Paradise Ranch


After my second cup of coffee was nearly empty, I overheard Phil say to Burt as he stood up, "come on man, I'm fucking ready to rumble. Let's go get us some pussy." It wasn't until then that I saw how big Phil really was. He must have been 6' 4" and must have weighed more than 250 pounds.

After they walked out the door to the porch Beverly asked me, "Do you want to see the lineup? You don't have to choose anybody."

I thought it might help kill a few minutes until Lynn and Joy finished whatever it was that they were doing. I walked out of the bar to the porch and pressed the buzzer button to the front door. Yvonne opened the door. "You want to see the lineup?" She asked acting as though she had never seen me before.

I just nodded yes. She led me to the parlor and asked me to sit on the sofa with Phil and Burt who were waiting anxiously. Phil turned to me and seemed very excited. "Hey man, plenty of pussy here for everybody, right?"

I muttered, "right."

It seemed as if several minutes passed before Yvonne returned, faced us, and almost formally announced, "ladies come out and introduce yourselves to the gentlemen."

I recognized the first two or three women, as they took long sexy strides walked through the archway, from when Joy introduced us to them earlier. However, I wasn't prepared to see the fifth person in the lineup, it was Lynn. When the last woman entered the line each woman struck a similar, sexy pose. They all smiled and then the first one said, "Hi, I'm Amber, then I'm Beth . . . I'm Jasmine . . . I'm Vanessa . . . I'm Lynn. I confess I didn't hear the names of the other five because Lynn took my breath away and I think Phil's and Burt's.

Lynn was wearing a black lace bra, matching thong panties, both tissue paper thin. Her nipples were harder than ever before. Most of the other women wore nylons, her beautiful, long legs were deliciously bare. Over her shoulders was a gauzy black peignoir hanging loose, not tied in front. On her feet were slutty, six inch high, clear plastic heels. I now knew what had occupied some of the time while she was gone. In addition to the new wardrobe, her make up was heavier and her hair sexier than ever before. Her finger and toe nails had been painted bright red. Phil and Burt had to see what I saw beneath the thin fabric of her panties, just a strip of thin pubic hair that had been a dark triangle when we left Portland.

As I scanned the line I knew that there was absolutely no question who would be chosen and I was right. Phil said one word, "Lynn" to which Burt grumbled, "fuck, that's not fair."

Lynn glanced at me for a micro second, then lowered her eyes demurely, as she stepped forward, took his large rough hand in her dainty one and said, "come with me," as she led him through the archway.

The rest of the women remained, waiting for Burt to make his choice. He finally chose Vanessa, who stepped forward, took his hand as Lynn had Phil's, and led him out of the parlor. After the couples left the rest of the women and Yvonne disappeared leaving me alone.

I wasn't alone for long. Joy came in and asked with real concern, "Are you okay, Ted?"

"I guess so. I wasn't prepared for Lynn being in the lineup. I was caught by surprise. I thought you had to wait for her health clearance."

"Doc called again shortly after you returned. Then, I spent a half hour giving Lynn some pointers. We picked out some clothes, did her hair, nails, make up and showed her how the men like pubic hair trimmed. She was going to model that outfit for you when Yvonne called for a lineup. In my experience there's no sense putting off the inevitable so, I asked her if she was ready. I know she wasn't but she bravely shook her head yes. I had explained to her how the lineup went. No dirty hustling allowed. That means one girl can't do something to call attention to herself. She can't wink or rub herself, anything like that."

She remembered something. "Oh, I almost forgot, when we passed in the hall, Lynn asked me to ask you if you could stay until she's finished."

"Of course, I'm not leaving until in the morning."

"Why don't you wait in the lounge? I'm sure you'll be more comfortable there."

Once again we walked the maze. The lounge had a couch, a couple of club chairs and a television. Two of the women from the lineup were sitting on the sofa.

During the next hour, I tried to watch a game show, but I couldn't concentrate. For years I had dreamed of a moment like this. I never thought it would actually happen. And, no matter how dirty my thoughts had been, in my wildest imagination I couldn't have pictured her being in a whorehouse, dressed as she was with someone like Phil I had imagined faceless men kissing her, playing with her breasts, fingering her and then fucking her. Now there was a face, it was Phil's. I had to remain sitting with my hands covering my lap because this time my erection wouldn't go down.

I flipped through a couple of magazines and made small talk with one of the ladies. Several times while I waited I heard the soft sounds of the chimes. When that happened, whoever was waiting in the lounge left for what I realized was another lineup. Finally my erection went down. I was so restless I left the lounge and walked up front.

I hadn't been there long when Burt was escorted back to the entry by Vanessa. She told him to wait there for someone to unlock the door for him, kissed him on the cheek. Then she disappeared down the hall.

"Who'd you pick?" He asked.

"Nobody." I didn't want to explain why so I asked. "How was Vanessa?"

"She was great. I've been with her a couple of times before. I really wanted to pop that new girl Lynn but Phil was first. She looked so hot. Maybe next week."

We hadn't been waiting long when I heard footsteps approaching. I turned and saw Phil and Lynn walking towards us. "Wait here, Yvonne will let you out," she said as she offered him her cheek which he kissed then she turned and walked back towards her room without looking at me. She hadn't walked ten feet when Burt asked Phil, "How was it man?"

"I can't describe it but I think I'm in love. She was so fucking tight and so hot I came twice. She just milked it right out of me, twice. And buddy, you probably won't believe this, no problem with fingers or kissing."

"You're shitting me!"

"It's the truth man. I'm sure as shit not going to wait a week to come back."

Then Yvonne was there. "Was everything okay?" She asked them as she unbolted the door.

"Oh fuck, it was a lot better than okay. Best I've ever had."

With much less enthusiasm Burt said, "it was fine."

After they left she bolted the door behind them. "You remember how to get to her room?"

I shook my head yes and walked slowly back to her room. She was waiting for me by the door. There was something different about. Then I realized she almost seemed to be glowing. There was the same freshly fucked aura that I had seen before. The difference this time was that it wasn't me that had caused her to glow.

Neither of us said anything for a few seconds. It was an awkward moment. Then we were in her room. She closed the door behind us. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, are you?"

"I'm fine." Then she smiled and said, "It's Ted isn't it?"

I wondered what the hell she meant. Then it dawned on me. This was her way of sharing with me what had happened. "Yes, I'm Ted," I said playing along.

"And I'm Lynn. Welcome to Paradise Ted. Have a seat on the couch."

"What kind of party did you have in mind?" She asked as she sat down beside me and pressed her thigh against mine.

"I'll have what the last guy had." I said getting into it. I realized then that this was her way of sharing with me everything that happened during the last hour. Without telling me what happened, she intended to demonstrate without leaving any detail.

"A half and half will be $300. Will that be cash, Mastercard or Visa?"

I knew she didn't expect me to actually give her $300 because she knew I didn't have that much money and I didn't have a credit card with that much available credit. But it was her way of letting me know how much Phil had paid for his hour. So, playing along I reached in my pocket and then handed her a ten dollar bill.

"That's fine." She said as she took the bill. Then, so that I could get the complete picture, she explained, "I'm supposed to take the money to the office but this isn't normal is it?" Before I could answer she was back in her role and said, "okay now that the financial part is taken care of can you stand up for a minute?"

Not understanding why, nonetheless, I did as she asked. She knelt in front of me and unbuckled my belt. I thought she was about to give me head but I was wrong. She dropped my pants and then turned on a bright light which she aimed at my groin. Then she began to carefully examine my cock, groin and balls. She must have spent a minute or two while cupping my testicles with one hand then she examined every inch of the head and shaft of my penis.

Finally she declared, "everything seems fine Ted. We can't be too careful."

Just then the chimes that were becoming familiar to me sounded again. Lynn said, "Joy told me I could skip one or two so we could properly say our goodbyes. Without saying another word she dropped the negligee, took off her wispy bra and slipped out of her panties. "Get undressed," she urged me as she went into the bathroom. She came out with a white sheet that she placed on top of the bedspread. Then she poured some kind of fluid on a white wash cloth and bathed my penis and balls. "Lay down on your stomach and Spread you legs."

She was in control. She knelt between my legs and then rubbed my shoulders, my neck, my arms. Then she rubbed the cheeks of my ass and toyed with my crack. Her hand played with my balls. Then she leaned over and pressed her breasts in my back. I could actually feel her hard nipples as she kissed my shoulder, my neck and whispered in my ear. "Do you like this honey?"

"Oh yes." I turned my face toward her and then we were kissing. Her tongue was in my mouth. Her saliva was sweet.

"We're not supposed to do this, I mean kiss," she explained.

Then I remember what Phil had told Burt about the kissing. With Lynn he must have gotten the exact same treatment that I was getting. I couldn't wait to discover the remainder of Phil's treatment. I didn't have to wait long.

"Turn over on your back."

My cock was near bursting and sticking straight up in the air. I don't think I had been harder since I was a teenager. Then, again, she kissed me passionately. She trailed kisses on my chest and sucked and gently bit each nipple. "I love your tatoos." I don't have a single tatoo. Clearly, an hour early she had told Phil she loved his tatoos.

When she sensed I could wait no more she reached for a condom on the nightstand, opened it with her teeth, put it in her mouth and with her lips and tongue slipped it over my throbbing cock. "Hey, what's this? Why the rubber?"

"House rules, no exceptions."

Then she took me in her mouth, all the way in her mouth. I watched her in a way that I hadn't in all the years of our marriage. She used her hand at the base then took me all the way in until her nose was nestled in my black, curly pubic hair. She slipped my cock out of her mouth, looked at me and said, "sorry I can't take it all." This was her way of saying, though she had just taken every inch of my penis, she couldn't take all of Phil's. I couldn't take much of this. After a minute or two I said, "Oh, shit, I'm going to come."

She seemed desperate. "No, I'll stop, wait a minute." She brought her lips back to my lips.

My hand reached between her legs. The lips were bare, the little tuft above her cleft was different. Her clit was swollen harder than ever before. She was different. Wetter, slicker than I could ever remember. Three of my fingers went inside her. She stopped kissing me long enough to say, "That's also against the house rules, the fingers, but I can't help it. Joy said pussies are for cocks and tongues, not fingers. I can think of two or three of the rules that I'll probably break every time." We were both gasping for breath when she nearly shouted, "Just fuck me! Let me get on top."

I don't think I had ever heard her use that word before. But I complied with her request. I was in her completely. But she said, "be easy, you're too big . . . careful . . . oh you're hitting my cervix . . . how many more inches?" Then she answered her own question for my benefit. "Three . . . I can't take it all . . . go slow . . . I'm coming." And she did. It was all I could do to hold back.

Though I had been in her to the hilt since I entered her, she finally declared as we thrust together, "Oh, you're finally all the way in, I feel so full, so stretched."

I held onto her ass as we thrust against each other. We rolled over with me on top now. She was holding onto my ass cheeks as we trust in unison. With her right hand she parted the cheeks and explored with her finger until she touched my anus. She was determined to enter me with her digit. I was so hot with all that had been going I didn't last long. With a groan from me and a sigh from her I filled the tip of the condom with my semen.

After it slipped from her swampy vagina, she slipped the cum filled condom off my cock, then padded barefoot into the bathroom. She came back with a warm wash cloth which she used to clean me.

While she was cleaning me I asked, "Was that guy Phil, I mean was he . . .?"

"Was he hung, is that what you wanted to ask? Let me tell you, he was huge."

"Were you able to . . .?"

"Could I take him? Every inch. It wasn't easy but I was determined. He filled me completely."

"Did you come?"

"Constantly." Then, changing the subject she asked, "What are you going to do, honey?"

I looked at my watch, saw that it was after eleven, I had been with her a half hour, Phil had been with her twice as long. "I'll drive back to Las Vegas, sleep in the car and catch the 7:00 o'clock flight in the morning." I answered.

"Where are you going to tell everyone I am and what I'm doing?"

"I don't have a clue," I said honestly.

"Joy's pretty smart. I told her our problem, I mean family and all, and she suggested that you tell everyone I've been accepted to flight attendant school. We were keeping it a secret until I was accepted. When I come home, we can just say it didn't work out. Everyone knows we need the money. What do you think? Do you think that might work?"

"You know, I think it might. I believe Southwest is headquartered in Dallas. Why don't I say you applied a month ago and we were just was told that you had been accepted by Southwest?"

I had just slipped on pants, and she had we finished dressing when we heard the chimes. Nothing else needed to be said but, "I love you." And then she was gone. I finished dressing and looked around the room that would be her home for the next three weeks.

Walking toward the entrance, as I turned the corner, I almost ran into Lynn returning to her room. She was holding the hand of a tall, very dark-skinned black man leading him to the room and the bed I had just occupied. As she passed me she fleetingly brushed my hand with hers.

The trip back to Las Vegas was almost automatic. As I passed the Clark County sign, I was reminded that on this side of the sign prostitution was illegal. On the other side it was legal. It didn't make any sense to me.

By the time I reached Las Vegas I was famished. I went to a buffet and made up for the meals I had recently missed. By the time I located a Wal Mart parking lot on Tropicana it was after two in the morning. I slept until the sun came up.

My trip home was uneventful. Our friends, family and even the kids completely bought the flight attendant school story. Actually, they were all very supportive of Lynn becoming a flight attendant because they had visions of free family passes anywhere that Southwest flew. I made up periodic status reports eventually preparing them for her to wash out the closer we got to the end of her three weeks.

Before the end of the second week, Lynn called home and made arrangements to wire $8,000 into our account. The mortgage payments were brought current, the foreclosure process abruptly halted. I calculated that at $150 per client she had been with more than fifty men. I later learned that she was very popular and adept at tips so the $150 was too low, on average. However, what I didn't know was that the $8,000 wasn't all she had earned in two weeks. Nearly $4,000 had been held back so my fifty man estimate was actually too low.

At the beginning of her third week, Earl told me that he was going to Las Vegas the next day and wondered if I would be upset if he saw her. It seemed a little strange to me but I told him I would be okay with that.

When she returned home she brought with her $10,000. She fueled my mind with unbelievable details of her activities. And daily life in the house. I'll share them with you soon but not now.

She seemed very restless whenever the doorbell or telephone rang she stood up. The chimes at the Ranch had conditioned her. Sometimes I thought I detected a trace of disappointment when she realized it wasn't a lineup call.

Her second night home, after making love for the umpteenth time, she said, "you know honey, as much as I thought I loved this house, this neighborhood and the Pacific Northwest, what would you think of moving to another state?"

"What state do you have in mind?"

"How about Nevada?"

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