tagGroup SexParis Vacation Ch. 2

Paris Vacation Ch. 2


More Fun with Benoit

Sylvie and I spent a relaxed day shopping and strolling along the streets in the Rive Droite and Marais sections. We stumbled onto an exquisite small shop specializing in maternity clothes, and Sylvie bought me three outfits. Although they are not really needed at home on the boat, I am planning on wearing them to school on the days I'm called to substitute. Since Sylvie plans on getting pregnant herself once my baby is born, she will certainly be wearing the same outfits herself.

Since my readers are certainly more interested in fucking than clothes, I'll skip ahead to our hotel room after dinner, where we again found ourselves naked with Benoit. Sylvie wore the garter belt and stockings, as he said he found them to be very stimulating.

I had bought a package of préservatifs, condoms, during the day, and I told him, "Let me put this on you."

Benoit looked surprised. "Why? You can't get pregnant again. I told you I was safe."

"I thought you might like a new experience. I noticed you liked putting that dildo in my ass yesterday, so perhaps you'd care to try putting your own cock in there as well."

"Bien sûr! I'd like to give it a try, but why the condom?"

"I like to clean myself out before anal, but since I don't have my enema bag here it will be better for you to wear one. Otherwise it can be messy."

He nodded and I rolled the condom over his cock, which was at maximum hardness. Then I spread a generous dollop of KY jelly over the latex. Taking his hand in mine, I squeezed out another dose onto his fingers and told him to try to work as much as he could into my rectum. I bent over the bed and spread my cheeks for him. He spread the jelly all around and managed to get two fingers into me while I relaxed as much as possible.

"That seems to be as much as I can do," he reported.

While he had been doing this, Sylvie amused herself by stroking his lubed cock, keeping him as hard as possible. She suggested, "Sonia, get up between my legs here on the bed and eat me! Benoit peut t'enculer from behind." This was a good plan, and we put it immediately into action. I soon felt the tip of Benoit's cock pressing against my rosette.

Letting myself relax as much as possible, I told him, "Push in slowly until you are as deep as you can go, and then stay still until I'm accustomed to you being inside me." Although longer he isn't any thicker than the dildo on the strapon, and I quickly felt comfortable with him lodged in me. The KY allowed him to slide in and out easily as I commanded, "Fuck me slowly for a while, don't get in a hurry."

Benoit was obedient, and as he did the va et vient I asked for, he said, "This feels super, tighter than your pussy."

I didn't respond as my mouth was busy working on Sylvie, but she answered for me, "Yes, men always seem to like it back there. But we women don't as much, so reach around and play with her pussy too."

I had already reached between my legs, and our hands met in a little dance around my sex. He steadied himself with his other hand, grasping my hipbone, and increased the speed of his thrusts as I moved my fingers more rapidly around my clit. This time he couldn't wait for either of us and grunted as he buried himself in me and ejaculated. I wasn't close to orgasm myself, but I kept stroking myself and licking around Sylvie's clit, while Benoit kept himself lodged in me as long as possible. Eventually he softened and fell out of me, and shortly thereafter Sylvie came, clamping my head between her thighs.

I was feeling a cramp in one leg, so I rolled over on the bed beside Sylvie and worked myself hard with both hands, while Sylvie, although lethargic from her orgasm, stroked my breasts. Finally I had a nice orgasm, although not as hard as the ones from the day before.

We stayed immobile for probably five minutes, before I looked over at Benoit. "How was that? You came much faster than before."

"It was incredible, so hot and tight. I'm sorry I didn't last longer, but it felt so good I couldn't hel;p myself. Why didn't we try that years ago?"

"It would have hurt a lot more then. It took me a long time to get to like it." I looked down at the condom lying wrinkled and soiled around his deflated cock, the tip full of his semen. "Let me help with that." Reaching over to take his cock in one hand and the edge of the condom with the other, I peeled it off and gave the tip of his cock a few licks to clean off the traces of semen that remained around the opening.

Despite the air conditioning I was covered with sweat and wanted to take a shower. Neither of them wanted to get up, so instead I ran a bath and lazed around in the warm water for a long time. Feeling warm and fuzzy I washed my hair, covered it in a towel turban, put on a terry bathrobe, and wandered back into the bedroom.

I Satisfy a Fantasy

Benoit's head was where mine had been a short time before, between Sylvie's legs. She was obviously enjoying the feeling of his mouth and tongue on her pussy, as she was breathing hard and squeezing her own breasts with both hands.

"I leave you two alone for an hour, and look what you get up to."

Neither of them replied to my attempt at humor, so I sat down on the side of the bed next to them to watch. Benoit's cock was hanging down, not quite fully erect. I got behind him and took the shaft gently in my left hand, stroking it slowly while caressing his sac with the palm of my right. I could feel him getting harder, but I didn't want to do too much as I had another idea in mind for later. It didn't take much longer for Sylvie to orgasm once more, crying out sharply. I knew from long experience that this one had been very intense, both from the tone of her voice and the way her entire body and legs went tense, then slowly relaxed.

I loosened my grip on Benoit, and he slid up to lie beside Sylvie and cuddle her, while I went to pour them each another glass of the Vouvray. I lay down with Benoit in the center and we passed the next half hour in companionable silence.

Finally I felt compelled to break that silence. "Are you two up for something new, or have you had enough for one night?"

Sylvie looked at me, smirking. She knows me so well. "Sonia's got something bizarre in mind. I can tell by that little smile she's wearing right now."

"Don't tell him all my secrets, ma chère."

Benoit looked at me, and I couldn't help breaking into a grin. "These last two days have been bizarre already. What's one more thing?" he replied.

"Sylvie knows I've had two fantasies for a while. The first one was to get the strapon, and we've done that obviously."

"What's the second one?"

Sylvie knew that one, and answered for me, "To have sex with two men at the same time, une pénétration double."

Benoit grinned, "That sounds very hot, but unless you've got another man hidden in the closet I don't see how that's going to happen now." He paused. "Ah! I see now. Sylvie can wear the strapon and be the other man."

"I always knew you'd grow up to be un intello. Very perceptive. How about it?"

"Sonia is always thinking kinky thoughts. She gets these ideas from her Internet friends," Sylvie said, smiling wickedly. "She has this one English girl in particular that's always suggesting new things to do. But somehow all those ideas turn out to be fun." She got up to get the strapon. "What size do you want?"

"Use a smaller one, say the fifteen centimeter. I don't need to be too adventurous the first time."

"How do you want to do this?" Benoit asked.

"Riding the dildo isn't as good, so I want to ride you and let Sylvie do my cul from behind. Lie down on your back."

He did so, but wasn't at full erection. While Sylvie was changing the dildo and adjusting the strap, I took his cock in my mouth and gently sucked and stroked him completely hard.

"Umm! That feels super. Why don't you leave that robe on while we do this? That would be hot."

"OK. Pas de problème!" I untied the belt letting the robe fall open and drape over us both as I swung around to straddle his thighs. Reaching down to take his shaft in my left hand, I guided the cockhead to my slit, lodged it at the entrance, and sank down slowly burying him inside me.

His hands pushed the lapels of the robe apart, giving him access to my breasts, which he squeezed and massaged gently. "I did notice these nichons are larger than I remember. Does having a baby do that?"

"Yes. Mes lolos are up to a 'C' cup now. They're a lot more sensitive now. Ummm, I like it when you do it like that. Not too hard! Yes! Perfect!" I moved up and down a bit on Benoit's cock as my pussy started to feel very warm and moist. "I hope you can last a long time, I want to enjoy this."

"That should be OK," he said. "The second time in an hour I expect to finish long after you do. That feels good what you're doing."

"I'm ready now," Sylvie said as she got onto the bed behind us. She pushed the bottom of the robe up onto my back, letting the air of the room suddenly wash coolly over my ass and thighs. I leaned forward, allowing her access. I felt the chilly touch of her fingers applying a healthy glob of the KY to my ass, then work it into me as her fingers penetrated. "I've never fucked Sonia's ass with the strapon," she told Benoit. "If she likes it I may need to do it more often in the future."

I was quite relaxed from having had Benoit's cock there previously, so Sylvie's fingers entered me easily, pushing the lubricant deep into my passage. She had also spread plenty of lube onto the dildo, so that when she got behind me, straddling Benoit's legs and presenting the head to my opening, she was able to slide easily the entire length into me.

"Incroyable!" Benoit exclaimed. "I can feel it against my cock. How is it for you?"

"Really full and stretched. But not much difference yet from having both dildos in me. Let's try to fuck." I slid forward slowly and raised up, lifting my weight from his hips. "Can you move now?" He was able to make short thrusts into me with his abdomen pressing my mound and the base of his cock rubbing nicely on my clit. My cunt started to feel very warm and moist. Benoit placed his hands under my armpits, supporting my torso as he stroked into me. Once he was well established in his rhythm, Sylvie, who was holding onto my hips, also began to stroke the dildo in and out of my ass.

The feeling of these two cocks moving inside of me was incredible. In the past I had had had both holes filled simultaneously, but never had these sensations been coupled with the feel of being squeezed between two warm human bodies. In less than a minute I felt a huge orgasm build up from inside my hips and wash over my entire body like a hot wave.

As the orgasm subsided, I was able to gasp some intelligible words, "Arretez! Stop for a minute. I'm too sensitive. Ca me fait mal! It's hurting."

"Are you OK?" Benoit asked.

"Oh yes, that was fantastic. I need to rest."

"I thought you were having a fit," Sylvie sounded a bit worried. "If that was an orgasm I've never seen you cum so fast before."

"Oui, un orgasme. J'ai joui comme une folle. I came like crazy."

"I see I need to try this next," Sylvie said. "Do you want to get off."

"No, I want to keep going." After a short pause, I added, "Benoit, mon cher, start again slowly. You too Sylvie." My cunt was on fire, and the pressure of Sylvie's "cock" in my ass added to the pleasure. For the next five minutes I experienced a series of almost continuous orgasms, not nearly as intense as the first but equally pleasurable. By shifting myself forward and back slightly,I was able to add or remove pressure from Benoit's shaft on my clit, so that it never became uncomfortable. I think could have stayed in that position of bliss indefinitely, but eventually the working of the strapon's internal dildo in Sylvie's pussy brought her over the edge too.

Crying out that sharp, high, tone that signals her climax, she stopped moving and fell forward over my back. Benoit had been working like a trooper, but he too ceased moving as our combined weight pressed down on him. Sylvie pulled out of me, and collapsed on the bed next to us, her eyes full of tears and her chest flushed bright red.

I came down slowly as well, and pulled off of Benoit, who true to his word had not cum. "You are still hard, mon cher. Can you finish?" I took his cock, slick with my juices, in my hand and stroked him slowly.

"I think I'm pretty close now. Stroke me harder, right around the head. Yes! Like that!"

I did as he asked, and played with his tight sac as well.

"Yes, it's coming, yes!" The first spurt of semen surged from his cock and rand down over the head and on my fist. I pumped his shaft several times, spreading the cum over it as more ran out onto my hand and then onto his belly. He doesn't ejaculate a huge amount, and being the second time within an hour there was even less.

I kissed both of them on the lips. "Thanks for making my fantasy come true. It was as great as I had imagined. Now I need to find some others."

All Good Things Must Come to an End

After that, none of us were ready for more sex that evening. Benoit didn't sleep with us that night as he had an appointment early the following morning. However, we had plenty of "play" the next two days. Finally our ebats came to an end, as Sylvie was to fly back home on Thursday.

Benoit followed us to Charles de Gaulle airport to see her off and return our rental car. I was to take the TGV back to Lyon on Friday morning. The plan was to stay with Sylvie's parents for a week longer, and then to to accompany Phillipe's daughter Eleonore home to Atlanta before going on to St. Martin. However, Benoit was driving back to Milan so we agreed that he would drop me off in Lyon on the way.

This plan was very agreeable, and we were to start early Friday morning. I checked out of the hotel and stayed with Benoit in his parents' apartment. I won't go into the details, but we made love in his narrow bed for nostalgia's sake, and then once again in his parents' bed where we slept. The next morning we arose early and changed the sheets on both beds. Since we had no time to wash the linen, I assume his mother will notice the stains when she returns. It may be interesting to hear any questions she poses to Benoit, and how he answers.

It is normally a five or six hour drive from Paris to Lyon, autoroute all the way. Benoit drives like a demon, so we were pulling up to Sylvie's parents' house in a little over four hours. I introduced Benoit, and he stayed for lunch before continuing further south.

Benoit now has a standing invitation to visit us in St. Martin. In fact, Sylvie is thinking about him as a "sperm donor" candidate for her own prospective pregnancy next year.

Phillipe's daughter Eleonore had stayed in Lyon, and I had volunteered to fly back with her through Atlanta on my way home to St. Martin. We flew direct to New York Kennedy, and then down to Atlanta, where we were met by Phillipe, his son, and his ex-wife.

After collecting the baggage, we all got in Phillipe's Cadillac and drove to his ex's home where we deposited her and the children. I was very tired from the long flights and jet lag, so we went directly to Phillipe's apartment in the Buckhead section.

It was seven in the evening, and although I would have welcomed sleep, I wanted to stay up as long as possible to adjust to the jet lag. Phillipe made us a salad, and we chatted as we ate, with me bringing him up to date on the last few days with his parents. Naturally I said nothing about our adventures with Benoit. Phillipe was considering telling his mother that he is the father of my child, but I urged him to wait until after the birth; if I were to miscarry there would be no point in upsetting anyone else.

I managed to stay awake until nine-thirty, and then crawled into bed in his extra bedroom and fell fast asleep. I awoke about three in the morning, very thirsty, and crept into the kitchen wearing my sleepwear of panties and a t-shirt to get a drink.

While I was rummaging in the refrigerator, Phillipe came in wearing a bathrobe. "Is everything OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Just thirsty."

He was looking at me in a funny way, like he wanted to say something but couldn't get it out. "Did I wake you up?" I asked.

"No, I can't sleep. I keep thinking about you and Sylvie and the baby."

"We'll all be fine. It's OK." I went over to him and kissed him on the cheek and hugged him. He put his arms around me awkwardly and gave me a little hug back. I knew I might regret it later, but I couldn't help myself asking, "Do you want me to come back to bed with you?"

He looked at me for a long moment, and then nodded. "I would like that very much."

We made love very slowly and gently, with me riding on top of him. It was so much better than when we were fucking to conceive; then it was me lying on my back and keeping my legs high so that his semen would stay inside me afterwards. I don't love Phillipe as I do Sylvie, but in a way I can love him as my baby's father. He told me that when his wife was expecting their children she would make love to him in exactly the same way, and that they had fucked all the way into the last month of her pregnancy.

We lasted a long time, moving slowly and gently. I had a series of those "soft" orgasms until he finally came strongly in me. I rolled off of him, and we dozed off until the alarm rang at six. My flight to St. Martin via Miami was at nine, so we just enough time to shower, eat a quick breakfast, and drive to the airport.

Phillipe says he will there with us at the birth. Having three parents in the delivery room may cause some confusion to the medical team, but that's all right too.

Sylvie was there to meet me on arrival in St. Martin, and now real life begins again.

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