tagGroup SexParis Vacation Ch. 1

Paris Vacation Ch. 1



To bring my readers up to date, let me summarize the recent facts of my life:

At the time of this story, I had been living for over three years in a committed relationship with my partner
Sylvie, whom you may have met in my previous stories. I was 4 months pregnant by Sylvie's brother Phillipe. Phillipe and his daughter had spent the week prior to our trip vacationing with us in St. Martin. Then all four of us flew to Lyon, France where the beginning of our trip included the wedding of Sylvie's cousin. Following a week in Lyon, Phillipe flew back to Atlanta leaving his daughter to spend three weeks with her French cousins while Sylvie and I had a vacation.

Lunch at Florence's

After Sylvie's cousin's wedding in Lyon, we slowly made our way to Paris in a rental car, spending most of the following week in central France. We stayed in small hotels and B&Bs, mostly in the Touraine and Berry regions, and visited the royal chateaux of the Loire valley. I had previously seen most of them as part of a summer job during University, when I served as a guide for Americans touring the valley on bicycles.

I had not had sex with Phillipe during the week he stayed with us in St. Martin, nor afterwards in Lyon. I told Sylvie that she was free to seduce any man that caught her eye while we were away, but no real candidate had presented himself. In any case this offer is always on the table when we are off-island. Sylvie had gone back on the pill, so any sex would be safe in that respect.

Other than two pass-through visits on the way to other places, I had not been in Paris proper in the almost nine years since university. Once installed at our hotel, we spent Friday and Saturday shopping, dining, and revisting familiar sites. The first afternoon we purchased a special strapon, which I have described in a previous story and which would turn out to have surprising uses later on.

I was keen to visit my old friend and lover Florence and, with some trepidation, to introduce her to Sylvie. Sylvie has always been jealous of any attachments between myself and other women, so allowing me to present her to a previous lover exhibited significant tolerance on her part. I had spoken to her about Florence and her brother Benoit over the years, so for once she let her curiosity overcome her reticence.

Florence and I had had a marvelous relationship for the first year and a half of my university career, but we had broken apart because of my bad behavior. Although I apologized years later and reconciled her to me, we never again were lovers nor had we the same degree of emotional rapport that was so beautiful in the beginning. Since my return to life in St. Martin, we speak at irregular intervals on the phone and exchang cards at New Years.

In a strange twist of fate, Florence, who when we met engaged primarily in lesbian relationships, had married, had a son, and was now faithfully heterosexual. I, to the contrary, had had mostly male lovers after her until Sylvie, and was now in a committed homosexual partnership. Since I was now four months pregnant, a fact which I had made known to Florence, we did have my prospective motherhood as a common link between us.

On Sunday we drove out to St. Germaine-en-Laye for lunch with Florence, her husband, and son. St. Germaine is a lovely suburb to the west of Paris, known principally as the birthplace of Louis XIV. They inhabit an elegant nineteenth-century pierre-de-taille building which houses five apartments. The family atmosphere was supposed to make Sylvie more at ease, and I had high hopes for a sweet introduction between two people I had loved so much. There was an incredible surprise awaiting us there in the presence of Benoit.

After introductions all around, Benoit filled us in, "I'm still living in Milan, but now I'm here in Paris on vacation for the next week. When Flo told me you were coming, I invited myself."

I asked, "I knew you were in Milan, and I heard you had a girlfriend or fiancée. Is she with you?"

"We split up a couple of months ago. She didn't like living in Italy and wanted to go back home to Avignon. Now I'm a poor celibataire again."

"Are you staying with your parents?"

"I'm in the apartment since last week. The parents are in Morocco for a month, so I'm back in my old room."

Florence pulled me aside to ask, "How do you like my 'surprise'?"

"It's wonderful. I don't think I would have known him had we passed on the street." Benoit and I had parted company on good terms a dozen years earlier. I had nothing against seeing him again, and in fact was quite pleased. At age thirty-two Benoit had matured into a really handsome, and sexy man.

We had a long lunch filled with small talk and "catching up." Everyone seemed to be interested in my pregnancy, and I identified the father only as a "good friend." Afterwards I helped Florence clear the table and wash up. Sylvie stayed in the salon to chat with Benoit and Florence's husband giving Florence and me time together to gossip.

She surprised me by asking, "Did you see how Benoit was flirting with Sylvie? And I think she was flirting with him too."

"No, I didn't notice, I was talking to you the whole time. But I'll tell you about our agreement. When we are away from home, any man we want is fair game, and no questions asked. That definitely doesn't apply to women though, so if I had been flirting with you she would have had a fit."

"That is very strange to my way of thinking. You are more courageous than I these days. Years ago I might have agreed with you about such things, but nowadays I'm not going to share my husband with anyone."

"How disappointing! Your husband is very attractive and I was hoping to share him with you," I teased. We laughed together giving me a warm feeling that we had recaptured in some small way that long-ago sense of sisterhood.

We all went for a stroll in the grounds of the chateau of St. Germaine. While I walked with Florence, and her husband and son chased the squirrels, Sylvie and Benoit strolled together behind us, talking and laughing. Yes, I did believe they were flirting, but as to which one was leading I couldn't say. Upon returning to the apartment and preparing to depart, I cornered Sylvie and asked, "What's up with Benoit? I think he's after you."

"He's very attractive, and he has been coming onto me. I'd be interested in a little flirt with him, but in this case I wouldn't dream of doing so without your consent."

I really had no objections and said, "It's fine with me. In fact, I would be amenable to joining in if that was to everyone's satisfaction."

"You are a mind-reader. I was going to suggest that very thing myself. I bet you'd like to see if he's changed over the years."

So we would be in a complot to seduce Benoit in the same way we had plotted against Marc earlier. [Author's note: Marc is the man with whom we lived the first year we were together] This time we would need to accelerate things as all of us would be leaving Paris in a few days.

Fun with Benoit

Benoit had come to St. Germaine on the RER train, so we offered to drive him back. While Sylvie drove I told him, "Sylvie knows all about us at university, and about Flo as well, so you don't have to be cool on my behalf."

"I was quite sure that was the case, but actually asking about it would require more diplomacy than I possess," he replied. "But she already told me that she knows."

When we arrived before the apartment building, he invited us up saying, "Sonia might be interested in seeing how things have changed since she lived here." This invitation fit in with our plans, and after finding a parking space we arrived chez Faure. The apartment has changed comparatively little. The furniture in the salon and dining room is the same. Benoit's room still has the same small single bed with his schoolbooks lined up on shelves and various sports memorabilia on the walls. However, my former bedroom is now an office with desk, chairs, and a computer.

Sylvie smiled seeing my room and said, "It's was a shame that the site of Sonia's defloration is so changed. I was expecting that there would at least be a shrine or something."

I retorted, "Look at Benoit's bed. We fucked quite a few times there and you can get an idea of the scene." Benoit actually blushed at this sally!

Sylvie came back with, "I'm surprised the two of you could do it on such a narrow bed without falling out or hurting something."

"It was easy at the time. Perhaps he and I should do a repeat performance for your education."

I think Benoit was getting an idea of what was up. He suggested, "We might be more comfortable in the parents' room, which has a double bed. We never dared to fuck there."

"After how you and Sylvie were carrying on this afternoon, it's probably her you're thinking about fucking. If you want to take things further you should do so in our hotel room. It has a king bed and air conditioning."

Sylvie added, "That's not a bad idea. A king bed can accommodate three bodies as easily as two."

Benoit wasn't totally sure we weren't still kidding and had a bemused expression on his face looking at us. But when Sylvie went up to him, put her arms on his shoulders, and raised onto her toes to kiss him on the lips, his doubts were erased. I followed suit in embracing him, and then said, "We're leaving. You can come with us if you care to.

Not surprisingly all of us were soon in the car driving to the hotel. I drove, and they were in the back seat exchanging various caresses that I couldn't see.

En route, Benoit stated, "I've never been with two women at the same time. Nor with a pregnant woman."

I told him, "Don't worry, you need to make love to only one of us at a time. And you can regard me as slightly plump if you prefer. My breasts are now bigger than before if you like that, although I never thought you were a breast man."

"I always liked your breasts the way they were, but I'm sure I'll like the enlarged edition quite as much."

Once in the hotel room, we told Benoit to relax while we stripped him. He had filled out and was no longer the thin boy I remembered. He was still muscular but was now solid if not stocky and much more tanned. However, his cock was as I remembered it and was soon erect under our joint caresses. He sat on the edge of the bed, and Sylvie sucked him while I undressed in a mini-striptease. Then while Sylvie undressed I sat beside him and lightly stroked his cock as his hand explored between my legs.

Once naked Sylvie decreed, "I think you should fuck Sonia first for old time's sake."

This was fine with me, and I said, "Merci mon coeur. Get on the bed and prop yourself up with the pillows. I'll straddle you so that you could play with my breasts. Benoit can have me from behind." Once in position, Benoit introduced his cock into my pussy, which was already very wet from our foreplay. While he fucked me steadily, I reached down between my legs with my right hand to play with Sylvie's clit and pussy while supporting myself with the left. The position was very exciting, and with the combined stimulation of Sylvie's hands and mouth on my breasts, my own hand on my clit, and Benoit's cock pumping my tunnel, I soon came first very hard. I told Benoit, "Stop! Pull out! You should fuck Sylvie now."

I rolled off of her allowing him to get between her legs and put his cock into her. He maintained control, and fucked her steadily. I was lethargic from my orgasm, and merely cuddled close to her, while she ran her arms over his shoulders and crossed her long legs over his back. Sylvie is very orgasmic, and quickly went over the edge, emitting the high-pitched keening I have come to know well.

Benoit seemed very satisfied at having brought both of us to orgasm before he had himself. He now pounded into her very hard. Soon he said through clenched teeth, "I'm going to cum soon. Is it OK to cum inside you? I'm clean."

Sylvie was still enjoying his strokes as she came down from her orgasm. "Yes, cum in me! We're clean too."

I got behind him and stroked his balls lightly, bringing him over the edge. When he appeared to have emptied himself into her, Sylvie pulled him down onto her body. While they kissed and cuddled I went over to the in-room refrigerator where we had a chilled bottle of Vouvray and poured two glasses for them. While they sipped their wine and I my Badoit, we lay side by side with Benoit in the center exchanging intermittent caresses.

I asked him, "How long will it take you to get hard again?"

"I'm not as young as I was when we were together. These days it might be an hour or so."

I told Sylvie, "In those days he could get hard again in minutes. Of course he could cum in minutes too, so all in all there's been a net improvement."

Benoit grinned. "You've changed a lot since then too. I can't believe you're the same sweet, innocent provencial girl I knew then."

"No, I'm not the same person. Not innocent, but hopefully still sweet." I whispered a suggestion to Sylvie, and after she nodded agreement I said to him, "You can help us jouir again. Doing so you might get excited enough to cut short the waiting period."

Sylvie got out Mr. DD and lubed him up with KY. Benoit had never seen such a thing, and was interested in how we used it. We got onto all fours with our asses facing and and she told him, "Put one end into each of us." We hadn't been able to try this position before since it requires a third person. Yes! That's good! Hold it in the middle and stroke it back and forth. You'll be fucking us both at the same time." This was novel, but I preferred it better facing Sylvie so I could watch her and the working of Mr. DD at the same time. I reached back between my legs to play with my clit as the plastic cock surged in and out.

Both of us did orgasm again quickly, so I suggested, "Let's turn around and lay on our backs so that we can watch the action." I propped myself up on my elbows, and was able to see both Benoit's and Sylvie's faces while he pumped us. This time it was slow and sensual.

Benoit seemed fascinated by my plump stomach, and stroked it with his free hand while the other operated the dildo. I could feel yet another orgasm building inside, and I reached down to massage my stiff clit once again. Benoit caught my hand, and instead bent down to apply his lips to where my fingers were heading. As his tongue touched my button, I squealed as a wave of pleasure radiated over and through my body. I had him pull the dildo from me as I was too sensitive to stand its touch, but he continued to pump and lick at Sylvie, whose orgasm arrived almost immediately thereafter.

Sylvie was ecstatic, "Benoit, you lovely man. That was incroyable. I can't believe this is the first time you ever used one of those on a woman. I bet Sonia taught you to do that."

"When Sonia and I were together, we were both totally ignorant. I have fucked a woman with a dildo since then, but never two at the same time."

She sat up and kissed him, then looking at his now rejuvenated cock, replied, "I see that the real thing is ready for action again. And earlier than predicted. Sonia, what shall we do next?"

I was limp from having three orgasms in such a short period. "I can't do anything. I feel like a limp rag, so you can have him all to yourself."

"Benoit, lie on your back and let me ride you. You've been working hard, so now just relax and let me." She straddled and rode up and down on him, while he idly reached up to play with her bouncing breasts and their stiff nipples. She was so wet that her fluids soaked his shaft and seeped down onto his balls. I helped out in a minor way by kissing the two of them alternately. Quite soon Sylvie came once again, eyes clenched and her high screeching moan filling the room.

But not Benoit, who said, "So soon? Another time for me will take much longer."

I told Sylvie, "Turn around and ride him facing backwards." She was all for this, and once recovered from her latest orgasm followed my instructions and was soon happily bouncing up and down on his cock, which he held her hips and guided the tempo. While they were doing so I got my small vibrator, set it on 'low', and played it over the base of his shaft and balls.

"Bon Dieu! I'm close now," he grunted.

I pushed a finger into his ass and pushed hard against his prostate, and this brought him off immediately. Sylvie had leaned back onto his stomach so that the pulsing of his cock was visible as his sperm coursed into her. They remained in that position for quite some time, with her head turned to meet his lips and his hands holding her breasts. As his prick softened and finally fell out of her, a mixture of semen and her juices seeped out of her slit and onto her belly.

By now it was close to dinner time and I was feeling hungry.

"You two are incredible to watch, but I need a bath and dinner."

I went into the bathroom and ran water into the large, old-fashioned tub the hotel provided. I soaked luxuriously for a quarter of an hour until both Sylvie and Benoit came into the bathroom. There wasn't enough room for all of to lie in the tub, so we showered together, sharing a few kisses and cleaning each other, with perhaps more attention to genitals than hygiene absolutely requires.

We went out for dinner, choosing a nearby bistro where we ate fruits de mer. I don't know whether oysters really do act as an aphrodisiac, but mine were excellent. Although dinner was enjoyable, we were anxious to get back to the room to continue our games.

Benoit gets a Show

Back at the hotel, Benoit announced, "I've never seen two women make love. Maybe you two can put on a show for me. It will take me some time to be up to anything, even with all those oysters."

Sylvie put on a white garter belt with lacy white nylons, which showed off her tanned body really well. "How do you like these, mon cher?"

Benoit smiled and replied, "They are fantastic, but I really prefer what's underneath."

"Fayot! Flatterer!" she smiled back.

I myself undressed completely. Sylvie sat on the edge of the bed, leaning back while supporting herself with her elbows and forearms, while I knelt on the floor between her legs and ate her while holding her thighs wide apart. Benoit sat in a chair behind and to one side, so he could easily see my tongue working on Sylvie's pussy. After so many orgasms that afternoon she couldn't cum right away, and I had the idea of demonstrating the strapon for Benoit.

"Let me show you what we bought on Friday." I got the box out of my suitcase and opened it to reveal the contents. I took out one of the larger dildos and handed it to him. "What do you think of this?"

"Fascinating, but a totally unfair comparison; that thing is much larger than my cock."

Sylvie replied, "Don't worry about it. Yours is quite large enough for anyone."

I fitted the three dildos we had previously used to the belt and lubricated them all with KY. Then I let him put it on me, he kneeling on the floor as I stood before him with spread legs to give him access. The way he slid the two interior cocks into me very slowly was tremendously exciting, and I felt my pussy juices flowing freely.

Benoit said, "Seeing that god go into your ass is a real turnon for me. I've never seen that before."

This was quite obvious from the way his cock was standing up. "You've never done anal?"

"No. Obviously compared to you two I'm still quite the innocent."

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