tagFetishParent Teacher Ch. 02

Parent Teacher Ch. 02


Amy grabbed her coat and together they walked out of the classroom. The sound of their heels echoed throughout the hallway. When they reached the parking lot, Amy paused.

“What’s the matter?”

“I, umm. I don’t know if I can do this.”

The older woman turned to her, and placed her leather gloved around Amy’s hand.

“Come on, don’t deny yourself. It’s going to be so good.”

“But, I don’t even know your name?”

Mrs. Hanson smiled, licker her full, red lips and placed them softly on Amy’s. Amy involuntarily moaned into the kiss. Oh god, she was on fire for this woman.

“Amanda,” she said. “Come on, let’s go.”

With her new lover, female lover - Amy liked the sound of that. - She walked to her car.

“Follow me.”

Amy tailed Amanda and her Range Rover, arriving at a long driveway leading to a modern, steel and glass home, well lit with lights. What would she do when she encountered Amanda’s daughter?

Amanda pulled into her garage, meeting Amy out front.

Amy approached the front steps, nervously glancing at the windows of the home.

“Amanda, what will we say to Lisa?”

She rubbed Amy’s lower back.

“She’s staying with friends tonight. It will be just you and I, lucky girl.”

Her arm moved up her back and pulled Amy to her for another luscious, tongue entwined kiss.

Hand in hand they entered the house.

Amy took in the beautiful furniture, and design. Clearly, investment banking had been very good to Amanda. She though of her own, very modest apartment. Could she be like Amanda?

Sitting on a soft leather couch, Amanda sat next to her.

“Your still nervous, aren’t you?”

Amy smiled at Amanda, laughing.

“How did you notice?”

“I’m a little surprised. I would have thought you might have more experience. I mean girl/girl experimentation I thought was more common in your generation.

Amanda laughed at her words

“Or, that’s just what I read.”

“Well, I’ve kissed some of my friends for the fun of it when out clubbing,” said Amy. “But, it was really just innocent. Not like with you. I mean, not well, you know…”

Amanda moved closer, reaching out to stroke Amy’s long hair. Amy noticed she hadn’t removed her gloves. The lights caught the leather and revealed the shiny, softness of the fine leather and the tight seams. How far up her arms did they go, as the gloves were tucked under the cuff of Amanda’s blazer?

She stood up.

“Amy, I could use a glass of wine. Join me?”

Amy nodded.

She watched Amanda strut, as she really did, in her gleaming stiletto fashion boots, to the kitchen. Her blood surged with that warmth descending on her nether regions. She wondered where this fascination came from. She wasn’t a “leather girl” in her normal attire, even when clubbing. Slowly, over time, she did notice herself checking out girls in sexy boots – the pointy toes, the stiletto heels – in magazines, and when out. But, she couldn’t connect it to any overtly sexual feeling. That is, until now, and it was coming out in force.

Amanda returned with the wine.

They talked about their work, the politics of that life.

Amy reached for her bag and pulled out her cigarettes.

“Do you mind?”

“Well, I don’t usual let people smoke in the house. But I can make an exception,” she said.

“I’m surprised, though. I wouldn’t peg you for a smoker.”

Amy blushed.

“Well, I’m light a smoker. Mostly when I’m nervous, or a little tired and…”

Amanda leaned closer.


Amy turned to place the cigarette in her soft lips. She lit it slowly and exhaled deliberately in smooth jet of smoke above her head.

“When I’m feeling sexy. Horny.”

She laughed at her own display. The two giggled.

Amanda leaned back and crossed her booted legs, her eyes fixed on Amy.

Amy looked at her quizzically.


“Nothing, it’s just that. Well, you really do look sexy doing that. Smoking. You make it look quite alluring.”

Amy slowly placed the long white cigarette to her lipsticked lips again. A long, deep drag, then letting the creamy white smoke spill from her full, red lips as her she made eyes at Amanda.

“Like that?” she said, laughing and making a face.

Amanda didn’t break into a grin. Her eyes riveted on Amy.


She extended her boot against Amy’s legs. The sleek, stiletto boot rubbing on Amy’s smooth, slim, white calves. God, I want her to fuck me, so.

Amanda crooked her finger at Amy.

“Come here baby.”

Amy leaned closer. Amanda took the burning cigarette from Amy. Pausing for a second to look at the lipstick on the filter, she placed her lips quite deliberately over the red stain ring on filter, tasting Amy’s lipstick as she inhaled deeply. She moved towards Amy again, reaching around the back of her head and with her gloved hands she pulled Amy to her. Amy could feel the softness of her tongue as she inhaled her new lover’s smoke. Lips lingered for a moment. She exhaled softly. The smoke spilled around them.

Amy whispered.

“That was nice.”

They kissed again, deeply. Amy sucked on Amanda’s tongue.

Amanda slowly leaned back.

“My feet are a little tired. I should slip out of these boots.”

She grinned at Amy, leaned back, and slowly pulled the zipper of the tall black leather boot down, exposing the creamy skin of her long legs. Amy watched her, taking long pulls on her cigarette.

“Be right back. I just need to slip into something more comfortable.”

Amy watched her slink off to the stairs.

Her words didn’t make sense, of course. Amy knew she still had on her black leather gloves. An invitation of sorts?

Amy looked down at the gorgeous tall boots. She couldn’t resist unzipping one and pressing her nose to it. The smell. Oh the smell of fine leather filled her senses. Mixed in was the subtle, musky fragrance from Amanda’s feet. She examined the boot more closely. The elegant, pointy toe. The low vamp. The wicked, bitchy shape of it. The heel was so tall. She had tried on boots before, but was usually disappointed because the shape rarely fit her slim legs.

Amy extended her toes. She slipped her foot into the left boot and slowly zipped it up. Oh my, they were tight, perfect fit, and so tall. Right up to the bottom of her knee. As the zipper reached the tops of her legs, she felt her nipples grow so hard against her bra. She had become quite moist, as well.

She looked up to see if Amanda was coming. The other boot then. Standing slowly, never so tall, she felt powerful and sexy. The very high heels took some adjustment. She moved to a mirror in the hall, taking slow steps. Strut for me lover, came the voice in her head.

She posed in the mirror, loving the way the high heels made her hips thrust forward. Even more alluring was the look of the boots with her conservative, teaching clothes. Delicious contrasts filled her eyes.

She swayed her hips in front of the mirror. She walked back to her bag, putting some more lipstick on her lips and then lighting another Virginia Slims 120. Sipping her wine, smoking, she moved to an unknown beat and got lost in her image. The seductress with ciggy and boots. She exhaled at the mirror.

“Like what you see? I know I do. My boots look yummy on you.”

Amy turned red at being caught in a relatively private moment. She turned and nearly lost her balance at what she saw before her.

Amanda had put her hair up, her makeup done more severely, her lips blood read, darker eyes. But her outfit. How her clit ached for her. A diaphanous robe of black lace. Underneath, a gleaming black leather bustier. A leather garter belt with 8 straps, and leather, high cut panties of what seemed butter soft leather. A bit of creamy white thigh exposed before her near crotch high black leather boots. They hugged her thigh and legs right down to the six-inch stiletto heels. Her hands were on her hips, a pose made more commanding by the leather opera length gloves she wore – sheathing her in gleaming leather to the tops of her arms.

“Sit on the couch for me lover.”

Amy walked to the couch.

“Spread your legs, wicked girl.”

Amy placed her booted legs wide apart, insolently slouching and thrusting her hips forward.

Amanda licked her lips, her eyes so wide with lust.

“Very good. Now pull up your skirt.”

With her eyes never leaving Amanda’s, Amy pulled up her gray, wool, just past the knee-length skirt. Tight about her hips now and exposing her lace covered pubic mound. She wasn’t so hairy. Her puffy, swollen lips perfectly revealed.

“Smoke your ciggy baby girl.”

Amy took a long drag and exhaled right in Amanda’s direction. She held the cigarette in her slim fingers, paused to the side of her head.

Now, Amanda moved closer, walking towards Amy. The thigh boots caused her to take slow, deliberate steps that led to a full sway in her hips.

Standing before her now, Amy watched as Amanda’s boot came to rest on her. Gently, while balancing on her other leg, Amanda made lazy circles with the boots’ sole pressed on Amy’s sex.

Amy’s eyes moved back and forth from her groin to Amanda’s eyes. Such a manic, lustful grin on her face. Taking a long, luxurious drag on her cigarette, Amy exhaled down at her crotch and then reached with her hand to press her lovers boot to her sex, arching up, yearning for more contact.

“Ohhhh, yes.”

Amy breathed out her desire.

“Want more baby?”

Amy nodded. Her soft moans grew louder.

“Where do you want it?”

Amy took the boot and guided the toe into her now very wet, swollen sex.


Amanda could feel the convulsions and heat through the leather. Her eyes were glued to her younger lover. Her passion overwhelmed her. How lucky to find her. Exploring their fetishism together.

“Oh, I love this,” cried out Amy. “Love me. Love me. Love me lover..mmmm”

“Cum on my boot baby!”


“I want your girl cum on my boots….please Amy”

Amy licked her lips, crying out. She pulled the boot into her as Amanda thrusted forth, fucking her lover.

“Ahhhh! I’m cumming.”

“Oh yes, Amy, cum on my boots.”


A blissful smile passed across Amy’s face as she slouched in the couch, lazily caressing the boot. “All sticky,” she said. Laughing.

Amanda laughed, as well. Sitting down on the couch and crossing her legs to examine her boot with her gloved fingers, she noted the sticky fluids coating the toe. It glistened even in the dim light of the living room. Amy looked at the boot, then at Amanda. Without a word, she kneeled before her, and took the boot in her mouth. Sucking the tip, swallowing her girl juices. A Sapphic mélange of leather, saliva, vaginal secretions, perfume as she sucked the 6” stiletto between red lips.

Amanda reached into Amy’s bag and pulled out her pack of cigarettes. Extracting one of the long, slender cylinders, Amanda placed it in her crimson lips and lit up. Amy found herself admiring the look of the lipstick-stained cigarette in the soft black leather gloved fingers of her lover. As she exhaled, Amanda picked up the pack and read aloud.

“Virginia Slims 120s.” She grinned at Amy.

“Chick cigs, huh?”

She pulled Amy up into her arms, her nipples rubbing against Amy through her leather bustier.

Soft kisses.

“Well, you’ve come a long way baby,” said Amanda. A pause. Then they both burst out laughing then falling into playful embrace. A tangle of legs, leather and long hair on the couch.

Students hurried in the hall. Bleary-eyed teachers held coffee cups as they walked through hallways filtered with morning sunlight. On the freshly waxed floors, in between the squeaking of sneakers, could be heard the unmistakable sound of stiletto heels. Purposeful strides in knee high stiletto boots, auburn hair spilling about her shoulders, the lambskin, knee length leather skirt slapping against her silky smooth thighs, Ms. Amy Goodman began the day’s lessons.

The End.

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