tagGroup SexParadise Found Ch. 03

Paradise Found Ch. 03


I was still on a high when I penned a note to Patty thanking her again and apologizing for the condition we'd left her apartment in then hurried to join Peter.

When we reached the lobby, I was surprised to see a young couple waiting across the lobby. As they started toward us, I realized they were our appreciative audience from next door and I felt my face turn beet red.

The young man held out his hand. "Hi, folks. My name is Ken Robbins and this is my wife, Barbie. We wanted to meet you and to say, 'Thanks.'"

"Ken and Barbie," Peter laughed. "Bet you get more than a few jibes about that." He shook Ken's hand enthusiastically. "I'm Peter LeClerque and this is my slave, Cammie, and the pleasure was all ours." The three of them laughed. I was still blushing, but I shook hands and stood proud in the face of Ken's doubting look.

"Your slave?"

"Absolutely." Peter registered the doubt in Ken's smile. "Cammie, give Ken a good hot French kiss and play with his cock."

Surprised, but determined not to embarrass Peter or give in to Ken's skepticism, I moved to Ken, put my hand behind his head and pulled myself up to press my lips to his, my breasts flattened against his chest. In a moment his tongue was inside my mouth and my loins were heating up again. I let my other hand squeeze between our bodies and found a nice hard prick to fondle. As it swelled in my hand I could tell it was about the size of Frank's.

"You can play with her tits, if you want to."

Ken did want to and his fingers were soon cupping and caressing and squeezing my firm mounds. I was almost breathless when we moved apart. "Great body," he smiled, "and great kisser."

"Mustn't let Barbie feel neglected," Peter said. Why don't you give her some of the same."

Both Barbie and I started to protest that we'd never done anything like that, but Peter gripped my arm firmly and Ken taunted Barbie. "Go on, honey. She tastes great and feels super."

Then I was experiencing my first passion kiss with another woman. Her breath was beautiful and the feel of her breasts against mine was surprisingly exciting. Her tongue was as hot and eager as my own.

I felt Peter's hand lifting mine to Barbie's breast. I couldn't resist. Her titty felt like a perfect cone and it was almost as firm as the dildo. Oh youth. Then Barbie's hand was squeezing my breast and I was on the verge of cumming. We were both gasping when we parted.

I hadn't seen Peter press Barbie's hand against his cock before she raised it to touch me. And I didn't see him pass a business card to Ken as Barbie and I kissed.

Going Home

Peter walked with me to my car and I dropped him off at the student hostel where he was attending his meetings. I made the lonely trip home and marveled at the changes that had assaulted my life in the last two weeks. I've had more sex, and more enjoyable sex, than I've had in the last ten years of my humdrum marriage. I've done things I would have sworn I would never do. And with men, and a woman, I would never have expected to be with. I was struck by the knowledge that it was lust, not love, that was driving me in a mid-life crisis of some sort. And I wouldn't let it harm my family. I couldn't help wondering where it would go. But, I decided not to let the thought depress me.

I had told Frank I would be out with Patty, so he'd taken the boys out for dinner and they were in their rooms.

Frank had an expectant look in his eyes as he greeted me with a big kiss. "How was your day, honey?"

"It had its ups and downs," I replied truthfully.

"I know the feeling. How is Patty?"

"Suffering from withdrawal, I'm afraid. I'm sure she's not getting any regular loving since she broke up with her last boyfriend."

"Sexy girl like that shouldn't have any problem getting a date if she's really interested." I remembered seeing Frank and several of our friends and neighbors making passes at Patty when she came to our parties.

"Well, there are dates and there are dates."

"Are you hungry?"

"No thanks. I had Chinese and I'm about worn out. Think I'll call it a day."

"Sounds like a good idea."

We went upstairs and got ready for bed without much talk. When Frank turned over to kiss me goodnight, I surprised myself. And HIM! I kissed him with a long, deep kiss while I caressed his chest beneath his pajamas. "I've changed my mind," I whispered. "I think I would like a little snack." I kissed his chin and his neck. I kissed his shoulder and his chest. My hand moved across his stomach and under the waistband of his pajama bottoms. I kissed his nipples and his stomach and I unsnapped his pajamas. His cock was almost completely erect by the time I kissed it on the tip. "Uummmm," I sighed. "This looks tasty." I was sure he couldn't believe it. I know I couldn't believe I was so hot. I licked him and sucked him until I felt he was about to come. "Does this lollypop have anything in it?" I asked."

"Keep that up and you'll find out in a minute," he moaned.

And just then Patty's comment at lunch popped into my mind and I began to giggle. I knew Frank thought she was hot stuff and the picture that came to my mind almost broke me up.

"What's so funny?" Frank asked as he ran his hands over my shoulders.

I licked at him and said, "Patty told me to tell you, 'Come up and see me sometime.' And I just wondered what she would think if she could trade places with me right now." I took him back in my hot mouth and felt him get even harder.

We both knew what he was imagining as I bobbed my head over his prick. And he soon rewarded me with a deep, "Oh, yes, baby. Wonderful." and a mouthful of hot cum.

Ken and Barbie

Life was good during the next few days, except for the fact that I hungered for Peter almost every minute. Even my bosses commented on my high spirits and the renewed excitement I brought to my work.

Patty accepted my thanks graciously and was diplomatic enough not to pry about my 'visit' though she adopted a knowing look.

I apologized for cluttering her bathroom with my panties and she laughed. "I put them away for you, darling. The roses were more than enough payment." She smiled. "I loved your outfit. Wish I could have seen his face when you modeled that for him." She looked thoughtful. "And I was fascinated with your plaything." She laughed again at my blush. "Wouldn't it be wonderful to find a man with that kind of equipment?" She watched my reaction and seemed satisfied, by my silence, that I had done just that.

I found myself sneaking looks at her fabulous figure that I always sort of took for granted. And I surprised myself by wondering what it would be like to kiss her and caress her fabulous boobs. And have her caress mine! God, what was happening to me?

Peter called a couple of times in the next few days to tell me he missed me and to leave me limp with desire and wet with lust. He always insisted I tell him I was his hot little cock sucker.

I learned later that the handsome Ken had called Peter on Saturday to arrange a meeting. Apparently they got together for a drink at a small bar near Patty's.

"You and Cammie are about the hottest number I've ever seen," Ken gushed.

"She's a great lady," Peter replied. "But she's been bored at home and is hungry for loving.'

"Well, she obviously got that. But how did you get her to agree to 'slavery?'"

"First, tell me how Barbie reacted to the whole thing."

"Well. For one thing she was so hot she almost screwed my eyes out that night. And the next morning! And last night, too." He beamed, then frowned a little frown. "I confess I got a little jealous once when she slipped and muttered, 'Big black cock.'"

Peter smiled. "There's a price to pay. Do you think she'd buy being your slave?"

"Right now I wouldn't be surprised at anything, but I'm sure she is fantasizing about black loving."

"Well, you can check out the slavery part, if you want." Then he told Ken about a movie called "Paradise Found" about slave training. He described some of the more enticing action in the plot.

Peter opened his case and pulled out a dvd. "Why don't you watch it with her to see if it turns her on enough to give you head. Or at least a hand job."

"God, that would be something."

"Then you can let me know what happens and we can decide what training might work for her." They smiled at each other conspiratorially. "What did she think about your kissing Cammie?"

"A little jealous at first, I think. But, she admitted it got her more than a little hot. She asked if squeezing Cammie's tits turned me on."

"How could it help?"

"That's what I said."

"And how about her kissing Cammie?"

"She hasn't admitted it, but I think it really got to her."

"But nothing negative?"

"Oh, no. Just that it was a first for her. And I've noticed she looks at a couple of her girlfriends a little differently now. More appraisingly."

"That might be a good sign."

"God, I'd love to see her get it on with another beautiful woman."

As they were leaving the bar, Peter reminded Ken to try the movie and see where things went. He knew it was an unnecessary reminder since he'd seen the excitement in Ken's eyes as he described the film.

Peter didn't tell me he was in town, again, the following weekend. He and Ken had met to talk about the movie and Barbie's training.

"It was unbelievable," Ken reported as they sipped their drinks. "At first Barbie was reluctant. But she felt secure in our living room and snuggled up to me. When she saw the 'trainees' and heard about the law of silence, she started rubbing my leg. She didn't make a fuss when I started rubbing my hand on her thigh. As they were starting the banquet, she let me put my hand under her dress and she spread her legs so I could caress her puss.

"She didn't make a fuss when I unzipped my fly and hauled out my straining cock. And she put her hand on my hot meat without an invitation. When they went walking in the mountains, she surprised me by bending over and licking my raging hardon. I almost came in her mouth right then, and I couldn't keep my hands off her tits. It was all we could do to sit through the rest of the film before I had her stripped and on her knees. She even seemed to enjoy it when I swatted her bottom a couple of times while I was jamming it to her from behind."

"And how did you like the film?"

"It was exciting as hell."

"Even the part about sharing their wives with all the other masters and trainees."

"I hadn't thought about it a lot before, but it seems like a reasonable price to pay for all the pleasure it might provide."

"It provides a world of pleasure," Peter assured him. "Now let me have your phone number. And try to keep next Thursday free, if you can."

"Both of us?"

"What do you think?" Peter smiled.

Something Special

"Hello, my sweet little bitch," he said softly when I picked up the phone.

"Oh, Master. I've missed you so."

"And I've missed you, too. Can you come to me tomorrow?"

"I'm sure I can get the apartment."

"Why don't you ask Patty for her place. We've left some things there. Remember?"

"Of course, Master. I'm sure she'll let us have it tomorrow, but I'll need to check. Can I call you back?"

Patty was as agreeable as ever and asked if I needed anything she could help with. When I assured her I didn't, she reminded me to ask him about a friend.

"I have a friend who would love to hold your hand," I chirped. It was the last thing in my mind to put her together with Frank. But he had joked a couple of times that he'd be 'willing to help' if it were all right with me and with her.

"Not in a thousand years!" She proclaimed. Then she added, looking at her lap, "Unless you were okay with it." I was a little surprised to see the hunger in her eyes.

The next day, I stopped at the little boutique on my way to the apartment. It was quiet in the shop and Maxine's eyes lit up when she saw me.

"Hello, my dear. You look lovely."

"Thank you, Maxine. It's nice to see you."

"Did you like your outfit?" and I knew she was asking if my friend liked the wispy temptation.

"I loved it," I beamed. "But I'd like something different this time."

"How about some delightful lounging pajamas?" she asked. At my little frown, she continued. "Let me show you."

They weren't like any lounging outfit I'd ever seen. Instead of silk or satin, they were more revealing than the Baby Doll. You could read a newspaper through the sheer lace fabric. I'm sure my smile gave away my pleasure. She held up the bottoms and called my attention to the seam at the crotch. "And if you get in a hurry or want some variety," she pushed two fingers against the seam and it parted to let her fingers pop through. I gasped.

"And they look especially inviting with this." She held up a sheer white bra. It took me a minute to realize that the cups had lace-trimmed openings in the middle. My breasts would be lifted, but the nipples and most of my beauties would be completely exposed, and framed. I blushed, but she moved right along. "And, of course, you'd want white accessories." She quickly found a white garter belt, panties (with an open crotch seam), slippers and hose.

I was almost dripping by the time I picked up some deli cold cuts, salad and wine and got to the apartment. I put the food in the fridge and hurried to the bedroom.

My toy was in the bottom of the drawer and I held it to my cheek and licked the tip before putting it back. I dressed slowly, daydreaming about what was ahead.

My pulse was racing when he knocked. A smile lighted my face as he admired me. He took me in his arms and we kissed a long, deep, exciting kiss that left me breathless. "Now move for me, my little slut," he growled as he began to take off his clothes. I pranced around the room like a cheerleader. I cupped and caressed my breasts and did my best to seduce him. I beamed as his wonderful black monster came into view. "Beautiful, beautiful," he affirmed as he held out his hands.

I flew to his arms and we kissed again, my stomach pressed tight against his hardness. Then I kissed his cheeks and chin and neck. I sucked on his delicious nipples and ran my tongue down over his rippled stomach. I sank to my knees and rubbed my cheek against the bush of curly black hair above his towering cock. And then, joy of joy, I was kissing and licking and sucking that wonderful gift.

"May I take you all the way, Master?" I pleaded.

"Of course, my beautiful bitch." He put his hands on my head and began to pump gently into my hot mouth while I caressed his huge balls. In a few minutes I felt him tighten and I sucked firmly as he spurted again and again.

When I had licked him clean, he pulled me to my feet. "Bring me my robe, if you will, please, my little cock sucker."

My puss was crying for his touch, but I ran to the bedroom and brought him the robe. He rewarded me by pinching one pink nipple fiercely enough to make me cum. "Now tell me about your week," he commanded.

I tried to tell him anything I could think of that might whet his appetite. I even told him about sucking Frank after our last date.

"That's wonderful," he complimented. "Frank deserves your loving, too." He told me about his meetings with Ken and I was embarrassed and excited and flattered. "And what have you told Patty?" There wasn't much to report. "And have you imagined what fun it would be to see her sucking on Frank's prick?"

I reluctantly admitted I had.

"We'll deal with that later," he smiled. "Now." He passed me a slip of paper. "Why don't you call Ken and see if he'd like to bring Barbie down for a drink?" I knew it wasn't an option.

I was surprised and a little hurt that he would let them have part of our time together, but I took the paper and moved to the phone. I tried to be very business-like as I talked with Ken and extended the invitation.

When I put the phone down, Peter kissed me. "Well done, bitch. Now drop your panties." I didn't hesitate, pulling the bottoms and the sheer bikinis down to my knees. Peter knelt behind me and licked the globes of my bottom. "Spread your cheeks." And, as I held my hard buns apart, I felt his tongue on my puckering asshole and probing against the lips of my drooling puss. His fingers caressed my thighs and slipped deep into my slit, bringing me to orgasm almost instantly. He hugged me, kissing the back of my neck and rolling by nipples in his fingers, as I recovered. "Now, get ready for our guests."

I heard the doorbell and, then, voices in the living room as I dried my puss and adjusted my outfit and checked my makeup. I was blushing, but I was determined to please Peter. Ken almost choked when I walked into the room.

"Oh, Cammie," Barbie gushed. "You look so beautiful." She moved to me and pecked at my cheek. "You'll have Ken cumming in his pants." She seemed almost overdressed in a sheer blue blouse with a flimsy bra above her short skirt. "Is the garter belt comfortable?"

"I love it."

Peter watched us. "She might like to kiss your nipples, darling," he suggested.

Barbie looked into my eyes and a blush brightened her lovely face.

"Would you, darling Barbie?" I asked as I began to unbutton the jacket. She quivered timidly, but she bent over to touch one hard button with her lips. "You can suck a little if you like," I said loud enough for the men to hear. She shucked her reluctance and let her lips close firmly over my hard knob. "Oh," I encouraged, "that feels delightful." My hands caressed her neck and shoulders and I felt myself getting hotter. She moved to my other nipple and offered no resistance as I reached to cup her hard boobs. God, she was hard. And her lips were magical.

"Pinch my nip nips, Cammie," she murmured between kisses. And I gladly obliged until she gasped and began kissing her way back to my lips. "My goodness," she stammered.

"Do I get to say hello, too?" Ken beamed.

I looked to Peter and was pleased to see him nod assent. I held the top open and leaned back a little to raise my breasts. "Hello, you handsome stud," I purred. His kiss to my lips was better than the first had been. And his sucking kisses on my nipples almost had me coming in my panties.

Peter and Barbie had both moved closer to watch Ken as he sank to one knee. "Barbie, darling, Peter couldn't believe me when I told him how firm your nip nips are," I almost dared her. My hands held Ken's head to my titty and I almost gasped as his hands moved up my thigh. "Yes, love," I encouraged.

I could see her beam at Peter. "Would you like to see for yourself?" she teased. Then she moved to his open arms and flattened those precious beauties against his robed chest. I could see his tongue moving inside her cheek, but my momentary jealousy vanished as Ken's fingers found my mound.

I smiled as she reached for Peter's hand and encouraged him to caress her titty. Slender fingers caressed his neck and shoulders and long reddish-blonde hair swirled around his black chest as he squeezed that hard mound. His pinches soon had her moaning, "Yes, darling. Yessss! That feels so grrreaaaattt!" Even Ken looked up at her with a smile on his face.

Ken and Peter were both still hard when Peter called a time-out. "Let's have a drink and cool off a little," he suggested.

Ken offered to open the wine and we gathered around the kitchen table. My top was still unbuttoned, but pulled closed over my chest. The wine was delicious and the tension subsided a little.

"It's a shame to hide those beautiful breasts, Cammie," Peter smiled. "Barbie, would you help her with her jacket?" Barbie looked at me and I smiled my encouragement. She moved behind me and slipped the jacket off. "Isn't her skin lovely? It just begs to be caressed."

Soft, gentle fingers began to move smoothly over my neck and shoulders and upper back. "You're delightful," Barb muttered. The men were watching her and looking hungrily at my pointing nipples.

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