tagNonConsent/ReluctanceParallel Universe Ch. 01

Parallel Universe Ch. 01


'Stop it, Tom, I really mean it this time!' she warned.

Tom sat up in bed knowing full well that his mind was no longer in control, and that his dick was now in charge of his vocal cords. His penis had no pride, 'come on darling just try it once for God's sake.'

'Look Tom in all the years we've been married have we ever had oral sex? No, and I'm not about to start now, ok?'

No it's not ok thought Tom. Barbie had been his childhood sweetheart. They got married at a young age, and he had never been with another woman.

'If I can't do it with you, then who can I do it with?' pleaded Tom in vain.

'We've been over this a million times Tom, it's not right. There's a place for a penis and it's not in a lady's mouth,' she replied in a soothing yet firm voice. 'And don't try that emotional blackmail with me - I know you could never be with another woman while you are married to me, you don't have it in you to cheat on me.' she retorted.

Tom knew he would never cheat on her, but his aching hard-on didn’t seem to share his sense of honour.

'Just kiss it,' begged Tom in a last ditched attempt.

Barbie slammed shut her book. 'For pity's sake' she exhaled moving down the bed slightly. She was in complete control, and she knew it.

All her life she had manipulated this great man, and abused his wonderful nature to her advantage. She had always known which buttons to push and had manoeuvred their destinies into a teen marriage and then sat back and watched him elevate through the ranks to chief astronaut. She relished in the stature that his position brought her, and loved her charmed lifestyle.

'Ok, just this once, and I'm only going to kiss it, do you understand, Tom?' she stated, flicking her long blond hair over her tanned shoulder.

Tom's eyes opened wide and he swallowed as her full lips approached his 7inch rock hard dick. He could feel her full breasts on his thighs as she leaned forward.

Her lips met his foreskin sending a shiver down his spine. He dared not close his eyes, he wanted to relish every second of her advances. It was now or never he thought as he pushed his pelvis up trying to nudge his dick into her mouth. He hit an enamelled wall of perfectly maintained teeth.

'I said a kiss, and I meant it,' she said pulling away.

For a split second Tom thought of grabbing hold of the back of her head, and thrusting his dick into that lovely mouth. Instead he took a deep breath and leaned back in bed, the duvet pointing north around his erection.

With mock sympathy, Barbie offered to give him a handjob, taking hold of his thick penis. 'It's alright, I'd better get some sleep,' he said pulling away from her hold. Her handjobs were a complete disaster. She always ended up hurting him more than pleasuring him. He would wait until she was asleep then sort himself out later that night with the help of a video he had acquired from his best friend and fellow astronaut Lex.

He knew his dick wasn't going to let him get any sleep, but he closed his eyes anyway, imagining his wife's lips wrapped around his cock. He could almost sense her wet tongue flicking his head, and he imagined the slurpy noise as her saliva provided the lubrication for her deep thrusts. He opened his eyes, woken by her soft snoring.

He turned to gaze at the lovely naked creature he had been with for the past eight years. Her expensive gym membership hadn't gone to waste, and he admired her perfect tits heaving up and down under the duvet covers. He smiled thinking of how lucky he was sleeping next to someone with the looks of Kim Basinger, and the body of a porn actress.

He slowly pulled down the duvet cover off her naked breasts and started playing with her left nipple. After a few moments she mumbled sleepily in disapproval, and turned to face away from Tom. Tom glanced at the mirrored wardrobe door to continue admiring her breasts. She was leaning to one side, and the top breast was now resting on the bottom one. Her shoulders crouched forward, while helped extenuate her full natural figure.

He moved closer to her, spooning her from behind and manoeuvred his hands so that they each cupped as much of her Double-D breasts as they could manage. His hard dick bumped into her backside, and Barbie instinctively positioned herself in such a way that the intrusive dick was no longer a threat to any of her orifices.

'Tomorrow...' she whispered sleepily, tapping his hand, 'we'll do it tomorrow.'

Tom had lost count of the number of times he had heard her make that empty promise. Finally, sleep came.

Tom woke to the sound of a phone ringing. Before he had a chance to answer, his mobile, as well as his pager, and Barbie’s mobile all joined in the choir of ring tones.

'Get that will you dear,' said Barbie lazily.

He picked up the handset next to the bed, and had to calm down the caller before he could make any sense of the conversation.

'Jesus H, you're alive...you're fucking alive!' blurted out the breathless chief engineer, Sam.

'What the hell are you taking about Sam, get a grip man.'

'Channel 12, quickly switch to Channel 12, you're not going to believe your fucking eyes man!'

Groggily Tom used to remote to find the right channel.

The reporter was shouting into her microphone, competing with other camera crews and reporters nearby. 'I repeat the 4 man crew of the Xavier are all dead!' NASA has confirmed that Thomas Fairchild, Deana Reynolds, Lex Weissman, and Tasha Jones have all flat-lined. This was an unauthorised flight. How they managed to get access to the multi-billion dollar space craft and take off remains a mystery, ladies and gentleman.'

'What kind of prank are they pulling now?' asked Barbie in disbelief as she started coming out of her sleep, woken by the noise of all the phones still ringing around their luxury home.

‘Jesus, could Lex really be dead?’ thought Tom. He hung up on Sam and used his speed dial to call his best friend.

'Please pick up, pick up,' chanted Tom, now fully awake.

'This better be good - do you know how early it is?' demanded the instantly recognisable voice of Lex.

'Thank the maker you're alright!' exclaimed the relieved Tom, 'NASA thinks we're dead. They think we hijacked the Xavier, blasted off into space a day early, and killed ourselves with a couple of female cadets.’

'I want some of what you've been snorting' laughed Lex.

'Channel 12 man, its all there, check for yourself. Sam's going nuts.'

'That mad engineer is always going nuts. Where the fuck did I put that remote control?' said Lex, dropping the receiver by the bed.

Tom kept the phone to his ear and waited quietly for his friend to continue the conversation. He noticed that Barbie had got up and was bending over beside the bed, naked, rummaging in her handbag trying to find her ringing mobile phone. He could see her slit clearly from this angle and wanted nothing more than to run his tongue over her opening. She had a terrific ass, and his dick was now at attention again as he wondered what it would be like to enter the forbidden virgin ring. He reached over and caressed her smooth backside, and it wasn't until he reached her pussy that she moved away. He had expected that to happen.

'Fuck! Has the whole world gone mad! Is it April Fools’?' There followed an onslaught of questions from both astronauts that neither could answer.

'No my husband is not dead, and he isn't a Goddamn thief neither so don't call here again, or I'll sue!' yelled Barbie, then switched off her mobile.

'We'd best get out of here' said Tom. 'I'm going to meet Lex at NASA HQ, and I think you should go stay with Amy for a while.' requested Tom.

There was no argument from Barbie. She nodded and started getting dressed. She was having difficulty with her large red lace bra in front of the wardrobe mirror. Let me help said Tom, his erection leading him off the bed towards his waiting wife. He stood behind her, his dick hovering and pointing at her cute ass. As he tugged at the bra straps he couldn't help but peek over her shoulder and admire the way her ample cleavage swam in the two balconies of her underwired bra. He tugged the straps a little closer to exaggerate her exquisite bumps even more.

'You quite finished?' questioned Barbie impatiently.

The strap now fully secured, he reached from behind her and squeezed her bra-laden breasts. He pressed his penis into the small of her back. He rubbed her tits until he was certain that her nipples were beginning to respond under their lace covering.

'We've no time for this,' said Barbie pulling his hands off her, 'the reporters will be buzzing our gates any minute.

Tom took a deep breath, and started getting ready.

Barbie took the Mercedes convertible. She liked showing it off in front of her tennis club partner, Amy.

Tom shortly followed in his Jaguar, swerving passed the horde of reporters and camera crews that were beginning to congregate outside his secure home.

NASA HQ was a hive of activity. He waded through the various security checkpoints, and finally entered mission control. In the darkness he could make out Lex, and the two cadets that had been reported dead in the news broadcast. The young cadets were crying and hugging each other. Lex stood like a statue staring at the main view screen. Mission control had its full complement of staff but there was an uneasy silence in the vast room.

Tom blinked before looking again at the giant main view screen playing back images from inside the orbiting Xavier cockpit. In the Xavier floated four inanimate figures. He could clearly make out the gaunt motionless faces of the dead crew. He saw himself, his best friend, and the two young women trying to compose themselves, crumbling every time they looked at the screen.

'What kind of sick fucking joke is this,' Tom demanded of no one in particular.

An excited technician burst into the room and exclaimed that the Xavier was still docked in the hanger. Everyone without exception spilled out of mission control and ran for the nearby hanger.

There she stood, in all her regal majesty, NASA's flagship.

'I don't understand!' screamed Cadet Deana Reynolds before collapsing on the hard floor. One of the technicians ran over to her trying to resuscitate her. As he shook the young beauty, her oversized breasts fought against the woolly jumper that restrained them. The technician couldn't help but notice how Deana's breast continued to wobble long after he has stopped shaking her.

Her figure was almost the exact double of Tom's frigid wife, Barbie.

'Take her to sickbay,' commanded the deep hoarse voice belonging to Director Thompson.

'At once, Sir!' acknowledged the technician, as he lifted the still unconscious girl, having a sly grope of the sides of her stunning breasts when he was sure that no one could see. He was thankful that his jumpsuit hid his erection, as another technician came over to give him a hand.

'In my prep room, now!' ordered Thompson, pointing at Tom, Lex and the remaining cadet, Tasha.

Sam was already waiting in the Director's prep room, and went straight over to Tom. He gave Tom a hearty handshake, followed by a genuine embrace. 'Thank the Maker, you're alright,' said the chief engineer.

Thompson cleared his throat disapprovingly, indicating to Sam that he should begin his debriefing.

'Three telescopes, and various satellites all confirm that what we are seeing in space is real. That ‘is’ the Xavier out there, and we are certain that the crew of the Xavier are ‘real’ too.'

'...dead real.' interrupted Lex.

Sam took a deep breath and continued. 'I think I have an explanation, and LAL agrees with my hypothesis.' LAL was a state of the art artificial intelligence computer system that had been used to solve many a mystery in the past. 'The orbiting satellite Rover7 has witnessed a tear in the fabric of space, just next to the moon.'

Sam nodded at his assistant who dimmed the lights and played back the Rover7 video footage. An incredibly bright image lit the darkened room.

Cadet Tasha stared at the projector screen with her mouth wide open.

'It looks like a giant angry red pussy!' said the ever-eloquent Lex.

Even Thompson let that comment pass as he stared in awe at the giant shimmering space anomaly.

'I'm sure Captain Kirk fucked that pussy in episode 6' continued Lex, unable to help himself.

'You're sick,' said Tasha, finally able to release some tension with a giggle.

'Stick around kid, I've got a million of them...' said Lex trying to put his arm around Tasha.

'I'm immune to your charms, flyboy,' came Tasha's reflex response, as she wriggled abruptly out of Lex’s vice-like grip.

Lex winked, pinching her ass. Tasha struck his face hard with the back of her hand.

'No one touches me unless I say so, you got that, fuck face!' said Tasha furiously.

'You little bitch, that was out of order!' Lex rubbed his glowing cheek.

'Well, try touching me again, and you'll see what I've got for dessert,' she threatened, making a fist.

'Just you wait Honey. I haven't finished with you yet...' Lex replied menacingly, still rubbing his slapped cheek.

'Secure that shit, both of you!' demanded Thompson. 'I need some calm so we can figure out what the hell is going on, ok?'

Tasha's eyes dropped to the floor. She was adamant that she was not going to apologise to the sexist moron.

'That's better...now Sam please continue,' instructed Thompson.

'We think that the rip has created a corridor linking us and ... a parallel universe…' he let that sink in.

Silence was his queue to continue. 'The extensive damage on the phantom Xavier, and its proximity to the rip, leads me to believe that the ship was struck hard by the meteor lodged in the booster rocket.' He pointed at the screen.

'This short-circuited the navigation system, causing the rocket boosters to thrust at full power. That's why the fuel levels are registering so low. The energy released by the rocket boosters has interacted with some unknown material on the meteor causing the rip in space, and the vessel to come through the corridor. I think the rip will heal completely when the rocket fuel is fully spent, and there is nothing left for the meteor to react with. I estimate 48 hours.'

As unbelievable as it was, it was the only explanation that made sense.

'Ok, well lets take our Xavier up there and see what we can salvage from the ghost ship,' added Tom.

'LAL doesn't think that's such a good idea, Tom,' Sam grimaced thinking of the best way to break the news. 'We think if you were to come in contact with your other self, you would simply cancel each other out - as if you had never existed.'

'The way I see it, we have two options,' said Sam, slowly.

'One, we find a way to get the dead ship back through the tear within 48 hours...'

'That doesn't sound possible given the tight timeframe. What's option 2?' inquired Tom.

Option 2 is that you guys take our Xavier and fly through the rip instead, re-establishing the balance. Sam knew they wouldn't like that.

'Are you out of your mind...we have no idea what it's like in the other universe,' replied Tom.

'I believe that the two worlds are virtually identical. Just think, all of you are astronauts. The Xavier is almost identical - albeit with some different markings and emblems, but on the whole the technology is the exact same. Your ages match exactly, and from the personnel records we were able to salvage, Tom, your career, and Lex's have followed the same pattern as in this universe.'

'What about me?' asked a shy figure listening from the prep room entrance.

'Good to see you're up and about cadet Reynolds,' said Thompson, inviting Deana to enter the briefing.

Tasha rushed over to embrace the trembling Deana.

'How sweet,' mocked Lex.

'I'm afraid we couldn't find any files on either of you cadets, confessed Sam, 'but please remember the ghost ship has been badly damaged and the memory boards are mostly fried.'

The doors swung open violently as a junior technician burst into the briefing. 'Sirs, you had better come take a look in the hangar.'


The crew stared with disbelief as their Xavier phased in and out of existence.

'I was afraid of that,' said Sam taking off his glasses. 'It looks like you don't even have to be in contact with your other self for the two of you to cancel each other out. I believe what when the rip closes, that will be the end of it, no more Tom, or Lex, or Deana, or ...'

'...We get the picture,' interrupted Tom.

Deana screamed out loud, 'my hand, I swear it just disappeared and reappeared! What are we going to do?'

Tom's mouth was getting dryer and dryer in the heat of panic. 'Shit, we don't have any time for a debate. I think I'll take my chances in this other universe, shit, it can't be much worse than my life in this disappointing existence!' He reflected over the past eight years of melancholy married life. How many times had that cock-tease of a wife turned him down in the past, and how many more times was she going to do the same in the future. Maybe his relationship with Barbie was better in the parallel universe. He wanted to find out.

The remaining three astronauts didn’t waste any time in joining him, as Tom made his way to the phase-shifting Xavier.

'Let's get this baby in the air now,' barked Thompson as he clapped his hands.

Deana had sat in the seat next to Tom as they entered the ship. Tasha by now hated Lex, but didn't want to seem petty in asking Deana to swap seats.

The Xavier blasted off into space in record time. Many of the safety protocols had been omitted in the rush to get the ship airborne.

Tom peered over at Deana and noticed a tear in her eye through the helmet glass. He stretched his hand over to hold hers. She gripped his hand tight, thankful of the reassurance.

Seeing this show of affection from the seat behind, Lex tried to grab Tasha's hand. She reluctantly complied in a gesture of good will. He took hold of her gloved hand and placed it over his suited groin. She immediately withdrew her hand, giving him the finger.

This first thing Tasha wanted to do when she reached her new home was press charges against the insane asshole.

It took several hours to reach the tear, and they could now clearly see their twin ship at the base of the tear, phasing in and out in unison with their ship.

Sam's voice sounded tinny as he bid the crew a final farewell, warning them to steer clear of the other ship.

They entered the tear.

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