Paradise Ch. 02


"Let's go out now and find a place to have dinner, Serge. Maybe explore Paradise a little."

Just as I answer yes, we hear the sound of laughter coming from the wood walkway that spans the cliff face below our shack. We look that way to see a smiling, happy couple strolling out of the sultry darkness into the torch light as they walk hand in hand along the beach. They are both tall and very black dressed in gossamer thin clothing that does nothing to hide their attractive bodies.

She is a beautiful, athletic woman wearing a dress so shear that I can only see it as a white sheen over her black body as it reflects the torchlight. The top part of her dress is like a half bra that is only a shelf to support and present her large breasts; showing off her dark nipples that are pierced with heavy gold rings. The bottom of the shear dress barely covers the dark delta between her legs.

He is a strong, well built man with wide shoulders and a large chest over a tight stomach wearing only a shear black sheath that covers his cock like a condom. It is so shear that I can see in the flickering torch light that he is uncircumcised. His balls hang below his long and very thick shaft wrapped in the attached tight form fitting pouch of the same material. The whole nothingness that he is wearing is held on by a black ribbon that is wrapped around his cock and balls and tied like a formal bow tie above his semi erect cock.

When they get nearer they smile waving to us, "You must be Serge and Zoe, the new couple that arrived yesterday," the man says. "I am Simon and this lovely vision with me is Nicole."

Nicole laughs at our questioning stares, "If you know Lady Lydia you know everything that goes on here in Paradise."

Just as I'm about to ask these cheerful people to join us for a drink Nunui and Leilani appear out of the dark with him carrying two chairs and her bearing a tray of fancy tropical drinks. I stand to offer Nicole my chair after quickly pulling the towel it off while Simon and I wait for Nunui to unfold the new chairs for us.

"Yes, quite the pair aren't they. Is he really the lord of Derby something or other?" I ask regretting, as always, my stupid forgetfulness of names.

Nicole laughs at me before asking Zoe, "Is Serge as bad at remembering names as Simon is? He really is Sir Harold, Lord Twiddlesmore of Derbycaster and his large tittied wife is the Lady Lydia."

"Biggest melons in the resort," Simon laughs before reaching across to caress Nicole's breast, "but I like these better."

Nicole blushes at the compliment even as she pushes her tit out to be touched by her man. "We are going to the restaurant on the next bay for dinner and a night of dancing. Would you like to join us?"

"Yes. That would be nice," Zoe answers, "But I have nothing on to wear. Not like you have on. "

Nicole laughs, "Remember your closet upstairs? Let's go look to see if we can't find something for you to wear."

As the two women hold hands climbing the stairs to our beach shack Simon groans, "Well, we won't see them for a while."

Nunui appears with another drink for each of us on his tray and hands me a black see through kilt to wear, "I trust this will be adequate," he chuckles, "the ladies are going be a long time while they choose the right thing for Zoe to wear. Leilani already has half the clothes in the closet on the bed for them to look at."

I hear laughter and giggles coming from above us then look at Simon and Nunui with a shrug that is as old as mankind.

I step into my kilt to find that it has slits up both sides to the waist band with another up the front. The see through garment doesn't cover anything but I feel dressed.

Simon and I wait talking about the resort and the people we have met here. I ask him about the Moon Pool and the effect it had on us this afternoon.

"Ah, you were in it today? The deeper you dive into it the more it affects you."

I cast a hard glance at Nunui who is coming down with more drinks. He smiles at me, puts the drinks down and quickly remembers something he forgot up stairs

"Nobody knows what causes that. The islanders have sent samples away but they all come back negative. Wait until you see it when the moon hits it just right. The whole lagoon is black with the silver streak to the moon on it. At the end of the silver, the Moon Pool glows a deep aqua. You can look down into it to see right to the bottom."

Zoe finally comes down the stairs with Nicole and Leilani behind her. She is wearing two bits of blue string. The top one holds little blue squares of gauze over her tits while the other is around her hips with a blue square between her legs. Zoe smiles at me asking if I am ready to party tonight. Her cheeks are flushed red as she looks at me doing a pirouette with her arms held high above her head. Smiling I stand to offer her my hand. The happy look on her face as she reaches out to hold mine is worth every penny we have spent to get here.

"Let's go, I'm starving!" Nicole shouts taking Simon by his hand to walk down the beach.

We follow a little behind our new friends. Zoe holds my arm tight to lean against me to whisper, "She touched me."

"What?" I ask totally confused.

"She touched my boobs as I tried on some of the things Leilani had out for me."

"Oh, that explains why you were blushing as you came down the stairs."

Zoe slaps my arm, "That's not why I was blushing; I have been touched by a woman there before. My face still feels red from when she reached between my legs to put her finger over my pussy!"

"Um," is the only thing I can think to say.

"That's what I said."

"She felt your pussy?" I ask barely holding back my shocked laughter at the thought of what happened in the shack upstairs.

"Yes, and that's not all!"

"There's more?"

"The restaurant that we are going to tonight is for swingers and she wants to give herself to you if I will have Simon."

"Amazing," is all I can say.


"Um," I feel so put on the spot. Nicole is very pretty and I wouldn't mind making love with her but I wonder what I would think if another man was with my Lady.

"Well?" Zoe asks again as she caresses my arm then reaches down to feel my swelling cock, "Are you willing?"

"Tell me that you want his fat cock in your pussy," I answer as I look down at my pretty Lady's face.

"Yes, I want his fat cock in me just as much as you want to put yours into Nicole. You want that don't you," Zoe laughs as she smiles up at me and takes her hand off my now totally erect cock, "Now that we have decided let's catch up with them to enjoy our first night out in Paradise."

I walk beside Zoe with my hand in hers as we hurry to join Simon and Nicole. They look back at us with knowing eyes when they see my hardness swaying out of the slit in my kilt. We all know what will happen tonight now.

"We were going to walk the beach all the way to the restaurant but it is getting late so let's take the short cut across the point," Simon tells us looking at Zoe and Nicole. They have the grace to blush knowing that they took way too long picking out something for Zoe to wear.

The black couple leads us off the beach along a torch lit path through a stunningly beautiful tropical garden. "There are flowers here that only bloom at night. You can smell their wonderful scent when we get closer," Nicole tells us.

The flickering light from the torches is reflected off the huge leaves on the trees over us as we walk into the dark tunnel of this tropical jungle. At times, the path is wide enough that the four of us can walk beside each other but then it will narrow so that we have to walk single file with the feathery leaves of ferns brushing at us; exciting our bodies.

"What mad gardener made this path?" I ask at one point.

"Fun, isn't it?" Nicole answers and I have to agree as I watch her pretty ass sway in front of me. I notice that Zoe is happily staring at Simon's backside as well when the path widens enough for her to look past me.

We walk through the soft night chatting easily amongst ourselves about everything and nothing until we emerge out of the jungle onto the beach again. The tradewinds make the tiny bits of nothing that we are wearing flutter in the breeze. I think that we are dressed only so that we can know how naked we really are as my kilt is lifted by the wind to tease me with its softness. I tell Zoe my thought and she laughs at my madness before running ahead to tell Nicole and Simon what I have just said. They laugh and look back at me with smiles on their faces. I can only shrug my shoulders at them as Zoe runs back to me to hit me like a giggling bullet to knock me flat on my ass in the sand.

"Oh, oh!" Nicole yells out. "Happy couple down!"

"What did you do that for?" I ask the wriggling, laughing lady that I love as she tries to hold me down in the sand.

"Because I've always wanted to."

"That's it I am going to spank you for this tomorrow!"

"You won't have the strength to lift anything after tonight!"

"Oooh, and who is going to tire me out?"

"It might not be me," she coos in my ear.

Zoe finally lets me up and we hurry to catch up with our new friends.

The restaurant that Nicole has told us about glows on the beach in front of us under its tall palm thatched roof. When we get nearer I see that it is just that. A huge thatched roof held up by thick pillars all around its outside edge with no walls at all; built half on the beach with the rest under the tall palms. The kitchen and even the bar are hidden in the thick jungle of flowering bushes behind it. Flames of tiki torches and lanterns flicker in the gentle winds that gently blow in from off the lagoon giving the whole pavilion a red golden aura. The beach is the sandy dance floor while up a step is the wood floor where there are tables filled with laughing, happy people. Round booths are scattered along each side and the back. A band is playing soft Polynesian music on a low stage on the beach with the bright half moon shining on their faces and the lagoon behind them.

Simon leads us to an empty booth. We sit with Nicole and Zoe in the centre and myself and Simon on the outside. Almost instantly an island girl appears at our table with a tray of drinks giving each of us what we would have ordered.

"Your appetizers will be here in a moment."

"How does she know what we want?" I ask even as I enjoy the taste of my rusty nail and Zoe sips at her favourite Mai Tai.

"We never have to look at a menu here, they just seem to bring what we want," Nicole answers. She lifts her hand and an island girl puts a menu in it. "Here, decide what you want," she laughs. "When you have made up your mind put the menu down and we'll wait to see what is brought for your dinner."

When the appetizers arrive, we all dig in ravenously nibbling on the shellfish, fruit and vegetables. A large carafe of wine appears and an island boy smiles at us as he fills each of our glasses with the cool white wine. We toast each other as we relax into the evening under the flickering torchlight.

Nicole leans over Zoe with her hand resting on her thigh almost touching her pussy to ask me what I have chosen for dinner.

"It's a secret," I tell her. "But I guess someone should know so that I can't cheat and say something different."

"Tell me." Nicole says as she puts her arm over Zoe's shoulders to lean across her to put her ear next to my mouth. Her fingers gently touch Zoe's pussy and my Lady surprises me by spreading her thighs to let her as I tell Nicole my menu choice. She laughs not at my choice but at my reasoning; I have never liked mussels but the herbed garlic sauce they come in forces me to pick them.

After giving Zoe's clit a tiny feel Nicole picks up her glass then sits back up on the bench sipping at her wine with her other arm still draped over Zoe's shoulders. Simon leans over to ask Nicole to dance with him. She softly pinches Zoe's nipple before she accepts Simon's hand to be led onto the sandy dance floor.

"What happened there?" I ask totally bemused.

"I'm not sure, but it felt, um, nice. This night is going to get very interesting," Zoe mumbles with a very red face. There is a pause, "Ask me to dance, Serge, please."

I stand and offer her my hand. Zoe looks up at me with shining eyes to take my hand in hers and follow me across the wood floor down to the sand; melting close to my body when we get there. We begin to sway to the slow music while shuffling our feet in the sand. It feels good to have her almost naked body pressed close to mine as we dance with the gentle wind and music flowing over us. I feel the hard nipples on her breasts touching me knowing that she feels my hardness between us as we dance.

When the music stops I lead my pretty Lady back to our table by her soft hand. She is so happy that with each step she shakes her breasts; proudly showing them to the room. I am so erect that I am almost embarrassed as we walk back to sit down. My hard cock points straight up from the slit in the gossamer kilt that I am wearing. Other couples are walking through the sand back to their tables and I feel almost normal when I see other men with stiff cocks waving in front of them too. Zoe's nipples are hard as well and I can smell the scent of a dozen women's arousal on the wind. Nicole and Simon come back to join us. I smell the deep scent of Nicole and see Simon's fully hard cock wave back and forth in the black sheath that he has on when they join us in the booth.

When we are all seated, our dinner is brought to us. Nicole and I chuckle when the mussels are placed in front of me. The conversation is lively as we eat. Simon has us all laughing so hard with his stories about life in Africa that we have trouble finishing our meals.

After our rich deserts and liquor flavoured coffees the girls excuse themselves to go to the bathroom. They are gone for a long time and when they come back Zoe looks at me lovingly with her beautiful soft eyes as she stands by Simon so he can let her in even as Nicole stands by me.

Simon and I look at each other knowing that a decision has been made by the Ladies as we stand to let the women into the booth. When she is seated beside me Nicole pulls my hand over her shoulders placing it onto her breast under the incredibly thin white see through dress she has on and snuggles into me even as Zoe does the same with Simon, lifting the little piece of gauze over her breast so she can put his dark hand on her. She reaches down to untie the bow on Simon's sheath then pulls it off to throw it on the table in front of her.

I feel the softness of Nicole's breast and find her hard nipple with my fingers to pinch it gently. She squeals in pretend pain as she wraps her long, thin fingers around my cock and slides her hand up and down me. I look across at Simon as he licks at Zoe's nipple while she strokes his hard cock below the table. Simon looks at me with a smile, "Let's take these hot Ladies to a beach shack I know and show them how much we appreciate them."

"Yes, let's do that," I answer as I reach between Nicole's legs and gently push two fingers into her wetness. Simon responds by ripping Zoe's flimsy top off her chest and pinching a nipple until she moans as he pushes the fingers of his other hand into her pussy to play with her.

No one even notices the antics at our table. We're not the only ones playing; other people are playing with each other all over the room.

Simon stands to offer his hand to Zoe to help her from the booth. She looks at me, then at Simon with sultry eyes when she stands. Simon hand is on the thin string of her gossamer skirt. He rips it off and begins to lead her across the room by her hand. She walks with him, totally naked and looking up at him with her soft eyes.

I help Nicole to stand then rip the flimsy dress from her body and caress her breasts before leading her out of the room to where Simon and Zoe are waiting for us. As we walk, Nicole rips the thin kilt off me to hand it to a waitress. With people applauding the whole performance we leave the restaurant.

When we meet with Simon and Zoe outside, I see that that he has ordered two carts for us. "It's not far, but let's ride home," he says. "It's quicker."

I agree with him following Nicole to one of the carts. She curls up next to me in the seat and holds my cock in her hand. Zoe is doing the same thing with Simon as we are driven home by the quiet island men. My fingers find the wetness between Nicole's legs while my other hand plays with her breasts as we bounce along the narrow roads to Simon and Nicole's beach shack.

When we arrive we get out of the carts to walk through the garden to be met by two island girls standing on the low, covered lanai holding glasses of wine for each of us.

I ask Nicole why they are totally naked, "Don't they wear the loin cloths to cover themselves?"

"Simon and I like them this way. Those little bits of cloth just get in the way. We enjoy our girls naked and accessible so that I can lick their bodies and he can touch them as he pleases or we can fuck them anytime they let us.

Meet Hoani and Tehei; our house girls."

The island girls are on the porch one step above us offering us the glasses of wine. I take my glass and watch as Zoe, Nicole and Simon take theirs from the giggling girls. When they have given the glasses of wine to us they both hold up their small breasts to offer them to Nicole.

"They're pretty girls, aren't they?" Nicole asks Zoe as she leans forward to suck the nipple on one of the breasts Hoani offers to her. She pulls her head back to look at Zoe, "Would you like to taste Tehei's nipples? I always give both the girls a long suckle when we get home at night and Simon and I are in the mood to play."

Zoe looks at Simon and I, and then watches as Nicole sucks on Hoani's nipples. She leans forward to kiss Tehei's breast. When her lips gently touch the girl's breast Tehei moans and pushes her nipple into Zoe's mouth with one hand while holding her head to her chest with the other. With a sigh of delight, Tehei pulls Zoe's suckling mouth off her nipple to move it to the other one. Both Nicole and Zoe have their arms around the young girl's waists now as they pleasure to them with their mouths.

Only in Paradise does the sight of two women standing in a moonlit garden sucking the breasts of two girls while their men watch seem normal me.

"Amazing," I say more to myself than the people around me.

"What?" Simon asks.

I am surprised he heard me, "Amazing, that's what Zoe and I have been saying to each other each time we go a little farther than before here in Paradise.

"Are you worried that you are going too far tonight? You can stop the night anytime with no regrets, we'll still be friends."

"No, we're both excited about tonight. The truly amazing part is that we picked Paradise at random not knowing a thing about it; we just liked the name."

Simon chuckles, "You are joking of course."


"You mean to tell me you have been naked for two days now in a resort you knew nothing about or how we play here and what is permitted?"

"Yup," I feel like an actor in a bad western movie with my last two answers.

Simon roars with laughter.

I can't help looking at him with a huge grin on my face then back at the Ladies and laugh too. They have switched girls comparing the taste of their nipples now, ignoring us.

Simon is still laughing as he slaps me on my back, "Come, let's go inside, Serge. The Ladies will be a while here. I think we need stronger stuff than this wine right now."

Our Ladies are standing in the centre of the steps as they taste the girl's tits. When Simon and I pass them on each side, we each get a slap on the ass as we pass.

I rub myself trying to ease the sharp sting that Nicole gave me, "At least they are still a little aware of us."

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