tagNonConsent/ReluctanceParallel Universe Ch. 02

Parallel Universe Ch. 02


The journey only lasted an instant. There were no swirling mazes of light, or strobe-light tunnels, just a blink of darkness, the ship shuddered as if travelling through rough turbulence, and then they were through.

Tom checked the rear camera views. There was no sign of a space tear in this universe. Flicking a switch he asked, ‘Everyone ok?’

The crew mumbled responses at their captain, before settling again. ‘Now hear his,’ Tom continued, ‘if we start telling tales of mysterious parallel universes and the like, we will more than likely be detained at some mental institute where they will administer electro-shock therapy until we are green in the face! Your orders are to act normal, tell no one about who you really are, and try to live your life as best you can. Is that understood? I said, is that understood?’

‘Yes Captain!’ they are barked. He even got a salute from Lex.

A tinny voice sounded over the intercom, ‘this is NASA HQ, can you read me, Xavier?’

‘Captain Fairchild here, reading you loud and clear, awaiting further instructions, NASA’

‘Well Tom, why don’t you bring that big bird back home, you guys deserve a rest!’

‘Thank you NASA, we are on our way!’

Deana looked out of the ship’s main viewing screen. The Earth looked the same. She could even recognise some landmarks as they made their descent.

The landing was very smooth, and after completing all on-board checks, the crew left the Xavier and headed for Mission Control. Cadets Lara and Deana were herded off into a room to the side, while the returning heroes were ushered into the main presentation area. They received a hearty welcome from many familiar faces, and also from people that they didn’t recognise.

With the bland speeches out the way, Director Thompson granted both Tom and Lex permission to begin their well-earned vacation. After saluting they started making their way towards the exit. They heard loud screams coming from a nearby doorway and both of them instinctively ran towards the screams.

They stopped for a second in sheer disbelief as they entered the side room. The two cadets, Deana and Tasha were being gang raped by a group of technicians. Deana’s top had been ripped completely off, and she lay pinned to the floor. A technician held her arms down, another held her legs and a third was unbuckling his overalls to begin his assault. Deana was screaming as loud as her lungs would permit.

Lex looked over at Tasha. She had been stripped completely bare, and a technician was already fucking her, while four others held her down, cheering on their colleague.

Tom instinctively started towards the assailants, but the calculating Lex stopped him in his tracks.

‘Listen Tom, and listen well,’ Lex spoke in a whisper, ‘this might be perfectly normal behaviour in this world. If you go breaking this up, you might land yourself in that mental institute you were talking about!’

Tom’s sense of right and wrong demanded more than that. He replied, ‘I can’t let this happen, those two are my responsibility!’

‘Well then, do it right, Tom. Follow my lead!’ Lex let go of Tom and turned to face the rapists. He cleared his throat, and barked, ‘Atten-hut!’

The technicians stopped cheering and let go of the two cadets. Recognising the Captain’s uniform, they all got up off the floor and started to form a straight line in front of the Tom.

While Tom stared silently at the technicians, Lex slipped behind them to check on the two cadets. Deana was in shock, clutching at her top, trying to frantically cover her exposed breasts, while Tasha was crawling naked along the floor heading towards Deanna.

Tom tried to remain calm, ‘Someone tell me what’s going on in here?’

The Chinese technician that had been fucking Tasha spoke. ‘Sir, we won the BTTN award. You know, Best Tech-Team in NASA. Those two are our prize. We’ve got permission from Director Thompson. I got to be honest with you Sir, I’ve never seen two women resist so much about having sex. I hope they treated you better in space?’

Lex was the first to react. ‘Guy’s you’re absolutely right these two were frigid bitches in space. I was lucky to get a blowjob from the skinny one!’

The guys in the line-up sniggered, still facing front.

Lex continued, ‘the thing is guys, that we’ve still got some unfinished business with these two, so is there any way we could…?’

The Chinese guy spoke, ‘Sirs, on behalf of the entire Tech Team, I would like to present our prize to you both. Please enjoy them with our compliments, but, if I might be so bold, I have one favour to ask?’

Tom was still unable to absorb the enormity of the words spoken by the spokesman. Lex asked, ‘and what favour is that?’

‘Could I please have an autograph for my son?’
‘Me too?’ added another technician.

Lex obliged, keeping an eye on the two cadets. There was hatred in Tasha’s eyes, and he knew that she would be in serious trouble if she tried to attack her assailants.

The technicians seemed genuinely excited at having met two real-life astronauts, and the tallest one said, ‘Sirs if you like, I could stay and help hold the bitches down while you fuck ‘em?’

Tom clenched his fist and walked towards the lanky technician. Lex walked quickly towards Tom, put an arm around his shoulder and used his considerable strength to hold Tom back.

‘Listen guys, thanks for the offer, but we’ll manage. Now you guys are all dismissed, so get the fuck out a here!’

With a cheer the group left. Lex turned to his friend and said, ‘Get a grip! Come and help me with the two girls. We’ve got to get them out of here.’

Tom approached Deana offering his leather jacket. She grabbed it and quickly put it on. Lex lifted some clothes from the floor and offered them to the naked Tasha. He noticed some blood trickle down the inside of her thigh. Tasha’s gazed angrily at Lex as she put on the clothes. ‘What’s the matter, you never seen a virgin before!” said Tasha bitterly.

‘I’m sorry,’ was all Lex could manage in reply.

‘What are we going to do now?’ asked Deana, weakly.

‘We’ve got to get somewhere secluded and find out as much as we can about this parallel existence. Our survival depends on how much we learn before we make any more contact with beings from this world. For all we know we could be executed for littering!’

Tom nodded and helped Deana to her feet.

Lex said, ‘Chances are, that I live alone here, so everyone back to my place and we’ll start our research by checking news broadcasts and the Internet.

Deana started to cry, and grabbing Tom’s arm said, ‘I want to go back! I hate it here, I want to go back.’ Tom gave her a reassuring hug, and told her that everything would be fine.

They left NASA HQ together in Lex’s car, and drove to his apartment. No one spoke in the car. Deana had fallen asleep, resting her head on Tom’s shoulder, while Tasha sat in the front passenger seat, still in shock, staring into space and muttering obscenities quietly to herself.

Everything seemed normal as they drove through the quiet town centre – it was 5am and there was little traffic on the roads.

Lex stopped at a set of lights near a small park, and his attention was drawn to a beautiful tall girl in a floral summer dress walking her dog. A guy in a business suit tapped her on the shoulder and struck up a conversation. The girl smiled warmly at the suit, and nodded. Before the lights changed, Lex witnessed the girl kneel down in front of the guy, pull out his dick and start sucking him off in broad daylight. What was even more surreal was that the suit took out a newspaper from his briefcase and started reading it as she carried on blowing his cock.

‘Jesus H…’ said Lex.

‘…Christ!’ finished Tom.

A car horn sounded behind Lex, and he abruptly pulled away from the lights.

They reached Lex’s apartment without witnessing any further odd behaviour. Tom knew that they had a lot of research to do, and he knew that the girls weren’t going to like what they were about to find out.


Send feedback if you think I should continue this storyline. Thanks.

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