tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPaparazzi! Ch. 07

Paparazzi! Ch. 07


I couldn't believe I was kissing Cher. As soon as our lips touched, her tongue was in my mouth and my knees were weak. My hand was at the top of her ass and I wanted to slide it down and cup her cheek. Only, I was afraid. This was Cher that I was kissing. For me, she was different than the other celebrity women who I have been with.

She reached behind her, grabbed me by the wrist and I thought that she was going to remove my hand. I felt like such a pervert and I was surprised that she was so modest and puritanical, but she moved my hand lower and I felt her ass.

"I want to make sure that you understand my intentions," she said with that laugh.

By her invitation, my hand was all over her ass. First I felt one check, then the other, and then both at the same time. She had a firm ass and I wondered if it was her ass that I was feeling or an ass that she had fashioned with the help of a plastic surgeon. No matter, it felt real enough, firm and round. I know that she works out; I read that in the tabloids somewhere.

"You have a wonderful ass," I said.

"Continue," she said.

I reached up and felt her breast. Her nipple had already made an appearance and I was just about to finger it when she broke off our embrace.

"No, no," she said slapping my hand away. "Continue talking about my ass. I'm not like some women who don't like hearing you talk about other women in their presence," she said sitting on the sofa and patting the cushion beside her for me to join her. "I like hearing you compare me to other women. It gets me aroused."

"It does? You do? Wow."

"So, tell me how my ass feels compared to Susan Sarandon's ass."

"Smaller, yeah definitely smaller. She's getting a bit hippy in her old age."

"And Geena's?"

"Well, Geena had a small ass, but your ass is firmer."


"Hmm," I moved and squeezed my hands as if I had Madonna's ass and her ass there to compare, "about the same. You both have wonderful asses."


I looked at her not knowing if I should lie or tell her the truth.

"Tell me the truth."

"Cameron is much younger."

"I didn't ask you her age, I asked you how her ass felt to you."

"She has an incredible ass." I didn't want to hurt her feelings, "Probably the same ass that you had a few years ago," she looked a bit sad that I told her that Cameron had a better ass. "Actually, she has the same ass that you had last year." She pouted, "I mean yesterday."

She laughed.

"I like you Freddie. I like men who can make me laugh, Sonny made me laugh and Gene Simmons of Kiss made me laugh." She looked at me, "Did you know we lived together for a few years."

"Yes, I remember reading that." I looked at her and smiled. "I'm a big fan of yours."

"He was a funny guy, different in his thinking than some of the other men who I've been with." She got a serious look on her face. "Yet, here I am alone paying a younger man for sex."

All this talking and we've yet to have sex. The other women were voracious in their sexual appetites. The only reason for me to be there with them in the room was to have sex. Cher was different. I felt like her friend. She was so unpretentious.

I used to fantasize about her when I was a kid when they showed the Sonny and Cher reruns. The funny thing about watching reruns is that you think that it is happening now and these people are still that age, only when you meet them in person or find out how old they are now, you're shocked. Cher is over 60-years-old. I'm shocked. She doesn't look 60-year-old nor does she act or dress like she's 60-years-old.

She still dresses young. Some older people who still dress young aren't able to pull it off, but Cher still has the body to do it. She looks good. I stepped back and tried to look at her with a critical eye, but I couldn't. I was smitten with her, with who she was, how she looked, how she smelled, and how she felt in my arms. I could fall in love with Cher.

I sat beside her on the couch and we kissed again. I had an erection kissing her and we continued making out. She lowered my hand from her shoulder to her breast.

"You can feel my tits now," she said with that laugh.

She wasn't wearing a bra and her tits were still up there. Certainly, she must have had breast surgery only not to make them larger just higher. They felt wonderful in my hands. Her nipples were fully erect and she reached down and felt my cock through my pants.

I needed to make love with her. I needed to know what she's like when she orgasms. I wanted to stick my prick where so many other famous men have visited her sexually. She's fucked them all. She was a wild one. Now, it's my turn and here I am with her.

I unbuttoned her black blouse as we kissed. Her tits were exposed and I wasted no time sucking her nipples. I felt her fingers unzipping my pants and deftly, she pulled my cock out from my underwear. She slid down from the sofa and moved between my legs. She was on her knees sucking my prick. I reclined back watching her skillful mouth and her full lips suck me. I never would have thought I'd be here with Cher and with her blowing me.

I pushed her back on the carpet and she shimmied out of her tight pants. She had a trimmed pussy. I fell between her legs and licked her. My tongue teased her clit while my fingers fucked her hole. She was ready for me and I mounted her. She eased my cock in her pussy and we kissed. We fucked and she came hard but loud.

She rolled me over and kissed me. Her kisses aroused me even more than the kisses of Cameron Diaz. She slid her body halfway down the length of me and took me in her mouth again. She gave me a skillful blowjob, the best that I've ever had, even better than the blowjobs that Sandra Bullock and Madonna gave me.

I shot a load of cum in her mouth that made my balls feel completely drained and depleted. She swallowed all of it and we kissed and stayed there on the rug holding one another.

The next morning, I showered while she called down for room service. She excused herself telling me that she had a telephone call to make. Then, she came in the shower with me and we did it doggie style in the shower. She was the first celebrity who invited me to sleep over and we made love again that night in bed and in the shower that morning. It was incredible.

We talked like old friends over breakfast and I didn't want to go, but I did. My time with Cher was over. She handed me the envelope with my fee, but I refused it.

"I can't accept this, not from you."

I kissed her again and walked away. I didn't want to leave her.

Vinnie stopped me at the door.

"Did you get it?"

"Get what?"

"The photo of Cher."

"Shit Vinnie, I forgot. Give me a minute."

I hustled back upstairs, but there was no answer at her door. Finally, the maid answered telling me that she had left.

I returned downstairs feeling blue that I allowed her to slip through my fingers. We could have had something more meaningful than a fuck on the rug, in the bed, and in the shower.

Vinnie stood out on Newbury Street smiling like a wild man while holding the door open to a brand new, shiny blue Ferrari Scaglietti 612.

"You're car, sir," he said to me.

"What's this?"

Cher poked her head out the passenger side window.

"Get in."

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