's now 'just' a single leg Boston crab. Which as she well knows from where I am, actually increases the pain.

"Fuck off Libbie." I say, losing my cool.

"Does this help?" Libbie asks. Reaching down her hand wanders to the crotch of my oh so short shorts, and she starts to massage.

I am speechless. It's not what I envisaged of the match but it is at least taking my mind partially away from the searing agony in my back.

"Hey Sam, I think your girlfriend enjoys being dominated if her gyrations are anything to go by." Libbie says to Sam.

I still say nothing, honestly I'm embarrassed by the thought she may be right. As I am certainly instinctively moving to her hand. And what's more I think I am very close to a shameful orgasm.

"Time." Sam calls.

With that both girls just drop me to the mat.

"Nooooooo." I yelp, awkwardly in response to being left so close to orgasm.

"Oh really Becky?" Libbie says "You are so horny you would rather stay in that hold than be left hanging?"

I'm doing nothing at this point, I can't speak or move. Partly through pain but mainly because I am just mortified with how I'm handling myself in this match.

But continuing the trend, as I start to move Libbie does as her sister did before and moves swiftly to keep me down. Falling on top of me in a schoolgirl pin, apt given the way she's dressed. She takes my wrists and pins my arms and shoulders to the mat. I am going nowhere, I can't even throw my diminutive adversary off me.

"You know Becky, I was thinking of finishing what I started but I don't think you deserve it really." Libbie teases. "Maybe I should turn my attention to me."

With that Libbie lifts her skirt to show that she's wearing nothing beneath her short skirt except the sheer, seamless material of her pantyhose. She stokes herself gently for a moment, and as shocking as it is to admit, I wouldn't be averse to her sliding forward on to my face.

"One minute up, tags allowed." Sam calls, albeit her voice a little ragged now.

"Oooo goody. Shall we let Jenni play again?" Libbie asks rhetorically, as she ceases her self-pleasuring.

Before I could even think of replying Libbie with the speed and fluency of the wind rolls off me, but keeping hold of me she is able to snap on a headscissor. With the scissorhold locked on she starts to roll, moving me around the mat. Heaven knows how many times she's rolled me but my head is spinning like crazy. We come to rest for a few seconds and before I can gain even a semblance of coherence I hear the dreaded words.

"Tag." Sam chimes in.

"Oh fuck, what now?" I plead, not even recognising the words as thy came from my mouth.

Answering through action Libbie releases me but only to allow Jenni to grab my legs, lift and twist and roll me into a figure four leg lock. No words spoken between the partners to orchestrate this, showing the telepathy of both sisters and a great tag team. As soon as Jenni has my legs locked, Libbie is on me again, this time trapping me my head in a reverse head-scissor, with her head facing towards my feet. I now have great view of her nylon covered ass but jeez this hurts, both my legs and my head!

Then I suppose the next move is somewhat predictable based on prior events, as Libbie once again reaches between my legs and starts to fondle my crotch over my shorts. It was only a few minutes earlier that I was on the verge of orgasm, so it doesn't take much attention to get me horny again.

"Becky, do you want me to make you cum?" Libbie asks.

Now I'm sure no-one in the room is expecting an answer to that taunt, but I am too far gone to show any form or decorum or self-control.

"Yes." I answer directly.

"Oh really?" Libbie responds, halting her attentions to my pubic area.

"Noooo." I cry pathetically.

"Sam, is Becky allowed to cum?" Libbie asks my girlfriend.

Sam considers for a couple of seconds and then speaks.

"Becky, Libbie can continue with what she was doing but an orgasm counts as 10 points on our score." Sam proposes.

"So is that a deal Becky?" Libbie asks.

"Yes, yes. Please just let me cum." I reply, sounding truly desperate.

With no hesitation Libbie recommences her focus, this time slipping her hand into my shorts but still outside my pantyhose. As Libbie runs her fingers over the nylon covering on my vagina it's like a wave of electricity running through me. Both Jenni and Libbie tighten their holds to ensure I work for my 'submission' but whilst that's not a great feeling, right now it's just 'background noise' in my head compared to the feeling of arousal surging through me.

Libbie is taking her time, easy, sensual movements designed to keep me on edge for as long as possible. This is sublime torture.

"Twenty seconds of changeover time remaining." Sam announces.

Oh shit no. Surely they can't leave me like this again? That would be too mean.

"Please Libbie." I plead, sounding more pitiful than ever.

Libbie takes mercy on me and intensifies her actions.

"Ohhh fuuuuck!" I howl as I get oh so close.

"Wow Libbie, she seems to like this. Are you sure you've never done this before." Jenni asks.

"Honestly, the only pussy I've ever touched like this before is the one currently resting on Becky's jaw." Libbie replies, bringing a giggle from both sisters and Sam.

Well she's doing alright for a first timer. My body spasms, judders and quivers as a huge climax rushes through my body. I can hear nothing and feel nothing, except the splendid sensation of a glorious orgasm.

"Time." Sam calls.

As before as soon as time is called both wrestlers release their hold on me. But Jenni moves quickly and sits on my belly, trapping me in a pin. Not that it takes much to hold me down right now, a kitten could keep me pinned. Leaning forward Jenni lays her body on top on mine, so we are breast to breast and cheek to cheek.

"So you like my sister do you?" Jenni whispers in my ear. "I've never done anything like that with a woman either, maybe I should, you could let us know who's better."

I ignore her comment, or at least I don't respond to it. At the moment I'm just fighting the post-coital temptation to kiss my rival, as her long blonde hair cascades over my face and shoulders.

"One minute, tags allowed." Sam declares. Her timing seems to find the most awkward moments.

Casually Jenni stands and walks over to her sister and tags. Then together they amble back towards me. I'm completely done and the sight of two still fresh looking wrestlers stalking me is pretty unnerving.

They seem to take pity on me this time though, as they both just flop down on top of me, both lying lengthways down my body, overlapping. I am now pinned head to toe, frozen still and total under their control. Honestly having two beautiful faces in mine, four pert, well developed breast against my chest and upper arms and four powerful, shapely pantyhose covered thighs rubbing against mine isn't too bad!

"Sam, any requests?" Libbie asks.

"I quite like what you're doing. It looks so controlling and dominant." Sam replies.

"Do you feel controlled Becky?" Jenni asks. Looking at me, obviously waiting for an answer.

"Yes, I feel completely beaten, restrained and humiliated." I reply mainly truthfully but also as I don't want to offend them and escalate the situation.

The ladies lie on top of me for what seems like ages, occasionally grabbing a wrist and twisting, sometimes hair pulling, even scissoring my thighs (which hurts more than you might think) and always in unison as a double assault. I can see Sam, which I haven't been able to for much of the match and she looks captivated by the whole thing. But I'm not sure I can take much more of this as breathing has started to become difficult now.

"How much longer Sam?" I ask.

"Oh fuck, sorry." Sam replies looking at the stopwatch. "Break. That's been four minutes. I'm so sorry Becky."

I'm not actually too upset by that, that was probably the easiest four minutes of the match, as it was barely wrestling. Both girls roll away and stand, as I just remain static on my back. As 'Team Slade' peer down at me.

"So who is in?" Libbie asks. Confused by all that is happening.

"You are!" Jenni responds, laughing at her sister.

"Any other special hold requests Sam?" Libbie asks, as she reaches down and roughly grabs my hair, using it to lift me to a kneeling position, making me whimper in pain as she does.

"Standing head-scissor." Sam calls forth.

And even though I know exactly what's coming there is nothing I can do to stop it, if I wasn't fast enough at the start of the match, I have no hope now. Libbie simply pushes my head down and snaps her legs closed, her hose covered thighs enveloping my skull.

"Thanks Sam." I say sarcastically. Drawing another laugh from the girls.

Libbie has the hold on fairly tight, flexing occasionally to make it hurt but never for long enough to actually make me submit, just long enough to make me squeal, which seems to amuse the room.

"Can you do a hammerlock with it?" I hear Sam ask.

And a second later my arm is pulled up my back. Jeez Sam, I know the idea is watch me get dominated but what the fuck. This is now pretty uncomfortable, I may have to actually give my first submission, well the first one I've been allowed to anyway!

"Can you take that down to the mat, keeping the arm hold and headscissor but actually sitting down trapping her head under your ass?" Sam directs again.

Ok I really need to submit now, but before I can so much as get a word out Libbie does just as Sam had requested. Oh shit. As Libbie has sat down, I have her thighs around my head but my face has been smushed down into her calves, making breathing hard and speaking impossible. I can't verbalise my submission and she has my arms locked, so I can't tap.

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