tagGroup SexParadise Island Ch. 05

Paradise Island Ch. 05


The council meeting was in a few hours and everybody was getting ready to go. Tom was very nervous about the outcome of the meeting. Macy had been confident that her uncle Lukid would vote for them, but after yesterday's visit, Tom wasn't so sure.

Tom was worried more for Jill and Macy than for himself. While he had grown to love Paradise Island (which man wouldn't?), he could leave it if ordered to do so. He could go back to being a lawyer and look back on his time here as a dream, a fantasy come true. However, the stakes were higher for Jill and Macy. If he lost, the Fontana estate would be headed by Serbius, a nasty brute. The head of an estate on Paradise Island had total power over the members of his estate and Serbius had had already said that he would make Jill and Macy grovel before him. Jill was his sister and he had fallen in love with Macy and he'd do almost anything to make sure they were all right.

Tom stepped out of the bath tub and a girl handed him a towel. The woman's white dress was wet and sticking to her body. It was transparent and showed her breasts and flat stomach clearly. Tom towelled himself and saw the young woman bend to pick up the clothes he had left on the floor when he entered the bath. She kept her legs straight and bent forward at the waist. Her dress rode up and he could see her pussy from behind between her thighs. Her lovely ass was sticking out straight at him. Tom's cock stood up straight. He was strung up thinking about the meeting and the girl would provide a good distraction.

He growled under his breath and moved forward to the girl. The girl was just starting to straighten up, but when she felt Tom's hands on her waist, she stayed in position. Tom held her narrow waist just above her hips and moved forward until his rampant cock touched her pussy. The girl moved her legs apart just a bit and Tom's cock wet from the bath slid into her cunt.

"Aah!" moaned the girl as Tom's cock slid deep into her cunt in one thrust.

Tom held her waist and started thrusting hard. His cock was embedded deep in the girl's cunt and he pulled out just a bit and thrust in again rapidly. Every time he thrust in, his balls slapped against her thighs. His face frowned in concentration as he fucked this girl. He didn't even know her name. But she was wearing the white dress with the eagle motif on her breast which meant that he could do whatever he wanted with the girl.

He didn't hear the door open behind him and Firni come in. Firni was a tall, big busted girl who had attended Tom's bath on his first morning in Paradise Island. Serafina and Firni had introduced him to the delights of threesome sex that morning. As she saw Tom's ass moving rapidly backwards and forwards and heard the girl's moans, Firni dropped her dress and walked naked to Tom and the girl. She walked close behind Tom and rubbed her big breasts against his back. Without missing a stroke, Tom twisted his upper body and reached out with one hand to Firni's head. He grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled her mouth to his. Their open mouths met and her tongue slipped into his mouth and started playing with his. She moved forward and letting go of her hair, he started mauling her tits. After their kiss finished, Firni turned and bent at the waist too. All this time, Tom kept fucking the first girl and he saw Firni's ass in front of him. Firni held her legs quite wide and bending down, she hugged her knees with her hands, exposing both her holes to him.

Tom reached out and spanked Firni's exposed ass with his right hand. His hand left a red imprint on her white ass. The first girl started coming, "Oh! yes! yes! Master, fuck me! Aah!". Tom continued fucking her with his hard cock and swatted Firni's ass some more. He felt the girl's climax and when she finished coming, he withdrew completely from her. Her cunt was open and she moaned with disappointment as she felt empty. Tom moved over to Firni and with the girl's come coating his slick cock, he thrust into Firni's exposed ass hole.

Firni grunted, "Ohh!" as she felt Tom's cock enter her tight ass hole. Tom thrust gently at first until Firni relaxed and then thrust all the way into her hole.

"Ahh! Master, you've got such a big cock! Aaah," screamed Firni, but her hands never let go of her knees.

Tom was revelling in the tight ass round his cock. He spanked her several more time and thrust hard in and out of her ass hole before spilling his seed. "Aah! Firni, this is so good! You've got a lovely ass," he said, spanking her and coming at the same time.


They were all waiting nervously for the council's decision. The council had called Tom and Serbius to the dock and questioned them. They were asked how they would improve life on Paradise Island. Serbius had said that he would hand over the defence of the fishing grounds to the neighbouring island (a good three hundred miles away) in return for a percentage of the catch. Tom had protested that defence was a fundamental duty of the State and could never be handed over to somebody else. He had proposed setting up a hydro-electric power plant and electrify the whole island.

The council doors were re-opened and they were all invited in. Lukid took the floor after they were all seated and said, "This has been one of the most difficult council meetings in a long time. There have been good arguments both ways, but the council's decision is that Serbius will be the next head of the Fontana estate and Tom has to leave Paradise Island."

Serbius gave a whoop and looked pointedly at Jill and Macy. Tom was crushed. Macy raised a hand to her mouth in horror.

"However," Lukid continued, "This will not take effect until one week after the Mid Summer festival. If within that time, Tom marries a Paradise Island girl, he can take his bride with him. As Tom will be the head of the Fontana estate until he leaves, his wedding will be celebrated as befits the wedding of an estate head. His bride will be entitled to a reasonable dowry and she will be allowed to take three maids of honour with her when she leaves the island."

Tom looked more hopeful at this statement. He and Macy could marry and take Jill and a couple of other girls with them to the outside world, away from Serbius's clutches. Macy was still unhappy but she wasn't so horror-filled now. Serbius didn't look as pleased as he seemed a few moments ago.

Tom's hand reached over to Macy and held her. Jill rose and Tom stood up with her. She said, "I have an announcement to make. Tom and I are engaged to be married. We will be married three days after the Mid Summer festival - ten days from now. You are all invited to the wedding."

Several people came and congratulated them. The notable exceptions were Serbius and his family.

When Lukid came to congratulate her, Jill made her unhappiness known. "Uncle, I trusted you. Tom will make a better head of the estate."

"I agree, Tom is the better candidate," said Lukid. "However, I don't think it's a good idea to have outsiders on Paradise Island. As I promised, I made sure you wouldn't fall into Serbius's hands."

Before Macy could say anything, Tom stopped her by pressing her hand. "You made the best decision as you saw it, Lukid. I've no hard feelings. Thanks for letting me take Jill and Macy away."

Lukid nodded and moved on.


That evening at dinner, Macy was depressed at the prospect of leaving her ancestral house forever. She had grown up here and all her friends were on Paradise Island. She was determined to make the most of her last few days in Paradise Island. She told Jill and Tom, "We'll have the best Mid Summer Party ever and the wedding will be remembered for a long time on Paradise Island."

Jill laughed and said, "Yes, let's have a huge party before we bow out!"

Jill and Macy started discussing guest lists and dresses and soon became very animated. Tom shook his head in wonder. "Women!" he thought, "Who can figure them?"

After dinner Jill turned to Tom and said, "We want you to leave your mark on the estate. You have to make as many women pregnant as possible in the next ten days. No fancy stuff, don't waste yourself. We'll select the girls who are at their most fertile part of their monthly cycle and send them to you."

Tom looked stunned. Macy said, "Yes, Tom. I'd like that. Stop 24 hours before our wedding though, so you'll be fresh for me!"

Tom laughed and hugged Macy. Her luscious body felt wonderful in his arms. "For you, my dear, I'll be fresh any time!"

Tom lay on the bed waiting for the girls that Jill and Macy said they would send. He thought that he'd better make the most of the next couple of weeks. The idea of fucking several girls each day and night and making them pregnant was turning him on more, the more he thought about it. By the time, a soft knock came on the door, he was erect.

"Come in," he shouted and the door opened and four girls walked in. Two of them had big boobs and the other two had smaller chests. Three of them were slim and the fourth was short and plump. The short and plump girl had big boobs and a round ass. He had seen one of them serving dinner but had never seen the others.

"Are you virgins?" asked Tom.

"Yes, sir!" said three of the girls. The prettiest girl - who had been serving at the dinner table - kept quiet. Tom looked at her and said, "How did you lose your cherry?"

"Cherry?" asked the girl puzzled, "you mean my virginity?"

Tom laughed, not all idioms travelled, obviously.


"I served Master Jamie before... I've had no one for the last three months."

"OK," said Tom. "Come here all of you and take off your clothes. Do you know why you are here?"

"Yes, Master. We all want a child from you," said the first girl dropping her dress and stepping out of it.

Tom nodded and went to stand in front of the now-nude girls. He fondled their tits and pinched their nipples. They all had clean shaven pussies and he rubbed his fingers down their slits.

He beckoned to the girls to go on to the bed. The girls scrambled on to the big bed and he followed them. He moved to the plump girl and asked her to lie on her back. She lay back but kept her knees together. He gently prised them apart and soon she was spread wide in front of him, exposing her shaven pussy to him. He moved up over her and covered her with his body. He held her big boobs and squeezed them. He felt warm hands on his cock and turned in surprise. The pretty girl had dipped her hand in oil and was rubbing it on his cock. Once his cock was greasy, she held it and guided it towards the plump girls pussy. He stopped with his cock touching the entrance to her virgin cunt and looking in her eyes, he asked, "Do you really want it?"

"Yes, please" she said. But Tom could read the nervousness in her eyes.

"It will pain, but just a little," he said.

She nodded and closed her eyes. Tom bent down and kissed her lips. Surprised, she opened her lips and Tom's tongue darted in. Her nervous tongue stayed inside and Tom prodded it with his own tongue. A few seconds later, Tom felt her tongue becoming bolder and he kissed her hard. At the same time, he thrust his ass and pushed his slick pole into her cunt. Her virgin cunt was tight and felt like a velvet glove round his hard cock. His cock met the barrier of her hymen and he stopped. He raised his ass a little bit and thrust again tearing into her maidenhead.

"Noooo!" the girl moaned. "Oh, my god! Pleaaase NO!"

But it was too late. Tom had already ripped through her virgin cunt and was thrusting hard in and out. Soon the girl stopped crying out and started raising her hips to match his strokes. Tom looked at her and grinned. When he bent his head forward to kiss her, she met him willingly and this time it was her tongue that moved into his mouth. Soon, the girl started moaning.

"Oh, pleaase, pleaaase" she said, grinding her crotch harder against his.

"Yes, oh yes" she said and Tom felt her jucies as she came with a shuddering climax.

Soon, Tom felt his own climax approaching and he said, "Yes, baby! I'm coming now. Hooold On!"

He thrust harder and harder into her pussy and spilled his juices into her womb. As his cock became softer, he slipped out of her and lay down next to her. The girl lay still on her back with her legs raised at the knees.

"What happened?" asked Tom concerned.

"That was wonderful," the girl breathed. "I am staying on my back so your seed can enter my womb."

The other girls took a wet flannel and lovingly cleaned his cock. Once he was clean, one of the girls slipped his soft cock into her warm mouth and started sucking on it gently. The other two girls moved up and lay next to him. Tom kissed the two girls and played with their tits. He asked one of the girls to get onto her knees and turn back so her ass was exposed to Tom.

The girl lay on her knees and elbows and raised her ass in the air. Tom nudged her knees apart and her cunt and ass were exposed in front of him. He inserted one finger into her cunt and moved it slowly in and out. He withdrew his finger and rubbed it on her clit. Her clit was a hard nub extending out of its sleeve and pink. As he rubbed her clit with his finger, the girl moaned and he could see the moisture grow in her exposed cunt. Tom laughed and spanked her bottom. This, combined with the other girl's sucking made his cock hard again and he rose and mounted the kneeling girl and fucked her from behind.

He spanked her bottom while fucking her and reaching forward, he took a fist full of her hair in his grip and raised her head and turned it, kissed her while continuing to plow his cock in and out of her cunt.

He fucked the other girls in turn before falling asleep. He woke the next morning with one girl sucking on his cock and the other sucking his balls. He smiled sleepily and reached down and pulled the girls up and fucked them again.

When he went down for breakfast, Jill asked him, "How does the stud feel today?"

"Tired!" he answered.

"This is just day one!" laughed Macy.

The next week was one massive fuck-a-thon for Tom. He fucked so many girls, he lost count. He fucked tall girls and short girls, girls with big boobs and not so big boobs, slim girls and plump girls, virgins and non-virgins. He spanked girls and had girls suck him. But he never spilled his seed anywhere except in the girls' cunts.

And all this was before the madness of the mid summer festival when he participated in an orgy and found himself in prison on charges of murder. But that's the next chapter.

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