tagInterracial LoveParadise Lost

Paradise Lost

byNo Panty Girl©

Jack Shannon had begged me to do the run. I was the only pilot Shannon had who was dumb enough to go up with thunderstorm warnings in effect.

Most of our navigation over water was visual but thunderstorms could take the durable singe engine Beaver way off course in their powerful updrafts.

An eighteen-year-old native girl required immediate medical attention at the hospital in Port-au-Prince. She had a respiratory problem so breathing was extremely difficult for her. The nurse in her community of Jeremie had requisitioned Medi-vac a.s.a.p. Jeremie was about a hundred miles west of Port-au-Prince on the gulf coast.

Shannon Charters with their fleet of half-a-dozen tired Beavers and one newer twin Otter where under contract with the government to do Medi-vac missions when required.

The sky had that yellow hue as the nose of the Beaver lifted into the tropical sky. Thunderstorms were common ear the equator and they could be violent.

The trip to Jeremie was uneventful and touching down on the sandy beach my passenger Joujoue was waiting with the nurse. Joujoue was an attractive young girl bare breasted as was the custom of her people. I couldn't take my eyes off her perfect conical breasts with their puffy chocolate color nipples. She wore a small red loin cloth which displayed her lustrous black bush as she climbed into the cockpit, she obviously was wearing littler else.

It was a quick turnaround as I wanted to get back in the air and try to outrun the approaching low front and its unstable weather.

The Beaver quickly climbed to three thousand as I pointed her nose eastward.

We hit the first air pocket unsuspected and the usually stable dropped almost a hundred feet without warning.

I could see the fear on Joujoue's face, "It's just an air pocket." I comforted her.

I was getting a bit worried, the storm front was overtaking us. I throttled up and pulled the yoke back taking the Beaver up to three thousand feet. It was a futile effort to get above the weather, some of these thunderstorms rose thirty thousand feet into the sky.

The rain began hitting the windscreen like bullets and the sun's bright light diminished, we were in the grip of the storm.

The Beaver labored nobly on as the storm chewed on its tail. Suddenly a blinding bolt of lightening cracked just off our right wing. The aircraft bucked and went into a side slip loosing altitude at an alarming five hundred feet per minute.

At this rate we would slam into the sea below before the wings could recover their lift. My foot jammed down right full rudder and I fought pulling the yoke back into my chest.

The nose of the Beaver reared-up and once again the plane began to fly.

We had lost over two thousand feet and the water was zooming by just below out feet.

"Are we going to crash?" the horrified young girl cried.

Joujoue was tightly strapped into her seat and had turned very pale, her swarthy copper complexion now almost as pale as mine.

I knew I was not going to keep the plane in the air and my eyes quickly scanned the horizon for a spot to put down.

There was a stretch of white sand on the beach ahead that looked long enough to land. The Beaver only required a couple of hundred feet of roll out when she touched down

I throttled back and set the Beaver on a course for our emergency landing strip.

The aircraft begin sinking escaping the cruel winds of the storm.

Just as we were about to touch down a gust of wind lifted the starboard wing flipping the plane over onto the port wingtip which dug into the stand and stood the Beaver on her nose.

The plane did a couple of cartwheels before coming to rest inverted.

Hanging from my seat belt I looked over at Joujoue who was also hanging in her seat, her long black hair cascading down towards the cabin roof below us.

Other than a small laceration on her forehead she looked uninjured. Even upside-down her bare breasts maintained their shape. Her loincloth was hanging down exposing her naked pussy.

I used my Bowie knife in the sheath on my belt to cut myself free of the seat belt. Once loose I cut Joujoue's belt freeing her.

I turned off the ignition switch and we scrambled out of the wreckage fearing fire. Safe on the beach we looked back at what was left of our transportation, there was no way we were going to fly her out of here.

The crash should have set off the emergency position locator stowed in the tail of the aircraft. The E.P.L. squawked out a radio beacon guiding searching aircraft to us.

There was no sign of fire so I did a cursory check of the cockpit. The radio was hopelessly unserviceable but I did manage to salvage the bottle of rum I had stowed under my seat.

Joujoue's first venture out of her village in the white man's bird had turned out to be tragic. She was sitting on a beach fifty miles from home lucky to be alive. I offered her a much deserved swig from my bottle.

Joujoue was exceptionally tall for a native as she stood about five foot six, only a few inches shorter than me. Her legs were long and muscular running up naked and disappearing under her brief loin cloth. Her stomach was flat and her body lean and athletic from an active life in her rural village.

It was a native girl's responsibility to service the male members of her family sexually which led to much inbreeding. Joujoue submitted her body to her father and three brothers and had already given birth to a female baby.

Joujoue was completely comfortable being almost nude in my presence. She made no effort to conceal her crotch as the skimpy cloth flapped in the wind.

I knew we would soon be missed as it was only an hour hop from J?r?mie to Port-au-Prince and I had filed a flight plan on my departure.

I also knew a search would not be started until the storm front had passed through the area which would take several hours.

The rain had stopped and Joujoue's wet body glistened as the sun reappeared from behind the scattering clouds. I was suddenly aware of my aching erection.

Since we would be waiting hours for our rescue I thought perhaps we could pass the time fucking.

"Vous voulez baiser?" I asked in my broken French.

"Sûr" Joujoue smiled.

A short distance from the water's edge was the marge of the forest. I took Joujoue's hand and led her to our grassy bed.

Joujoue dropped to her knees and began fumbling with the button on my shorts. Unfastening the kaki shorts she pulled them down with my briefs allowing my cock to flop out in her face. She was going to suck my cock before taking it into her pussy.

Joujoue swallowed my white cock like a starving dog with a bone. All seven inches of my manhood disappeared between her thick lips.

She was good, after her father and all of her brothers she had become a true artist in the art of sucking cock.

Her tongue rolled my erection around in her mouth like a cat playing with its trapped prey. My cock throbbed as her tongue jousted with it.

Joujoue had formed a vacuum around my cock head like an Industrial Shop vac as her small brown hand milked the base of my cock in her mouth.

I groaned with ecstasy as I felt her releasing my built up passion.

I gushed into her mouth with disregard for Joujoue's willingness to drink my sperm. Obediently she swallowed my cum as fast as my cock fed it to her.

After my balls had emptied into her she looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes and smiled, my cum glistening on her lips around my cock which was still in her mouth.

I lay on the grass holding her while my cock regained its strength to penetrate her waiting pussy. After several minutes of nibbling on her nipples while she stroked my hardening cock I was ready to mount her.

Skillfully she slipped into position to be fucked. On her back, legs wide open with her knees in the air she displayed her open cunt to me. Between her dark curls I could see the shimmering pink of her wet flesh peeking out. Her arms wrapped around me as I mounted her.

Considering Joujoue had given birth to a child and been repeatedly used by her father and brothers for God knows how long the young girl's pussy was still tighter than what I was accustom to. Her practiced cunt consumed my cock with ease as I slid into her until my balls rested in her nest of pubic hair.

Her arms encircled my neck as she raised herself up to kiss me.

Joujoue's hips began to swivel anticipating the desires of my cock. Skillfully she started to fuck as she had been taught to do. Her lean body was like a wild animal's beneath me, not that of a submissive handmaiden.

I did not know if the youthful beauty was really excited coupling with me or only portraying how well she had learned what men liked.

She made strange little noises as my cock ravished her wet hole.

"Baisez-moi!" Joujoue moaned.

It was then I realized she was getting really turned on and approaching an orgasm of her own.

I knew the girl would not be using contraceptive pills during her childbearing years as much of a daughter's worth was her ability to produce offspring. A half-caste child would b ring her father a handsome sum in the adopted baby black-market.

Joujoue gazed lovingly into my eyes as I released my seed into her.

It was just after first light the following morning the ungainly helicopter sat its fat body down on the sand next the wreckage of the Beaver.

Joujoue and I had made love most of the night under a tropical starry sky dreading our forthcoming rescue.

We sat in silence with the chopper's blades beating above our heads thinking about our paradise lost.

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