tagInterracial LoveParadise Found Ch. 01

Paradise Found Ch. 01


I recently had sex with someone other than my husband, Frank, for the first time. What bothers me is that it was by far the most exciting sex of my life. It also bothers me that the experience has transformed my life in some dramatic ways.

I am a forty-year-old mother of two sons. I have been married for nineteen years to a wonderful, caring and loving man. When we first married we had lots of energy and only a little money. Sex was our recreation. So we screwed like rabbits in every position we could invent and in every circumstance we could tolerate. Under the pressure of building careers and raising two children, our sex life dwindled. From the six or eight times a week we enjoyed for the first two years, we dropped to six or eight times a month—in a good month. Our variety of positions petered out to the missionary position and an occasional 'love on my lap' exercise steeped in exhaustion and dulled by boredom and familiarity.

After the first ten years we talked a couple of times about swapping with some other couple, but we had been so happy with each other at first that we never took it farther than talk. Then we were so busy and so tired the discussion never surfaced again. A couple of times lately I've fantasized about other men or about swapping, but I haven't even mentioned swapping to Frank.

Before we had children, Frank liked to take nude photos of me. We have a very large collection of me in poses ranging from fully-clothed to bare-butt naked, very artistic to downright pornographic. We have hidden that box in a closet for years.

I have been able to keep my figure. I may not be quite as firm as I once was, but I am still a size seven and just over five feet, with dark red hair cut in a stylish bob.

Recently, James, my eighteen-year-old, invited a friend, Peter, to spend the night and that's the visit that has changed my life so dramatically. Peter lives with his aunt and uncle who are his legal guardians. He is a little older than James, and is from Haiti. As you might expect he is ebony-black in color and I admit having a black man in our home seemed a little strange at first.

The boys came in from school on Friday and I was surprised at the feelings that filled my mind at the sight of Peter. He is a beautiful, male-model kind of boy more appealing than Adonis. He towers almost a foot over me and is obviously a body builder with broad shoulders and rock-like pectorals. His smile is wide and highlighted by beautiful white teeth. And he has a wonderful sense of humor. He also radiates self-confidence. When he shook my hand he made a point of undressing me with his eyes and giving me his approval. In addition to flushing furiously, I found myself wondering what he would be like in bed. I even felt my nipples rising when we joked around with my boys.

The plan was for Frank to take our boys to the baseball playoffs for the weekend. Friday night, Peter's uncle, Jacques, called to say an emergency had come up and he had to help with it on Saturday. He could not pick Peter up until Sunday morning, as he would be out of touch until then.

Peter had no other relatives in this country. "Could Peter stay at our home until he was picked up?" We couldn't put him out on the street.

Frank asked if I was okay with this arrangement and we both agreed that Peter was little older than our oldest son and that he 'couldn't be a problem.'

After Frank and the boys left for the weekend, Peter and I did our various chores during the day and found time for playing in the pool that afternoon.

The sight of him in swim trunks had me drooling and it was all I could do to avoid touching him. He complimented me often and told me how sexy I looked in my only swimsuit, a conservative bikini.

After we swam, I dressed to start dinner and surprised myself by putting a drip of my favorite perfume in the valley between my swelling breasts.]

We had dinner and a lot of friendly chitchat, including some delicious double entendres, that evening. And I was almost embarrassed at how hot I felt when he smiled at me or touched my arm or shoulder. After dinner he helped me clean up. We watched some TV and chatted and I was even more impressed by his confidence and maturity. And his sexiness. He is a bright, outgoing young man with a remarkable presence for someone so young. We were both sitting on the couch in front of the TV and I almost flinched when my fully clothed thigh accidentally touched his.

About eleven o'clock, Peter said goodnight and went up to bed. I watched the news and then went upstairs to straighten up the guest bathroom.

The bathroom has adjoining doors to my younger son's room and to the guestroom. I slipped in quietly to straighten up without disturbing Peter. While checking the towels, I heard what sounded like panting coming from the guestroom. And his rich baritone voice saying, "Squeeze those pretty titties, Bebe."

The door was slightly ajar and I peeked in. Peter was lying on top of the bottom sheet and totally naked, his face turned away from the door. He was looking at something on the bed beside him, and stroking the largest, hardest, blackest cock I had ever seen. I was fascinated by the foreskin, which slid down, when he moved his hand to the base of his cock, to reveal a beautiful purple-black knob.

I knew I shouldn't, but I just kept staring at Peter playing with his huge black cock. He turned something and moaned, "Oh, yes, my darling. Kiss Peter's big black prick." He propped a picture on his thighs and pressed his towering cock against it. "And caress your darling with your titties, my love." He touched his cock to another picture. With a sudden shock, I realized that he had found my collection of photos and that he was masturbating to the pictures of my youthful body.

The thought of this young black man being so excited by my naked body set me on fire! I had never seriously harbored thoughts of infidelity, but I was now actively imagining how his huge black rod would feel as it slid in and out of my cunt. I let my fingers wander over my rising nipples. And my hot little box was literally drooling. I was so faint with lust and frustration. I leaned against the wall and my foot moved the wastebasket.

Peter called out, "Who's there?"

From inside the bathroom I called, "It's me," and I entered the bedroom. "I just wanted to be sure you had enough towels and anything else you might need." He just managed to pull the covers across his erect cock leaving his beautiful shoulders and chest bare. However, the box still lay on the bed. "Where did you find this?" I said, feigning anger and flashing a very real blush.

"I came across it while I was looking for a pillow," he said in a cute, ashamed and embarrassed tone.

"I'm really embarrassed," I said. "Frank took them years ago. They were not meant for public consumption."

"That's a shame," he replied. "You certainly have an exciting body."

I don't know what was coming over me, but I was feeling almost brazen. "Those pictures were taken almost twenty years ago," I said, "things aren't quite the same."

Peter eyed me lasciviously and said, "I'll bet you still look great."

"You were jacking off over my nude pictures, weren't you?" I accused with unaccustomed boldness.

With that, Peter turned back the sheet, exposing his towering, hard black weapon I had been staring at in secret only moments ago. He put his hand on that beautiful monster and began to stroke slowly. "Are you offended?"

As much as I knew I should leave, I couldn't. My eyes were riveted on this young man's incredible tool and I felt my nipples growing harder. "I suppose I should be flattered," I stammered.

"Do you like what you see?" he asked boldly.

My throat was so dry I could only nod.

"You don't have to tell me, darling. Your pussy juices give you away."

I looked down to see the dark stain in the crotch of my slacks.

Peter held out his arms and smiled. "Come and kiss me, you beautiful white whore."

His words offended, but they also excited me. It was almost as if I were a whore hired to please this black beauty. I practically drifted to the side of the bed and leaned over to kiss his lips. He held my shoulders and pressed his mouth hard against mine. When I opened my mouth and touched his lips with my tongue, he held me away.

"No need to hurry, darling." He put his hand on my pendant breast and squeezed it gently and I could feel more hot juices wetting my panties. "Nice titty," he smiled. "Now kiss your plaything." He laughed aloud at my look of bewilderment. "Kiss my cock, you beautiful slut." I should have run from the room. Instead, I leaned over and touched that beautiful meat with trembling fingers. "Go on, darling. Give me a kiss."

Peter kept his hand on my breast as I leaned over and touched his ram with my lips. I couldn't resist the temptation to reach out with my tongue to taste that beautiful cock. I don't particularly like oral sex with Frank, so I don't go overboard with blowjobs, but I found myself almost frantic to pleasure this handsome young stud in every possible way. And he tasted delicious! My breast burned in his grip and I almost cried out as he lifted me away from his cock.

"Now show me how beautiful you are," he suggested.

I knew I was lost. I stood up straight and beamed into his eyes. "Like this?" I smiled, shyly. Then I slowly unbuttoned my blouse, pulled it from my waistband and teasingly stripped it off. I realized I was flirting with him the same way I had flirted with the camera when Frank was shooting those pictures. My freckled titties are somewhat large for my small frame and my bra raised them enticingly and left them pretty exposed. His smile told me he liked what he could see.

"Beautiful, darling. Show me more."

Knowing I was committed, I relaxed a little. My fingers slipped the bra straps off my shoulders letting my breasts sag just a little, and letting the fabric slip a little lower on my mounds. The hunger in his eyes excited and encouraged me and my panties were getting ever wetter.

I kept staring at his rod and mumbled, "It's beautiful," as I bent slightly and reached behind my back to open the bra snaps. I was breathing heavily now as I stood erect letting the bra drop to the floor and cupped and squeezed and fondled my firm boobs, holding them up for his approval.

Peter stood up and embraced me. He kissed me gently and hugged me tight. His powerful ram pressed into my stomach and I writhed against it. He squeezed the globes of my quivering ass before taking one of my nipples into his eager mouth. I was so excited, I felt my first orgasm flutter through my body. "Oooohhhh!" At that moment, more than anything in this world, I wanted this beautiful black man to use me as a sex object.

Yet, I was torn by anxiety, "Oh, Peter, we shouldn't be doing this."

"Why not, my hot little puss?"

"I'm old enough to be your mother."

He laughed gently. "So was my first lover, darling. You're also as hot and vital as a teenager and pretty enough to be a swimsuit model." He beamed at me. "And we both want to make the most of this opportunity!"

I reached between our bodies and stroked his cock, fondling his large, hairy balls as he continued to suckle my breasts.

"I can't tell how pretty your legs are," he smiled, holding me at arm's length.

Soon, my slacks were on the floor and his hand was gliding over my flat stomach and slipping inside my white bikini panties, stroking my pussy and squeezing my buttocks.

"Beautiful," he sighed.

I removed my shoes and panties and stood before this black Adonis totally naked. I could not, would not deny this beautiful man anything he wanted. I denied my husband some things, but I would not deny Peter anything.

"Kiss me," he demanded.

I kissed his broad lips, feeling his hard body against my naked breasts and stomach and loving his firm grip on my quivering ass. When he put his hands on my shoulders, I kissed my way down his smooth chest, stopping to suck on his nipples. I licked his stomach and was soon on my knees, my nose inhaling the manly aroma of his pubic hair. I delighted in the contrast as my tiny white fingers squeezed and rubbed his powerful black thighs and his hard black ass. I craned my neck and sucked his balls into my mouth, all the while exploring his asshole with my finger. My fingers wouldn't go around his rod and I held him in both hands. I kissed and caressed and licked the length of his steel-hard shaft, exploring every rippling vein with my fingers and cheeks and my lapping tongue.

"Pull the foreskin back, bitch," he purred.

I quickly learned to make the foreskin slide back to reveal his naked knob. My first taste was a little bitter, but it became unbelievably exciting as I laved that hard flesh with my tongue. I passionately kissed his massive, mushroom head and prodded his peehole with my tongue. I was as mesmerized as a rabbit facing a cobra.

"Suck on me, my love." And I strained to open my mouth wide enough to take that lovely knob in. He held my head and began to rock slowly in and out of my mouth and I loved it! "That's it, slut. Keep him nice and tight in that hot mouth of yours."

When I felt his balls tighten in my hand, I knew I was going to taste black semen for the very first time. He held my head firmly and pumped gently into my mouth. And I opened my mouth wider and took as much of him as I could before he filled my cheeks and throat with gobs and gobs of his rich, creamy goo. "Oh yesss! Darling. Such a sweet cocksucker. Swallow that hot jizz! Cummingggg!" I sucked and swallowed every bitter-salty drop of it and delighted in the taste. I sucked him until I had milked every trickle from his gorgeous black cock. I then let him out of my mouth and just held his relieved balls in my hand, touching him with my cheeks and watching his penis, coated with my saliva, shrink. And I stared in fascination as the mushroom head ducked back into the foreskin of his penis.

"Wonderful," he beamed, cupping my chin in his strong fingers. "Wonderful little cock sucker!"

I had never seen an uncircumcised penis before. It aroused me fiercely, so I took him back into my mouth and licked and sucked with renewed passion until he was once again hard. I then begged Peter to give me all of his hard black cock in my hot white pussy. He lifted me and led me to the bed.

He made me sit down and lie back. His hot lips kissed my cheeks and eyes and neck and shoulders and chest. He licked and nipped each of my taut nipples while he squeezed me roughly and my moans filled the room. Then he proceeded down across my stomach and down my thighs. "Spread your pretty legs, my hot bitch."

When my thighs were parted, he began to kiss up toward my red bush. He licked and bit and cheeked and caressed every inch of my thighs before reaching the nest of curls above my mound. And, when his lips pinched my love lips, I felt another orgasm flood over me. It was nothing compared to the screaming climax that came when his tongue was exploring the recesses of my puss and assaulting my clit a few minutes later.

He let me come down from that peak while gently caressing my breasts and stomach and thighs. "Put my cock in your delicious puss," he commanded. And, reaching between my widespread legs, I guided him as he mounted me and filled my welcoming puss with his black monster. "Oh, God!" I whimpered as the head slipped between my lips. Almost instantly, I reached an orgasmic peak I had never known before. "So biggg!" I moaned as he slipped in another two inches. It was so beautiful. "Yessss! Gooooodddd!" And soon his full length was buried in me, filling me. Then he began his deliberate movement. My orgasms came in wave after wave while he pounded that black beauty home in my cunt.

"I want to take your cherry," he declared.

I almost laughed in my happiness. "You're twenty years too late, lover."

"Not for the cherry I want, slut," he purred. I whimpered when he pulled out of my pussy and I looked into his smiling face. "Get some Vaseline," he commanded. And I didn't hesitate, dashing to the medicine cabinet and returning with a tube of KY Jelly.

His beautiful hard-on had softened slightly and he took the tube. "Looks like you need to get your lover nice and hard again, Darling," he smiled. I dropped to my knees and began to caress him with my loving fingers and my eager tongue, delighting in the taste of my own juices. "Hold out your hands." I looked up into his smile and held up my hands. He squeezed a glob of jelly into my palm. "Get him nice and slick." I smeared the lube from base to tip of his growing shaft and when he was nice and hard, I put more jelly on my fingers and spread it lovingly over his beautiful knob. "Now, get up here on your knees."

I suddenly realized what he intended and almost panicked. But my lust quickly overcame my fear as he caressed my ass and ran his fingers over my puckering asshole. He wormed his fingers around in my drooling puss and then gently probed where fingers had never probed before. I never allowed Frank to fuck my ass, but I wouldn't deny Peter anything. I buried my face in the pillow and held my cheeks apart for him as Peter slowly and firmly coated my virgin asshole with lubricant. His fingers slipped deep inside me and heated my passion to furnace heat.

"The first two inches is the painful part," he consoled me. "But it will all be worth it in a few minutes, my darling. Now try to relax." I bit on the sheet as he held my hips and pressed his knob against my sphincter.

There was a minute of pain before I felt that wonderful knob pop through my pink opening. "Oh!" He ran his hands over my bottom and one hand slipped around to cover my furry mound. "Ooohhh." My first orgasm came as he put two fingers into my puss and gently caressed my clit.

"Now back up to him, Darling." I felt gloriously slutty as I pushed back against him and felt his wonderful tool slip deeper and deeper and deeper in my virgin asshole.

"Ooohhhh." After some whimpering discomfort, he had me moaning in ecstasy as he squeezed my breasts and pumped that big, uncircumcised black pleasure wand in and out of my tight little asshole. "Yesssssss. Oh, yesss, lover." I came twice as his hard nuts slapped against my steaming puss.

"Cummming, bitch," he moaned as he pressed his groin hard against my bottom. And I reached back to fondle his nuts as he spurted his load deep into my bowels.

We spent the night kissing and sucking and exploring every inch of each other's bodies. I felt and acted almost like a teen-aged bride. I couldn't get enough of his tongue and fingers and cock in my mouth, pussy or asshole. I even licked his hairy black asshole and loved every lewd lick. He filled my cunt with his hot love juice at least three times and I came so many times I couldn't even venture a guess as to how many. We fucked in every position I could imagine.

When his uncle called very early in the morning to say he would pick Peter up at 8:00 a.m., I cried. I didn't want my newfound lover to leave me. He scolded me severely for that, saying there would be other times. He said I had behaved badly and needed a little punishment. With that he dragged me to the bathroom and made me kneel in the shower stall. "I know exactly," he said, "what will teach you a lesson."

He took his black cock in hand, aimed it at me and began pissing. He hadn't gone to the bathroom all night and must have pissed a quart of warm fluid on my head and face and hair and breasts. I welcomed the feel of his hot piss, but the smell made me close my eyes.

"Open your mouth!" he said.

I obeyed, expecting a stream of hot piss to hit my tongue. But, he only had a few drops left. I would never dream of letting Frank piss on me, but Peter can piss on me or, if he wants, in me anytime.

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