Paradise Ranch


"Marsha suggested that I fly out with Lynn and drive her to the place. We can't afford to do that."

"Ted, I don't have $7,000 but I do have two round trips on Southwest that I've earned flying out to Vegas. I want you and Lynn to have them. I'm pretty sure they are transferable."

"Earl, you don't have to do that. You'll be going back yourself soon, no sense paying for a ticket when you have a free one."

"I insist. That's the end of that."

By the time I got home the kids had gone to school and Lynn was taking a shower. She came out of the bathroom with her head wrapped in a towel. "So did Earl talk with them?"

"Yes he did. So did I." Then I told her everything that I could remember from my conversation with Marsha. I also told her that Earl had given us two round trip airline tickets. "When do you want to go?"

"I called my sister while you were at Earl's and told her something had come up suddenly and we had to leave, perhaps as early as today. Lucky she didn't press for details. She can take the kids today and tomorrow." While she rubbed her hair dry she said, "no sense in prolonging this, let's give it a shot. Why don't you call the airline while I pack some things just in case we can make it today?"

We did make it. Ted gave me his certificates on Southwest. There was a flight that departed Portland at 4:20 p.m. that had a couple of certificate seats available and landed at Las Vegas two hours later.

I hadn't slept a wink on the nonstop flight. Lynn catnapped, tried to read a pocketbook but was, understandably, fidgety. I saw that she just picked at the meal they served half way into the flight. Then we were in Las Vegas. It was hard to believe that less than twenty-four hours had elapsed since I shared our plight with Earl. ________

And now, after driving for nearly an hour, we were approaching the town in the desert where brothels were licensed and prostitution was legal. Lynn sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes as I turned off Highway 160 and onto Homestead Road.

"How much farther?" She asked.

"Marsha said another eight miles."

"I hope there's a gas station or someplace where I can fix my hair and freshen up."

As we plunged into the desert night away from civilization, not towards it, I said, "I would be very surprised if there's anything between here and Paradise Ranch."

She turned on the passenger mirror vanity light and started to brush her lustrous hair. Before she finished, I saw that I was wrong. On our right was a gas station, a convenience store and a small casino called Terribles. I pulled in and parked. Lynn got out and walked into the convenience store. She was wearing a short black dress and black very high heel sandals.

Ten minutes later she returned looking as if she had just left a beauty salon. Her hair and makeup were perfect. She looked tired when we landed but refreshed and stunningly beautiful now.

After driving a couple of minutes I saw a small blue sign that said: Paradise Ranch 2 miles. Then we were there. I pulled into a paved parking lot with perhaps ten other cars. On the right of the rambling building was a bar. In front of the building was a white fence with a gate in the middle and a buzzer button next to it. Finally it was Lynn who broke the silence by nervously asking, "Well how do we do this? I mean should I go in by myself? Do I take my bags now or come back for them? What do you think?" The questions rushed out of her mouth so fast they almost overlapped. I don't remember her ever being so wired, which was understandable.

"Relax honey, take it easy, slow down if you can. Let me get your bags out of the trunk and go with you to the door and take it from there."

I walked around the car to her side, opened her door, then the trunk and lifted out her bags. She pushed the buzzer at the gate, after a few seconds we heard the distinctive click indicating the gate had been unlocked. Another buzzer was at the door in the middle of the building to the left of the entrance to the bar. She pressed the buzzer button and instantly the door was opened by a woman who must have been fifty or so and looked like she could have been a school teacher or a librarian.

"What's your name honey?" She asked Lynn.

"I'm Lynn, this is my husband Ted, he talked with Marsha this morning." She explained.

"Well I'm Joy welcome to the Ranch.." She smiled and reached out and shook our hands Then she explained, "Marsha's not here right now but we can take care of things without her. Follow me."

I confess I was emotionally overloaded as we followed her. I tried to take in as much as I could. On the left of the entry, I saw a room that looked like a very glitzy living room. Down the hall she opened a door to an office. "Sit down honey." Then she picked up the phone, punched a couple of numbers. "Yvonne, I'm processing a new lady. Will you handle the doors and the lineups for awhile? Thanks."

She found the brown file folder on the corner of the desk with "Lynn _______ " printed on the tab. She opened the folder, put on a pair of granny glasses and read from what was in the folder. "Okay, I see you've never been employed in the sex industry before and never had an HIV test, is that correct?"

"I've never done anything like this. Until last night I never knew a place like this even existed. We really need to make several thousand dollars as soon as possible." She said nearly breathlessly trying explain why were even here.

I sensed that Joy was trying to be both friendly and reassuring. "I think we can work that out. Lynn, you're really gorgeous with a great figure, I'm sure you'll be very popular. We just need to finish the processing, get you tested and on file with the sheriff."

"What! I hadn't heard anything about that." Lynn exclaimed as she turned and shot me an accusing look suggesting I had kept something important from her. "That's all new to me. What does it entail?" She wanted to know.

"There's a doctor in town that will do a physical including an HIV test. Then you go to the sheriff's office, they take your picture and your finger prints."

"Oh, I can't do that. I thought this would be done anonymously." She said with real concern as she reached for my hand for support.

"Lynn, it really is anonymous." Joy said calmly and deliberately. I was certain that she had dealt with this very issue many times before. "No one knows who you are. The files are closed. Let me explain. Nevada state law allows any county with a small population, like Nye County where we are, to license brothels, providing the workers are cleared for health and registered with the sheriff. I can tell you that we've never had a case of aids that can be traced to any brothel in Nevada. The men who come to these places know that they are perfectly safe and that our women are clean."

"Honey, I'm not trying to talk you into this but you've traveled all this way. Marsha should have explained the registration requirement to Ted." I said a silent thanks to Joy for getting me off the hook. "I'm sorry she didn't but there are no exceptions. As you can imagine Lynn, this is very big business and we play by the rules, we don't take short cuts or cut corners. I think you'd do very well here for as long as you'd like to stay but it's entirely up to you."

Lynn was biting her lower lip and squeezing my hand as she listened to this. "What do you think honey?"

"I guess what Joy said makes sense. Without these controls it would be illegal and dangerous for the women and the customers. It's your decision baby, not mine. What ever you decide is fine by me."

Lynn seemed crestfallen. "What do you mean, my decision? I thought we were in this together."

I sure didn't want an argument if front of Joy. "Honey, I'm sorry. Of course we're in this together. I know you're doing this for us. I just meant that I would be supportive if you do this or if you decide not to."

I saw that Joy was both experienced and smart. She didn't wait for Lynn to agree. "Okay then, let's finish your file. What's your last name honey?"

"Martin," Lynn said quietly and without hesitation.

"And your address?"

"1357 Spartan Court, Portland, Oregon 97237."

"Home telephone?"


"And last, your social security number?"

Oh shit, I thought to myself, so much for any anonymity. She couldn't remember her number but I did and gave Joy the final piece of information.

"Lynn, there are a lot of rules of the house and policies that we will go over when you get back from the doctor and the sheriff but two are really important. First, we don't allow drugs of any sort. To enforce that policy we can come into your room at any time and search it. Second, you are not permitted to keep any cash in your room. You can see that's for your own safety." Then she slid a form over to Lynn, handed her a pen and said, "sign this."

I guess Lynn realized we had gone beyond the point of no return because she didn't even read the document, she just signed where Joy indicated.

Almost as an after thought Joy said, "I almost forgot, more than half of the ladies use a different first name while they are here. It's up to you."

Lynn said, "I think that would just add to the confusion. Unless there's some other reason, I've been called Lynn all my life, and it's not likely I'll see anyone I know. I might as well be called Lynn for the next three weeks." "Okay, welcome aboard. Let's get your bags to your room and then I'll give you directions to the doctor and the sheriff's office. Should take you about an hour," she said as she rose.

I noticed a light flashing over the door that had flashed once or twice before. "What's that flashing light?" I asked.

"That means we have visitors and the ladies are getting ready for a lineup. All the girls who aren't already busy will go into the parlor and introduce themselves to our visitor or visitors."

Outside the door to the office ten women were standing against the wall. Some were dressed in bras and panties, some in negligees, a couple in teddies. Most wore nylons, some thigh-high stay ups and some a garter belt. All of them wore very high heels. Among them there was a black lady, an Hispanic lady and an oriental. Some were short, some tall. A couple carried too many pounds. I thought one lady could use a few more pounds. There were more blondes than brunettes or redheads. Just like Earl had said, they were all attractive and I thought a tall blonde was very, very pretty. Joy said, "ladies, this is Lynn she's going to be with us for a while."

The welcoming comments of, "Hi Lynn . . . Welcome Lynn . . . Look forward to getting to know you . . . I'm Sandra, I'm Beth" were interrupted by an older blonde lady, who I assumed must have been Yvonne, saying, "come on ladies the gentlemen are waiting. With that they followed her single file toward the parlor.

We followed Joy in the opposite direction, or I should say I followed Joy and Lynn down the hall. My eyes were riveted to my wife as she took long confident strides. She was beautiful and sexy beyond my ability to describe with mere words.

The place was much, much larger than I had realized. It seemed like we were in a maze. We passed several closed doors, a laundry room and a lounge area. After two or three turns Joy opened a door at the end of a hall.

"This is it," she said. "All the rooms here are about the same."

I saw that we were in a very small, crowded, bedroom. A huge, canopy bed dominating the room. There was a chest of drawers on the wall facing the bed and a sofa squeezed into one corner.

"Just leave your things here for now and unpack after you return from your visit to the doctor and the sheriff. When you get back I'll go over some girl kinds of things and give you some pointers to help you get started. Sound okay?"

Back at the office she handed Lynn a card and two blank forms, before turning to me. "Ted, drive back the way you came until you get to highway 160 then turn left at the intersection. In about two miles you'll come to the Nye County administration building. It will be on your right. The duty officer processes ladies all the time and will have you out of there in ten minutes. Doctor Allison's office is in his home which is just up the hill next to a clinic. He's on call for us twenty-four hours a day." She said as she turned the dead bolt on the front door.

Joy's directions were perfect. Within a few minutes I was parking in the empty space beside a sheriff patrol cruiser. "Want me to go in with you?"

"No. If it's like Joy said I should be back in a few minutes."

In less than ten minutes she was back. "How'd it go?" I asked.

"Painless. Just like she said. He signed the form, kept the original and made a copy for me to give back to Joy. He took my photo like they do for a driver's license, then took my fingerprints."

Within a minute I pulled in front of an adobe home with a sign that indicated we had arrived at Dr. Allison's. Without saying anything Lynn hopped out of the car and walked up the walk to the front door. Almost immediately the door opened and she walked inside.

This time it took considerably longer for her to return. A half hour later the door opened. When she got in the car, I could tell she was really flushed as I saw her illuminated briefly by the interior light. "Well?" I wondered.

"He was there alone . . . without a nurse." She explained.

"So?" I didn't catch the significance of that.

"I've never had a pelvic examination without a nurse present. It's always embarrassing but this time was the worst. Anyway, first he drew some blood, then asked me all the same questions every doctor asks. Then, matter of factly he said, "take off all your clothes and hop up on the examination table."

"Where do I change into a hospital gown?" I asked.

"We don't use hospital gowns for these exams. That would be kind of silly, under the circumstances, don't you think?" He didn't expect me to answer. "Just get undressed here." Then he folded his arms over his chest, as if to say ‘I can wait as long as you can.'"

"After I thought about it, it did seem a little silly. He just stood there staring at me with a challenging look. After what seemed like forever, I lifted my dress over my head and hung it on a hook on the door. My hands were shaking as I unfastened my bra, slipped off my panties, put them on the hook with my dress and stepped out of my heels. Totally naked, I sat on the edge of the exam table knowing exactly what was coming next."

"Okay honey, put your feet in the stirrups," he directed.

"When I did as he instructed, he sat on a low stool and scooted between my wide spread legs. He didn't use a speculum and I don't think he wore rubber gloves. Well I can tell you I've never had an examination like that before. He softly touched the outside of my lips. He opened them and rubbed the insides. Then, he actually rubbed my clit, held it with his thumb and finger and constantly but gently squeezed it. With his other hand he put a finger inside my vagina which was starting to lubricate as he felt all around inside. Then his first finger was joined by a second. He was the first doctor to examine me that felt around for my G spot. When he located it, I sighed, involuntarily, as he massaged it while squeezing my clitoris, which was now swollen, even harder. Honey, I imagine he knows a woman's anatomy better than almost anyone, considering his clientele. I mean, not just women's gynecology but gynecology of prostitutes. Anyway, I think he was having fun toying with me. I'm certain he was determined to make me climax and guess what, he succeeded.

Then, I felt something wet on my pussy and realized it was his tongue. He licked and sucked from my clit to my bottom until I gushed again.

I was ashamed until he stood up wiped his wet face with the back of his hand and said, grinning from ear to ear, "well Lynn, I think I can declare that you are, indeed, very healthy. Put your clothes back on. Tell Joy I'll put a rush on your test. Hell, I can do better than that, I'll scope it and run it myself tonight and call her with the results. Normally takes a day or two." I didn't know what to say to my wife. What I did know was that my cock was stone hard. By the time she finished her story we were pulling back in the parking lot at Paradise Ranch. I had to wait for a second until my erection when down.

Two buzzers and a short walk later we were back in the office with Joy. Lynn handed her the copy of the form from the sheriff's office. Joy slipped it inside the brown folder that now read, Lynn Martin, the blank had been filled in.

"So how was doc Allison?" Joy asked with a big smile because she obviously knew the answer.

"I can't believe what he did. He didn't seem very professional to me," Lynn said.

"Oh, he's harmless. I can tell you this, he really loves his work. He really serves two purposes. Not only does he check out our ladies medically but he gives us his impression of how he thinks they'll do in this line of work. He already called me and reported with great enthusiasm that you're a natural. He'll call me later about your HIV test."

Lynn blushed in embarrassment and looked down at her hands. Then Joy turned to me and said, "Ted, Lynn and I need to spend an hour or so together. You can either say goodbye to her now or wait in the bar until we're finished and then say goodbye. Suit yourself."

Before I could think about it Lynn turned to me and said, almost pleadingly, "If you don't mind honey, I'd like for you to wait. Is that okay?"

I didn't have any plans. My ticket home wasn't until very early the next morning. I remembered that we still hadn't come up with a story to tell our family and friends explaining why she would be gone for three weeks. So I said, "Sure honey. I'll go to the bar and have a drink or I'll be sitting in the car trying to catch a wink or two. Come find me when you're finished."

I didn't go directly to the bar, rather, I went back to the car. I reclined the driver's seat as much as I could and tried to sleep. But I didn't sleep at all because there were so many thoughts swimming around in my mind. I reflected on Lynn's experience with the doctor. I thought about where we were and what was going to happen. Would I be jealous? I didn't think so. Ten years ago I would have been a green monster. Now I thought I would be okay about it. But what about her? Would she be okay physically and emotionally? After a half hour I walked back to the gate, pressed the buzzer and waited for the now familiar click. At the front door I didn't press the buzzer button but turned to the right and into the connected bar. There were two other men sitting on bar stools talking with the bartender who was an attractive, tall dark haired woman.

"What can I get you?" She asked.

I didn't want to drink because I had to drive back to Las Vegas so I asked for a cup of coffee.

I sat at a table in the corner. There were half a dozen bar stools. Only two of them were occupied by rough burly men. One of them had a shaved head. His forearms were covered with tatoos. The other guy had long hair to his shoulders. They seemed very at home here.

As the bartender sat my cup of coffee on the table she asked, "Are you here to see the ladies?"

"No, I'm just killing some time." I answered without further explanation.

During the next half hour I couldn't help but hear virtually everything the two men at the bar said because the room was so small and they spoke so loudly. The bartender, whose name I overheard was Beverly, joined them in their raucous conversation. The men were Phil and Burt. They were steel workers constructing one of the new casinos in Las Vegas. It was obvious that they seemed right at home here and must have visited this place frequently. Their conversation was crude to say the least with Phil dominating the discussion. "I rode her like a mare . . . she finally cried ‘uncle'. . . I was afraid she couldn't take all my big dick . . . when she came, she screamed like a banshee . . . I came like a geyser. Burt and Beverly laughed at the lewd remarks. I thought it was, most likely, typical barroom bragging.

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