tagBDSMParadise Loft Ch. 01

Paradise Loft Ch. 01


Notes: All characters are over 18 years of age. Jenni is 26, Mark is 35, Freddy is 37. No one is an actual blood relative, though they think in those terms. This picks up a few weeks after where "A Perfect Fit" left off. At this point, I'm not sure how important it would be to read that first. The plan is to try to make this readable on its own without going over the same ground too terribly much. I'm not sure how much the characters will mean to someone jumping in at this point or if it will make sense.

Thank you for reading and for the kind words I've received.

* * * * *

After a long day at work, Mark gets home to find the loft door ajar. He's not concerned; Jenni must need some ventilation because it's sweltering today and she's surely suffering in her pregnant body. She's at the beginning of her third trimester.

Before he can call out hello to his mate, he's startled by the tableau facing the front door: His sweaty, naked pets are playing nicely together on the couch. Freddy's presence is a welcome surprise. He hadn't been sure if they'd see each other tonight. The heat must have got to him, too.

Jenni's sprawled diagonally with her eyes closed. Freddy's massaging moisturizer into her belly. He'd bought it for her to prevent stretch-marks, not that he minded the marks. It was just an excuse to slide his hands all over the bump. His Dom watches silently as it jumps a little. Baby Lu must be kicking. The sight fills him with a serenity like he's never known, such a comfort to see the healthy life they created inside her.

Mark's smile turns to a smirk; his boy doesn't even see him yet, so entranced by his ministrations. Mark is still attracted to the girl's changing body, but Freddy's desire had the distinct tang of a fetish. Whereas Mark is simply in love with the mother-to-be, the sight of her body chimes with some kink in Freddy's otherwise normal psychology.

His boy sub is rock hard and when he discreetly slips back the delicate skin, Mark can see how urgently he's leaking. His own mouth waters in sympathy and he gulps. He'd been tired after his workday and the journey in the heatwave but finds himself completely recharged now at this welcome home. Quietly, he drops his trousers where he stands, waiting to be noticed.

Freddy's found his sister sub's erogenous belly spot below her navel and glides his thumb there in gentle circles to make her moan. Even in her condition, a slight pressure reaches her deep inside and her thighs fall open for him. She's a picture of pure sex; Mark loves it when she can't control her wantonness. He rubs himself through his underwear as she starts to squirm.

The most natural thing in the world would be for Freddy to give in to her magnetic pull and penetrate her. Freddy's obedient, though, and that would be against Mark's rules. His girl's cunt belongs to him. The sight before him now is perfectly within bounds for their polyamorous love affair. He's happy to have a loved one who can help him care for his girl's intense hormonal needs.

"Hey, my loves," he rasps softly, not wishing to startle them. Jenni opens her dark eyes.

"Daddy! I missed you today!"

"How are ya feelin'? I been worried about you in this heat. Are ya okay?"

"I'm okay... but my pussy aches," she says pathetically.

"Aww. I bet your brother can help make it better. Freddy, your reward for your self-control is that you can fuck her bareback. Want that?"

"Are you sure, Sir?" Freddy says with an adoring look at his benevolent master.

"Yes, babe. You got me in the mood to watch, lookin' so gorgeous like that. What a sight to come home to," he purrs. Mark adjusts the oscillating fan to steal a little of the breeze, then speedily undresses and settles in the armchair across from them.

"Do you lovely creatures want the camera on?" Mark asks.

"It's on, Daddy," Jenni says proudly. After Mark busted his ass in the heat it was the least she could do to contribute.

Mark blushes a little at the thought that moments ago he'd been touching himself with his pants down in front of the subscribers without his knowledge. Oh well. He realizes that in the back of his mind there is always the possibility of being under surveillance, of sorts. When they wanted privacy, they made a point to check that the cameras were off and turned around. Otherwise, there was always a chance some of their customers might be looking in on them.

"Good girl, " he tells her, "keepin' the people happy."

"I just want to make you happy, Daddy."

"You do... so much. See?"

"Yes," she giggles.

Freddy kneels between her legs and pulls the girl's hips up onto his slanted lap. Mark can already visualize what that angle is going to do to her, how that spot inside her that reminds him of a carnivorous plant will eat it up. It's going to be ideal for Freddy, too, with her on her back so he can still worship her taut belly and swollen tits. Her pale body glimmers with a mix of sweat and lotion. Mark pumps a little of the tropical-scented stuff into his palm because he's too hot move from the fan to get something more appropriate for himself.

Freddy gives him a shy smile the moment before just to make sure he's doing what Master truly wants. It's clear Mark's offer was sincere and desired. He slides into his slippery sister. She groans in lust and gratitude. The poor thing gets so desperate, more so with each passing month. Mark wonders if that's due to the path of their relationship or her pregnancy; it's the same time period for both. She'd accidentally conceived almost as soon as they'd met like it was meant to happen in some larger scheme.

Freddy fucks his man's girl gently. His big, muscled body is more graceful all the time as he loses his inhibitions about being on camera. Mark loves his gentle giant, loves controlling someone he's in awe gave him such control. That blue leather collar never comes off and it sends Mark's ego spinning when he catches people catching on that it means he owns a man like Freddy.

Jenni's moans fill the loft and beyond. "He feels so good, Daddy!" she says helplessly to Mark.

"I know," he chuckles. "I like it when he fucks me, too."

Freddy whimpers within his body. He's trying to keep it together but being inside a pregnant woman is one of his two greatest sexual pleasures, the other being Master inside him. His hands don't leave her belly; little Lucien is active at the moment and a reminder not to get carried away. He keeps his motion subtle inside her.

He cries out. Jenni looks at him, wondering what he's experiencing so suddenly.

"You... you have milk, sweetheart," he stammers.

Mark had noticed her breasts seem to have reached a new degree of fullness, but he thought it was the heat. No, her creamy early milk is leaking from her fat nipples. It looks delicious against the rose madder hue, like a dessert.

Freddy can't lap it up in this position, so she feeds it to him off her fingers.

"Mmm, god," Mark moans almost like he's tasting it. He knows he can't digest it, but the sight of his boy experiencing it is a vicarious treat. He can see Freddy's eyes have rolled back under fluttering lids. His gourmet boy has a sensitive palate.

With her feet dug into the couch cushions, his girl grinds on his dick, taking what she needs, too; she knows Freddy doesn't last when he's this turned on. Unlike other Doms, Mark's never tried to train him in this because he loves his responsiveness.

The boy pulls out abruptly, unable to keep from thrusting hard inside her like he can with her Daddy. Freddy comes like a fountain onto her belly and between her milky tits. Mark growls at the sight and knows he'll add to it soon.

Freddy slips from the couch and plunges his smooth face into his sister's soaked pussy. He kisses her clit with all the passion ignited by his fetish and her unexpected gift. She grips his hair that's dark auburn with sweat and smothers his face. Freddy's talented and she's horny as fuck so she's quickly coming hard. She howls loud enough that the punters will be able to hear the quiet little fox for once. Freddy finally pulls away gasping for breath. Such a giving guy, he'd let her suffocate him a little, knowing she was close.

"Good boy," Mark praises him. "Now serve me."

Mark goes to him so he can be close to Jenni, too. She smiles to herself at how her brother can turn on a dime from belly to cock worship. The only thing that could supersede Freddy's deep-seated fetish is his submission to Mark who owns him, body and soul. It's obvious in the loving way in which he wraps his calloused hands around Master's cock and pleasures him like it's the most important, fascinating task in life.

Mark strokes his tousled red hair. "That feels really good, sweet boy. Tighter."

"Yes, Sir. Like this?"

"Very good. Faster, too." Freddy likes to be bossed around. Sometimes Mark gives him arbitrary commands just to take care of his submissive's need for that.

In just a few months, Freddy's learned every inch of Mark's body through obsession. He can easily please him though would gladly struggle and suffer to do so. Sometimes Mark allows him a challenge, like irrumatio for a minute or so, but he doesn't really like to use his fantastical cock as an instrument of punishment. Right now, he fucks into Freddy's powerful hands with a blissed-out look on his face.

"That's good, baby," he moans. "Love ya so much."

"I love you, Sir."

"Make me come all over your sister. Get every drop onto her," he commands.

Mark cries out when his boy manhandles him into the right angle just before he erupts to add to the wonderful mess of fluids. Like a signature, he spits in her face. It's not disrespectful at all; he's got an unusually clean system and his watery saliva is refreshing.

Freddy rises and holds Mark so he can sag against his strong frame for a moment, but it's too damn hot for cuddling. Jenni heaves her awkward body to stand in front of the fan and let it chill the fluids running all down her front. Mark stands beside her and puts his arm around her. She turns to bury her doll face in his armpit.

"Oh, honey... that ain't fresh sweat, that's layers from all day." He feels her tongue and realizes she doesn't care, even now. "Little pervert," he teases.

Mark goes to the back of the loft to run a cool bath. They take turns in the bathwater, rinsing efficiently, satiated for the time being. Under normal circumstances, they'd just be getting started on each other's bodies, but the temperature truly is oppressive

"Do you guys want to stay at my place tonight? It will be much cooler."

Mark knows Jenni should for her well-being. He also knows he should stay here and work on his painting in progress. Like the big baby he can be, he doesn't want to be alone, not when they're having fun together at Freddy's comfortable house. The loft was a semi-magical place where the three of them felt most at home together, and it's where they generally make their porn, but it was never meant to be lived in. This became crystal clear in winter and summer, when living in an old warehouse lost some of its romance.

"Yeah, that's a great idea. Thanks, man."

They drive out to Freddy's neighborhood with its abundant shade trees and lush grass. It's nearly cool inside the idiosyncratic wooden house. (The place does scream 'pagan artisan lives here.') When he puts on the air conditioning, Jenni makes an orgasmic sound to startle them both. "Yep, this was the best plan, Freddy," Mark chuckles.

"I'm not putting the stove on tonight, but I can grill. Cheeseburger?" he offers Jenni like it's a sex act. She squeals. "You can make that?"

"I have ground bison, if that's okay, and I have a batch of those black bean burgers you liked, Mark, if you want to have that."

"Thank you, baby. You take such good care of us."

"Would you like to invite Evie and Jasper? I know it's short notice, but if they don't have plans, maybe they'd want to drop by."

"Sure, I'll give 'em a call. You got enough?"

Freddy arches an eyebrow. As a small giant, he always has plenty of food. He leaves them to go to the backyard and get things started.

Mark's privately pleased Freddy wanted to include Jasper after Mark's idiotic flirtation with the man. It wasn't Jasper's fault or really, anybody's, just a party that went beyond what his boy could handle seeing from his lover. Freddy doesn't hold a grudge and trusts Mark that it won't happen again. After all, they're engaged now. All three of them.

It turns out Evie can't make it. She's got an educational event at IDEAL (Institute for Deviant Education, Arts, and Love) tonight, but Jasper asks if he can come on his own. Mark grins that he wants to. Perhaps he does have a tiny platonic crush on the writer, but he knows how to keep that from his fiancé. There will certainly be no shenanigans like on "game night."

They join Freddy in the backyard. When Jenni spots the sprinklers misting the garden she removes her shoes and walks around in the spray until she's dewy and her sundress is pleasingly damp. She returns to Daddy's side and hugs him.

"Feelin' good?" he asks solicitously but can feel her complete contentment. She deserves such peace after the loss she's suffered recently. Not a day goes by that the pair doesn't think about the Lucien for whom their unborn child will be named. Neither of them can shake the odd feeling that he's somehow still looking after them from somewhere close by yet incomprehensibly far away. It reminds Mark of a quote from Laurie Anderson: "Paradise is exactly like where you are right now... only much, much better." At the moment, Mark can barely conceive of "much better," and wishes for Lucien that his paradise is rather like where he stands right now. Mark squints at the iridescent sprinkler mist, imagining it as the veil between their worlds.

A little while later, Jasper arrives around the side of the house, dressed in summer white linen with his dreadlocks arranged up off his stately brown neck. "Evening, all," he greets them and accepts a cheek kiss from each of the soon-to-be Fairbairns. He holds a serving bowl.

"Sorry it took me a little while. I wanted to make some of this: It's Evie's vegan potato salad and it's worth the wait if I did it like she does."

Jenni smiles. "That sounds kind of like couple talk. Are you two an item?"

"Maybe. I honestly don't know." From the way he says it she can tell the ball is in Evie's court, but also that he'd be happy if they were together.

Freddy the foodie has everything ready to go. He begins to cook for Master first so that his food doesn't get contaminated with meat juices. Though Mark appears to be radiantly healthy, he still privately suffers from his damaged stomach and throat. Every once in a while, when his submissives considered Mark's sexy, raspy voice they remembered it's due to a horrific self-inflicted injury. When it doesn't remind them of mortality, it's still sexy as hell.

A few minutes later, Freddy delivers the Goddesses' dinner plate to their grove of birch trees, then the group sits down to their meal at the outdoor table.

"Thanks so much for the call. Your yard is like a micro-climate. I was in my apartment trying to finish an article and just melting," Jasper says.

"And then you boiled potatoes! Thanks for making the side dish. It will go perfectly," Freddy replies.

The conversation pauses for everyone bite into Freddy's latest act of culinary kindness: The bison burgers are seasoned and nicely pink inside, served with a homemade blue cheese sauce and slices of his famous heirloom tomatoes as well as lettuce that was still living in the soil moments ago.

"Freddy, this is what those gastropub places think their food is like. Your food is amazing," Jenni praises.

Jasper agrees. "She's right. If you get tired of designing furniture, you could open a restaurant. I've known people who thought they could, but you actually could. Did you even make these pickles?"

"I just grew them. The neighbors do the pickling. I'm not that much of a hipster," he says dryly.

He knew his blood-thirsty little sis would be happy with the burger, but his main concern is, of course, for Mark, who takes delicate bites and carefully chews his vegan version. "Is it okay, Sir?"

"It tastes real good... and it's not gonna hurt me," Mark says gratefully. He lays his hand on Freddy's thick forearm. "Thank you for lookin' out for me, sweetheart. Not everyone gets it that I ain't just bein' a princess with my diet."

"You're welcome," he says softly with a casual nod, but Jenni can feel the profound peace emanating from her brother. She's so thankful he has a Dom like Mark who shows appreciation and gives affection easily. His first attempt at a D/s relationship was not a good match.

"When is the wedding? You guys set a date?"

Sheepishly, they admit they haven't. They are all busy and too easily distracted by each other. Innocent discussions about their upcoming pagan ceremony have thus far ended in sucking and fucking. None of them have the first clue how to go about wedding planning.

"No, but we better get down to it. Is a month enough notice for people?" Mark asks.

"I think it's cutting it close, but maybe not if you don't have people traveling from far away," Jasper replies.

"Okay." Mark looks at his phone. "Can we decide on the Saturday four weeks from now?"

They agree that they have that settled, at least.

"Now where is it gonna be? It's probably not enough time to book a place," Mark says.

"Can we have it here? Jasper's right, this yard is its own little climate zone. Do you mind that, Freddy?" Jenni asks.

"No, that certainly makes things easier. That's more progress than we've made so far," he laughs.

"We need someone to marry us. Maybe you can do it, Jasper!" Jenni says excitedly.

"Me? I don't think I've got the authority, but it's a nice thought," he says, surprised.

"No, you just fill out a form and pay a small fee online and one of these ministries ordains you. They send you a certificate and you can marry people. Isn't that crazy?"

"It does sound crazy, but I'll do it, if you're sure it's me you want for that."

The boys grin; it's a strange but fitting solution. "We've almost got a plan," Mark says, pleased this is coming together so easily... and cheaply, so far. The main point of this was for the baby and they couldn't burn through their money on the superficial aspects. "What's next?"

Freddy goes inside and returns with a pad. They make the guest list. They are each other's family and none of them have many friends. Since Jasper's going to be officiating, they decide to invite Evie separately and offer her a "plus one" so that she can invite Tom, Lucien's widower, if she wants to. They don't expect him to want to attend, but Lucien would have been an honored guest so it feels right. They also decide to invite Dr. Mori, who replaced Lucien as Mark's psychiatrist. Whether she'll find that appropriate, they don't know.

Mark agonizes over whether or not to invite his boss at the museum. She's been good to him, allowing him time off for his doctor's funeral and his "girlfriend's" prenatal appointments without hassle. Still, it was a risk to tell her he's marrying his girl and his boy in a pagan ceremony. If the whole point was security for his family, jeopardizing his boss' high opinion of him defeated the purpose.

"Mark, I wouldn't," Jasper says when asked his opinion. "If you're not inviting anyone else from work, then it's not worth the anxiety."

"That's sensible, Sir," Freddy agrees. "I know you feel grateful to her, but you'll find something else nice to do to show your appreciation. Oh! That reminds me! I want to invite Ingrid, my cat lady. That was a huge job for me and she's really sweet. I don't know if she gets invited to too many places anymore."

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