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Paper Jamb

byAlgonquin Twit©

I pulled my car into the nearly empty parking lot, put it in park, clicked off my lights and turned off the engine. It was still dark outside and as my car door creaked open it seemed to echo in the quiet morning. Quickly grabbing the stack of papers I planned to copy using the company's copy machine I quickly headed for the building. Once at the door, I slid my ID card over the card reader and heard the door click. I opened the door, slipped into the building and headed to the elevator.

Once on my floor I rushed to my desk, put down my bags and headed directly to the copy room. I silently moved past the empty dark cubicles and then stepped into the long dim corridor. A light was on in the copy room and as I got closer I heard a strange clicking sound and then a loud moan. Careful to hold the papers I planned to copy so no one could see they weren't work related, I stepped into the room and looked down upon an odd sight.

Instead of seeing the large copy machine with someone efficiently feeding originals, all I saw was the light outline of the machine framing a nicely curved woman's ass just barely covered by a tight denim skirt. Figuring the woman would quickly stand up I coughed slightly and, well, quite frankly I stared at her ass. Looking more closely I could see that it had hiked up her thighs so that I could, just barely, catch a glimpse of something peeking from under the hem.

Initially I thought I was looking at some lace panties or something of the sort, but bending down slightly I realized either she was wearing no panties or perhaps the crotch of a thong had disappeared into a patch of light brown curly hair over a single, distinctive slit. I could feel my cock begin to tingle as I bent a bit further to get a better view. Yes, soft, luxurious curls daintily covering a tight...

I heard a noise and realized she had been talking to me. "Ah, excuse me. What did you say?" I shyly replied.

"I tried to fix a paper jam and my hair got caught."

I leaned over and looked down into the assorted gears, rollers and trays of the machine and saw her hair tightly wound around several rollers. I went to reach into the machine when she quickly warned me, "Careful, some of those get real hot."

Pulling my hand out of the machine I paused and looked over the situation. "I'm not sure what to do here," I said, once again gazing down at her ass. I could feel my cock pushing out against my pants.

"Perhaps if you just grabbed my hips and helped me pull out of here," she said.

"You think that will work?"

"I don't know, we can try."

Taking a deep breath, I reached down and placed my hands on her hips. On the count of three, I tried pulling back as she used her hands to push against the machine. Almost immediately she cried out, "No, no stop, that won't work."

As we abruptly stopped, I noticed my hands slide down onto her ass. Not really aware of what I was doing, I left them there and just gazed at her. I bent my knees and squatted down giving myself a much better view. Looking slightly upward I let my eyes wander up her smooth thighs to the tight thatch of light brown hair that only lightly veiled her slit. I could see the slit had opened just a bit and even in the shadow under her skirt I noticed a slight sparkle of dampness.

I leaned forward and breathed in her damp, musty fragrance. Grasping her ass with my hands, I moved my head in closer feeling my cheek brush against her thigh. I heard her giggle a bit and pull slightly away.

"Oooh, that tickles," she said, but then went on, "yes, yes, that's nice," as my tongue touched her outer lips and began to burrow into her.

My tongue circled as it moved deeper into her folds and then quickly slipped into her wet opening. I could feel her body move above me as she spread her legs wider. Shoving my tongue deep into her pussy, I let myself savor the tangy taste of her before moving my tongue up her delicate lips to her clit. For the next minute or so I let my tongue just lightly caress the nub, flicking lightly over it as I listened to her whine and moan.

As she got closer to coming, I slipped my lips over her clit and sucked lightly while moving my index finger down and pushing it into her. After a few pushes, I slipped a second and then a third finger into her, working them in and out, feeling her wetness coat my fingers and begin to run out onto my hand. She began to raise her hips up and down on my fingers and although it took some work, I was able to move my head and keep her clit in my mouth as I sucked and licked the tiny nub.

After a few minutes I heard her moan, "Oh yes, I'm coming," and then I felt her pussy begin to tighten and loosen on my fingers in short little spasms. I let her clit slip out of my mouth and only after the spasms in her pussy subsided did I slowly ease my fingers out of her pussy. Moving my fingers up to my mouth, I was licking the last of her juices from them when I noticed her looking down at me.

"Look, I'm not tangled anymore. I guess we figured out how to get me out."

Feeling my cock throbbing I carefully stood up but before I could do anything else I felt her hand press against the tent in my pants. Her fingers slowly closed around the shaft as she said, "I guess I need to thank you for getting me untangled, and well, that other thing too."

"Wait a minute, I have an idea," she announced as she began unbuttoning her blouse. She quickly tossed it onto a bookshelf and then pulled off her bra. Opening the top of the copier, she leaned over, put her breasts on the glass and made a copy. She then wiggled her ass back and forth and said, "Come on, join the fun."

I quickly unfastened my pants and dropped them to my ankles. Sliding in behind her, I eased my cock into her pussy as she continued to lean over the copy machine running copies of her breasts. It quickly became an odd rhythm as I pushed deep into her wet warmth as I noticed the light flash on the machine and then I eased out of her as I heard a copy slide onto the stack. A flash of light with a thrust and the crinkle of paper as I withdrew.

It wasn't long before we had a nice stack of copies of her breasts and I felt the pleasure building inside me. Yes, yes, there were two bright flashes as I shoved myself deep, quickly withdrew and shoved again. Then I came spurting my cum deep inside her in spurt after spurt as the copies still continued to spill out into the tray.

After about twenty more copies, I eased my cock out of her, and watching a bit of the white, frothy cum run down her thigh I asked, "You think you have enough?"


"Copies. Don't you have enough?"

"Oh yeah," she smiled, moving her hand off the copy button. "I guess I do."

As I pulled my pants up I asked, "You think I could have one?"

She blushed a bit and asked, "You really want one?"

"Of course," I replied.

She handed me one copy, then straightened her skirt and grabbed the stack of copies. "Thanks for helping me get untangled."

"No, thank you for ah... well, letting me help you get untangled."

"You're so sweet," she said, leaning forward and kissing me on the cheek. The then walked past me and headed back to her desk.

Remembering the copies I needed to run, I quickly placed the stack of papers on the machine and pushed "Start". The first copy ran through but as the second page slipped into the machine I heard a teeth chattering clanging of gears and then silence. The machine had jammed.

"Damn," I moaned. Ah, but I couldn't help but smile as I glanced down at one of the copies I had.

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