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This is a thinking person's story. If you are looking for a shallow sex or a physical BTB story DON'T READ THIS. It does contain sex and adultery as well as some payback.

I think this is an original storyline. I haven't read all the stories here so if this isn't an original concept, I apologise in advance both to the author and for wasting reader's time.

I enjoyed writing "Grim Reality'. This is an attempt to write a cheating wife story that is exactly opposite.

Once again set your review dictionary to English (Australian) rather than English (US) and hopefully all the blue and red squiggles will disappear.


Lisa Mallow sat at a table in the back corner of the coffee shop gazing lovingly at her boyfriend Frank Morecomb.

"God you're beautiful Lisa."

Lisa blushed demurely and looked down at the table. She felt like a teenager again. It felt good. Some of the happiest days of her life were when she'd been in her late teens. Being pursued by multiple men and getting to decide which ones were going to catch her. She felt the tingling in her groin. Oh yes Frank was going to catch her today.

"And I love your new boobs."

"Ah, so that's it, we have been working together one day a week for two years and you ignore me. I get a boob job and all of a sudden you're interested."

"I can't help it if I'm shy Lisa. For two years I have lusted after you but your boobs are driving me crazy and I can't help myself."

Frank reached across the table and enfolded both Lisa's hands in his own. "So beautiful, how about we skip the afternoon at the warehouse and find a motel?"

Lisa had guessed this would be the result of meeting Frank today. She quickly thought about when her next commitment was and decided she easily had five hours free. Enough for the leisurely lovemaking her excitement craved. With a tremor in her voice she said, "OK."

At that precise moment her phone, lying on the table, gave the distinctive chime of an incoming text. Automatically she disengaged from Frank and read it.

'What would your husband think of you holding hands with another man like that?'

In an absolute panic, Lisa searched the faces of all the other patrons. No one she recognised and no one paying her any attention. She walked out into the street, glancing both ways. Nothing. She thought to herself, "It must have been someone walking past who saw us." Checking the view from outside, into the shop, she could see Frank at their table clearly. "Shit, how could I have been so careless?"

She walked back into the shop and sat down. Frank was reading the message on her phone.

"Sorry Lisa, I know we agreed not to show any affection in public but I couldn't help myself. Who is the message from?"

Lisa reads the message again. "Unknown number. Shit, my mother has an unlisted number."

She quickly rang her mother's house phone. "Come on, please answer."

"Hello, this is the Jones residence, Shirley speaking".

"Hi mum, I just rang to make sure you are still coming to dinner tonight."

"Of course we are sweetie."

"Is Dad there?"

"Yes, of course, he's having his afternoon nap right now. Do you want me to get him to ring you?"

"No that's fine mum, I'll speak to him tonight, bye."

With a sigh of relief, Lisa hung up. Now who else did she know with an unlisted number? No one sprang to mind.

"My wife has an unlisted number, you don't think it could be her do you?"

"I don't think so, how would she know my number or about my husband. Shit, if word gets back to Dave, I'll be devastated."

"You've never told me anything about your family. I know your sister works with us on Fridays, who else is there?"

Lisa talked about her 17 year old twins, Jason and Julie. How, to stop the bleeding after their birth, the doctors had effectively sterilised her. With no small amount of guilt she told Frank about her husband, Dave. How he was the one and only love of her life and she would be devastated if he discovered her feelings for Frank. Frank of course asked the obvious question.

"So why me?"

Lisa hadn't asked herself that question. She paused for thought.

"Just boredom I suppose. After 20 years of being a housewife I just miss the thrill of being chased. Dave is a wonderful husband, father and lover but takes me for granted. I love how you make me feel, the thrill of something illicit. I suppose I wouldn't get that thrill without some risk. I've been a good girl for 20 years and became just another invisible mother. After my boob job two months ago I became aware that men were looking at me with lust again and I wasn't invisible anymore. It gives me such a buzz."

They then talked about his family. His wife and two sons. The poor state of his marriage. How his wife's father was rich and how Frank ran one of the small divisions of his father in law's company. He felt like a figurehead and began volunteering in the charity warehouse out of sheer boredom. He didn't reveal that he'd made two previous extramarital conquests from amongst the lonely housewives that made up most of the rest of the staff.

The text forgotten, Frank again suggested a motel. But with the mood broken, Lisa begged off with promises of phone calls and emails. At the very least they would meet again next Friday.

On the way home she pondered again who could have sent the text. She thought of every family member, friend and acquaintance and discounted them all one by one.

When she checked her phone next, there was a new message. It must have arrived when she was driving. Again it was from an unlisted number.

'Well done.'

That night as she made dinner she prayed again that no one had told Dave. Their marriage was rocky enough as it was. The past six weeks particularly. That was when Dave first mentioned marriage counselling and when their sex life took a nose dive. The fact that it was six weeks ago that she and Frank stopped being acquaintances and started meeting socially outside the warehouse was not lost on her. She interrupted dinner preparations to send a text to Frank telling him she thought they should stop their friendship developing for a while.

During the evening, while trying to act completely normal around Dave, her parents and the twins, she surreptitiously searched Dave's face for any clues. She almost panicked when she thought she caught Dave looking at her strangely when he thought she wasn't watching. Her immediate conclusion was that someone had told him about today. It must have been today as she'd been careful never to be seen touching Frank before. No one saw Frank and her sneaking into a motel or one of their houses. It hadn't happened.

She realised that no amount of thrill could possibly be worth risking her marriage and resolved to break off with Frank.

Over the next week there were several text and email exchanges between Frank and Lisa. Frank tried to break her newfound resolve but was forced to agree to cool it for a while. Lisa desperately thought of ways of testing Dave's knowledge without admitting to anything. She couldn't. With a history of blood pressure problems in her family, Lisa tested herself weekly. She noted she was up 10 points this week.

She wasn't sleeping well and like many deprived people was getting obsessed with it. She told herself, the following Friday morning, that was why she'd knocked Dave back last night when he snuggled up against her in bed and started to caress her buttocks.

"For god's sake Dave, just let me sleep."

Dave then rolled onto his back, obviously angry.

Despite her fatigue, she was still awake 10 minutes later when Dave spoke.

"Do you know it has been over two months since we have made love? The last time was before your breast enhancement op. I thought it was supposed to make you feel sexier?"

"Christ Dave, do we have to go through all this again. You know the operation made me sore and the drugs they gave me put me off the mood."

"This is about that country club membership bullshit again isn't it Lisa. I told you, we can't afford it."

Lisa reacted angrily and automatically, rolling to face Dave.

"I've told you how important that membership is to me David. Do you know how embarrassing it is to be the only person in my circle of friends who isn't a member? Knowing I can't be with them every Saturday when they all go there?"

"Yeah, like I've said multiple times, all your friends are married to doctors and lawyers. You chose to marry an electrician. I bought you a flash house, a flash car and took you on a cruise last year, all to keep up with the bloody Joneses. I drew the line at the country club so we could pump more money into the kid's college fund. Using my refusal to deny me my conjugal rights is just plain emotional blackmail." He stopped before his temper got out of control.

"I told you my parents would give us the money for the membership."

Dave cut in. "And I told you that it was my job to provide for this family, I won't ask for or accept handouts from your Dad. Listen Lisa, 15 years of overtime paid for the house and car. 15 years of being tired and missing out on you and the kids. If we can be frugal we have enough money to put the kids through college and still retire early."

"For fucks sake Dave, there you go raising that damned overtime again. As you yourself just said, it's your job to provide for me so you have to provide. Well, I want you to provide me with country club membership."

At this point Dave stormed out of the main bedroom and went to sleep in the spare. As a parting shot, he threw over his shoulder. "Lisa we really need to go to counselling before it's too late."

Lisa's response was her usual, "Rubbish Dave, we're fine." The last thing she wanted was a counsellor forcing her to admit to Frank's existence.

Dave was pissed, not only about the re-hashed argument and total absence of sex. No he'd wanted to raise something new tonight. A subject that had been increasingly on his mind for the last week, but she who must be obeyed robbed him of the opportunity.

In the master bedroom, Lisa cursed herself for her stubbornness in not letting the country club argument go. She knew Dave was right about the finances but couldn't really understand why he wouldn't accept help from her parents. They were rich after all. She couldn't understand why she felt compelled to drive Dave away emotionally. If she hadn't been in the grip of the early stages of a big hormonal changes she may have recognised the real reason. Emotionally she was divorcing her husband to continue her liaisons with Frank.

That's why it was a bit strange that when she tried to solve her insomnia in the old fashioned way, she masturbated to images of the last time Dave made love to her. Frank never rated a mention. She hadn't gone two months without sexual relief from a male since she was 18 so she was horny as all get out.

With a female's ability to drop emotional conflicts at the drop of a hat, she rolled over onto her stomach and put her hands into her pyjamas. One hand caressing her sexy new boobs and the other searching for and finding her sex. Her mind wandered back two months to her birthday. They'd gone out to dinner and by the time they got home were both definitely in the mood.

Dave started, as he usually did, by slowly undressing her and caressing each piece of freshly exposed skin. When she was naked, he'd laid her on the bed on her stomach and spent at least 15 minutes lightly kissing her back, legs, neck and finally buttocks. Just like now her sex had been oozing evidence of her excitement.

She used her index and middle fingers to spread some of that moisture around her clitoris and in slow steady strokes, started rubbing.

Then Dave rolled her onto her stomach and attacked her front. Belly, legs and finally breasts. He loved her boobs, she was conscious of their smallness but that would change starting tomorrow.

After sucking on each nipple, Dave slowly started nibbling downwards again. She knew where this was going to end up and shivered with anticipation. He bypassed her pubic area and started licking the inside of her thighs. Impatiently, Lisa grabbed both his ears and dragged his wonderful tongue to exactly where she wanted it. Within seconds she was bucking her hips and squeezing his head with her thighs like a vice. Releasing the pressure only when she wanted Dave to move away from her clit to do that long slow lick starting at her anus and ending up back at her clit that he knew drove her crazy. Within minutes she experienced one, two then a third orgasm. Each one more powerful than the last.

With her eyes squeezed shut Lisa remembered that moment and with mounting excitement made her fingers speed up.

After her third climax Dave was still keen but impatiently she dragged him on top of her until he was in the position to slide his wonderful cock into her. Again, after 20 years Dave knew exactly what to do. Sliding and thrusting slowly, varying the angle of attack but concentrating on an upward pressure that hit her G spot just right. At the same time he gripped her buttocks with both hands and slid the ring finger of one hand into her slippery anus. Within a few short minutes she was raking his back with her fingernails as she bucked in the throes of another tremendous climax.

In the present, Lisa arched her back and moaned into her pillow as she came. As she descended from her high she remembered back two months.

After her fourth orgasm she felt very sensitive as she sometimes did. She forced Dave off her, turned her back and relaxed. Dragging Dave's protective arms around her, she quickly drifted off.

In the present, Lisa realised that Dave hadn't cum that night. She dismissed that thought. Dave always told her that her pleasure was his main priority.

Did she make it up to him the next morning? No. He'd woken her by caressing her buttocks but she'd turned him down. She wanted to be fresh for the hospital.

Back in the present, Lisa finally slept. If she'd been thinking rationally she may have wondered why she hadn't thought of Frank at all during her session.

By the time she got up the next morning Dave and the twins had already eaten breakfast. The kids were nowhere to be seen, gone to their summer jobs. Inconsiderate pricks left their dirty breakfast dishes on the sink. Dave was acting a bit weird. Whether it was because of the tiff last night or, heaven forbid, the other thing, she just didn't know. She decided to avoid him. At about 9AM he found her sunning herself next to the pool.

"I was going to take the day off but if you have nothing planned for the day I may as well go to work." To her relief, he left.

Later, after a leisurely shower, she stood in front of the mirror caressing her new breasts. It was Friday and she would be seeing Frank again at the charity warehouse where they sorted donated clothing. She wondered again why she was risking her loving marriage for someone who was clearly way less of a man than her husband. Then she saw the crow's feet alongside her eyes and remembered. When she'd left home for college, her mother was an attractive, virile looking woman. Three years later, when she returned home, her mother looked like an old lady. Then she remembered the adrenalin rush as Frank held her hands last week. If she was careful and not caught then risk = 0.

Without her knowledge her hormones quietly took control again and she returned to bed to relieve some more pressure. If she'd been honest with herself she would have realised that she considered Dave to be, 'in the bank' and she had a golden opportunity for more. Her subconscious knew more than her. They sensed the approaching change and were driving her to breed before it was too late. But not to breed with her husband. No, the drive was for a bit of genetic diversity.

She spent the rest of the day with Frank at the warehouse. He respected her request to just act like acquaintances for the day.

With some trepidation but mounting excitement Dave re-entered the house just after 6PM. He was pleasantly surprised to see Lisa coming down the stairs dressed to kill.

"Oh good, I see you remembered", he said.

"What are you going on about Dave, I've got to snap myself out of this funk I'm in. I've arranged to go out with Linda and the girls." Linda was her divorced best friend.

Dave stared at her for a full minute before her eyes dropped to the floor. Then he walked into the kitchen, checked the oven, stove top and fridge before coming back to stare at Lisa again.

"I'm sorry for not telling you Dave. We'll just be down the Empire if you want to check on us. I'd invite you but, you know, it's just the girls going."

Without changing expression, Dave grabbed his coat and walked back out the door he'd come in with such hopes just five minutes before. Pausing at the door but not turning around he spoke very quietly, Lisa strained to hear his words.

"I guess I'll just have to find someone else to celebrate my birthday with then."

He continued through the door slamming it so hard that the clock fell off the wall. By the time Lisa could react Dave was in his truck and gone. Frantically she tried ringing his cell but he wasn't picking up. Then she grabbed her keys and ran to her car. She'd never forgotten Dave's birthday before and had even forgotten to remind the twins the week before as she normally did. For someone trying to improve her marriage, it was a disaster.

She spent an hour driving around to all their favourite haunts looking for his truck. Belatedly she tried to find an open shop to get a present. Everything was shut. Finally, about 9PM she joined her friends at the Empire and as quickly as possible drank herself into a stupor. Her friends carried her home and poured her into bed.

She staggered awake well after dawn. There was no sign of Dave. She couldn't tell if he'd been and gone or hadn't come home at all. All she knew was that she had some serious ass kissing to do. She rang Frank and filled him in on everything. Her suspicions, missing Dave's birthday, the lot. He was no use at all.

After that she rang her mum. Her mother told her she was babbling, was worried and was coming over. The next thing Lisa knew she was waking up at the hospital. Both kids and Dave were there looking worried. The doctors ran a battery of tests but all they could find was an abnormally high blood pressure. They recommended she stayed there until her medication brought it under control which took all day.

At home her family couldn't have acted more loving and caring if they'd tried. Dave took the week off to look after her. He snuggled her to sleep every night, just like the old days. He did, however gently rebuff her half-hearted attempts to get him to make love to her.

"Hush Lisa, get all better first."

It was two weeks later when Lisa returned to the warehouse. As soon as she saw Frank, her previous resolve evaporated. He asked her to lunch again but she was nervous about being observed. If Dave was suspicious, he might be keeping tabs on her. Where could they go where there was no possibility of being seen by anyone in her family? She smiled at the irony of the solution. The country club. Her parents were not even members. Her father often remarked that the truly rich were normally quite friendly people. But the club was populated by snobby, self-centred nouveau riche pricks that disgusted him.

They hid her car in a popular shopping centre carpark and travelled to the club in Frank's car. Safely ensconced in a back corner, Lisa scanned the sparsely populated dining room for familiar faces. None. Their conversation today was about the future of their relationship. Frank had just made it plain that he would drop his wife like a hot potato to marry Lisa. That was far from what she wanted but basked in the glow of his attention. 'Yes', she thought, 'I've still got it'. However she did value their relationship and was searching for a way of letting him down gently. Now she thought about it, Frank was rich, what better fall-back option was there if things went belly up with Dave? At least he could keep her in the style she thought she deserved. Physically it would be a downgrade but what the hell.

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