I think "sensual" is the best word to describe me... If you don't know that means, it means I'm horny a lot. Have I got your attention now? Good.

I'm Chrissy... Christina, really, but I like that nickname. I'm a pretty standard looking girl: blonde hair down my back, nice blue eyes, decent body, and 30 B breasts. But to a lot of people, I'm average...

That's never stopped me from making them find out just how special I can be, though. My daddy would kill me if he knew, but I've been just about everything I can be; the girl you'd ask to "have fun with" after school, the one who would dare to give head under a lunch table... yeah, I'm the school's slut. And why shouldn't I be? When I get to taste that gooey, warm cum, I know I've made someone happy, and they make me moan just as much when they eat me inside out.

I expect more from myself, though. I'm pretty, sure, but I want to be sexy. I'm hot, but I want every guy to get an erection when he sees me, and I want to be able to satisfy them all. That's why I searched around for body enhancement. It was obvious turning eighteen wasn't going to help my breasts fill, and I didn't want a baby, after all.

My answer came in the shape of a small bottle of pills. They were supposed to get my body so sexually active and matured that I would seem like I was getting sexier for a whole decade. Luckily the pills were swallowed with water, so despite being skeptic, I took them with a pinch of salt.

After the first month, I noticed they worked to make me hornier. But I didn't grow; I SHRUNK from B to A on my chest. That pissed me off, I was less sexy than before elsewhere, too, and my pussy was always on fire enough that I had to walk funny. I was on my last pill, though, so I decided to finish it off.

As soon as the pill hit my stomach, I felt... weird. Wiggly. But it didn't hurt... It made me have to use the bathroom, so I did. I shrugged off that reaction, thinking the pill was a dud, and went to school, like normal. A huge longing came over me to ride the bus instead of my car... It was weird, it's like I wanted to be around other people this time, like I thought I could stand the stupidity of so many little freshman.

What could I lose? I stepped out and walked down the road toward the intersection, to where Jeff was waiting. He's a sweetheart, but hasn't ever found someone who noticed enough to love him. More than once I surprised him by giving him a ride to school, but this time, he saw me and nearly tackled me with a huge hug. "Chrissy!" It was a happy yell... I smiled, he really cared.

I hugged back and gave him a huge squeeze. "Hey, Jeff! Mind if I join you?"

He laughed and pulled back. "Not a bit, silly. How're you?"

My eyes fluttered and I looked down a bit... He's always been against enhancement that wasn't done by the body's own will... pills. "I... I took pills to try to get more attractive, and instead, it's harder to move and I shrunk behind the bra."

He sighed and poked a finger to my forehead, pushing it back so he could see my eyes. "That doesn't matter, silly. You're still you. You were already pretty beforehand, though."

"I know, but I wasn't sexy, you know how I am, I wanted to look how I can act!" I didn't mean to shout if I did...

His hug, no matter where it came from, showed me that he didn't care even if I did. "Relax. I don't hate you for wanting to look better, and other guys... They're narrow-minded enough to not notice the moment you touch between their legs."

I flinched a little... He always thought most guys were just pigs using me for pleasure. He said he knew that I enjoyed that, but didn't show that much. I hugged back anyway before stepping back, smiling... He at least knew how to comfort a girl, that's for sure. "I'm amazed you don't have a girlfriend of your own."

He shrugged. "The only girls I like enough to want to ask out are oblivious to it; they all see me as a brother-sister friend."

I gasped a bit... That's how he thought of me... Before I could hope to respond, the bus pulled the corner and started its long, straight trip down the road... But I couldn't shake the image of laying Jeff down and riding him... I saw him... his dick... me on top, bouncing... screaming, moa..."Aaahhh..."

I felt my pussy throb and pulse, and cum splattered all over my panties, dripping to my legs. I hadn't even been touched, though, how did that happen? Jeff looked to me, worried, and I had to think the fastest I had in a whole. "Choo! Sorry..." I hoped my pretend sneeze was believable.

He smiled and said "Bless you." I smiled back and followed him, still on fire and itching for his dick, hoping I didn't cum again... I saw him sit in the middle, where most people were in the front or back... I couldn't help it, I was drawn like a magnet to sit next to him. I wound up on his lap, though... I'd never done this before, he said he never really wanted this... What was wrong with me?

Whatever it was, it was driving my hands to pull down his pants and boxer briefs, and my skirt and panties... Nobody could see us, but we were exposed, and he couldn't respond, I knew somehow he wouldn't because he didn't want me in trouble. "What are you doing?" He whispered frantically. I knew it in his voice and eyes he didn't want to throw me off for fear of hurting me, either.

"I'm giving you what you deserve. I want you in me." My words were expertly sung, quiet enough that only he could hear me and no-one else could unless they listened in. I stuck his dick—god, it was already hard as a rock—right up my pussy. All eight inches filled me up, stretching my insides and making me want to moan so badly as my insides wrapped around his dick.

One skill I was never good at was humping without bouncing myself up and down. Now, though, it was so natural. I arced my back up, bringing my waist up by my legs before dropping down, using all of my legs and back to slide straight up and down his dick. It felt so good to brush that thing over my pussy like that, god! I was already throbbing around his dick, splashing him with my cum. It took so much out of us both to not moan right then and there.

I wasn't done with him, oh no. I pushed myself down on his waist, hard, taking in every bit of that dick. I rubbed my waist in circles over his, and his dick got to feel every bit of my insides as I rubbed it all around. It didn't take long before I started feeling him throb for once, soaking my insides in his hot cum. I couldn't help but let out the tiniest moan, and I'm surprised his only reaction was a shuddering breath.

Surprisingly, none of his cum left me. I didn't give it a thought. Before I could hope to splash him in pleasure again, I got off and got next to him, pulling up his and my clothes before snuggling against him. I felt satisfied, unlike before... and wiggly again. I wish that feeling would just give up.

School was normal until lunch time. I'd felt that wriggling all day, but it got horrible at lunch. Not because of food, I think, because it wasn't a tummy ache. I saw all my friends around me, and my pussy flared up again, almost gushing out by the time I finished sweeping down the table of the boys and girls...

I tried so hard to hold back. I wasn't normally like this, it scared me...

"Don't bother."

The voice was so quiet and it didn't come from anywhere... it came out of me, my ears. Or into them from there... What was happening to me!?

"Simple, you have something in you that makes you like this."

I tried not to look around, focusing my eyes on my lunch while I tried thinking of what would make me ten times the horny slut I usually was made out to be. The pills...?

"That's right. It wasn't the pills, really, it was what was in the last one. Me."

What could be in a pill that could do this to me? Some kind of horny pill wouldn't last THIS long, would it?

"No, but I'm not the regular medicine that apparently failed to help you. I'll break it down for you, Chrissy, I'm a parasite. When you peed after taking me, I got into your pussy. That let me go into you to take over your eggs and make you horny enough to feed me sperm so I could make my own eggs, now I just have to make you cum into others to spread myself around. Jeff got away because I had to feed on his sperm, if you had cum again on him one of the baby parasites would have gotten to his balls and infected him, too.

"Anyone infected at this point, though will become like you: so incredibly horny and insatiable that the world will be infected very soon. I'm glad I ended up in a pretty little girl like you."

Oh my god... It was a parasite IN ME!? And it was... My eyes closed and I tried not to look worried in case anyone was watching.

"Making you... I think your phrase was "ten times the slut" you normally are. Isn't that what you wanted, to be able to please everyone? I don't want to take the whole body over, Chrissy. Go ahead and think on it while I keep working on you."

Working on me...? What did he... it, she, whatever! What was happening with me? Whatever it was, all that lunch period, I felt like tearing off every pair of pants or skirt and just going wild. Every time I saw a face, I could just see myself going right into their clothes and going wild until we were left panting and moaning...

I saw myself on top, riding every guy at our table 'til they were dry. I was almost tasting their cocks and pussies, as well as the cum from each and every one of their bodies... I could practically feel their dicks between my breasts, making me ache on the chest—wait, I had breasts? My chest WAS sore, and I felt the elastic stretching on my bra. My boobs were growing? I'd check later, I couldn't exactly look at the moment.

I could feel for myself, though... I already did enough of that during their shrinking; I knew what each size felt like. As soon as my hands wrapped around my boobs, I felt my pussy quiver and throb again, splashing my already-soaked panties with more cum. It built up and I was on fire again, and I couldn't help but shift a seat over onto Kyle, who noticed my face and nipples poking out... He was hard. Good.

I didn't have time or patience to ride, I just got on his lap and rubbed back and forth over him, grinding roughly and fast. He didn't complain once; during lunch, it was his dick I sucked the most. This time, though, he was getting dose after dose of my cum soaking his pants. I didn't care if it looked like either of us pissed ourselves, I was glad he was there for me to get off on.

I wound up moaning in pleasure, and every head snapped to face me. We were in the courtyard set aside for seniors to eat at, so everyone knew me, what I was popular for, and I had given each and every person there an orgasm on more than one occasion. So there was no regret from anyone when I was swarmed by everyone who was turned on by the sight, which was a whole eighteen people.

I'd never been good at gangbangs before; I could usually focus on two people at once and that be that. Now I welcomed the group, laughing before my mouth was stuffed shut with a dick that I immediately moaned into and licked all around while sucking, wanting it dry. Both of my hands were holding a dick, my feet were stripped so I could push guys' cocks against their bellies to be rubbed.

Kyle got his dick out and into my ass, and Sammy somehow got under the table to get her lips to my pussy. I was surrounded in that small space, and more people wanted in... I could only fit seven at a time, though.

That didn't matter. My eyes were wild and happy, and I loved being the whore for everyone who stepped to me, switching between dicks and pussies without even needing to see them. My pussy never stopped throbbing the entire time... Whichever people got to my pussy were getting their desserts, that's for sure, it was a never ending stream of cum and pleasure into their mouths and faces.

By the first minute alone, I felt so dang good that something seeped from my boobs. God, was it milk? Whatever it was, the only two guys I couldn't get to squeezed in to suck on my nipples, and I felt their tongues brushing over my skin so damn much... It only made me cum more, and lactate whatever it was I was squirting out.

It only took about three minutes until half of the people there came, all guys. My hands and mouth were free to care for only one person at a time because my feet cleared up to take hold of one foot and one pussy. I wasn't getting tired, at all, but I felt so much heat and stiffness and wetness all over my body. I craved more, a lot more.

It felt way easier not having to move myself around to eat out someone's pussy while I kept rubbing my body over three dicks and one cunt, and it felt way better knowing I was constantly touching someone's lustful parts. Kyle's dick kept wiggling in me, and by now, I knew the three people trying to get at my pussy must have been getting full from my cum.

The dicks in my hands throbbed and pulsed, splashing my face and neck with cum that burned with such a pleasure that I kept rubbing anyway, caught up in the pure orgasm of everything around me. Whoever I was eating out soaked my face in her cum, too, and crawled away to dry off... The two at my boobs got up and walked away, letting me see Sammy and Jeff... Jeff? It was him, he was at my feet and getting rubbed up and down... I smiled and made sure to give him the best of my wiggling toes against his dick.

Sammy came off first, moaning as my feet got soaked in her warmth. I was left with Jeff and Kyle, who was throbbing in my ass at that moment... I gave Jeff both of my feet, putting it between my big toe and the one next to that with one foot while my other got to his dick's head. I shifted up and down, and I came hard just hearing his pleasured groan as he splashed his own cum all over his belly and my feet.

I got off Kyle, butt-naked, and crawled to Jeff. I licked the cum off his belly and pulled him down, kissing him and running my tongue all over his in our kiss... I think, that moment, I fell in love with him, though.

Was that a good idea? As soon as I thought that, I remembered that parasite... Oh, god, if my cum transferred it, how many people were infected? At that point, I didn't care... I felt good, I had Jeff's lips to mine, and I was ready to make him cum all over again the moment he so much as looked anywhere but my eyes.

"Good. I'll make sure your body fits the part."

I thanked that parasite in me while kissing Jeff, hoping his heart was pounding for me.

The rest of the day was... well, almost uneventful. I didn't get that insatiable horniness, not even on the bus ride home, and I could only barely feel the tingles and wiggling in my body as whatever parasite in me was working on me, however it meant.

It was actually with a smile as I went to sleep. I didn't mind knowing I had just made a few friends extraordinarily horny carriers, that just meant more people I could turn to for cumming. The thought of that made me horny again... I tried to suppress it, though, and dozed off into horribly wet dreams of being the center of everyone in the school. I think, the whole time, it was Jeff up my pussy...

When I woke up, sliding out of bed felt weird. My body just didn't feel like itself... I instinctively got in front of the mirror, and I swear, I felt my pussy throb again just looking at the reflection.

My hands hugged the curves of my hips, which were set apart just enough that it gave me a gorgeous hourglass shape. They also kept my legs just barely far apart enough that they didn't grind my pussy when I walked, so I could be comfortable. My hands traced up my tummy, which was thin, until I found my chest...

God, it felt... good. I was an B back at lunch, now I was at least a C. At least. I couldn't check, I didn't have a way to measure or a bra to try on. They were lifted, almost like I had a corset on, but I was completely nude... I turned sideways to find my ass poking out in a perfect bubble, nice and attractive without me having to replace my whole wardrobe to accommodate it.

The only problem, really, was I needed new tops and bras, and to replace some of my too-thin pants. I went out and scrawled a note saying I was shopping for clothes, and grabbed my money from work (and prostitution at school), glad it was Saturday. It didn't take long before I got to the best store in town for what I wanted... Victoria's Secret.

It didn't take long before I found out I was a 32 C, and that every woman in there was jealous of my figure, except the ones that were already models. Before I could so much as touch a bra, I heard that parasite's voice in my head...

"The more you spread me, the bigger your chest is going to get until you're at an E-cup. Best to not splurge on what you will soon outgrow, since you're already probably getting very.... excited..."

It had me pinned, I was already sweltering in heat between my legs and I was looking at the cashier like she was my toy. I didn't want that and rushed out, going where I knew I could be satisfied... There was a sex toy store about three spots down from the clothing store... I could already feel my breasts tingling, knowing they were growing again as a reward to my running.

As soon as I got into the store, I saw a guy purchasing a cock ring, one I recognized as meaning to hold back cum. As soon as he was done, I led him to the store's bathroom, despite whatever stammering he did. As soon as he was in, I took out his little package and shoved it down his erection, making sure it was nice and snug before taking him right up my pussy. As soon as he filled me up, I splashed over his waist, but neither of us cared.

He took me and picked me up, holding my legs and bouncing me on him, making my swelling breasts jiggle and bounce in pleasure. I held onto his shoulders and pushed up into him to help with the bouncing, constantly flushing out onto his dick and waist with my throbbing, not minding that I knew it'd take over twice as long to make him splash into me.

After a while he got tired, and I got a chance to look down at my boobs... They looked bigger. I slid off this guy, not caring if I knew him or not, and took his dick in my mouth... just the head. But I gave that head all of my spit, making his whole dick wetter with that before my boobs, bigger than before, rose to wrap around that toy-covered cock. It felt so good, my chest was sensitive as hell, it felt great to rub my boobs up and down that dick, and his dickhead tasted great, almost sweet, to my tongue.

He took my head in his hand, bobbing my face down on his dick and even into my boobs. I only squealed and moaned, still seeping out my cum as my boobs wiggled and jiggled up and down his dick so much that the toy came loose, and I was greeted by a huge flush of cum against my tongue and mouth... It tasted so good to lick up and suck away. I stood up and wiped my cum off my legs, cleaning myself off and ignoring every single word he said before getting dressed to walk out.

My cute little polo was definitely stretched now. Before, it was just a little inflated on the buttons... Now they were threatening to pop. When I got back into the lingerie store to get new clothes one button snapped off and the other forcefully slipped through the hole, leaving a perfectly clear view of my breasts to everyone. It was easy to take off, luckily, and I was weighed in as a 32 D now. I was given a funny look by the woman who measured me, since not even thirty minutes ago she pinned me as a 32 C. I didn't care; I was sexy. I loved how I looked.

I remembered what the parasite told me and splurged on clothing designed for a DDD-cup, however, guessing that I was soon to grow again. From everything I heard about a large rack hurting the back, mine wasn't bothering me at all. I guess my back was strong. I thought a thank you to the parasite... Whether it was after its benefit or not, I was enjoying it.

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