Paradise Bound Ch. 01


"All right. Hair and clothes like you were supposed to wear yesterday. But no panties."

"Yes, Derrick."

I showered and shaved everything. I lotioned and perfumed myself. I brushed my hair until it shone. I put on a sparkly silver halter top that tied in the back at my neck and my waist. I pulled on the short black skirt that swirled around my upper thighs. Just thinking about the access that Derrick would have to my body in it was making me wet. I slipped on the black fuck-me heels and turned this way and that to check myself in the mirror. Surely he'll want to fuck me now!

I was not satisfied with the halter's bow, though, so I went in search of Dad. He was watching football in the den, stretched out in his recliner. I wanted to look perfect for Derrick, so I asked, "Dad, will you tie my bow for me, please?"

He sat up in the recliner. "Come here." He put his hands on each side of my waist and pulled me towards him a little more. He tied a perfect bow for me. I turned and kissed his cheek, "Thanks, Dad."

Dad touched the back of his hand to my cheek and said, "You're welcome, Beauty." The doorbell rang. "Ah, and there's your Beast." He walked to the door with me, then kissed me on the cheek, saying, "Have a good time, Baby."

After the door shut, Derrick looked me up and down, slowly. He was a wolf and I, a tasty snack. I gave a little shiver of sexual acknowledgement. My nipples pebbled under his gaze. "Satisfactory?" I almost moaned.

"Let's find out" he said, and led me to the car. After I sat, he said, "Show me that you've obeyed me." I gawped at him. "Show me!"

"Okay, okay!" I pulled up my skirt and closed my eyes. I knew my cheeks were flaming. I heard a camera click and let go of my skirt. "What are you doing, Derrick?!" I was in a near panic.

"Relax, Kitten." Derrick tapped away on his phone.

"Derrick! Derrick! How can you do that?" I felt lightheaded, almost faint.

"How can I do it?" he repeated. "Because you did it first!"

Derrick leaned over and lifted my skirt. He ran his fingers over my puss and brought them up, wet. Even I could see they were wet. "Besides, I think you enjoyed that" he said. He licked his fingers and murmured, "Mmm, sweet."


Derrick took me to a lovely restaurant. It was funny how Derrick was able to ramp up the sexual tension by not really doing anything. I guess it was me, anticipating, and nothing ever happening. The anticipation just kept growing.

Next, Derrick took me to a party that a friend of his was throwing. It was a fairly small party at a private house off-post. Derrick was the only one there that I knew. He explained these were all people from the same area back home. We had a few beers each and mingled after Derrick introduced me to everyone.

I enjoyed meeting his back-home friends, until The Drunk started in on me. There's always at least one drunk jerk at a party. He kept leaning into me and demanding to know why I was with a black guy. He bragged that he was a real man and what I really needed.

He slurred, "Show me your tits, you stuck up bitch" and reached for me.

As he grabbed the front of my halter top, I yelled for Derrick, and tried to hit the guy's arm away from me.

Derrick immediately stepped between the jerk and me. Derrick was most of a head taller than the jerk, and outweighed him by at least 50 pounds. Derrick gave the jerk his patented Look then pounded the guy's face. Blood spurted. The jerk dropped.

No one admitted to bringing the guy. Several of Derrick's friends picked him up and threw him into the street. One of them called the local police.

"Thank you, Derrick," I said.

Derrick picked me up as easily as if I were a baby and strode over to the couch. He sat down with me on his lap, petting me and murmuring how sorry he was that he hadn't noticed the jerk earlier.

"Derrick, as much as I'm loving this right now, I'm okay. I'm not that fragile."

"Pari, it's my job to protect you...."

"You did, Derrick! Besides, he didn't do anything to me that hasn't happened a hundred times before."

Derrick reared away from me. "What? What do you mean? Guys paw you everywhere you go?"

"Well, Derrick, it's not always fun and games when you're as cute as I am." I tried to lighten the mood.

Derrick seemed to get even more concerned.

"Derrick, I'm all right. Really."

He raised his eyebrow at me, "You sure?"

I nodded.

"All right, I'll drop this for now, but we're going to talk about it later. I seriously want you to be able to protect yourself. I may not always be there, you know."

"Your concern is very sweet, Derrick. I do appreciate it. But this is a party! C'mon!"

I stood and pulled him up and began dancing. Derrick laughed.

We danced with each other and with whoever else was dancing. When a slow song came on, though, Derrick immediately reached for me. He hugged me to him as we swayed. I felt his hard body all along the length of me. My desire for him raged through me—I wanted his desire for me to be equally powerful.

I began kissing Derrick with everything I had. He responded to my kiss, sweetly at first, then ever more forcefully. I shivered with desire as Derrick's hands roamed my naked back. He attacked my lips again and I groaned. His hands left my back to press and mold my ass. He moaned.

My hands were busy, too, kneading his biceps, scratching his back, feeling his chest, and teasing his nipples. I felt his cock grow hard between us. When I moved my hand lower to reach for it, Derrick stopped me.

He growled out, "Time to go!"

On the way home, Derrick's hand never left my skin. He leaned over to kiss me every time we stopped. He told me how beautiful I was. He said that he'd been dreaming of being with me. That he couldn't wait to be with me.

"Could've fooled me," I said.

He chuckled. "Good things come to those who wait," he quoted, mock-piously as we pulled up outside Derrick's quarters.

"Have we waited long enough, Derrick?"

He opened the car door for me and said, "Oh, yes."

The wanton desire in his voice and on his face had me on the verge of an orgasm already. God, I wanted him!

"Straight to the bedroom," he said.

He sat on the bed, "Now strip."

My hands were shaking, but I managed to untie my top at the back and it flopped loose. Then I untied it at my neck, but held it up to me in the front with my hands over my breasts. I looked Derrick in the eye, then pulled my hands away from my body. The silver top glinted in the low light as it floated to the floor—but I don't think Derrick noticed. His eyes were glued to by body.

I reached around back to unzip my skirt. Then I wiggled, side to side, to make it slide down my naked thighs and down to the floor. Derrick made the sexiest little sounds as I was wiggling—I think he liked it.

I asked, "Heels, too?"

"Leave 'em," he said firmly. Then a tender command, "Turn around, slowly."

I did, though I was almost dizzy with desire. I felt like I was going to flood the floor with my juices, I was so incredibly turned on. The fact that I was naked and Derrick hadn't taken off any of his clothes, heightened the effect on me.

He pulled me towards him, my naked ass meeting his lips. He kissed and nibbled my ass cheeks while feeling the whole front of my body, from my thighs upwards to my bare mound and up to my tits and all the way to my neck and back down. I thought I was going to melt.

He stood up behind me, and, through his pants, I could feel his dick searching for my puss. We grinded together while he kissed and licked and sucked on my neck. Then he picked me up and positioned me in the middle of his bed. He leaned over me, kissing me to distraction.

He stood up and took off his shirt and kicked off his shoes. He spread my legs and lay between them. He kissed me some more while teasing my nipples, rolling them and pulling them. He eased himself down a bit and then worshipped my nipples with his tongue and teeth.

One hand made its way to my puss. At first, he just lightly pressed his whole hand over my mound. Gradually, he began a circular motion and then his fingers started their own circular motions. When he circled the entrance to my body over and over it nearly made me mad with desire. I was moaning and pleading with Derrick.

Derrick shifted himself lower again. His face was even with my puss. He gave it a smile, a kiss, and a sniff.

"Beautiful," he said.

He threw my shoes in a corner then positioned my legs over his shoulders. He began by kissing my inner thighs, then kissing my labia, then the hood above my clit. He looked up at me and grinned.

"Oh, Derrick...please!!!" I pleaded as I humped my pelvis up, wanting more.

Derrick began long slow licks that drove me mad. Gradually, his licks began to focus on my clit. He massaged my inner thigh and then went back to those circular motions, swirling around and just barely into my tunnel with his big, thick fingers. Then, his tongue worked my clit round and round and he began pushing a finger into me. I was gasping and writhing. He finger-fucked me a little harder, and farther with each thrust until, screaming, I came, drenching his face and hand with my honey.

Derrick stood up and took off his pants and drawers. He stood above me, a sculpted god with lust-glazed eyes. His dick looked so enormous that I began to have second thoughts about having that thing invade me. He must have seen the expression on my face change.

He assured me, "We'll go slow, Kitten. It's all right. We don't even have to do it."

That did make me feel reassured, but also a bit silly. This was Derrick—he wasn't going to hurt me! I reached up to him and ran my hands over his beautiful chest.

"It's all right, Derrick. I want you. I trust you."

He leaned down and we kissed. His kisses were so passionate and sweet and so full of longing, I felt my fear drown in a rising tide of passion. He kissed my lips, my cheek, my neck, my breast, my nipples—and somewhere in there I felt fullness, then pain. I yelled, but Derrick captured my lips again.

Derrick began moving in and out of my tightness, very slowly. I don't know how long it took, but I realized sometime in, that I was moving my hips up to meet his. After that, Derrick moved faster and deeper, while I dug my heels into the bed so that I could, as well.

He continued kissing me, and told me, "Touch yourself."

I moved my hand between us and began lightly rubbing my clit. It took only a moment before I shuddered in a climax that took me out of my body.

From far away, I heard, "Ahhh, Pari, Pari!"

I felt warmth filling me as Derrick seemed to clench all over. He dropped down over me for a moment then rolled off to my side. I didn't know if I was ever going to catch my breath. I didn't know if I was ever going to leave his bed.

Derrick pulled me to him and gradually, I heard his breathing calm. Mine did, too.

It was the next morning before I knew anything again. Derrick was still spooned behind me, although his hands were cupping my breasts, jiggling and playing with them. I yawned.

In my ear I heard, "I didn't mean to wake you up."

"It's all right," I replied sleepily, realizing I was hungry, "Hey, what'ya got for breakfast around here?"

Derrick admitted, "Not much."

He kissed my neck and asked if I wanted to go out.

I said no and told him I wanted to cook for him. We decided to go to my house for breakfast, so we showered and got dressed.

Sitting in the driveway at my house, Derrick turned serious.

"Last night was beautiful, Pari. You gave me a precious gift. You don't regret it, do you?"

"Oh, Derrick," I replied.

I kissed him. I tried to put all my feelings in that kiss.

"No regrets, Derrick. No regrets."

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