The First day

Each plane we board is smaller than the last as we flew south for our dream vacation. We had started out at Vancouver International Airport on a huge wide bodied something or other, then changed planes in Honolulu and again in New Zealand until we finally took off from some small South Pacific island in a tiny float plane for our final flight to the resort of our dreams and our vacation in the sun. The resort's name was, quite simply, 'Paradise' and the brochure had promised us a vacation like no other we could ever imagine. We had read no further than that and booked our trip.

"Fuck the expense!" I had cried and Zoë agreed with me completely; after all, we had just won a small lottery and we needed a vacation on some exotic South Seas island.


"If we see a dwarf standing next to a tall Spanish looking guy on the pier we're leaving OK Baby," I joke as we begin the descent to land in the calm atoll waters of the tiny island that our resort is on.

Our pilot kindly takes us in high over the tropical island so we can see all of it. I hold Zoë's hand as we look out the windows at the breathtaking view. The island looks like two very different round islands pushed together to form one in the shape of the figure eight. The southern half is a tall ancient volcano with its peak in the clouds above us while the northern half is a low, gently sloping mass of tropical jungle giving way to palm groves nearer to the shore. A wide stream fed by a beautiful waterfall meanders north from the cliff face of the volcano to empty into a lagoon that is protected by the coral reef that surrounds the island. The outer edge of the reef is dotted with small sandy islets covered with palm groves making the whole look like a blue and green eye in the deeper blue of the ocean around it.

As the plane banks to line up for its final approach, we see the resort sprawled out under the tall palms surrounding the mouth of the stream and facing the lagoon. Two long piers reach out from sandy beaches one with numerous small boats tied to it with the other leading to thatch covered rooms on pilings over the sparkling water.

Our floatplane lands with a slight bump and an impressive spray of water before taxing to the end of the pier that has all the boats. As we get closer Zoë notices that there isn't anyone there to greet us and asks the copilot in a worried voice, "They are expecting us aren't they?"

"I don't think that there is a clock on this whole damned island," he complains. "Of course they are, Zoë, I talked to the reservations clerk by radio just before we picked you up at your hotel," he says with a grin as he opens the door of the plane so he can jump out and secure it to the dock.

As we step down from the plane onto the pier and into the scorching morning sun, the pilot apologizes again for our lost luggage. Our two small bags seem to have gone missing in Hawaii or somewhere. All we have with us is a tiny carry on suitcase containing some 'toys' we didn't want to lose and a money belt with our passports, credit cards and cash. Our 'toys' definitely caused some raised eyebrows and even a few smiles from the attendants at the many X-ray machines we had to put it through as we flew across the Pacific.

We stand there in the only clothes we have left; our winter weight clothes from when we started our trip. "No worries mate," our pilot calls as he looks at his watch. "The hotel is just up the path you'll find when you get off the pier. I suggest that you get in the shade as soon as you can what with that northern gear you're wearing. We have to be off to Taranga to pick up our next fare." With that, the pair unties the plane and giving it a mighty shove away from the dock, they climb inside with hearty waves back at us standing in stunned and sweaty silence.

"Well, he is right, Serge, let's head for shade before I melt," Zoë sighs. "Paradise indeed!" she mmmph's as she turns and begins walking toward the palm grove and its shade. I hurry to keep up with my pretty lady as I pull off my heavy shirt and feel the soft trade winds begin to cool me a little. "Men," Zoë says as her arms disappear into her top and after a struggle, a pink, lacy bra appears like magic in her hand. "AAH, that's a little better. Here you carry it, seeing as I can't take my top off like you, you man you," she says dangling the offending article of clothing from her fingertips. I take the bra from her fingers and, putting it to my nose, take a deep whiff of her wonderful scent and toss it into the lagoon along with my sweatshirt.

"Who needs clothes in paradise," I quip as I pretend to pull off her top.

We have reached the beach by this time and Zoë runs, laughing, the last few meters into the shade of the towering palms to sit exhausted on a convenient bench at the start of a wide path that leads to a dense overgrown jungle. I follow her again and notice a water fountain to her left. "A bench in the shade with a water fountain next to it, this just might be paradise," I roar as I suck down at least a gallon of sweet cold water then splash it all over me.

"Oh God, I'm next!" Zoë shouts as she pushes me aside for her turn at the fountain. "Um, that's better," she purrs with her thirst quenched and her freshly wet top clinging tightly to her perky breasts.

We sit down on the bench again and I say to my love, "Paradise is certainly tardy in greeting its new guests, don't you think, Baby."


"Oh, there they are!" a deep, sultry, woman's voice comes from the beach. "I tell you, Jean Claude that Aussie pilot is always early."

"He's the one with a watch; we're probably late again, Iman."

"Hush, dear, you know you can't be late on an island."

I look up to see a couple walking toward us from the beach hand in hand. The woman is a tall and very pretty black lady with very short hair. With her is a man that can only be French what with his sharp Gallic nose and that look that only the French and Italians seem to master. Then I look again as they are completely naked; their bodies are oiled and glisten in the sun. I nudge Zoë from the little nap she is having on the bench to point.

Noticing my stare the woman punches the man with her in the arm saying, "You told me you updated the website and brochure about Paradise being clothing optional last week."

"Ouch, that hurt!" the man exclaims as he rubs his arm, "And yes I did update it...yesterday."

"Allow me to introduce ourselves. This forgetful man is Jean Claude and my name is Iman. We are your hosts while you stay in Paradise."

Zoë looks at me and then at the two nude people in front of us, "You mean we can get out of these hot clothes?" she asks in amazement.

"But of course, you may dress or undress as you wish here in Paradise," Iman replies.

"Yes!" Zoë yells as she stands and strips off her hot clothes to stand naked in front of me to say, "God, that's better; your turn now Serge."

We give each other a loving look as I stand to do the same, "Well, this is a surprise," I say as I undress. "Being nude in Paradise is a plus we had thought of, but didn't expect," I say as I throw my last sock onto the bench and wink at my pretty lady. We had hoped to sneak off for naked trysts away from the resort, but to be able to walk around nude together in public is a nice revelation."

"Oh, you can do more than just be nude in public here," Iman answers cryptically in her beautifully flowing Caribbean accent. "Oooh, I see you both are 'Smoothies' and pierced and tattooed as well," Iman remarks as she stares at my pierced nipples, cock and balls and Zoë's huge clit hood ring. "You'll be the talk of the resort before nightfall, I bet. It'll be hard to know when to stop describing you two!

"So few of the men are willing to shave their pubes these days, or have their cocks pierced for that matter. Right, Jean Claude? Maybe we should shave you and get your cock pieced like Serge's."

"Ah, Aiata," Jean Claude says as he pulls absently at his huge thatch of pubic hair, "on time, as always."

I turn to look up the path to where he is looking to see a beautiful bare breasted Polynesian girl wearing only a sarong tied around her waist, with the knot on her right hip, walking toward us. She is carrying a tray with four glasses of some type of fancy tropical drink on it. Her large brown breasts gently sway above the tray with each step.

"Singapore Slings?" Jean Claude asks.

"What else?" Aiata laughs and smiles as she offers the first glass to Zoë then the second to me and the final two to our new hosts.

Jean Claude raises his glass in a toast and when we all respond he says in a very bad Spanish accent, "Serge and Zoë, Welcome to Fantasy Island."

We both laugh and Zoë asks if they had bugged the plane.

"No, the fool only does that about once or twice a month as a joke and it's a lame joke at that. Our European guests don't get it at all," Iman answers with the long suffering look that woman share together at there men's silliness.

Just as we finish our drinks, Aiata returns with two more Singapore Slings. Iman and Jean Claude place their empties on her tray and offer the fresh ones to us saying that they must get back to the hotel to prepare for our arrival.

A new islander appears with two wide brimmed straw hats and two pair of sandals in his hands. He is wearing a sarong around his waist as well but it is tied in front so every now and then there is a glimpse of his rather large cock; if you were inclined to look that is. "Thank you, Teiki, for your consideration. Would you please take our new guests clothes and what little luggage they have managed to keep from being lost by the airlines up to the hotel for us?" Iman asks.

"Of course Madam."

Looking at us Iman says, "You'll find it all in the room that you select along with new clothes to replace those you lost en route. Rest here and meet us at the hotel when you are ready. Its just a little ways up the path."

We sit in silence surrounded by the sounds of tropical birds and the gentle lap of the water on the white sand beach. The soft trade wind rustles the palm fronds high above our heads as it gently cools our now naked bodies.

"The wind feels so sensuous, I can feel it moving over every little hair on me. You know that lagoon looks so inviting and cooling, though. I think I'm just going to walk right in. Please come with me, Serge," Zoë purrs.

"Right behind you Baby," I drawl agreeing with her about the wind; I am getting a woody from the breeze as it plays over my naked body.

Standing up Zoë puts her straw hat on and sways down the beach and into the lagoon. Donning my own hat, I slowly saunter toward the water feeling strange being nude with a hat on. Zoë looks beautiful standing thigh deep in the lagoon with her back to me as she gazes out at the island dotted reef. By the time I reach the waters edge I have gone beyond a woody to a diamond cutter. I wade a few feet past Zoë to cool myself down chest deep in the lagoon, caressing her pretty buns as I pass. When I stop wading I look out at the reef then turn to look at my sweet lady standing there splashing water onto her high pert breasts.

"MMMM" she purrs as she stops splashing herself to look passionately at me from under the shade of her flower-covered hat. "Do you feel it?" she asks.

"Feel what?"

"Why the feeling of the sun, wind and water sucking the tensions right out of your body."

I stand there feeling the sensations and agree, "Yes, Zoë, you're right. And look, my dick has gone back to a woody."

"Oh, Serge," Zoë laughs as she splashes me.

I laugh as well as I fall backwards into the warm water of the lagoon. "Look, a periscope," I say as I hold my still semi erect cock up out of the water and then turn to chase my hat as it floats away from me.

"There will be none of that; right now anyway, Baby," Zoë responds as she grabs my ankle and begins to tow me toward the beach. "Let's head up to the hotel now and check in. I'm getting hungry."

I sputter and thrash about as seawater goes up my nose while Zoë pulls me to shore. I finally fight free to roll over to stand in the shallow water close to the beach, my woody now totally gone while I flop my sodden hat onto my head to have the brow of it droop over my face.

"Now that you mention it I'm famished too."

"You know, Serge, I'm not totally comfortable walking into the hotel nude."

"Well, Teiki did take all of our clothes; we have no choice."

"MMM, OK, I guess," she sighs.

As we walk hand in hand up the beach, we see two towels waiting on the bench for us. Zoë picks hers up to dry herself off and finds a bright sarong underneath. Lifting my own thick towel, I find another sarong for me. A small table is now there as well with two tall sweating glasses filled with what proves to be some very cold exotic fruit juice.

"How thoughtful," Zoë muses as she finishes drying herself off and wraps the soft almost see through sarong around her hips and ties it in a knot on her left hip. She picks up her glass of juice and strikes a sexy pose saying, "I guess I can handle going topless, don't you think," adding a sultry giggle at the end. I have my sarong on by now as well and have tied it in front, as Teiki wears his. Zoë's display causes another rising of my member and it pokes out from between the front edges of my sarong at a very jaunty angle indeed.

"Thank you, Baby, but I think you should quit saluting me so much until later when we are in our room," Zoë husks as she gives my cock a swift stroke. "Now we have to wait for you to soften before we head up to the hotel."

"Sorry, but this whole day is very, er, stimulating to say the least. I have been in sensory overload since we landed in Paradise."

"Me too, you should feel between my legs. I'm wet as hell," Zoë says with another sigh. "Ooops, sorry Serge, I guess I shouldn't have said that," she exclaims as my flagging cock rises yet again.

I groan as I sit on the bench again, "Well we'll wait here for a while again, and then head up a little later. This really is embarrassing."

Zoë, seeing the humour of the situation laughs before saying,

"Trapped on the edge of paradise by a hardon, oh, how truly ironic, Serge!"

As we calm into the silence of wind, waves and bird song I hear the sound of footsteps approaching again. Looking up I see Aiata approaching with another tray of drinks and Teiki is behind her carrying a large tray of finger foods.

"Some Mai Tai's Zoë and Serge? And we have something to eat as well. You must be hungry by now," Aiata says as she places our new drinks on the little table, leaving room for Teiki to place his tray of delicious smelling tidbits in front of us.

"Thank you," we both answer as we ravenously attack the seafood and exotic fruits with an occasional sip on our drinks while offering up a constant string of praises and yumms, this is so good to Teiki and Aiata.

Seeing that we have had our fill of the food and drinks but still are hesitating Teiki laughs, "Do not worry man, we all get excited here in Paradise, even me. Why do you think I wear my sarong this way? I do not like the tent look that some men insist on in false modesty. People will not even notice and it will go down sometime soon, I think.

"Come, our valued guests, let Aiata and I lead you into Paradise."

The two smile at us and turn to walk up the path toward the jungle. Not knowing what else to do we shrug our shoulders and begin to follow. As we stand, Zoë turns to pick up the towels.

Aiata's voice comes floating out of the forest, "That is not for you to do. You are in Paradise now, Zoë."

"How did she know I was going to do that?" Zoë muses to me as we continue up toward the thick forest, "You know, Serge, while I'm thinking about it; this is probably how all the new guests are greeted. With variations of course, like greeting G9 for us, a poor couple who got lucky on a lottery or G2 for some rich couple. The beach here is like a transition area from the outside world to Paradise."

"Sounds a little like the 'Pearly Gates' to me but you are right. I can remember some tense arrivals in my time and this one is fast becoming very relaxing.

"Taking it a little further, I'm willing to bet our luggage either never left Vancouver or got here overnight by some courier company. That only makes sense, I mean our two little bags just had what we could throw together at the last minute in the middle of winter. No loss, really.

"Well we should have guessed from all the size questions we had to fill out after the section on food and drinks preferences. I mean they even asked for my bra size. Every one enters Paradise nude or as naked as they dare on their first day I bet."

I laugh, "OK, if we are right; imagine for me, please, a huge warehouse somewhere on the island filled with very rich peoples luggage piled everywhere to the roof on their own pallets and off in a corner is our pallet with two ratty little bags on it."

The last visual I describe is too much and we laugh as we stand at the entrance to the deep dense jungle. As I feel the last of my tension leave my mind and body, I hear Teiki call from somewhere up ahead, "Come along now you two, it's only a little ways up the path to the hotel."


"I hope my tan lines go away soon," Zoë mumbles to herself as we enter the forest and she looks down at her breasts as they jiggle and sway with each step. She cups and lifts them in her hands then turns to me, "Do you like my tits, Baby?" then looks down at my rising cock and smiles. "Of course you do." She reaches over to grab my stiff erection that sticks straight out and up a little in front of me and swings from side to side as I walk, "You know I love this beautiful cock and I can hardly wait to have it deep in my hot, wet cunt."

Less than a dozen steps into the jungle we walk into a wall of heat and moisture causing us to wilt on the spot including my hard on. There is no wind but the sun still finds its way through the high canopy of trees. The humidity is killing us as rivers of sweat start rolling down our bodies. Thinking that taking off my hat will help I lift it from my sweating head and Zoë starts laughing again.

"What's so funny?" I ask.

"There's steam coming off the top of your head, Baby!" she giggles.

"Cool, take off your hat, let me see," I respond and sure enough steam wafts up from under her hat. "That's too much," I chuckle, "Well let's get going, sooner started sooner finished I always say."

"You've never said that before," Zoë laughs as she hurries to catch up with me.

"I've said it at least once, now, anyway. Look, up ahead, another water fountain."

By the time, we reach the fountain my sarong is sticking to my sweaty legs making walking difficult so I take it off and leave it and the hat on the bench there and turn to continue on nude. Looking ahead, I see that the path climbs a hill in a series of switchbacks. At the first switchback, Zoë strips off her sarong as well to leave it behind on the bench beside yet another fountain. "Oh, that feels better in this heat," she sighs as we continue to the next fountain and turning. We rest there on the bench to try to catch our breath in the stifling heat. Looking up I can see two more switchbacks in the thinning forest above us.

"A short way up the path," I quip. "Up is the key word here and short is as the crow flies, if they have any here."

We eventually reach the top of the hill and a place where the path actually slopes down a little. The forest now looks like a tropical garden with flowers and small ponds whose waters ripple in the soft breeze of the trade winds. Further on we find a small pool with a waterfall. A table and chairs are set out on its sandy beach.

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